; ; ; ; Updated in 2024 : April : 29th (Monday) : Disease Disorder Acronym ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 29 : 4 : 2024 : Disease Disorder Acronym : approx. 368+ kinds available to be (chiryoyaku Therapeutic, cured, managed healthcare) ... ;

(DNA, RNA, C micro RNA, NGS, Ultra Deep NGS a.k.a. UDNGS) method, procedure, technique, ... to cure, to manage healthcare (abnormal, abnormality, ail ness, ailment, bad condition, chaos, complication, confusion,  discharge, disease, disorder, dizziness, fatigue (weakness), illness, infection, irregularity, malady, mess, sickness, strangeness, untidiness, viruses, ... ) ... ; Also see: c G T S U; d G T S U; r G T S U; u G T S U; Remark: world (our earth) 's the most advance system (this DOMAIN, WHOM) ... ;

p a t h y means disease; Also see: Disease Disorder Acronym; 7pComputer; p G T S U;

using Display, Method, IoT, NFC, ... ; this DOMAIN 's gene therapy system, do gene therapy : for NOT having (abnormal, abnormality, ail ness, ailment, bad condition, chaos, complication, confusion, discharge, disease, disorder, dizziness, fatigue (weakness), illness, infection, irregularity, malady, mess, sickness, strangeness, untidiness, viruses);

using G D C Gas Exchange (Also see: Physics Law 184) to cure Comorbidity (abnormal, abnormality, ail ness, ailment, bad condition, chaos, complication, confusion,  discharge, disease, disorder, dizziness, fatigue (weakness), illness, infection, irregularity, malady, mess, sickness, strangeness, untidiness, viruses) ... ; 

with defined IT \ Symbol \ Schematic Dimensional \ D R Z C S Background, designed and modeled to fetch (marked, pattern), also see: x y Abnormalities;


abnormal Green Discharge Infection (e.g. green mucus discharge), abnormal Yellow Discharge Infection (e.g. yellow mucus discharge), also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

Abdominal Pain, Body as whole; FP;

Accidental Injury, Body as whole; FP;

acne; D;

Acute Coronary Syndrome;

Addison disease;

ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [Amphetamine];

AIDS, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome [Contagion; Vol.2; No.2; 2005]; FP; ID;

Allergic Reaction, Body as whole; FP;

Allergic Rhinitis;  

2565; June 8, 2021; NHK news; USA FDA has approved medicine to cure Alzheimer (Name: a d u c a n u m a b - a v w a, A d u c a n u m a d, A D U H E L M), jointly invented by ((Bio g en, URL: www.biogen.com), (Eisai, URL: www.eisai.com)), world's 1st medical invention to cure Alzheimer; Remark: in USA, approx. 60,000+ Alzheimer patients (Pt) will be (cured, managed healthcare) ... ; Alzheimer, dementia of Alzheimer [J A M A; Feb. 2, 2005]; FP;

Amino acid metabolism disorder; Genetics disease;

anemia vs. pneumonia; e.g.

anemia, a (condition, state) WHEN (dysfunctional red blood cells, lacks of red blood cells) exist, WHICH lead to abnormal O2, And Then, prompt Dx symptoms e.g. (dizziness, fatigue, faster heartbeat, shortness of breath, skin pallor) ... ;

pneumonia, inflammation of the lung, doko WHERE (pus, solid) are filling at (air sacs, lobes) WHEN the lung is infected by either bacteria or virus; if pneumonia (condition, state) become "septic" And Then, anemia can happen ... ;

in common, WHEN bones receive (Iron, Vitamin B12), And Then, the ( Bone, (bone; frame; Radical224)) bones produce O2 (oxygen) ... ; Syntax vs. Semantic logical should be applied e.g. WHEN pneumonia (condition, state) become "septic" And Then, anemia can happen, on the other hand, anemia (condition, state) doesn't cause pneumonia; rare case of (abnormal Thyroid gland (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), also see: index), abnormal Calcium WHICH leads to abnormal O2), so monitor Dx (anemia, pneumonia) ... ;

Anti p h o s p h o lipid Syndrome;

Anti t r y p s i n deficiency disorder; Liver; Lung; Genetics disease;

Antiviral, Anti Virus, also see: Physics Law 145; Physics Law 144; for preventing and protecting (bio-hazard) ... ;

Anxiety, Nervous System; FP;


