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( 10, 10, Ten). 2024 design model Yellowish Variation (YV), for defining normal Yellowish Variation, because in winter time period, (( onsen, onsen) : (heat: hydrothermal hot springs)) are attracting lights naturally (our earth), so Anti-Earthquake has been (upgraded, integrated) by Japanese . Syllabary . HTML ;

Since 2024 Total Solar Eclipse, till 2044, approx. 244-246 No Moon Day (s) ahead, 105 DEGREE has been set for Anti-Earthquake design model;

since February 13, 2024, .. \ .. \ .. \ Info \ Product \ Products .h t m 's font has been set with 8514oem, 5pt size, .  .  .  ( Architecture, a sans-serif font, 250+ characters, (Name: 8514oem.fon), used in cmd .exe, wired font e.g. 125% Dots per Inch (DPI)), .  .  . ; Also see: AI FONT; OEM; Products;

( 9, Nine). phonetic ("nine nine") means grandmother ... ;

because of (antiviral, Anti Virus) airborne unwanted COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, because of ( Me, Me, Me, Me), Level8 Display design, manufacturing, model, specification, ... should be in United States of America (USA) ... because I believe in "an eye for all eyes military tactic" ... ;

this DOMAIN 's contents are ready for Space War e.g. Anti-Earthquake; DEE; Invisibility; 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; wormhole way multi long length neutrino laser;

( 8, Eight). I've not seen Level8 Display yet, as of 2023; kuru kuru WHILE (Level8), 8 layers of Circuit, 8 rounds of Lap, ... would be worth trillions of US Dollar ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: how did you design Level7 pixels sir?

I wrote: I'm a "Tarzan" Rakhine American, and if you like to R&D 3,4 dimensional Algorithm, read avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan 1st, And Then, try to realize & understand its (2, 4) connections, And Then, you'll be able to factor numbers for your (current, future, past) projects, e.g. 3,4 dimensional bio Physics Cell;

another example would be: if you're designing a SPL (circle, dot, pixel, point, spot) on ZCS, you may need only 4 nodes out of (2, 4) connections;
another example would be: if you're designing a multi color (circle, dot, pixel, point, spot) on ZCS, you may need only 4 nodes out of (2, 4) connections;
4 nodes obey 1980s' design model Static Motor Way (IDE Bus, PC I Bus) in addition to USB Bus ; And Then, base on ZCS, Dynamic Wormhole Way would be excellent ... i.e. 2020s' design models ... ;


n i t o t t e For Gravity Dimension Computer e.g. (Action; DNS; DOMAIN; Network Topology; this DOMAIN)       :

Aqua Gray Type-C;      USB;             

Aqua Navy Type-C;      USB;             

Aqua Silver Type-C;      USB;             

Radio ID . Near Field Communication (NFC) . Embedded . Devices;

Gray Aqua Type-C;      USB;             

Navy Aqua Type-C;      USB;             

Silver Aqua Type-C;      USB;             

also see: n f c elevation d n a ftp sharing .sys ;

Remark: "NFC ELEVATION DNA FTP SHARING," designed & modeled since May, 2023; in our earth, 10G telecommunication systems started in 2023 ; for basic ( NCS, PCS, ZCS) understanding, e.g. directional gravity spots, Nanobot Programming, variable SPL, variable DEE patterns, ... , ( 101x101LDPE, 101x101PE, 101x101PE-LD) should be realized, R&D, understood, on ZCS ... ; level of ("Level7 Display") design specifications are military top restricted, military top secret, ... because, our earth is not simple like WHAT I think ... ;


6. Light Sheet Storage (sheet); fiber glass sheet; transparent glass index; NOT yet in our earth; with D G P C P, Directional Gravity Pressure Connector Port, C W R W (Z-Definition) in addition to (X-Definition, Y-Definition);

