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o' clock ;

oath ;

obey        obey ;

belt; kimono sash; obi; region; sash; zone; Radical629;

object; objective; objects; e.g.

adjective ending; bull's eye; mark; object; target; Radical419;

any (component, device, entity, item, object, part, piece, thing, tuple) WHICH ;

article; object; stuff; substance; thing; ( Object, Object, Object); ( mono Matters, mono Objects, mono Substances, mono Stuffs, mono Things) ... ;

body; counter for images; object; reality; substance;

directional (biological structure, body part, item, object, organ) position, also see: Directions;

object     object;

( Object, Object) ... ; Also see: CT; DNA _Origami; Energy & Geometry; o Character;

Object;     object      object      object; ;     object      object;

object's location; object's side; Radical118;

objects ;

( Wrapped, Wrapped) are very very important symbols of this DOMAIN (component, device, entity, item, object, part, thing, tuple), because these symbols can protect NOT ONLY individual BUT ALSO whole defined region ... ; Usage: a pile of objects, e.g. stack;

oblation ;

obligation; e.g.

charge; duty; obligation; responsibility; Radical432;

duty; obligation; responsibility; Radical355;

hiding from memories (o b l i v i a t e);

O b o n, a festival in Mahayana Buddhism [Buddhism], also see: H i g a n;

Obscure; e.g.

boundless-vast; Desert; Obscure; Vague;

( hatsugen Observation, hatsugen Proposal, hatsugen Remark, hatsugen Speech, hatsugen Statement, hatsugen Utterance) ... ;

abandon; abolish; cessation; discarding; obsolete;

barrier; obstacle; Radical381;

cover; obstruct; suffocate; Radical208;

obtain; Obtain; e.g.

get pay; income; obtain; reap; to receive supply; to store; Radical622;

( income, Obtain, Pay, Reap, store, Supply);

obtain (collect);

clean; evident; explicit; obvious; plain;
elucidation; explicit statement; specification;

occasion; e.g.

capable; occasional; qualified; rare; suitable; Radical257;

chance; occasion; opportunity; Radical663;

occasion ;

black; deep; mysterious; occult; profound; Radical126;

occupy      occupation ;

happen; occur; Radical761;

counter for occurrences; Radical653;

ocean; Ocean; e.g.

ocean      ocean      ocean ;

ocean; sea; Radical635;

( OCI, OCI, O C I, OCI, OCI) ... ;

10 October ;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (o c u l a.k.a. eye)), also see: C ph T Root Words, ... ;

odd      odd ;

odd number      odd number ;

odor; smelling; Radical646;

aroma; fragrance; odor; perfume; redolence; savor; smell; ... ;

OEM e.g.

embedded; Radical693 (e.g. ... (OEM, organizer, oscilloscope) ... ) ;


( OEM, OEM) also see: PHYSICS, law ninety three, ... ;

OEM     OEM     OEM     OEM; e.g. ??????88... ; 6 quantities of hashing number to SQRT2 's 88...88; OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer; Also see: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle;

since February 13, 2024, .. \ .. \ .. \ Info \ Product \ Products .h t m 's font has been set with 8514oem, 5pt size, .  .  .  ( Architecture, a sans-serif font, 250+ characters, (Name: 8514oem.fon), used in cmd .exe, wired font e.g. 125% Dots per Inch (DPI)), .  .  . ; Also see: AI FONT; OEM; Products;

of ; e.g.

any moving location of point, also see: PHYSICS law 113 ... ;

no HIRAGANA preposition : of ; of ; of ;

no HIRAGANA preposition : of ; of ; of ;

of course      of course ;

of that ;

off, as opposed to on; (e.g. signoff, as opposed to sign on);

display; exhibit; offer ; present; send; Also see: Numerological7;

offering ; ;

office; officer; offices; e.g.

campaign; duty; office; role; service; unpaid work; war;

CO (Commanding Officer);

office  ; office ;

office     office     office     office;

medical office;

session of parliament; term in office; Radical919;

offline      offline ;

frequently ; often ;

OH; e.g.

I wrote: one day, I (57+ years old) was visiting and traveling with one of my sisters, and she offered me to drink a bottle of "heavy water" so I asked a question to her i.e. if I'm doing R&D on Water (e.g. OH+, OH+), wondering what's diff between "regular drinking water" and "heavy water" concerning OH Distance?