A r t h r a l g i a, Musculoskeletal System;  

A S D, Atrial S e p t a l Defect; Also see: 25612018 CME (Q&A) no.141;

Asthenia, Body as whole;

( Asthma, disease of the bowels), also see: a G T S U; b G T S U;

asthma, b r a d y c a r d i a, early septic shock, heart block, hyper c a r b i a, hypo v o l e m i a, hypoxia, late septic shock, lung diseases, pulmonary disorders, pulmonary embolism, pulmonary vascular disease, pulmonary v a s c u l i t i s, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, ... , also see: r G T S U (P V R, S V R P) ... ;

Asthma; Respiratory System; FP;

autoimmune diseases (alopecia a r e a t a, a n k y l o s i n g s p o n d y l i t i s, autoimmune disease, celiac disease, lupus, multiple sclerosis, poly m y a l g i a r h e u m a t i c a, S j ö g r e n 's syndrome, temporal a r t e r i t i s, type 1 diabetes, v a s c u l i t i s); 

Axonal Degeneration Syndrome ( Axon), also see: 9aComputer; a G T S U; Specialties N;

Back Pain, Body as whole; FP;

B i l i r u b i n metabolism disorder; Genetics disease;

Bipolar Disorder; Bipolar I Disorder; FP; P;

Bleeding disorder; FP; HEM;

Blood, blood & lymph, hematology, Specialties Disorders; FP;

Blood & cancer, hematology and oncology, Specialties Disorders; FP;

Blood coagulation factors disorder; Genetics disease;

Bone, Musculoskeletal, skeletal, orthopedics, Specialties Disorders; FP;

(bowel inflammation, colorectal adenomas abnormalities, colorectal cancer, h a m a r t o m a t o u s poly p o s i s); [American Family Physician, January 15, 2018, Vol. 97, No. 2, www.aafp.org/afp ]; Also see: Specialties GE;

B P H inflammation; Also see: p G T S U;

Bursitis, Musculoskeletal System; Bursitis, inflammation of bursa (e.g. Bursitis in the elbow, Bursitis in the knee, Bursitis in the shoulder);

( CAD, Coronary Artery Disease), also see: c G T S U;

cancer; Cancer; e.g. 

Oncological Dx "atypical cells" (are found, are identified) mean Disease Disorder Acronym (e.g. unwanted cancer is spreading), so ASAP markers (e.g. 1 Arc minute UDNGS (color codes) marker,
1 Arc minute NGS (color codes) marker,
1 Arc minute C micro RNA marker,
1 Arc minute RNA marker,
1 Arc minute DNA marker) should be defined, And Then,  "atypical cells" As (focused on, pinpointed, specified, targeted) to be cured till (atypical cells are no longer exist, atypical cells NOT EXIST) i.e. fully Recovery;

Nanobot Programming (from hard ones to soft ones (cancer cells) means another trillion of US Dollar worth of medicines against oncological cells) ;  NanobotSample1, also see: Nanobot . Programming . Mapper; Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, our earth's the largest healthcare provider ... ;

(cancer, cancer cell, cancerous tumor) also see: FP; Specialties ON;

abnormal-spot, also see: Oncological Dx;

well trained kids!! replied: Why using Highlight (Hex={51,51,51}) with Font Color (Hex={E3,E3,E3}), regarding "abnormal-spot" Usage sir?
I wrote: because, (iro LED . ( GPS) . Level), we need to be detailed & specific, and common color definition cannot be functional; Also see: t G T S U;

We've to cure (cardio myopathy and pneumonia) kuru kuru WHILE Tx (COVID-19) because (cardio myopathy and pneumonia) is fatality rate of COVID-19 positive ones;

C D A D, Clostridium D i f f i c i l e Associated Diarrhea [Contagion; Vol.2; No.3];  

Chest Pain, Body as whole; FP;

(C H F, early septic shock, hyperthermia, (hyper v o l e m i a (too much fluid in blood)), late septic shock, MI), ... also see: s G T S U (SI, S V) ... ;

Child, Pediatrics, Specialties Disorders; FP;

