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Brief Introduction: I've learnt from NHK News online in the Internet THAT DNA is like materials (e.g. bio samples), if compare to Gene is like Information Technology (e.g. IT . index . ((A, T), (C, G)) sequences), and accordance with oriental thought (Time . Space . Action), within the defined incubation time period (i.e. Time), defined DNA prompts pattern, marked DNA prompts pattern, targeted DNA prompts pattern (i.e. Space), and knowledge based Action e.g. WHICH pattern should be (acted, appeared, changed, diluted, disappeared, inserted, mixed, reacted, transformed, unchanged, ... ) depending up on (expert, scientist) 's concept, idea, knowledge, ... so called DNA Origami (defined DNA pattern, marked DNA pattern, targeted DNA pattern) ... ;

I wrote: ( te) 1st life, ( za) 2nd life, ( tsu) 3rd life, ( ne) 4th life, ( ma) 5th life, ( bu) 6th life, ( san) 7th life, ( na) 8th life, ( vi (pronounce "we" in Pali)) 9th life, ( wai (pronounce "way" in Pali)) 10th life, ... a.k.a. samsara (life-after-life) in Buddhism; Also see: Numbers _in _Dhamma; Stock;

well trained kids! replied: WHY do we need to learn (te, za, tsu, ne, ma, bu, san, na, vi, wai) sir?

I wrote: gazo Picture     gazo Picture     gazo Picture: life expectancy of the Biological Cell (s) are similar to samsara (life-after-life) i.e. WHY ... ; Also see: Eccentric _circles; Graphics;

( Gene Therapy System, Gene Therapy System, Gene Therapy System) ... ;


be healthy; be healthy ones; stay healthy; stay healthy ones;

Artificial Intelligence chiryoyaku Therapeutic Antiviral Schematic . Energy & Geometry;

well trained kids! replied: should we create (Bio-sensors, cancer screening Method, ((guiding, marking, targeting) materials), nanobots, ... ) sir?

Also see: P vector direction;

I wrote: I've gifts i.e. many DNA Origami patterns (image, photo, picture) in this DOMAIN; among them, select many patterns related to your DNA Origami projects; don't forget THAT attahi attano nahto ... in Pali means "you're on your own ... " therefore, create your own DNA Origami patterns, And Then, you'll be having your own copyrights, your own formulas, your own patents, ... , and be very very smart biologists, genetic engineers, microbiologists, specialists, ... ; if you can apply diff momentum for diff human beings livable moons, you'll be very very very smart (ACT3 Level) experts for sure, And Then, you'll be able do BLI (Body Length Index) automatic adjustment, prolonging life expectancy, and so on ... ;

well trained kids! replied: regarding nanobots, if we create the (defined DNA pattern, marked DNA pattern, targeted DNA pattern), And Then, trained (characteristic, culture, behavior) of the pattern should be (called, known, named) as Nanobot sir;

I wrote: I prefer Green Tea with 2 nanobots embedded ones, so we'll be healthy ones (disease-free persons) immunologically (e.g. never get sick) ... ; on the other hand, we can cure all kinds of (abnormal, disease, disorder) also; Reminder: don't forget THAT each (image, photo, picture) in the DOMAIN has its own meaning ... ; Also see: Protein;

well trained kids! replied: Yes. ware ware We'll defeat COVID-19, ... ;

I wrote: I've a quiz i.e. can you (draw, present) 1 picture ( induction logic, also see: philosophy), regarding DNA _Origami ? Hint: 10 well trained kids! mean I'll be getting 10 pictures, and I'll (draw, present) a gift i.e. my present to you also; OK. homework is due by Thanksgiving Day, 2021; think, think, how to (draw, present) 1 picture, umm!! umm!! with induction logic also, umm!! umm!! Hint: 5 colors (Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Silver) should be with ... ;

iroColourWaveForm ... ;

well trained kids! replied: Oh! No. we'll (draw, present) only 1 picture for you (we've to do Code-3 in person meetings to solve your homework assignment), because very very difficult to do;

Umm!! Umm!! if we copy AntiPM10.4COVID-19, it would be for (Anti Virus . COVID-19),

Umm!! Umm!! if we copy Auto Grow, it would be for Physics Law 131,

Umm!! Umm!! if we copy , it would be for (Blood Flow, flowing of the defined blood),

Umm!! Umm!! if we copy Chiral image, it would be for developing "Oral Route" Anti Virus (capsule, pill, tablet),

Umm!! Umm!! if we copy FISH image, it would be for (mark, marked, marking),

Umm!! Umm!! if we copy , it would be for "natural cell path" C Sequence Number,

Umm!! Umm!! if we copy Lipid, it would be defining temperature in Excimer State,

Umm!! Umm!! if we copy ( Origin of Human Beings, Origin Of Human Beings) it would be for Gene Def (Male Female) in the midst,

Umm!! Umm!! if we copy Protein image, it would be for protein,

Umm!! Umm!! if we copy ( ZCS Chiral Off, ZCS Chiral On), it would be helpful to Energy & Geometry,

