Updated in 2023 : 11 : 18 : Medical Acronym;

Clinical ((Anesthesia) (Dermatology) (Endocrinology) (Geriatrics) (Hematology) (Internal Medicine) (Neonatology) (Nutrition) (Ob/G y n) (Oncology) (Orthopedics) (Pediatrics) (Plastic Surgery) (Psychology) (Pulmonary Medicine) (Radiology) (Surgery) (Tropical Medicine) (Urology))

Preclinical ((Anatomy) (Biochemistry) (Microbiology) (P a r a s i t o logy) (Pharmacology))

Premedical ((Art) (Biology (Molecular Biology)) (Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)) (Computer Science (AI (Expert System) (Neural Network) ) (DB ((Relational Algebra) (Relational Calculus))) (Graphics) ((Illogical Algorithm) (Logical Algorithm)) (Pattern Matching) (Prediction) (Reasoning) (Recognition)) (Engineering) (Genetics) (History) (Language and Linguistics) (Math (Algebra) (Calculus) (Differential Equations) ) (Management Information Systems (PDA) (Data storage) (File system) (Medical Coding) (Networking)) (Philosophy) (Physics (Dynamics) (Materials)) (Psychology) (Sociology) (Statistics))

Specialties [    

A D L, Adolescent Medicine;   ADP, Addiction Psychiatry;   AI, Allergy and Immunology;   ALI, Clinical and Laboratory Immunology;   AN, Anesthesiology;   A P M, Pain Management;  AR, Abdominal Radiology;

B B K, Blood Banking Transfusion Medicine;

C C A, Critical Care Medicine;   C C M, Critical Care Medicine;   C C P, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine;   CCS, Surgical Critical Care;   CD, Cardiovascular Disease;   C F S, Craniofacial Surgery;   C H P, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry;   C H N, Child Neurology;   CME, Continuing Medical Education;   C N, Clinical Neurophysiology;   C P P, Pediatrics Psychiatry Child and Adolescent Psychiatry;   CRS, Colon and Rectal Surgery;

D, Dermatology;   D M P, D e r m a t o pathology;   D N N, Diagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine Nuclear Radiology;   DR, Radiology Diagnostic;

EM, Emergency Medicine;   E M P, Pediatrics Emergency Medicine;   END, Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism;   E S M, Emergency Sports Medicine;   E S N, Endovascular Surgical Neuro radiology;   E S S, Endovascular Surgical Neuro radiology;   E T X, Medical Toxicology;

FOP, Forensic Pathology;   FP, Family Practice;   F P G, Geriatric Medicine;   F P P, Psychiatry Family Practice;   F S M, Sports Medicine;

GE, Gastroenterology;   G P M, Preventive Medicine;   GS, Surgery General;

HEM, Hematology;   H M P, Hematology;   HO, Hematology and Oncology;   H S O, Hand Surgery;   H S P, Hand Surgery;   H S S, Hand Surgery;

IC, Interventional Cardiology;   ICE, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology;   ID, Infectious Disease;   I E C, Internal Medicine Emergency Medicine Nuclear Medicine;   I F P, Internal Medicine Family Practice;   I M, Internal Medicine;   I M G, Geriatric Medicine;   I N M, Internal Medicine Nuclear Medicine;   I P M, Internal Medicine Preventive Medicine;   ISM, Sports Medicine;


M E M, Internal Medicine Emergency Medicine;   MG, Medical Genetics;   MGP, Molecular Genetic Pathology;   MM, Medical Microbiology;   MN, Internal Medicine Neurology;   MP, Internal Medicine Psychiatry;   M P D, Internal Medicine Pediatrics;   M P M, Internal Medicine Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;   M S R, Musculoskeletal Radiology;

N, Neurology;   N E P, Nephrology;   NM, Nuclear Medicine;   N N M, Neurology Nuclear Medicine;   NO, Neuro to logy Otology;   NP, Neuropathology;   N P M, Neonatal P e r i n a t a l Medicine;   NPR, Neurology Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;   NR, Nuclear Radiology;   N R N, Neurology Diagnostic Radiology Neuro radiology;   NS, Neurological Surgery;

OAR, Adult Reconstructive Orthopedics;   O B G, Obstetrics and Gynecology Ob/G y n;   O F A, Foot and Ankle Orthopedics;   O M O, Orthopedic Musculoskeletal Oncology;   ON, Oncology;   OP, Pediatric Orthopedics;   O P H, Ophthalmology;   ORS, Orthopedic Surgery;   O S M, Orthopedic Sports Medicine;   O S S, Orthopedic Surgery of Spine;   OTO, Otolaryngology;   OTR, Orthopedic Trauma;

P, Psychiatry;   PAN, Pediatric Anesthesiology;   P C C, Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine;   P C H, Chemical Pathology;   PCP, C y t o pathology;   PD, Pediatrics;   P D C, Pediatric Cardiology;   P D I, Pediatric Infectious Diseases;   P D O, Pediatric O t o l a r y n y o logy;   P D P, Pediatric P u l m o n o l o g y;   P D R, Pediatric Radiology;   P D S, Pediatric Surgery;   PE, Pediatric Emergency Medicine;   P E M, Pediatric Emergency Medicine;   P F P, Forensic Psychiatry;   PG, Pediatric Gastroenterology;   PHO, Pediatric Hematology Oncology;   PIP, I m m u n o pathology;   PM, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;   PMG, Pediatrics Medical Genetics;   P M N, Pain Management;   P M P, Pediatrics Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;   P N, Pediatric Nephrology;   PP, Pediatric Pathology;   PPM, Pain Management;   P P N, Pain Management;   P P R, Pediatric Rheumatology;   PS, Plastic Surgery;   P S M, Pediatric Sports Medicine;   P T H, Pathology Anatomic and Clinical;   P T X, Medical Toxicology;   P U D, Pulmonary Disease;   P Y G, Geriatric Psychiatry;   P Y N, Psychiatry Neurology;

R H U, Rheumatology;   R N R, Neuroradiology;   RO, Radiation Oncology;  

SCI, Spinal Cord Injury Medicine;   SP, Selective Pathology;  

TS, Thoracic Surgery;  

U, Urology;   UP, Pediatric Urology;

V I R, Vascular and Interventional Radiology;   VS, Vascular Surgery;     ]




*care*, also see: C C A, C C M, C C P, CCS, P C C, ... ;

C C A; C C M; C C P; CD; FP; F P G; I F P; IM; I M G; M E M; MG; PD; P D C; PE; P E M; also see: Digital Stethoscope;

*E*, *emergency*, also see: EM, E M P, E S M, I E C, M E M, PE, P E M, ... ;

IM, Internal: BMI;

OAR, O F A, OP, ORS, O S M, O S S, O T R: Skeletal System; BMD; Also see: Space BMD; Space BMI;

*SM, *sport*, also see: E S M, F S M, ISM, O S M, P S M, ... ;

Gene Therapy System;