C i p r o, a.k.a. Ciprofloxacin can (cure, manage healthcare) acute sinusitis, anthrax infection, bone & joint infection, b r o n c h i e c t a s i s, chronic bacterial p r o s t a t i t i s, infectious diarrhea, local o d o n t o g e n i c infection, lower respiratory tract infection, n o s o c o m i a l pneumonia, pediatric cystic (gallbladder, urinary bladder), pediatric cholera (severe vomiting & diarrhea), plague, urethral & cervical g o n o c o c c a l infection (STD, Sexually Transmitted Disease), UTI (urinary tract infection), ... ; Remark: consult to your MD, e.g. comorbidity, implant, drug-drug interactions, second life biomedical, third life biomedical, ... ;

( CKD, CKD) Chronic Kidney Disease; Also see: c G T S U; k G T S U; Specialties N E P; Specialties N E P analyte;

CA19-9 >37 (U / m L, Units per milliliter) can indicate disease disorders (colon cancer, cystic fibrosis, gallbladder cancer, gallstones, infection of pancreas, liver disease, lung cancer, pancreas cancer), also see: c G T S U; g G T S U; l G T S U; Oncological Dx; p G T S U;

Colitis, Digestive System;

coma, a state without consciousness, caused by (brain tumor, cardiological stroke, head injury, intoxication);

brain tumor, also see: t G T S U;

cardiological stroke, also see: s G T S U;

head injury, also see: h G T S U;

intoxication, also see: i G T S U;

Gene Therapy System : IFF Comorbidity (i.e. at the same time, in a patient (Pt), simultaneously presence of diseases and disorders); Also see: MD; Specialties ID;

( Comorbid, Comorbid, Comorbid, Comorbid, Comorbidity) e.g. Comorbid conditions (chronic pain, painful stimuli, psychiatric, syndromes, taken non-steroid anti-inflammatory), related to Disease Disorder Acronym medical conditions, simultaneously (exist, present) in a patient (Pt); Also see: c Character Extension 1; c G T S U; Dx;

((C H F, Congested Heart Failure) + (high blood pressure) + post (anemia vs. pneumonia)), and taking water pills for NOT ONLY "high blood pressure" BUT ALSO not having water inside the lung, so fully Recovery will be ... ; POTASSIUM CL ER 20 M E Q tablet (e.g. 1 tablet per day with food) would be excellent Tx ... ;

Congenital heart disease; Genetics disease;

Conjunctivitis, Skin & Appendages; OPH;

Connective tissue disorder; Genetics disease;

Constipation, Digestive System; FP;

C O P D, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease [Medical Economics; Vol. 82; No.1; 2005];  

Cough, Respiratory System; FP;


C V D, Cardio Vascular Disease; Also see: c G T S U; d G T S U; v G T S U;

Cystic fibrosis [Harrison's 15th Edition; Principle of Internal Medicine; 2001]; Genetics disease;

Cystitis, U r o genital System; O B G; U r o;

C y t o genetics; Chromosomal disorder; Genetics disease;

(dacrocytosis, fibrosis, thrombosis); Also see: d G T S U; f G T S U; t G T S U;

(dementia, hypertension, kidney disorder, stroke) ... , also see: b G T S U; c G T S U; p G T S U;

antidiabetes; diabetes; Diabetes; pre diabetic; e.g.

(autoimmune disease, Diabetes, hypertension), also see: a G T S U; d G T S U; h G T S U;

Diabetes type 2; FP; Also see: Pedometer;

(pre diabetic, diabetes, ... ) because of (>5.6 % H g b A1C % and > 126 mg/d L Est. Avg. Glucose), also see: h G T S U;

(taking antidiabetes medicine) ... ; Also see: (Dx, Dx, Dx, Dx, Dx) QA drug-drug interaction ... ; ("a Tarzan") 's remark: Using ( Cyber Knife, Cyber Knife, Cyber Knife, Cyber Knife) i.e. medical equipment, to cut the bottom part of stomach and its next GI Track for a few inches (approx. 5-10 cm) will solve diabetes disorder after the surgery and fully recovery within a few hours of medical procedure, so called "Cyber Knife antidiabetes surgery procedure," ... ;

Diabetes mellitus; Genetics disease;

Diabetic, Endocrine Disorders, Specialties Disorders; FP;

Diarrhea, Digestive System; FP;

Digestive System : GI : A n g i o d y s p l a s i a; D i v e r t i c u l a r Bleeding; Hemorrhoids; Inflammatory Bowel Disease; infectious colitis; Ischemic Colitis;

disease's stage; Radical919;

Dizziness, Nervous System; FP;

Dry Mouth, Digestive System; FP;

DSM-IV, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; P;

