; ; ; ; Updated in 2023 : October : 11th (Wednesday) : C D G W T, using C Sequence Number, using DEE, using Gravity Dimension Computer, using Walls, TEST (e.g. Blood Test, WHOM) ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 11 : 10 : 2023 : C D G W T, using C Sequence Number, using DEE, using Gravity Dimension Computer, using Walls, TEST (e.g. Blood Test, WHOM);

in Kanji: blood; Radical175;

c d g w t : Electrolyte s    
          e.g. ( Bi    
carbon ate , Chloride , Potassium ,      
  Sodium ) . . . ;      
  Electrolyte ,            
  Electrolyte ,            
  Electrolyte ,            
  Electrolyte ,            
  e.g. Electrolyte in the Blood      
  e.g. Electrolyte in the Blood      
  e.g. Electrolyte in the ph chi    
Phlebotomy ;                

( Glomerulus, Glomerulus, Glomerulus, Glomerulus, i t o k y u t a i Glomerulus), doko WHERE (nerve endings, small blood vessels, spores) As Cluster, e.g. capillaries (kidney tubule) filtering blood, producing waste, ... ; Also see: g G T S U;

I wrote: before doing (gene therapy system programming, nanobot programming (DNA _Origami)), I need to QA (Quality Assurance) very basic ( blood vessel, blood vessel, vein, Vein) "blood" related knowledge based, so quiz would be: HOW to indicate among (Platelets count), ( red blood cells count), ( WBC COUNT (White Blood Cell)) ?

well trained kids!! replied:

(Platelets count) indicates ("plumbing usage clogging" , "pathological usage clotting") ... ;
( red blood cells count) indicates " O2 Transportation" ... ;
WBC COUNT (White Blood Cell)) indicates "immune, immune d ones, immunity" (sophisticated wording would be: "immunological") ... ;

I wrote: mochiron of course; well trained kids!! are very very smart ones already, very very good; Also see: C D G W T; Physics Law 113, any moving location of point;

4D, a.k.a. 4 Dimensional; Also see: structural Amino Acids;

Remark: kuru kuru WHILE testing Bio Cell, bio cells, biogenetic cell, biomedical cells, ... , WHICH is similar e.g. difficult to define variable DEE patterns, regarding human beings livable moons in our universes ... ; this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System is using DEE _Mouth, similar to naturally eating, ... , doko WHERE (Bio Cell, bio cells, biogenetic cell, biological cell, biomedical cell, ... ) need to eat good foods, nutrients, ... ;

8 common blood types are ((O+, O-), (B+, B-), (A+, A-), (AB+, AB-));

8 common blood types are ((O+, O-), (B+, B-), (A+, A-), (AB+, AB-));

8 common blood types are ((O+, O-), (B+, B-), (A+, A-), (AB+, AB-));

02/28/2020; this DOMAIN developer's Blood Test e.g.

(A l a n i n e Amino transfer a s e (ALT)) indicates I F F digest food (damage, disease, drug, injury) to liver;

Alkaline p h o s p h a t a s e (ALP) enzyme (bone, digestive system, kidney, liver);

blood glucose (A1C), Hemoglobin A1C (red blood cell carries oxygen to cells);

CBC, Complete Blood Count (P L T s (platelets), R B C (Red Blood Cells), WBC (White Blood Cells));

Celiac disease (human leukocyte antigens), antibody proteins indicates immune reaction (gluten);

CHEM-7, multi channel analysis (computer-7, Metabolic panel 7, SMA7);

Creatinine in the blood, also see: k G T S U;

F O B T (Fecal Occult Blood Test), check stool (hidden (occult) blood);

iro LED (orange, yellow) B i l i r u b i n substance by normal breakdown of red blood cells;

Lipase (blood protein level), WHEN pancreas (inflamed, injured), release more lipase than normal;

lipid non-fasting, (fat, lipid, triglycerides) indicates blood's cholesterol;


present of green algae ( tissue) to obtain energy; Also see: t G T S U;

TSH, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (pituitary gland), (( T S H, T S H, T S H), (high, low)) level indicates metabolism of body tissue; standard TSH level (Remark: 4 diff levels, because (abnormal TSH, standard range within and maintaining normal, therapeutic in the neck, Tx is on)), also see: index;

U A (urinalysis), detect disorders (diabetes, kidney disease, urinary tract infections);

