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additional vocals, background vocals, banjo, bass, congas, drums, electric rhythm guitar, guitar, harmonica, harmonium, keyboards, lead guitar, organ, percussion, piano, piano & organ, rhythm guitar, saxophone, slide guitar, spinet, talking drum, trumpet, twelve string guitar, violin, violin & mandolin, vocal, vocals, ... ;


Belgium, , , , 32;

SONY time zone (GMT+2:00) Brussels  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

21st century & beyond ( 1. Bay of Bengal, 2. East China Sea, 3. Gulf of Thailand, 4. Indian ocean, 5. Pacific ocean, 6. Philippine Sea, 7. Sea of Japan, 8. South China Sea), using Artificial Intelligence, Idea Processor (Manmade Global Weather) to do good weather conditions ... ;

good weather condition, e.g. avoiding category >1+ storm;
good weather condition, e.g. avoiding drought;
good weather condition, e.g. avoiding earthquake;
good weather condition, e.g. avoiding tsunami;
good weather condition, e.g. avoiding volcanic eruption;
good weather conditions ... ;

language code (1130) Bhutani language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

B I C BIC          
      BIC ;        
          number ;    
            Number ;  

(optical magnification X aperture diameter) e.g. ♯♯ (i.e. binocular) also see: zoom; constellations;

( 256 bit ) ;  
( 128 bit ) ;  
  ( 64 bit ) ;  
  ( 32 bit ) ;  
  ( 16 bit ) ;  
    ( 8 bit ) ;  
    ( 4 bit ) ;  
C B R , constant bit rate ; U B
R , un specified bit rate ; position ; sign
;   - map p ed font ; density ;
sync h r on o us bit stream ;  

Also see: multiplier;

BLI, Body Length Index; Gravity Dimension Computer ( BLI auto adjustment) ... , also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement ( idea  ♯ 157) the origin of sound; Space BMI; stretchable with BLI constraint (i.e. natural gravity); IFF battery's cells, also see: Electric Power Plug;

WHY BLI.GIF file was created at 5:23 AM? because 5 moons' day (visible light) time gravity index makes cells to be grown up in 2,3 dimensional, but limited to its BLI gravity index (e.g. we human beings cannot be grown up 3 meter tall, e.g. battery cells cannot be grown up 3 mm long); HOW to collect gravity index? i.e. do it yourself; After BLI automatic adjustment is done, it is a time to immigrate to another human livable planets;

e.g. in slow time (using 1 time_machine e.g. ), defined machine's surface should be analyzed ( analysis) and then understand DEE naturally (e.g. dimensional, directional, ... ) and then develop BLI (Body Length Index) automatic adjustment; on human beings livable moons, BLI growth rates are not the same;

Bolivia, , , , 59;

box; Box; BOX; e.g.

  Fuse Box Logic _EN _Formula; Also see: 5bComputer; Electricity Power Plug; 6fComputer; 1lComputer;

mouth; box; Radical39, also see: Radicals;

box drawing, also see: AI FONT;

Text Box Validation; Radical124;

for each box: card ♯ ; receiver ♯ ;

select a bookmark; select a box mark;

brightness, hibernate, lock, mute, output, power plan, sleep, touch pad, wireless, zoom; Also see: FN;

Burundi, , , , 257;