( D V T, Deep Vein Thrombosis), also see: d G T S U;

Dyslipidemia Lower the cholesterol, healthier the life style;  

Dyspepsia, Digestive System;  

Dyspnea, Respiratory System;  

ear related disorder e.g. for curing "Ringing Ear" disorder ... ; Also see: e Character; e G T S U; mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D;

E c c h y m o s i s, H e m i c & Lymphatic

Electrolytes are (Dx, measured, monitored) if heart failure, high blood pressure, kidney disease, liver disease, ... ;

(emphysema, interstitial lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension), also see: d G T S U;

Encephalopathy (any brain disease), also see: c G T S U; e G T S U; n G T S U;

Endometrial cancer; Malignant neo p l a s m s [Menopausal/C e n e s t i n; The Female Patient; Vol.30; No.1]; O B G; ON;

Epilepsy; Memory Disorders; Movement Disorders; Parkinson's Disease; Sleep Dysfunctions; Stroke; Also see: Specialties N;

E V D, Ebola Virus Disease;

Eye, ophthalmology, Specialties Disorders; FP;

Female, obstetrics and g y n o c o l o g y, Specialties Disorders; FP; OB/G Y N; O B G; Women;


Flatulence, Digestive System;

GAD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder [www .l e x a p r o .com; Forest Pharmaceuticals; 2004]; FP;

Gallbladder disease [Menopausal/C e n e s t i n; The Female Patient; Vol.30; No.1];   

Gastric Ulcer [www .N e x i u m-us .com; A s t r a Zeneca; 2005] GE;

Gastritis, Digestive System;  

Gastroenteritis, Digestive System;  

Gastrointestinal Disorder, Digestive System;

Genetics diseases; FP;

G E R D, Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease [Archives of Surgery; Vol. 140; No. 1; 2005]; FP; (P e p c i d (e.g. F a m o t i d i n e) , P r i l o s e c (e.g. O m e p r a z o l e)) As Medicine to manage G E R D; Also see: Disease Disorder Acronym; g G T S U;

if glaucoma, IOP (intraocular pressure) is 21-70 mm Hg; if hypotony, IOP (intraocular pressure) is 5 mm Hg or lesser (possibly down to 0 mm Hg); Also see: e G T S U; i G T S U;

G l o m e r u l o p a t h i e s [Hereditary]; Genetics disease;

Glycogen storage metabolism; Genetics disease;

gout, also see: c G T S U; j G T S U; s G T S U;

Gout and hyper u r i c e m i a; Genetics disease; FP;

(gum disease), (R C T), ... also see: Dental Implant;

H C T D, Heritable Connective Tissue Disorders (Connected . Tissue . Organ . System) :
e.g. L D S, L o e y s - D i e t z Syndrome;
e.g. E D S, E h l e r s - D a n l o s Syndrome;
e.g. M F S, M a r f a n Syndrome;
(Connected . Tissue . Organ . System) <include> (Blood Vessel, Bone, Eye, Heart, Joint, Lung, Skin) & in common, Dx by Causative Genetic Variant; Also see: Disease Disorder Acronym; h G T S U;
Remark: from parent to offspring, i.e. heritable; other wording would be: est. genetic variations (

(in degree IFF 1 Line of (A, C, G, T, U) e.g. Secant, Tangent),
(in numerological Factor of Lo Shu (A, C, G, T, U) e.g. 6),
(in numerological Factor of Sudoku (A, C, G, T, U) e.g. 3,6,9),
(in size IFF 2 mathematical hyperbolas of (A, C, G, T, U))


Headache, Body as whole; FP;

heart attach, few consecutive days of symptoms, e.g. (check pain, cold & sweaty, flu alike symptoms, abnormal heartburn feeling, abnormal indigestion feeling, more tiresome than usual, nausea, pain in the left arm, pain in the neck, short of breath) ... ;

(heart-attack, heart disorder, abnormal heart), also see: h G T S U; t G T S U; Remark: troponin levels;

Heart, cardiovascular disorders, Specialties Disorders; FP;

Heart Failure;