She replied right away: heavy water's ( OH Distance, OH Distance, OH Distance, OH Distance) should be longer in distance (NM), if compare to regular drinking water; I appreciate her replied answer because I don't have any bio related degree in my 1st life, regarding BIOPHYSICS ... ; since COVID-19 (2019-2022), I've started self R&D HOW "unwanted nitrogen" in 3,4 dimensional bio ... ; Also see: Distance; o Character; o G T S U; Physics Law 198; Water;

*o i ;

oil; e.g.

Oil; Oil; Oil;

( oil, oil, oil, oil) ... ;

e.g. Class of organic compounds e.g. fatty acids or organic derivatives (insoluble in water) soluble in organic solvents, e.g. oils, steroids, waxes, ... called "Lipid"; Also see: Schematic Lipid;

fish oil;

fuel; lubricant;

oil painting;

petroleum; kerosene; engine oil;

OK; okay; Radical751;

old; Old; older; oldest; e.g.

bird; old bird; Radical204;

left hand; old grass; Radical53;

long time; old story; Radical81;

old ;  ;     old ; ;

*ole ;

olive Rounded rectangular callout Heat Sensor, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 258, Heat Sensor;

*oma ;

omega i.e. Ω, ω;

omicron i.e. Ο, ο;

omnipresent ; ;

on; e.g.

liability; moral responsibility; onus; Radical355;

n i HIRAGANA preposition : on ; on ; on ; (at , in , into , on , to , upon );

on, as opposed to off; (e.g. sign on, as opposed to signoff);

on earth (in the world);

on (e.g. logon);

( online content, online content, online content) ... ;

on ;     on ;     on      on ;

on the way; Radical963;

i c h i d o Once ; Radical653;

one; 1; e.g.

i c h i , also see: Number;

i c h i man (10000);

i c h i One      one 1     one       one       one ;

( chance, degree, duty, minute of Time, one percent (1%), one's lot, part, segment, shaku/, share, ( understand, know));

I; me; oneself ;

merely; one; simple; single;

one after another ;

one by one      h i t o t s u - h i t o t s u One-by-one ;

one month later ;

one; one line horizontally at center; Radical1, also see: Radicals;

one's diet; Radical219;

oneself; Radical166;

one's master , also see: Radical289;

one's native land ;

one's own      one's own house      one's way      one's way ;

one's turn; Radical534;

leaf; one-sided; sheet; Radical113;

(( one, the only entity), ( halves (plural Usage), a.k.a. one half (singular Usage)), ( minus one, a.k.a. negative one), ( two, two), ( actually express, a.k.a. denoting is intended to be, a.k.a. indicated), ( one part of three equal parts, one third), ( a quarter, a.k.a. one-fourth, a.k.a. 1 out of four equal parts of the entity)), also see: Mathematics; Numbers in Computing;

one two three; 1 2 3; a b c;

one year afterward (one year later); I c h i n e n G o _ One Year Later;

one year later ;     one year later ;

one year remaining; one year to go (one year later); A t o I c h i n e n _ One Year Later;

ones' rounds           go around + comeback;

oneself      itself ;

oneself; Radical166;

above; one-time; Radical496;

one ;

online ;

IFF adverb: just; merely; only; simply; Radical321;

only ; ;     only ; ;

onomatopoeic in linguistic, for example, sound of clock can be expressed as: e.g. d i  d a in Mandarin Chinese, e.g. k a t c h i n k a t c h i n in Japanese, e.g. tick tock in English, e.g. t i k  t i k in Hindi, ... ; Also see: nippon2IdenticalVoices;

onsen, onsen, hot spring, 3000+ hot springs officially exist in Japan a.k.a. Nippon; in winter time period (e.g. in the northern hemisphere of our earth), naturally onsen (heat: hydrothermal hot springs) are attracting lights, And Then, ware ware We don't want earthquakes because of ("naturally onsen (heat: hydrothermal hot springs)") ... , also see: Japanese . Syllabary . HTML;

opaque; e.g.

(hidden %, opaque %, transparency %), also see: Physics Law 140, (roll-able, ZCS, flat panel, screen, CRT) Resolution, ... ;

opaque      opaque ;

open; opened; opening; e.g.

open, as opposed to close;

Open Face;

Open File;

opening ; ;

opening 1's mouth , beginning to speak, ... ;

opening; vacancy; Radical145;


open      open ;

open stack;

open ;

Using iro LED ( diode Aqua (◊), diode Black (◊), diode Blue (◊), diode Green (◊), diode Yellow(◊)) ... ; LOZENGE ("◊"), a.k.a. Diamond Symbol;

well trained kids!! replied: Why diamond shape (LOZENGE) is related to "open" sir?