- 6 zero curvature surfaces based DEE method (e.g. DEE boxes) and technology;
- 2-sided surface based computing (e.g. blue-to-green, green-to-blue);
- vertically (Y) based, Yellow color based yellowish variation (string) Method;
- transparent glass index (45, 60, 72);
- beyond color coded card and smart card (micro SD Card, SD Card, USB (2.0, 3.0) Drive);
- beyond structural motor way LASER (disc);
- beyond static motor way EM (disk);

Level6 M1A1H17Titanium22 tanks (2 humanoids + 2 military tanks As 2+2 Method in Military Science) are unbeatable & unbreakable; Also see: Calendar . Earth . Space . War . HTML ; (Fusion powered AWD eV) M1A1H17Titanium22 tanks can demolish any defined nation's military within a few weeks, believe it or not, and our earth's "World History" will be ... ;

total of 5 kuru kuru WHILE, they're 3 lights of 90 degree (Green, Yellow) so 3 (approx. 20x20) kuru kuru WHILE, our earth as 1 depth of (Aqua, Cyan) kuru kuru WHILE (approx. 98x108), and 1 (Silver) kuru kuru WHILE 108x108 e.g. ((3,3,3,3), (10,7,10)) ... ; advanced nations have many products NOT FOR SALE IFF abroad, also see: both "Black Book" implementation and "Red Book" implementation ... ;

Light Sheet Storage with D G P C P is intended for marketing on human beings livable moons; Light Sheet Storage with D G P C P is not intended for marketing in our earth, because our earth is not simple like WHAT I think;     

Blue-gray µSD Card : Blue-gray sound pattern .  .  . ;
Dark red µSD Card
Gray-25% µSD Card;
Green µSD Card : Green sound pattern .  .  . ;
Lavender µSD Card;
Light turquoise µSD Card : Light turquoise sound pattern .  .  . ;
Lime µSD Card : Lime sound pattern .  .  . ;
Turquoise µSD Card;

in 2024 January, Korea's Display Company, announced world (our earth) 's 1st O LED, Organic Light Emitting Diode (fiber glass sheet, transparent glass index), so congratulation to Korean designers, Korean engineers, Korean scientists, ... ;

5. micro SD (micro Secure Digital) Card, e.g.  32GB micro SD card; DEE must be defined, e.g. its length as line (quantity of pixel, resolution, X-Definition, Y-Definition); Gravity Spot's size must be defined, e.g. device's weight; Human beings livable moons' momentum must be defined by iro Colour Wave Form, e.g. at the same time (dark blue (Navy Blue) on moon as night time, if compare to normal blue (Aqua a.k.a. Cyan) on our earth) ... ;

- smart phone connectivity as drive;
- chip connector to SD Card (8, 1) lines; 72°;
- line's length e.g. pixel quantity, resolution, wormhole length, ... ;
- recommended for governments' systems' distributions;

HOW many light years distance, if yellowish variation in mm = 5 mm;

HOW many light years distance, if yellowish variation in mm = 10 mm;

Remark: longer the line's length, higher the capacity is (a.k.a. higher definitions), because multi-platform flexibility and OS compatibility require old design (line parameters, approx. since 1980s) e.g. SQRT2 design model's several sections (X-Definition);

2018 Model Credit Card Size USB Drive;

Internet is not everywhere; All contents are not in Internet; So, Compilation Number C180 is available; up-to-date files into the Internet except emergency (e.g. up-to-date Gene Therapy System is really (essential, necessary, needed) to be sharing in public, e.g. up-to-date Manmade Global Weather system is really (essential, necessary, needed) to be sharing to public), because 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index becomes very huge space craft (capacity: 8787 persons, ... , e.g. Physics Law 198, switch for hyperspace craft's ( Elevating, Landing)) already, AND sharing up-to-date files in the Internet to public (compilation of 16000+ items, C165 or later ones) is good enough;

you may have almost similar ones, i.e. download .  .  . ; (good health!!, good luck!!) to you; Also see: d Computer; Products;