Remark: regarding (Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol, Nama For Humanoid), we realize & understand ((Without Water vs. With Water; worm alike happen if "With Water"), And Then, (Air, And Then, WHEN 2 "aqua" strings are moving toward a defined location (i.e. Blood Flow, because of (Air, Blood Flow) method (yellow flows))), And Then, ("Heart Failure" symbolizes "orange" and "yellow" themselves prompt abnormal cardiac efficiency, abnormal cardiac output, cardiac hypertrophy, heart muscle failure, and heart wall is thickening; Remark: worm alike "Rounded rectangle" is no longer "Rounded rectangle")); after realize & understand correct and therapeutic ways, for curing WHAT is wrong (e.g. Heart Failure);

H e m o c h r o m a t o s i s; Genetics disease;

Hemoglobin disorder; Genetics disease;

Hernia, Body as whole; FP;

HIV, Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection [Contagion; Vol.2; No.2; 2005]; FP; ID;

H S D D, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder [O B G Management; March 2005]; FP

Hyper c a l c e m i a [Menopausal/C e n e s t i n; The Female Patient; Vol.30; No.1];

higher than normal level of Potassium in the blood (hyper k a l e m i a) can cause heart attack (Also see: Cardiovascular Dx); Reminder ( Comorbidity (Also see: Disease Disorder Acronym) : Kidney disease causes high potassium in the bloodstream) ;

Hyper lipoprotein e m i a s; Genetics disease;

Hyper t a n i a, Nervous System;  

(dementia, hypertension, kidney disorder, stroke) ... , also see: b G T S U; c G T S U; p G T S U;

Hypertension, Cardiovascular System; FP; CD;

Hyper triglyceride m i a disorder Lipoproteins [Hospital Physician; Vol.41; No.3; March 2005];

hypoglycemia (abnormal low in sugar);

h y p o k a l e m i a (abnormal low in Potassium);

h y p o m a g n e s e m i a (abnormal low in Magnesium);

i j o Abnormalities, also see: x y Abnormalities;

Immune deficiency diseases; Genetics disease; FP;

in common (e.g. Disease Disorder Acronym : abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia), CNS related (coma, confusion, dementia), Kidney related (kidney failure, kidney stone), bone related osteoporosis ( mitsudo Density)) because of Hypercalcemia;

infection, (affected, caused, infected) by germs called bacteria, e.g. (abdominal (intra and complicated) infection, anthrax germs infection (via inhalation), bone infection, bone-joint infection, chronic prostate infection, dermatological (skin) infection, diarrhea as ID (Infectious Disease, also see: Specialties ID) infection, fever (e.g. typhoid (enteric) infection, viral (COVID-19 airborne, Flu airborne, RSV airborne) infection, with low WBC count), gonorrhea (cervical, urethral, STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) infection), lower respiratory (lungs) tract infection, n o s o c o m i a l pneumonia infection, plague germs infection (via inhalation), sinus (nose) infection, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)), ... ;

Infection, Body as whole; FP; ID;

Infectious Disease, Disorders, Specialties Disorders; FP;

inflammation; e.g.

reduce inflammation; Also see: vitamin D;

Insomnia, Nervous System;

IRS, Immune Reconstitution Syndrome ART; HIV [Contagion; Vo.2; No.3;];

I S D, Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency [The Journal of Reproductive Medicine; Vol. 50; No. 3];

K e l o i d s; D;

(dementia, hypertension, kidney disorder, stroke) ... , also see: b G T S U; c G T S U; p G T S U;

kidney failure;

Kidney, Nephrology, Specialties Disorders; FP;

L e u k o r r h e a, U r o genital System;

L i p o dystrophies; Genetics disease;

L L P D D, Late L u t e a l Phase D y s p h o r i c Disorder; P;

L T B I, Latent T u b e r c u l o u s Infection [Johns Hopkins J H A S I M; Vol.4; No.10];   Also see: TB, T S T;

(lung diseases, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma); Also see: theophylline Tx ... ;

lymphoma e.g. ( D L B C L, Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma), ( L L, L y m p h o c y t i c Lymphoma), ( M C L, Mantle Cell Lymphoma), ( M Z L, Marginal Zone Lymphoma), also see: Kinase inhibitor; l G T S U;

L y s o s o m a l storage disease; Genetics disease;

malignancies (blood vessels, bone, cartilage, connective tissue, fat, muscles, nerve sheaths) ... , after biopsy result, evidence of malignancy ...  Oncological; Also see: m G T S U; t G T S U;

MAS, M e c o n i u m Aspiration Syndrome [Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey; Vol. 60; No.1];

Melanoma; D;

Membrane transport defect disorder; Genetics disease;