I wrote: OH!! OH!! you need to realize , also see: Schematic Dimensional ... ; Remark: copy this Character (" " it looks like "ro" if compiler's design mode, but it looks like "lozenge, diamond shape" if browser), And Then, paste into your B O M Box (e.g. Note Pad), And Then, you will be able to learn && realize Computers . System . Level 1 . Security ... ; for Level2, quiz would be: did you design (Dictionary, Translator)? for Level3, quiz would be: did you design (digital piano, GPS)? for Level4, quiz would be: did you design Satellite Box (directional gravity spots)? for Level5, quiz would be: Anti-Earthquake design model, And Then, WHO owns the human beings livable moons in our universes? answer would be: the Shakya King, OH!! OH!! 98+ years old Shakya King looks alike 22+ years old ... ;

♦♦♦, (at the command line interpreter, e.g. C:\IT\Physics\ type *.sys , And Then, audio patterns prompt ), also see: 23 second NFC IoT system Idea Processor;

opera ;

operate      operation      operation      operator ;

to operate between (running between); Radical711;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (o p h t h a l m a.k.a. eye)), also see: C ph T Root Words, ... ;

* o p i a ;

opinion; e.g.

explanation; opinion; rumor; theory;

opinion, a.k.a. idea; Radical180, also see: Radicals;

opinion; view; Radical1002;

opponent; opponents; e.g.

enemy; foe; opponent; Radical745;

enemy; foe; opponent ; also see: Anti Virus; e.g. defined opponents must be defeated;

opportunities; opportunity; e.g.

chance; occasion; opportunity; Radical663;

opposite; e.g.

inverted; opposite; reverse; wicked;

opposite; IFF prefix: anti* ; Radical991;

dominate; oppress; overwhelm; push; Radical593;

* o p s i a ;

optic; optical; optics; Optics; e.g.

Also see: Optics; Physics Law 128;

option; options; e.g.

option ;

option      option ;

option (a.k.a. selection);

Admiral; and again; Commander; from now on; General; just about; Leader; or; Soon;

IFF conjunction: again; and; from now on; just about; or; soon; Radical344;

o p t o coupler     o p t o coupler     o p t o coupler (light emitting, light sensitive) component to couple isolated circuits (circuit; circumference; lap; Radical510) e.g. Automotive o p t o coupler, plastic o p t o coupler, hermetic o p t o coupler; Also see: Optics; Physics Law 128;

h i k a r i a i s o r e t a O p t o isolator     o p t o isolator     o p t o isolator     o p t o isolator ; Also see: DEE;

oracle      oracle ;

BF2 Orange, also see: PHYSICS; Physics law 82, ... ; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

Lunar Orbit, also see: 4_Planets_Prediction;

attempt; ordeal; Radical765;

order; ordered; ordering; orders; e.g.

ancient laws; orders; Radical1010;

next; order; sequence; Radical980;

order  ;     order ;     order ;

ordinals ;

common; ordinary; usual; Radical321;

ordinary ;

organ; e.g.

directional (biological structure, body part, item, object, organ) position, also see: Directions;

living organism's constituent of chromosomes (self replicating), carrier of genetic info, also see: DNA;

contract; organize; Radical592;

organize      organizer ;

orient; oriental; orientation; e.g.

Bearing; course of action; Direction; geometry directional; Orientation; Way;

Oriental concept e.g. Time . Space . Action;

origami e.g.

children should learn origami, because creative talents ... ;

( DNA Origami, DNA Origami, DNA Origami) ... ; Also see: d G T S U; P vector direction;

origami paper toy ... ;

origami folding (90) of left and right to be together with its main line, also see: PHYSICS, law forty eight;

begin; come; commence; derive; emanated; embark; emerge; flow; initiate; issue; originate; proceed; something abstract but perceptible spread out from a source; stem; undertake; Also see: Physics Law 145, ... ;

origin; original; originally; originator; e.g.