2022 Model Credit Card Size Connector;

well trained kids! replied: WHY do you add 2 Yellow Color lines diagonally sir?
I wrote: in reality, Yellow Color disappears, may becomes from ("light") to ("sound") ... ; if (dot matrix technology, film technology), its negatives may become 2 Blue Color, and very basic Blue Gravity needs very very unique 2 strings as Blue Color (so that 1 very basic gravity spot can be defined), therefore, I added 2 Yellow Color lines diagonally;

well trained kids! replied: WHY "right side" of "eyes" are colored (Green, Red) inside of the Yin Yang (representing pros and cons) symbol sir?
I wrote: in our universes, some belongs to Green, on the other hand, some belongs to Red, so Green Color and Red Color are coexistence alike, that's WHY; Have you ever (tested, tried) 3 consecutive Yin Yang in your lab? hint: wrapping of heat sensing may begin, regarding your 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index ... ;

well trained kids! replied: WHY do you draw Yin Yang symbol next to (incoming, outgoing) USB connectivity lines sir?
I wrote: for (3, 3, 3, 3) horizontal lines, in this case, DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) lines ... ; since I've defined Aqua Color line vertically (think of 1 world line), its speed should be matched to our earth's ecliptic motion (our earth only, for very basic understanding); after this, you're ready for your own 50,000 Satellites (without combustion, using gravity spots only) ... ; Remark: world's fastest military grade ultrasonic missiles synchronize (gravity spots) like that (in 2021, approx. >5 times faster than sound's speed, and can't shoot-down by missile interceptor because very very fast ultrasonic + gravity spots ); world's fastest trains (approx. 200000 tons) synchronize (gravity spots) like that (in 2021, approx. 500+ km speed) ;

4. USB Flash Drive: in addition to (CD, DVD, BD), USB Flash Drive is 88...88, smaller, lighter, reusable, and upload-able; Remark: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, ... ; 90°; 270°;

USB2 (SQRT2, 88...88);
USB3 (SQRT3, ... ); since 2559:2015, this DOMAIN, starts using TOSHIBA USB3, for testing SQRT3 design model i.e. in addition to SQRT2 design model;

USB devices are color coded in common, therefore, 1st to understand iro Colour Wave Form ( bus), 2nd to understand HOW to define time period as timestamp; 3rd to prove (Time (defined timestamp) . Space (WHAT kind of design mode e.g. SQRT2 or SQRT3) . Action (e.g. Active, Hybrid, Multi layer, Offline, Online,  Passive, ... )) i.e. oriental concept;

- plug-and-play drive;
- connectivity as portable device;
- power hub (a.k.a. grid topology) can be via "yellow" line;
- (4) lines connector as USB Drive;
- if blue is based, green vs. green can be SYNC;
- if green is based, blue vs. blue can be SYNC;

(USB-A drives, USB-A ports) is recommended;

3. BD; Remark: there is no BD compilation yet (notice that there is no "day" (24 hours) yet regarding "disc" ); BD (approx. 17 hour), if compare to DVD (approx. 4 hour), if compare to CD (approx. 80 minute); technology e.g. Big Data, e.g. Cloud Computing, ... are somehow related to week, month, and year;

- optical disc like DVD, and CD-R;
- label ( BD);
- motor way (laser); NOT wormhole way laser;
- BD drive can be reading and writing disc e.g. CD-R, DVD, BD; in addition to DVD;

2. DVD :

- flip-flop alike 2 (e.g. 98 (plus, minus));
- SQRT2 design model (± 98);
- optical disc like CD-R;
- label ( DVD);
- motor way (laser); NOT wormhole way laser;
- DVD drive can be reading and writing disc e.g. DVD, CD-R; in addition to CD;

regarding this DOMAIN 's contents Monastery (\\Monastery\*.* /s) dharma (a.k.a. dhamma) dana (donation),

contents (\\Monastery\*.* /s) are copyrighted regarding its data, design, name, ... and, intellectual property of monks of the monasteries;

and, DVD has been compiled with
      (1+ Presentation, 17+ Book, 20+ Referral, 71+ Image, 185+ Article) in Buddha & Buddhism, and 9+ Buddha Radicals,
JUN _time + lunar _time parallel time calculation in progress, + years of research and development,


