Device Acronym; Last updated on 2018/2561 1 31, a full moon day;

Approx. 53+ device acronyms available to read; Also see: Meter;

60 mm Endo Path Staple for Endo-surgery; GS;

Accuvix XQ Ultrasound, Medison; Medical Imaging; OBG;

Aloka SSD 3500 Ultrasound, Walling-ford; Medical Imaging;

Anal dilator + Purse string suture + Circular stapler; PPH; GE; GS;

Berkeley VC, ACMI; Uterine aspiration; OBG;

Bowel Prep Kit, Braintree; Halflytely prep kit; GE; GS;

Bowel Prep Kit, Fleet Accu-Prep; GE; GS;

BP cuff; Resuscitation PD;

Butterfly G; Resuscitation PD;

Cardiac defibrillator and pacemaker; Since 1973, the devices have been used;

Chest tube F; Resuscitation PD;

Colposcopes; Digital/Optical/Video images collecting/documenting/teaching;

Compact Prism Loupes; GS;

Cutting forceps; Coagulate, Grasp, Transect; OBG;

Defibrillation/cardio external paddle; Infant paddle or Adult paddle; Resuscitation PD;

Dolphin II, ACMI; Real time fluid & pressure measuring device; OBG;

DXA, Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry [Better bone in CME Mongraph; CME; 2005]; Skeletal;

Embosphere Microspheres, BioSphere Medical; Uterine fibroid embolization; DR; OBG;

Endopath Xcel, trocars, Ethicon Endo Surgery; Bladeless; Blunt tip; GS;

Endoscope for trans-gastric surgery; GE; GS;

FISH Glassman Viscera Retainer, Adept-Med; Safer abdominal closure; GS;

Harmonic ACE, Ethicon Endo Surgery; GS;

Harmonic Scalpel, Ethicon Endo Surgery; Ultrasonic cutting; Coagulating; GS;

Hysteroscopes; OBG;

IUD, Intrauterine Device [The Journal of Reproductive Medicine; Vol. 50; No. 3];

IV catheter G; Resuscitation PD;

Larygnoscope blade; Straight or Curved; Resuscitation PD;

M/L clip, Medium/Large clips, 5 ~ 10 mm applier, [Ethicon Endo-Surgery; Contemporary Surgery; Vol. 62; No. 11; 2006];

Medical video printer, MV plug-and-play color image printer, 2006;

Moss Gastrostomy Tube; GE; GS;

Nasogastric tube F; Resuscitation PD;

NG Tube;

NIM EMG Reinforced Endotracheal Tube, NIM response system, Medtronic XOMED; Vocal cord monitoring while in thyroidectomy procedures; GS;

O2 mask; Resuscitation PD;

ON-Q Soaker Catheter, I Flow Corporation; Pain buster; GS;

Oral airway; Resuscitation PD;

Pap Test, ThinPrep; Liquid based; Cytyc Corporation; Papilloma virus reflex test; OBG;

Pelvic Muscle Trainer, Athena Feminine Technology; OBG;

pH and Amines TEST, QuickVue Advance, Quildel; Infectious vaginitis instant [2 minutes] evaluation; FP; IM; OBG;

QCT, Quantitative Computed Tomography; Skeletal;

QUS, Quantitative Ultrasound; Skeletal;

Resuscitation bag; Resuscitation PD;

Robotic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass [Archives of Surgery; Vol. 140; No. 8; 2005]: Anesthesia + da Vinci robotic console + da Vinci patient side robotic arms + Electrocautery + Insufflation monitors + Scrub table; GS;

SkinStation, Radiancy; Skin disorders; D;  FP; OBG;

SONOLINE G40, Ultrasound; Siemens Medical Solutions; Medical Imaging; OBG;

Stylet F; Resuscitation PD;

Suction catheter F; Resuscitation PD;

SXA, Single energy x-ray absorptiometry; Skeletal;

Tracheal tube mm; Uncuffed or Cuffed; Resuscitation PD;

Tracheal tube length lip's cm; Resuscitation PD;

Urinary catheter F; Resuscitation PD;

using (Sound Beam (Dx), SPL) ... ;

VAC, Vacuum Assisted Closure, KCI; Diabetic wounds, open abdominal wounds, orthopedic trauma wounds, partial thickness burns, pressure ulcers, skin grafts; GS;

Wave, ACMI; Ergonomic battery pump & hand pieces; Suction irrigation; OBG;

Wound pathogens: Aquacel Ag Dressing, ConvaTec; FP; IM;

Wound retractor, Alexis, Applied Medical; Small incision; GS; OBG;

Gene Therapy System;