Radical : Radical : Radical : ( Radical344) ten strokes in Kanji;

dimensional, e.g.

21st century and beyond, powerful guns are (bad weather conditions, category 5 storm, COVID-19 virus pandemic, directional gravity spots, flu virus to public, heterodyning strings toward human beings to be coconut head, high precision screen captured in Z-index, invisibility drone, mapping and lock the location awareness, multi long length neutrino LASER, regional flood, region as hotspot, resetting GPS device's destination, wormhole way LASER) ... , also see: Method, i.e. beyond nuclear power, and notice that "no need to declare war" ... ;

motor way LASER; wormhole way LASER; (this DOMAIN 's DEE (Dark Energy Engineering), this DOMAIN developer global commander 's the most powerful weapon e.g. , , , , ) ... ; therefore, power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil ... ; the most powerful weapon, all rights reversed ® by Ace Jaw, a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw; the most powerful weapon,  ©Copyrights of Ace Jaw, a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw;

directional, e.g.

(assure, QA, verify) United Nations (194 nations)' 72nd annual general assembly meeting agenda: no nuclear weapon in our earth, since 2017/2561;

at focal point of multi long length neutrino laser beams, no material can exist;

"black book" implementation (capturing Radio As Gun);
"black book" implementation (DEE As Gun);
"black book" implementation (multi long length neutrino LASER As Gun);
"black book" implementation (Rainbow Method As Gun);
"black book" implementation (Wall Method As Gun);

PHYSICS As the most powerful weapon (Gun) ... ;

logical, e.g.

in Hiragana: military commander, military general;
in Hiragana: leader;

e.g. global commander ;

in Kanji: admiral; commander;

I F F conjunction: again; and; from now on; just about; or; soon;
military general;

numerological, e.g.



structural, e.g.

Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) WHO likes to be global commander , because since he was born, he had been under "Bama" military for decades and never had equal opportunity, and, he likes to reform Union of Myanmar (Reforming Myanmar) by Rakhine way (i.e. civil rights, land use rights, human rights, practicing equal opportunity) to all ethnic tribes in Union of Myanmar; Remark: bad psychology : if a person brought up under military dictator, WHEN the person becomes older, he or she likes to be military dictator also;

Remark: "Bama" military can be controlled by medicine directly from Japan's orders e.g. medicine to cure COVID-19 ;

Remark: "Bama" military can be controlled by via mainland China's orders; to deal with mainland China, staring "directional Plasma Cluster Wind" above cities' sky as Manmade Global Weather (service) for cleansing PM2.5 air pollution above cities in China ... ;

benefit; chemical; enamel; gun powder; Radical377;

Commander in Chief, a.k.a. President;

capture all illegal drones; drone, also see: Automotive;

counter for gun; Radical260;

( DEE, Dark Energy Engineering) as the most powerful weapon (i.e. Military Science) in our universes; (mapped, pinpointed, focused, targeted) I F F opponent's illegal missile, do (focus, map, pinpoint, lock) And Then, get permit from Shakya King's computer's permission to launch against the opponent's illegal missile;  anti missile system; anti rocket system;

in order to change civilizations in 21st century and beyond, 200+ millions peoples must be killed, therefore, start with Reforming Myanmar (e.g. "Bama" vs. ethnic tribes) ... ; Nama For Humanoid (gravitational drones), daily monitor "Bama" military generals and their villages, and update remote nama reading RDBMS; deploy and practice severe punishments to "Bama" military generals WHO don't follow this DOMAIN (Satellite _DNS _Domain) 's Command via smart devices ... ; also deploy and practice severe punishments to rebels with arms, guns, explosives, weapons, ... ; because, this DOMAIN has mapped our universes, therefore, Union of Myanmar must be mapped and monitored by this DOMAIN 's Satellite _DNS _Domain system, and Union of Myanmar must be peaceful & tranquil, ... ;

in Hiragana: military commander, military general;

captive, retainer, servant, slave, varlet; Radical179;

mapped all nuclear related ones; (actually no need to declare war) because, Remark: military top secret, therefore, cannot explain anymore (e.g. NOT to happen, 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting destinations of Automotives' GPS systems can be destructing 200+ years of constructing works); momentum is worth more than trillions of dollars; this is very basic understanding of HOW momentum has been designed for 44+ years already (as of 2017/2561), and (military science) tactic in 21st century & beyond would be: NOT to happen 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting ... ;

Remark: 2564; 2020; our earth; ware ware We're at war against COVID-19 virus pandemic; 

since 2018/2561, 2nd life (or 3rd life) of "Bama" military officials became prisons' heads, I F F trouble makers (the people WHO don't follow military orders), those "Bama" military officials will be replaced with humanoids for sure i.e. beyond "exchange" among global nations' captives method (also beyond explosions as method);

Radical ; Radical ; Radical ; Radicals;