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Artificial Intelligence;

Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Shinto, Taoism, Zen, ... 。

Good, a combination of female character and male character, and notice that not a combination of male and female character, and also notice that [shaded area] female represents "hole", male represents "rod", ... 。 To do good khamma, before action [time > place > action], before khamma, female male coexistence exists。

Human。 1 stroke to left, 1 stroke to right, combine to characterize standing by 2 foots [feet is plural of foot]。 On the other hand, to be a human, embryo must be made of ... 。

this DOMAIN 's contents, a part of Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization

Time . Space: Place . Space . Satellites

The Sun, and the Moon must be together, to be a bright。 The Sun character becomes smaller for distance far away。 Curve in the Moon represents nature of commonly seen moon, and existence of Blue Moon at 2nd moon period is also included within 2 horizontal strokes。

Thing = East + West。 After time, after universe, after coordinating, start defining ..., [ and 5 elements begin ]。

Time, and then Place, and then Action。 Time . Space . Action In space, time > place > verb which means time is bigger than universe。 Also see: Engineering . Schematic Symbols . Clock

Up strokes and then a horizontal stroke represent UP , on the other hand, a horizontal stroke and then down strokes represent DOWN 。 Action oriented。 Notice that font's spacing might confuse a reader due to left to right direction of EN English fonts spacing even though horizontal stroke represents level。