(read; Radical350 e.g. read RDBMS Report ( C D G W T)), for each person (e.g. WHOM), And Then, analysis report, And Then, assist, help, and provide solution to MD (Medical Doctor) ... ;

Color     Color     Color;

S P L     S P L     S P L;

 cure all kinds of F U O, unwanted virus, viral, ... ;

a . (* * a s e) Suffix, suffixes indicate Enzymes ... ;

A ;

A1A, Alpha-1 Anti t r y p s i n;
A1C, Hemoglobin A1C;
AB, Antibody;
A B G, Arterial Blood Gas;
A B R H, A B O group, R H Type;
A B T, Anti Body Titer;
A C A, Anti-Cardio l i p i n Antibodies;
ACE, A n g i o t e n s i n Converting Enzyme;
ACID P H O S, Acid P h o s p h a t a s e;
A C P, Acid P h o s p h a t a s e;
ACT, Activated Clotting Time;
ACTH, A d r e n o c o r t i c o t r o p i c Hormone;
ADA, Adenosine D e a m i n a s e;
AFB, Acid-Fast Bacillus;
AG, Antigen;
ALA, Amino l e v u l i n i c Acid;
Alb, Albumin;
A l k P h o s, Alkaline P h o s p h a t a s e;
ALP, Alkaline P h o s p h a t a s e;

Anti Body: ANA, Anti Nuclear Antibody;
Anti Body: Anti-H B c, Hepatitis B Core Antibody;
Anti Body: Anti-H B e, Hepatitis Be Antibody;
Anti Body: Anti-H B s, Hepatitis B Surface Antibody
Anti Body: Anti-H C V, Hepatitis C Antibody;
Anti Body: A S N, Anti Body Screen;
Anti Body: "defined name" Antibody;
Anti Body: "defined people" Antibody;
Anti Body: H B e A b, Hepatitis Be Virus Antibody;
Anti Body: H B s A b, Hepatitis B Surface Antibody;
Anti Body: Scl-70, Scleroderma Antibody (nuclear and n u c l e o l a r enzyme);
Anti Body: S S A, S Syndrome A Antibody;
Anti Body: S S B, S Syndrome B Antibody;
Anti Body: T R E P, T r e p o n e m a l Antibodies;
Anti Body: T r e p Ab, Treponemal Antibodies;
Anti Body: unwanted "Virus-Name" Anti Body;
Anti Body: unwanted "Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19" Anti Body;

Antigen: C E A, C a r c i n o Embryonic Antigen;
Antigen: C M V Ag, C M V Anti g e n e m i a;
Antigen: H B e A g, Hepatitis Be Virus Antigen;
Antigen: H B s A g, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen;
Antigen: PSA, Prostate Specific Antigen;
Antigen: V C A, Viral C a p s i d Antigen;

Anti Virus (Virus) ;
Anti Virus: Virus: C M V, C y t o M e g a l o Virus;
Anti Virus: Virus: HIV, Human Immunodeficiency Virus;
Anti Virus: Virus: H P V, Human P a p i l l o m a Virus;
Anti Virus: Virus: H S V, Herpes Simplex Virus;
Anti Virus: Virus: RSV, Respiratory S y n c y t i a l Virus;
Anti Virus: Virus: unwanted "Virus-Name" ;
Anti Virus: Virus: unwanted "Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19" ;

APT, stool for fetal hemoglobin;
A P T T, Activated Partial Thrombin Time;
A S O, Anti S t r e p t o l y s i n -O;
ASP, ASPIRIN resistance;
A T III, Anti Thrombin-III activity;

B ;

B12, vitamin B12;
B N P, Brain N a t r i u r e t i c Peptide;
BUN, Blood Urea Nitrogen;

c . (* * a s e) Suffix, suffixes indicate Enzymes ... ;

C ;

C1, Complement C1, functional;
C2, Complement C2;
C3, Complement C3;
C4, Complement C4;
C5, Complement C5;

C1Q, C1Q binding assay;
Ca, Calcium;
CBC, Complete Blood Count;
CBC D, Complete Blood Count with Differential;
CH50, Complement Immunoassay, Total;
CK, C r e a t i n e K i n a s e;

Hemoglobin; Chlorophyll;