Also see: Ace Jaw ("Origin of ... ") ... ; many ACT3 level imaginary hyperspace related ones, and ACT2 level imaginary hyperspace related ones, a.k.a. a "Tarzan" (to whom without lab) ... ;

book; origin; Radical662;

Carbon Copy (CC), a.k.a. original copy, also see: 8cComputer;

c h i e n Creative; imaginary production of original ideas; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

origin ; ;     origin ; ;     origin ; ;

original; Radical567;

originator; Special Radical 253, also see: Radicals;

Origin of BF2 Black; Origin of BF2 Gray;

Origin of 2 Eyes form naturally, because of 3 parallel moon waves, mochiron of course with Water; Also see: Physics Law 789 ... ;

"Origin of Flower" , also see: PHYSICS, law eight one ... ; i.e. beyond 2,3 dimensional remote heat sensing (snaky alike);  

"Origin of Live Form" , also see: PHYSICS, law one hundred ... ;

Origin of Ribcage (doko WHERE "Black Color" lines indicate 90 degree diff to incoming moon waves, And Then, form ribcage naturally), also see: Water Clock;

"Origin of Sound" can be defined by Begin Audio Y; Remark: ACT3 imaginary hyper space;

"Origin of Water" , also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 282, a hint HOW Origin of Water should be defined;

origin; source; Radical118;

this DOMAIN contents realize & understand THAT (after 4+ decades of R&D) :

Origin of Carbon Nano World can be realized as ;

Origin of Disc, Origin of Fish, Origin of (Oval & Sperm) can be realized as ;

Origin of 2 Eyes, can be realized as ;

Origin of Sound can be realized as ;

c h o k k o Orthogonal, at right angles, of right angles, ... ; Also see: Optics;

orthopedic; orthopedic surgery; osteopathic medicine; Also see: o G T S U;

OS , Operating Systems (OS) ... ;

O S I      O S I ;

* o s i s ;

* o s m i a ;

osmosis; e.g.

osmosis means diffusion of (gas mixture, liquid mixture) spread-out evenly distributed WHICH (material, object, part) naturally;

osmosis means movement of the liquid (across, through) semi-permeable membrane;

osmosis means WHAT kind of Water is transported (into the defined cells, out of the defined cells), doko WHERE the defined cells are (in coconut water, in fresh water, in hypertonic solution, in salt water);

Also see: 1oComputer; o Character; o G T S U; Physics Law 108, (with water or without water) is one of the very important factors of this DOMAIN; Physics Law 145, Incubation Period; Physics Law 184, G D C Gas Exchange (DEE _Mouth); Walls; Water;

Q&A: I wrote: regarding medicine R&D for (Anti Virus . COVID-19), to defined unwanted nitrogen (SARS-CoV-2), WHAT kind of Water is transported as TRUE Parameter in nanobot programming?
Q&A: well trained kids!! replied: coconut water as TRUE Parameter in nanobot programming sir;

s h i n t o Osmosis (causes, prompts) larger volume of Water on 1 side (NOT on the both sides);

  Osmosis stops WHEN the mixture's concentrations become even on the both sides of the membrane;

Osmosis : Keyword (diffusion) : from higher concentration to lower concentration;

osmotic; e.g.

Protein . (
(n e p h r o t i c syndrome (g l o m e r u l u s) . (proteins, sodium (Na+), water) As Urine),
(n e p h r o t i c syndrome (blood, edema, e m i a, oncological pressure, osmotic pressure) . ( proteins, sodium (Na+), water) As Urine) )
); Also see: n G T S U; Specialties N E P; Specialties N E P analyte;

o t; o t o p l a s t y; e.g.

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (o t a.k.a. ear)), also see: C ph T Root Words, ... ;

o t o p l a s t y ((correcting deformities (e.g. naturally, many deformities prompt WHEN age > 55+ years), torn earlobe), re-visioning previous done surgery), also see: a G T S U;

other; others; e.g.