Mental, Psychiatry, Specialties Disorders; FP;

( MI, Myocardial Infarction), also see: m G T S U;

MI, Myocardial Infarction [Physician Forum; Vol. 1; No. 3]; CD;

Migraine Headache;


Multi organ inflammatory disorder, also see: Specialties A P M;

Multiple endocrine neo p l a s i a; Genetics disease;

muscle weakness, e.g. (myasthenia gravis), ... ;

M y a l g i a, Musculoskeletal System;

Nausea, Digestive System; FP;

Neck Pain, Body as whole; FP;

Neoplasm, Body as whole;

Nervous system degenerative disease; Genetics disease;

Nervousness, Nervous System; FP;

Neuralgia, Nervous System;

Neurological disorders, Specialties Disorders; FP;

Neuropathies disorder [Hereditary]; Genetics disease;

N M S, Neuro l e p t i c Malignant Syndrome [R i s p e r i d o n e; Janssen P h a r m a c e u t i c a; J A M A; Vol. 293; No.2; 2005]; P;

Oral disorders; FP;

osteoporosis; Osteoporosis; e.g. 

Dx (Osteoporosis) e.g. (complete blood count, complete metabolic panel, 25-hydroxy vitamin D, parathyroid hormone, phosphate, urine collection for Calcium, urine collection for c r e a t i n i n e excretion (24 hours time period)) ... ; Remark: a "Tarzan" way of thinking e.g. 25-hydroxy means 2,5 pairs of OH, metabolic means something related to "weight" , ... ; Radiology e.g. ( D E X A ( BMD) T-Score < -2.5) i.e. osteoporosis; Also see: F R A X score;

O t i t i s Media, Skin & Appendages;

Overdose, Body as whole; FP;

Pain, Body as whole;   [Tylenol; Acetaminophen; McNeil; Johns Hopkins J H A S I M; Vol.4; No.10]; FP;

pancreas disorder ... , also see: p G T S U;

p a n c r e a t i t i s, inflammation of pancreas, also see: p G T S U, using (Bit depth 24, 578x433, Pancreas, BMP File) to cure ... ; Remark: using (F u t h a n (Also see: f Brand Names) and A v i g a n (Also see: a Brand Names)) together to cure COVID-19;

PAS, P e r i n a t a l Arterial Ischemic Stroke [J A M A; Vol.293; No.6; Feb. 9, 2005];

P a r e s t h e s i a, Nervous System;  

Pelvic pain syndrome; ID; O B G;

Pen Allergic = Penicillin Allergic [Contemporary Surgery; Vol. 61; No.3]; FP;

Peripheral Edema, Metabolic & Nutritional Disorders;

P G L, Para gang l i o m a syndrome [J A M A; Vol. 294; No. 16; 2005]; Head & Neck;

P h a r y n g i t i s, Respiratory System;

p h r e n o p a t h y; e.g.

( EEG, EEG, EEG, EEG) electroencephalography can indicate whether (normal p h r e n o (Mind)) or (abnormal p h r e n o p a t h y (brain disease)); Also see: b G T S U; Disease Disorder Acronym; Dx; Remark: (LASER Beam Toward Head, Remote Heat Sensing At Head, Sound Beam Toward Head, YV (Yellowish Variation) Focal Point As Head) can be very harmful to human beings, therefore, careful & wise to be safe & secure living environments in 21st century & beyond ... ;

Pituitary gland disorder [Hospital Physician; Vol. 41; No.8; 2005];

Pneumonia, Respiratory System; IFF ultrasound (abnormal lung B lines), also see: 26512018 CME (Q&A) no.165;

We've to cure (cardio myopathy and pneumonia) kuru kuru WHILE Tx (COVID-19) because (cardio myopathy and pneumonia) is fatality rate of COVID-19 positive ones;

Also see: DOMAIN \ Gene Therapy System \ Gene Therapy System Usage \ a G T S U # pneumonia ... ; 

P o r p h y r i a s; Genetics disease;

prostate gland related diseases and disorders, ... also see: 6pComputer; p G T S U;

P r u r i t u s, Skin & Appendages

pulmonary embolism, blood clog in the lungs WHICH, (affecting other organs, decreasing O2 level in the blood, large blockage can be fatal); Remark: shortness of breath as symptom; Also see: Anti Virus; COVID-19 . Comorbidity . pulmonary embolism; e G T S U; p G T S U;

pulmonary embolism (shortness of breath); Respiratory System;

