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( DOM, DOM, DOM), Document Object Model ... ;

Object; e.g.

Document Library Cabinet   Container  
Document . Library . Cabinet . Container ;
  Library . Cabinet . Container . Database ;
;   Database   Form    
  Database . Form . Object ;
Database . Report . Object   ;
  Sheet . Object       ;

Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

object model diagram;

IFF programming e.g. ( dynamic, goal, integer, linear, multi level, multi objective, nonlinear, toward uncertain) ... ;

AXIS; C Y L; D . O C H T; D . P O S V; D . P S M H; D . P S M V; I P D; O C H T; PD; P S M H.; P S M V.; S P H; Also see: lens;

eye ;          
        ;     OD , OS
; add         ,
axis             ,
C Y L   ,
S P H   ,
    ;       prism     ;
;             ;
  pupil distance         mm ;
  milli bar pressure         ;  

using Gravity Dimension Computer with DEE (Dark Energy Engineering), gene therapy system, do (neither hyper nor hypo) e.g. BLI automatic adjustment ... ;

floating offshore wind power generator (i.e. electricity power plant) invented and deployed in Japan ... ;

IFF abnormal RPM (i.e. RPM is higher than its defined limit, e.g. 300 RPM) break down the circuit;

IFF normal RPM (i.e. RPM is within its defined limit) artificial intelligence to do (continue, restart, start) ... ; power-up;

E K U, Extended Key Usage; E K U O ID;

IFF changing adapter set (e.g. Network Connections) Security (Authentication) WHEN connecting (e.g. advanced) using 1 certificate on 1 computer (i.e. E K U; E K U O ID) ... ;

O M E G A , e.g.
Ω , ω ;            

alpha; beta; gamma; delta; epsilon; zeta; e t a; theta; iota; kappa; l a m d a; m u; n u; xi; omicron; pi; r h o; sigma; t a u; upsilon; phi; chi; p s i; omega; iota with d i a l y t i k a; upsilon with d i a l y t i k a; alpha with t o n o s; epsilon with t o n o s; e t a with t o n o s; iota with t o n o s; upsilon with d i a l y t i k a and t o n o s;

(multi time lines) artificial intelligence patterns (e.g. , , , ♯) (code pages) using translator ... ;

      on ;        
        on ;      
e.g. On 285 right - hand side only , WHICH
mean s that 285 expression will no long e
r be 15 identity or 15 equation ;  

value vs. reference; Also read: 2006 Praxis Publishing, Copernicus Books, Springer Science + Business Media, THE SQUARE ROOT OF 2, written by DAVID FLANNERY;
e.g. IFF Val, ((SQRT2)-1)((SQRT2)+1)=0.9999998;
e.g. IFF Ref, ((Sqrt2)-1)((Sqrt2)+1)=1;

Hiragana characters are value and Katakana characters are reference, also see: Nippon Syllabary;

one hundred and eight, also see: 108; hyakuhachi bonnou;

open ground without open neutral, i.e. correction is needed, also see: G F C I;
open hot without (open ground AND open neutral) i.e. correction is needed, also see: G F C I;
open neutral without open ground, i.e. correction is needed, also see: G F C I;


Desktop \ hyper - v \ UNIX \ Free  
  B       S   D ;  
    Window s ; Mac OS ; Linux ;
opera ;        
operand ;      

browser name ( Opera) also see: www.opera.com;

using 99mm time line, AI ( cloud) to do Anti Virus IFF Virus (e.g. Operating System not found) ... ;

mathematical operators, also see: AI FONT;

databases (e.g. IBM DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server, My SQL, N e t e z z a, Oracle, Sybase, Vector wise) also see: Cloud;

additional vocals, background vocals, banjo, bass, congas, drums, electric rhythm guitar, guitar, harmonica, harmonium, keyboards, lead guitar, organ, percussion, piano, piano & organ, rhythm guitar, saxophone, slide guitar, spinet, talking drum, trumpet, twelve string guitar, violin, violin & mandolin, vocal, vocals, ... ;

( OSC, OSC, OSC, OSC), also see: Synthesizer;

osmosis; e.g.

osmosis means diffusion of (gas mixture, liquid mixture) spread-out evenly distributed WHICH (material, object, part) naturally;

osmosis means movement of the liquid (across, through) semi-permeable membrane;

osmosis means WHAT kind of Water is transported (into the defined cells, out of the defined cells), doko WHERE the defined cells are (in coconut water, in fresh water, in hypertonic solution, in salt water);

Also see: 1oComputer; o Character; o G T S U; Physics Law 108, (with water or without water) is one of the very important factors of this DOMAIN; Physics Law 145, Incubation Period; Physics Law 184, G D C Gas Exchange (DEE _Mouth); Walls; Water;

Q&A: I wrote: regarding medicine R&D for (Anti Virus . COVID-19), to defined unwanted nitrogen (SARS-CoV-2), WHAT kind of Water is transported as TRUE Parameter in nanobot programming?
Q&A: well trained kids!! replied: coconut water as TRUE Parameter in nanobot programming sir;

s h i n t o Osmosis (causes, prompts) larger volume of Water on 1 side (NOT on the both sides);

  Osmosis stops WHEN the mixture's concentrations become even on the both sides of the membrane;

Osmosis : Keyword (diffusion) : from higher concentration to lower concentration;

output; e.g.

; also see : input ;      

, Plug type (O) also see: EPPs; global smart grid;