1 or more ZCS structural can define other sides, also see: PHYSICS, law ninety nine, ... ;

Also see: and then;

other     other ;

other side as ahead, a front, head of a line; Radical498;

the other party ; ;

the other side ; ;

ought      ought ;

our; e.g.

our ; ;

our earth;

our heart, also see: PHYSICS, law eighty five ... ; Gene Therapy System;

our; we; Radical639;

* o u s ;

out e.g.

out, as opposed to in;

outgoing e.g. your computer's IO initiates the connection; also see: incoming;

(out of reach, within a reach) ... ;

out      out     out ;

two (2) is very very unique in many ways e.g. (Able, Disable), (abnormal, normal), (acceptable %, unacceptable %), (approved, NOT approved), (assemble, disassemble), (Bad, Good), (begin, end), (Bias, Neutral), (cheap, expensive), (clinically proven, clinically NOT proven), (close, open), (constant, variable), (Constructive, Destructive), (Core, Shell), (countable, uncountable), (day, night), (DEE, lights), (defined, undefined), (Dead, Live), (Directional, Heuristic), (do, don't), (down, up), (echo readable, echo unreadable), (expected, unexpected), (Explicitly, Implicitly), (FALSE, TRUE), (Female, Male), (first, last), (focused, un-focus), (foe, friend), (Hard, Soft), (hardware, software), (healthy, unhealthy), (High, Low), (Hyper, Hypo), (Illegal, Legal), (increasing, reducing), (inner, outer), (invisible, visible), (inward, outward), (interior, exterior), (joining to be together, splitting to be apart), (known, unknown), (Left, Right), (light-weight, heavy-weight), (local, remote), (lock, unlock), (Long, Short), (Manmade Global Weather, natural global weather), (marked, unmarked), (matched, mismatched), (Minus, Plus), (mono, stereo), (Negative, Positive), (no, yes), (non-standard, standard), (nothing, something), (Old, Young), (one way, many ways), (Opaque, Transparency), (project-able, un-project-able), (receive, send), (safe, unsafe), (seen, unseen), (setting, unsetting), (SQRT2, SQRT3), (wire, Wireless), (with metta, without metta), (within limit, without limit), (Wrapped, Unwrapped), (zoom-in, zoom-out), ... , also see: jinko chino Artificial Intelligence;

contour; form; outline ;

core; outline; Radical224;

output      output      output      output ;

outside ;

country; countryside; outskirts; suburbs; Radical888;

outstanding; plausible; superb; Radical263;

bizarre; dazzling; excellent; extraordinary; fantastic; incredible; magical; magnificent; marvelous; outstanding; plausible; sensational; splendid; superb; unbelievable; wonderful; wondrous;

AI for fresh water or salt water, doko WHERE Akoya pearls prompt ((Circle if Salt-Water), (Oval if Fresh-Water)) ... ;

Tail Alike Momentum (Origin of (Oval & Sperm)), also see: Schematic Dimensional;

endocrine system (gland, glands, ovaries, ovary, pancreas, testes, ... ) ... ; Also see: e G T S U;

(fallopian tube, ovary), also see: r G T S U;

(all; complete; entire; overall; whole); IFF prefix, (omni*, pan*, t o t i *) i.e. all ;

overall ; ;

exceed; go beyond; overdo; Radical759;

exertion; overstrain; Radical566;

dominate; oppress; overwhelm; push; Radical593;

ovule      ovule ;

egg; ovum ; roe; spawn; Also see: Numerological7;

ovum      ovum ;

also see: sperm;

own ;

owner , also see: Radical289;

ox; Ox; e.g.

B x, a.k.a. medical biopsy; Dx, a.k.a. medical diagnosis; F x, a.k.a. fracture (e.g. bone); G x, one of the medical radiological standard M R I symbols; H x, a.k.a. medical history of the patient (P t); I x, a.k.a. medical investigation; M x, a.k.a. medical pathological metastasis; N x, a.k.a. medical pathological (no evidence of lymph node metastases); O x, a.k.a. medical toxicological oxidizing agent; P t, a.k.a. medical patient; P t P x, a.k.a. medical patient physical examination; R x, a.k.a. medical prescription; S x, a.k.a. medical sign and symptom; Tx, a.k.a. medical treatment; V x, a.k.a. medical pathological vertex presentation; W x, a.k.a. medical Dx wound; Also see: Gene Therapy System; MD;

cattle; cow; ox; oxen; Radical114, also see: Radicals;

ox ; also see: zodiac;

oxygen (O2); Oxygen; e.g.

(8; Oxygen; O; 15.9), also see: Chemical Elements;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (oxy a.k.a. oxygen)), also see: C ph T Root Words, ... ;

oxygen (NMR), also see: Physics Law 146;

oxygen; oxygen OXYGEN ;

oxygen therapy, also see: c G T S U;

kaki Oyster; Also see: iro LED; Sushi;