Updated in 2563 : on 2020 : 2 : 7 : Space Medicine . Space BMD ;

Space Bone Mineral Density;

JAXA (NIPPON a.k.a. JAPAN) reports to public that avg. 3.2% bone loss occurs 10 days in less than 1G space; Note: Adult skeletal system has calcium = 1000 ~ 1200 grams, and phosphorus = 400 ~ 500 grams;

Note: Clocks must be re-designed; Because, understanding of time between eastern thought and western thought is different; Regular time when compare to decay, Isotope life backwards regardless of whether outward to the Sun, or toward to the Sun;   Also see: schematic symbol: 1 mm hole in 24 mm natural time;

Please do not confuse physics' decay time, and bio's decompose time; In space traveling, heterodyned indexes might be helpful to both physics' decay time, and bio's decompose time; However, density/pressure/temperature/... in space time is out of a Myanmar knowledge.


Also see: Gene; Propagation time; Space BMI; Time . Space . Action;

BLI automatic adjustment ... ;