Updated in 2563 : on 2020 : 2 : 17 : Physics Law 145 ; ( Blue Screen, Green Screen, Red Screen, Yellow Screen)

  (law 145) : Incubation Period;

this DOMAIN ( Idea Processor) contents are
(try, trying) to demolish unwanted  ( Coronavirus, COVID-19) via OEM connections,
(throw, throwing) Coronavirus' matched mutated patterns, And Then,
(catch, catching) good gene pattern kotai Antibody   (menekisoshikikagaku Immunohistochemical to be immune d ones, unwanted ( Coronavirus, COVID-19) is no longer mutating)   ;

IPC23D, Incubation Period Common (2, 3) Dimensional;

this DOMAIN must obey (from (BF2 Green) to ( DCSDD, Digital Calculator Style DEE Dot)), regarding its incubation period;

BF2, also see: C Sequence Number;
Green, also see: iroLED;

DCSDD, also see: PHYSICS, law 122, 1970s style dot, pixel, point, spot, ... ;

Incubation     Incubation     Incubation; Also see: Gene Therapy System; iGTSU; Remark: Font Color (Automatic) ... ;

2nd overnight (incubation, washing) i.e. antibody is added (a.k.a. incubation process);

bio marker (e.g. (abnormal enzyme bio marker, normal enzyme bio marker) kouso enzyme) WHICH can predict and prevent diseases, also see: biological _cell;

((( Gas, Gas, Gas))) gas, a.k.a. air, for each human beings livable moon ... ; IFF (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen), also see: Basic Understanding For Idea Processing (NMR) ... ;

incubating (antibody to demolish (unwanted Virus Name), antibody to eat-up (unwanted bio-hazard viral ones), bacteria, bio-cells, biological cell, development of the embryo, disease, egg, gene pattern, good immunological antibody, good immunological bio-cells, ... ) i.e. incubation;

kotai Antibody ((blood protein counteracts to specific antigen), (blood protein responses to specific antigen)) ... ;

menekisoshikikagaku Immunohistochemical;

PMD, Protein Mutant Database, using RDBMS (for each query, for each SQL), ... ; Remark: Nation Name . Container . Database . (Report, Sheet, Table), ... ; to cure, to demolish (unwanted Virus Name, unwanted bio-hazard viral ones);

(preparation, incubation, illumination, verification) a.k.a. 4 proposed stages of creativity (psychology) ... ;

regarding this DOMAIN 's (slow-down-time period; slow-down-time period), IFF our earth, Synchronization, using true iroColourWaveForm timestamp analysis, 5W1H of Incubation Period, ... ;

X Synchronization : using ... ;

Y Synchronization : using ... ;


well trained kids! replied : concerning unwanted virus (epidemic), our labs' reports prompt THAT their (unwanted virus') mutations are not the same, if we analyze (Day, Night), so can you please help us HOW to define (Day, Night) regarding bio-cells sir ?

I wrote : concerning unwanted virus (epidemic), using ( for Day, for Night) IFF this DOMAIN (Gene Therapy System) ... ;

well trained kids! replied : concerning unwanted virus (epidemic), can we also use (, ) as forefront, WHILE ( for Day, for Night) as Background, for sir ?

I wrote : mochiron of course, My Gene Therapy System (overnight solution oriented, very easy and simple) is worth more than 360+ trillions dollars, because IT is beyond ( day, night) of our earth (bio-cells, bio-metric genetic engineering), because My Gene Therapy System is yellowish variation based i.e. beyond human beings livable moons, e.g. (, ) are solution HOW (eating virus to be healthy ones, eating virus to be immune d ones) for concerning unwanted virus;

WHILE (production of antibodies), WHICH kogen Antigen (foreign substance, toxin), inducing Immunohistochemical response; Also see: Physics Law 144;