C l, Chloride;
CO, Carbon Monoxide;
CO2, Carbon Dioxide;
CO H B, Car boxy hemoglobin;
CON AB O, Confirmatory Type;
C P K, C r e a t i n e P h o s p h o k i n a s e (C r e a t i n e K i n a s e);
Cr, Creatinine;
CRC L, C r C l, Creatinine Clearance;
C R D, Cord Type and DAT;
C R E A T, Creatinine;
Cu, Copper;

D ;

D B i l, Direct B i l i r u b in;
DAT, Direct Anti Globulin (Coombs) Test;
D C A S, DAT and AB Screen;
D H E A, De hydro e p i an d r o s t e r o n e;
D H E A S, De hydro e p i an d r o s t e r o n e-Sulfate;
D I F M, Differential;
Dig, D i g o x i n;


E ;

EOS, E o s i n o p h i l s;
E P O, Erythropoietin;
ERA, Estrogen Receptor Assay;
E S R, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate;
E T O H, Ethanol;

F ;

F B S, Fasting Blood Sugar (Glucose);
Fe, Total Iron (Ferrous);
F E P, Free Erythrocyte Proto p o r p h y r i n;
F F N, Fetal F i b r o n e c t i n;
F F Q, Fecal (feces a.k.a. poop) Fat;
F o l, F o l a t e;
F S H L H, F S H by L H (L u t e i n i z i n g Hormone) Evaluation;
FT3, Free T3;
FT4, Free Thyroxine;

g . (* * a s e) Suffix, suffixes indicate Enzymes ... ;

G ;

Gamma G T, Gamma G l u t a m y l T r a n s f e r a s e;
GDS, Gestational Diabetes Screen;
G G T, Gamma G l u t a m y l T r a n s f e r a s e;
G H, Growth Hormone;

Glucose: G2PP, 2 Hour Postprandial Glucose;
Glucose: G-6-PD, Glucose-6-Phosphate De hydro g e n a s e;
Glucose: G C T, Glucose Challenge Test;
Glucose: G l u, Glucose;

H ;

Hemoglobin; Chlorophyll;

H&H, Hemoglobin & H e m a t o c r i t;
H a p t o, H a p t o g l o b i n;
HbA1C, Hemoglobin A1C;
h C G, Human C h o r i o n i c G o n a d o t r o p i n (hormone for maternal recognition); pregnancy test;
h C G (urine), Urine Pregnancy Test; pregnancy test;
H C T, H e m a t o c r i t;
H G B, Hemoglobin;
HgbA1C, Hemoglobin A1C;
H G H, Human Growth Hormone;
H I A A, 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid;

I ;

i C a, Ionized Calcium;
I F E, I m m u n o fixation Electrophoresis;
I G F, Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I;
I N R, Pro thrombin Time;

immunoglobulin: IgA, Immunoglobulin A;
immunoglobulin: I g E, Immunoglobulin E;
immunoglobulin: IgG, Immunoglobulin G;
immunoglobulin: IgM, Immunoglobulin M;
immunoglobulin: Q I G, Quantitative I m m u n o globulins;

Also see: Nanobot iPS Cells;

K ;

K, Potassium;

l . (* * a s e) Suffix, suffixes indicate Enzymes ... ;

L ;

L a c t (o), L a c t o f e r r i n;
LD, Lactate De hydro g e n a s e;
L D H, Lactate De hydro g e n a s e;
L F T, Liver Function Tests;
L H, L u t e i n i z i n g Hormone;
Li+, Lithium;

M ;

Met H b, Met H g b, M e t h e m o g l o b i n;
Mg, M a g, Magnesium;
MIC, Minimum Inhibitory Concentration;
M M A, M e t h y l m a l o n i c Acid;
M n, Manganese;
Mono, Mononucleosis;

N ;

NA, Sodium;
N E O T Y, Neonate Type and DAT;
N E O XM, Neonate Type and XM;
NH3, Ammonia;
N T R, (Newborn Type, R h);

( o, O) ;

( OXYGEN, OXYGEN) 98% should be in blood; Also see: Nanobot . Programming . Mapper . HTML ;

p . (* * a s e) Suffix, suffixes indicate Enzymes ... ;


(( bio, bio, bio, bio), ( panel, Panel, Panel, Panel, panel)) ... ;

Panel: B M P, Basic Metabolic Panel;
Panel: C M B, C K M B Panel;
Panel: C M P, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel;
Panel: H F P, Hepatic Function Panel;
Panel: R F P, Renal Function Panel;

Solar Panel, also see: Physics Law 58;