5+ Agonist Antagonist Acronym,

8+ distance,

8+ method,

10+ biometrics idea,

10++Electricity Power Plug,

11+ Formula,

12+ dissimilarities,

12+ *map,

16+ converter,

18+ Orbit,

19+ Organization Association Committee,


22+ RNA,


25++Wireless Antenna,

26+ kadosei Mobility,


28+ Java program codes,

28+ Particles,

28++Schematic Dimensional,

28+ UPC vs RFID comparisons,

33+ ACT3 imaginary hyper dimensional,

36+ -ratio

37+ characteristics in 2D,

37+ initializations,

40+ Chemical in Physics

43+ User,

45+ nippon 2 Identical Voices

46+ no COOKIE IE,

49+ design-kit, starter-kit, addresses,

50++Network Topology,

52+ meter,

54+ Inhibitor Acronym to be Working... with this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System,

55+ Device Acronym,

57+ COUNTERS to be (appropriate, correct, proper, suitable, talented) usage,

59+ -FS (a.k.a. File System),

60+ International Myanmar Monasteries,

60+ protocols & ports,

61+ Algorithm Methods and Data Structures,

61+ variable,

65+ cyber-shot digital graphic images,

70+ times without energy map,

Antiviral Schematic : ((Anti Virus : (74+ unwanted Virus names))),

88+ www_ wildcards,


92+ icon,

??+ Satellite,

105+ Oh My Lord reasons,

121+ Interface,

123+ C p h T Q&A,

125+ Testing,

128+ Display,

136+ computing Languages,

150+ IDs,

155+ Biz (a.k.a. business),


158+ C p h T prefix & suffix,


170+ modular CE

171+ Mode,

187+ Similarity,

198++dot dot dot,

206+ bus connectors and ports,

215+ Sushi related,

228+ Nippon characters' pronunciation,

231+ (Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol),

261++ international domains and phone codes,

276+ Automotive,

282+ (Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, Monbusho level knowledge enhancement) idea,

295+ computing units,

330+ Computer Science,

334+ Command,

338++Schematic Symbols,

368+ (gene therapy, therapeutic, Tx) kinds of Disease Disorder Acronym to be (cured, managed healthcare),

501+ research notes,

800++Pali in dhamma (a.k.a. dharma) study,

96O+ Bio Chemical Physical Similarity,

????+ Radicals,

1583+ Software Collection,

1651+ file extension,

1990+ automotive alpha-numeric;

2028++IT acronyms,

4500++Mini Dictionary,

4651+Keyword To Port Number, and

approximately (grand total) of this DOMAIN 's contents, also see: Directories; Files;

DVD +R (i.e. plus) or DVD -R (i.e. minus); DVD is more storage capacity than CD; DVD R W is rewritable;

1. CD-R has been compiled without \\Monastery\ *.* approximately; Remark: since 2020, this DOMAIN prefers DVD compilation or higher capacity ones (e.g. BD Disc), because CD has been used since 1995 and after 25+ years, this DOMAIN 's contents become larger than 80 minutes;

- 150 x (IDE, P C I, P X I) bus;
- optical disc CD;
- label ( CD);
- structural motor way (laser);

optical disc is 150 times faster than (1.44 MB, 3.5 inch micro floppy disk, a.k.a. 3.5" 1.44 MB Diskette) PC; 5.25" Floppy Disk, a.k.a. 5 1/4 Inch Floppy Disk; WHERE (Adapter, Controller) is attached e.g. interface (CD-PC, DVD-PC, USB-PC) ... ; PC, one of the keywords in Cloud computing ... ; (remark: 1.44MB (i.e. one point four four megabyte) is approx. 500 Letter Size papers to print IFF text only (e.g. text file with 12 font size)), 2, 3, 7, 10, 24, 108, ... numerology vs. time, and etc。