Pus     no Pus     no Pus;

Rash, Skin & Appendages; FP;

skin rash, a note to think about, also see: Physics Law 89, hada Skin ... ;

Rectal Disorder, Digestive System;

Red cell disorder; Genetics disease;

Renal tubules disorder; Genetics disease;

rheumatoid arthritis (RA);

Rhinitis, Respiratory System;

RSV, Respiratory (S y n c y t i a l, Syncytium) Virus; Respiratory System; Also see: Physics Law 234, (core, edge) ... ;

sarcoma, musculoskeletal system (Oncological, Orthopedic);

e.g. soft tissue sarcoma in (elderly, older) adults;
e.g. o s t e o sarcoma, a.k.a. Ewing's sarcoma;
e.g. l e i o m y o sarcoma (muscle, soft tissue);
e.g. c h o n d r o sarcoma (cartilage);

S C A D, Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection, a heart attack WHEN layers tear suddenly (S C A D can block blood flow to the heart, S C A D can slow down blood flow); Also see: Disease Disorder Acronym; h G T S U; x y Abnormalities;

seizures, also see: specialties N;

Sexual differentiation disorder; Genetics disease; FP;

Sinusitis, Respiratory System; FP;

((SI, Stroke Index), (S V, Stroke Volume)), also see: Gene Therapy System index;

S j ö g r e n syndrome; N E P;

SIRS, Systemic inflammatory response syndrome [Med S u r g Notes; F . A . Davis Company; 2004];

Skin Carcinoma, Skin & Appendages;  

Skin, Dermatology, Specialties Disorders; FP;

S L E, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus [Hospital Physician; Vol.41; No.4]; [THE AMERICAN JOURNAL of MEDICINE; Volume 133; Number 7; July 2020]; abnormal R B C size;  

sore throat, e.g. (p h a r y n g i t i s i.e. viral infection), (streptococcal i.e. bacterial infection);

specific antiviral (COVID-19) treatment (Tx) ;

t Computer;

specific antiviral (W N V, West Nile Virus) treatment (Tx) ;


STD, Sexually Transmitted Disease; FP; ID;

(dementia, hypertension, kidney disorder, stroke) ... , also see: b G T S U; c G T S U; p G T S U;

Stomach, Digestive system disorders, Specialties Disorders; FP;

( S V T, S V T, S V T) Supra Ventricular Tachycardia, certainly abnormal fast heartbeat; certainly abnormal heart rhythm (heart arrhythmias), above the ventricles (supra ventricular), in the AV node or atria; Also see: s G T S U; t G T S U; v G T S U;

Syncope, Cardiovascular System; CD;

Tendon Disorder, Musculoskeletal System;

T h r o m b o t i c disorders; Genetics disease;

Thyroid; e.g.

Also see: t G T S U (Neck, Thyroid gland ("heart shape alike" surrounding at neck area), may be because of "jaw" formation, "heart shape alike" happen naturally) for curing (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, "thyroid"), (MG, Multi nodular Goiter Thyroid, GS), (T e p e z z a Thyroid Eye disease), "thyroid", (Thyroid Eye disease), ... ;

Tooth Disorder, Digestive System; FP;

Traumatic Bone Fracture, Musculoskeletal System; Skeletal;

tumor, also see: 6tComputer;
tumors, also see: 7tComputer;
wart, also see: 8wComputer;

Tumors; Also see: high precision robotic radio-surgery; FP;

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), U r o genital System; FP; O B G; U r o; (e.g. using Nitro f u r a n t o i n antibacterial) ... ;

Vasodilatation, Cardiovascular Systems; CD;

Vertigo, Nervous System;  

humanoid Jiwaka : Antivirus (virus : unwanted Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19) ;

Vomiting, Digestive System; FP;

V S D; e.g.

V S D, Ventricular Septal Defect, a birth defect of the heart (a hole in the wall of 2 lower chambers (ventricular)); Also see: Disease Disorder Acronym; s G T S U; x y Abnormalities;

( V T E, Venous T h r o m b o embolism), also see: v G T S U;

V V S, V u l v a r V e s t i b u l i t i s Syndrome [J R M, The Journal of Reproductive Medicine; Vol.50; No.1; 2005];

Wilson's disease; Genetics disease;

W P W syndrome;

Gene Therapy System;