PAP: Pap Smear;
PAP: Pap Smear & H P V DNA Test;
PAP: P r o s t a t i c Acid P h o s p h a t a s e;

P b, Lead;
P B G, P o r p h o b i l i n o g e n;
PCP, Phencyclidine;
P H O S, Phosphorus;
P K U, P h e n y l k e t o n u r i a;
P L T, P L T Ct, Platelet Count;
PO4, Phosphorus;

P P I X, P r o t o p o r p h y r i n IX;

P R L, P r o l a c t i n;

blood related proteins e.g. (

Protein: A F P, Alpha F e t o Protein;
Protein: C R P, C-Reactive Protein;
Protein: H D L, High Density Lipoprotein;
Protein: P E P, Protein Electrophoresis;
Protein: S P E P, Serum Protein Electrophoresis;
Protein: T P, Total Protein;
Protein: U P E, U P E P, Urine Protein Electrophoresis;
Protein: V L D L, Very Low Density Lipoprotein;

), also see: Protein;

PT, Pro thrombin Time;
P T H, Parathyroid Hormone;
PTT, Partial T h r o m b o p l a s t i n Time;

Q ;

(, , ) QR Code, also see: q G T S U;


R ;

R B C, Red Blood Cell;
RET, R e t i c u l o c y t e Count;
R F, Rheumatoid Factor;
R h I G (E v a l), R h I G Evaluation;
R P R, Rapid Plasma R e a g i n;


S ;

S H B G, Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin;
S I F E, Serum I m m u n o fixation Electrophoresis;
S i r o, S i r o l i m u s;
S S D N A, Single Stranded DNA;

T ;

T B i l, Total B i l i r u b i n;
T3, Tri i o d o t h y r o n i n e;
T4, Thyroxine;
T a c r o, T a c r o l i m u s;
T B G, Thyroxine Binding Globulin;
T G L, Triglycerides;
Theo, T h e o p h y l l i n e;
T I B C, Total Iron Binding Capacity;
TRH, T h y r o t r o p i n Releasing Hormone;
Trig, Triglycerides;
T R X N, Transfusion Reaction Evaluation;
TSH, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone;
T S I, Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin;
T T, Thrombin Time;
T Y S C, Type and Screen;

troponin normal levels (from 0.00 to 0.04 nano grams per milliliter) in the blood; Also see: index;

lower troponin level (e.g. troponin < 5 nano grams per milliliter) in the blood i.e. OK to safe discharge as Out-Patient with heart disorder from a hospital;

higher troponin level (e.g. troponin > 5 nano grams per milliliter) in the blood must be ongoing monitoring (ICU) as In-Patient with heart disorder in a hospital;

Remark: coconut water and muscle milk daily diet, because Protein (troponin) to cure (heart-attack, heart disorder, abnormal heart), also see: Disease Disorder Acronym;

U ;

U I F E, Urine I m m u n o fixation Electrophoresis;

Usage : (C h e m Spider ID (C h e m Spider Number, URL: www.chemspider.com ), CID, Classification, Density, Formula, Japanese Biochemical Society (J B S Number, URL: www.jbsoc.or.jp), Molar Mass, Molecular Biology Society of Japan (M B S J Number, URL: www.mbsj.jp), NIPPON PMD ID, Public Chemical ID, Pub C h e m ID) ... ;


V ;

V D R L, Venereal Disease Reference Lab;

Vitamin : Vitamin A, Vitamin A (Retinol);
Vitamin : Vitamin B1 Vitamin B1 (Thiamine);
Vitamin : Vitamin B12, Vitamin B12;
Vitamin : Vitamin B2, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin);
Vitamin : Vitamin B6, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine);
Vitamin : Vitamin C, Vitamin C;
Vitamin : Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D;

V M A, V a n i l l y l m a n d e l i c Acid;
V Z G, V a r i c e l l a zoster IgG;


W ;

( water, Water, water, Water) % e.g. approx. ( 65) percentage Water in (kaya a.k.a. body), And Then, approx. ( 75) percentage Water in muscles, And Then, approx. ( 80)  percentage Water in blood; Also see: index;

WBC, White Blood Cell Count;

X ;

X a, L M W Heparin;
XM, (Cross match, Type);
X Y, X's cell and Y's cell matched ones;


Z ;

6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;
layers in Z-index;

Zn, Zinc;
Z P P, Zinc Proto p o r p h y r i n;


in Kanji: blood; Radical175;