Domain (ace jaw . web site, or America Myanmar .net) 's contents are imaginary WHICH means NOT 100% true, WHICH means ace jaw .web site, and America Myanmar .net are web sites and not scientific, WHICH means (ace jaw .web site, or America Myanmar .net) 's contents are more likely to be art work, and truly 1 person's years of information gathering, R&D therefore, Compilations (e.g. C???) exist, but order at your own risk, WHICH means (ace jaw .web site, or America Myanmar .net) is without agreement, without clinically proven, without FDA approval, without guaranty, without lawsuit, without liability, without license, without LLC registration, without refund policy, without registration, without responsibility, without system requirement, without system specification, without technical support, without user account, and without warranty, and IT is designed, developed and engineered in Modesto, California, USA。

Reminder: compare computers (with or without) this DOMAIN 's contents ... ; before installing, measure your computers and IoT devices' weight, because Gravity Dimension Computer is Working... e.g. embedded GPS device is working very well with built-in 1mm (one millimeter) 2 gravity spots, e.g. embedded Idea Processor is working very well with its Artificial Intelligence (AAI, AI, AIA) i.e. more Hiragana, Kanji, and Katakana words mean higher intellectual level, and you can define this DOMAIN 's style (e.g. 15x15, 23x23) tags ... , and this DOMAIN reserves (2 * 6) dimension and (2 * 7) dimension for you;

There is no Compilation Number 98, 99, (101, 102, 106, 109), and 108,

because to avoid conflict inside of SQRT2 (a.k.a. square root 2) design model (e.g. sequence 98), because any (10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... ; also see: base 10 Engineering Notation) obey sequence 98 (i.e. regarding floating points),
because to avoid conflict to numerological dimension (e.g. TV channels are with 9, 99) because kuru kuru WHILE is more than necessary (essential) regarding media broadcasting design,
because to avoid conflict with standard keyboards' defined numbers (e.g. 101, 102, 106, 109) regarding STD IO (a.k.a. standard input output),
because to avoid conflict inside of 108 configuration (e.g. 3, 3, 3, 3, 10, 7, 10) i.e. peaceful and tranquil orbits because of human livable moons dwell with DEE & lights (e.g. yellowish variations in mm); other side of constellation, there is no (no peaceful orbital, and no tranquil orbital) human beings livable moon, therefore, (lucky to be bio beings in this side of constellation doko WHERE many human beings livable moons dwell with DEE & lights), therefore, Yin and Yang, a.k.a. coexistence, a.k.a. 2 is very very unique in many ways (e.g. 2 claps to worship to Buddha) ... ;

After compilation number C128, once a year compilation (e.g. C138 in 2020) began, and no more monthly compilation (but this DOMAIN 's contents might vary day-to-day) because developing of Idea Processor requires more-and-more characters to be learning in Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana, and shared system values (e.g. (info .txt, no COOKIE .exe, Publisher .reg,  Roaming .in f, this DOMAIN .p7b, ... )  ♯ . ♯ . ♯ . ♯) is good enough for sharing ... ;

General information of PRODUCT: time may advance approx.  23 lunar weeks, or 32 JUN time period; contents are printable and readable; also see: Oh! my lord;

automatic run, therefore, insert the PRODUCT, wait approx. +seconds, contents will prompt, if not, click on drive _letter:\INDEX .HTML or select to highlight >> drive _letter:\index .ht m >> Open With >> no COOKIE IE, Internet Explorer, ... ;

info contains unique serial number; for each PRODUCT, click on Publisher .reg file will write data into a local computer system e.g. Product ID: 32123-123-5510855-10710; Publisher: ア メ リ カ 緬 甸  .網 ; ... ; IF handmade, also see:


Hand Made Address Label;

well trained kids! replied: WHY do you change ("this DOMAIN") with a square box's inside alike sir?
I wrote: since you've learnt NORMAL means square boxes alike, if compare to MOBILE has been rounded square alike, i.e. regarding servers, so both mobile and normal would be much better server ... ; Also see: Server;

this DOMAIN 's developer, founder, owner, ... " waived my rights " , also see: Ace Jaw, Cover Letter of ACE JAW;

if you install this DOMAIN 's contents into your computer, you will be a part of triangulation system in the Internet;

General information of ORDER:

Order at your own risk, testing at your own risk, because content ( data) might be functional among different kinds of hardware & software, but content (control) e.g. AI OS, executable application, numerological dimension, ... might not be functional among different kinds of OEM; Order by mail only; WHEN order, your mailing address is a must; Handling fee, shipping fee, and tax are included; Order at your own risk, because "this DOMAIN" do not take any responsibility of lost/stolen/damage; IFF order lost, your remitter's information is a must. Please use your local postal office, and inquire at your local postal office in person; IFF in USA, your order will be shipped by U S P S Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation;

Individual or Business ORDER: accept Cashier's Check or Money Order; accept US business check; Payable to: Mr. Ace Jaw;

USA Government ORDER: accept US government check only; Payable to: Mr. Ace Jaw;

International Government ORDER: accept embassy check only, Payable to: Mr. Ace Jaw; With product, Multiple Nodes Authorization Letter will be enclosed;


Mailing address:

ACE JAW, PO Box 579699, Modesto, CA 95357, California, USA;

Walk in address, in person:

Not available;


For Myanmar related information:

Mr. T h a n T u n, 42 S h a n K o n e Street, San c h a u n g T/S, Yangon, Union of Myanmar.


4P / 7P

PRODUCT: product name (e.g. this DOMAIN), current compilation's c d, d v d, flash drive, and micro SD card are available; CD; DVD; USB Drive; BD; micro SD Card;

PACKAGE: in common sense;

also see: Folding Paper;


Since 2024 Total Solar Eclipse, price (of each product) has been set to 0.7786885245$/item approx. marketing method, because NOT to be busy ones, and be having more time for reading books, periodicals, .  .  .  .  . , and be having more time of listening music .  .  .  .  . ; handling fee, shipping fee, and tax are included; Remark: approx. 0.7786885245$ (USD, United States Dollar) per item, because this DOMAIN 's contents become approx. 19000+ items in year 2024;

approx. 14795.08$ per 32GB micro SD card, ultra thin and light weight micro SD card, for governmental redistributable and upload-able; because, root must be defined by genuine OEM system format; because, micro SD card can also be smart card inside mobile phone, regarding root; [because, to define root, feed back to mobile phone is a must];

approx. 14795.08$ per 32GB USB drive, for reusable and upload-able; [because, 1 as induction in real time, 88...88];

approx. 14795.08$ per rewritable dual voltage disc (DVD), for individual or group, for reusable and modeling; [because, dual V represents 2];

approx. write once compact disc (CD), for individual, for content collection and read only; [because, in 1995, 1st CD was 150x speed, based on IDE];

Remark: 0.7786885245$ (United States Dollar) per item becomes too high price for many peoples around the world, therefore, without my consent you're allowed to copy, develop, download, reproduce, retails, ... do whatsoever but if you like to have its (genuine hardware, origin, root), this DOMAIN 's contents are 0.7786885245$ (United States Dollar) per item .  .  .  .  . ; I've never law sued to anyone, and never been law suited by someone either;


Global international;     Myanmar domestic only;     USA domestic only;




After receiving your order, within 1 JUN _time period [ within 10days ], PRODUCT will be sent to your address;


English as a mother language, or English as a second language;

World's 3+ languages are also available via Internet;


Thank you. 

( with 1 CD/DVD player, like 1 USB flash drive, with 1 DVD player, with 1 BD player) ... ;