Umm!! Umm!! we still have time period till Thanksgiving Day, 2021, HOW will be 1 picture to (draw, present) with induction logic (DNA Origami) ... ? very very difficult homework, Umm!! Umm!!

but we need Blue, and Red;

but we need Blue, Gray, Green, and Red;

but we need Blue, Gray, Green, and Silver;

but we need Blue, Gray, Silver, and Red;

but we need Blue, Green, Silver, and Red;

but we need Gray, Green, Silver, and Red;

Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

Umm!! Umm!! we still have time period till Thanksgiving Day, 2021 ... ;

5 base pairs of RNA are with (U, Uracil), in addition to 4 base pairs of DNA;
4 base pairs of DNA are (((AT, CG), (AT, GC)), ((TA, CG), (TA, GC)), ((CG, AT), (CG, TA)), ((GC, AT), (GC, TA)));
A, Adenosine; one of the 4 nucleotides; if specific pairs, A with T;
T, Thymine; one of the 4 nucleotides; if specific pairs, T with A;
C, Cytosine; one of the 4 nucleotides; if specific pairs, C with G;
G, Guanine; one of the 4 nucleotides; if specific pairs, G with C;

DNA, Deoxyribonucleic Acid; DNA, a chemical name for the molecule, carrying "double helix" instructions of living things; 
RNA, Ribonucleic Acid; RNA, a messenger, carrying instructions from the DNA;

living tissue uracil (U) in DNA (within the defined incubation time period i.e. Time) its place (i.e. Space) is taken by (i.e. Action) Thymine (T); representing with (A, (G, C), U) or (A, (C, G), U); in common, Adenosine a.k.a. Adenine (A) && replacing Thymine (T) during DNA transcription; so RNA can be realized and understood by either 4 base pairs or 5 base pairs, depending upon nations' companies, groups, universities, ... ;

GPS , cm scale please      
C5H6N2O2 a.k.a. Thymine ( T) Formula : C5H6N2O2 |  
C5H5N5 a.k.a. Adenine ( A) Formula : C5H5N5 |  
C4H4N2O2 a.k.a. Uracil ( U) Formula : C4H4N2O2 |  
C4H5N3O a.k.a. Cytosine ( C) Formula : C4H5N3O |  
C5H5N5O a.k.a. Guanine ( G) Formula : C5H5N5O |  

Remark: 1 cm (Centimeter) is equal to 0.393701 in (Inches) ... ;
Remark: 1 cm (Centimeter) is equal to 10 mm (Millimeters) ... ;

well trained kids! replied: may we know WHAT are the diff between Nanobot and DNA Origami sir?

I wrote: I'm going write a poem now e.g.

2T and Henry, how that U to be,
marking the DNA _Origami, transforming to be mRNA in laboratories,
p Vector in structural, surfaced inductances interrupt Protein dimensional,
1 way DEE As Comes-and-Goes, its environmental should be closed,
WHILE naturally Nanobots As membranes in ACTION, we're able to be defining the (Closed, Opened) architectures,
using 30 polygons for defining variants, we can do Anti Virus medicines drip/dropping, so called Teleportation ... ;


I wrote: the diff between Nanobot and DNA Origami are:

- DNA itself is (biological, biomedical) material, sample, ... ; Also see: MD;
- DNA Origami is based on its (defined DNA's) gene patterns, i.e. information, also see: index;
- Nanobots are DNA Origami based, And Then, they're (guided, programmed, trained) ones;
- Nanobots have more Artificial Intelligence than DNA Origami;

Remark: without having (concept, idea, knowledge) of DNA Origami, there is no way to create Nanobot, therefore DNA Origami must be realized & understood 1st; Are you working on my homework? (creating 1 picture with induction logic of DNA Origami);

well trained kids! replied: Umm!! Umm!! we still have time period till Thanksgiving Day, 2021 ... ; Remark: we've to think seriously HOW ... , on the other hand, we don't want to be "duper" sir; we like to be Nanobot Programmer sir, can you teach us HOW to be;

well trained kids! replied: inside of (Anti Virus . COVID-19), you mentioned THAT this DOMAIN 's Protein Wrapper sir, and our question to you is: can Nanobot be Inhibitor alike blocking (defined ones, specific ones, targeted ones) ?

I wrote: advanced oncological medicines nowadays (21st century & beyond) are already done so, (e.g. defined gene pattern, e.g. specific gene pattern, e.g. targeted gene pattern), if "blocking," we should call it Inhibitor, on the other hand, if defeating the unwanted ones, we should call it nanobots; since we've used (Judo Method, Karate Method, Sumo Method), you should realize & understand (Inhibitor, Nanobot, Protein Wrapper) ... ; Don't forget that I prefer Green Tea with 2 nanobots embedded ones ... ; before I train you well trained kids! to be Nanobot Programmer, you must have Shakya King's permit, because our earth is NOT simple like WHAT I think ... ; Remark: one good example would be: many advanced nations have many products NOT to export ... ;

well trained kids! replied: we're already Nanobot Programmer sir, may we know another advanced name you would ever create for us?

embedded; Radical693;

I wrote: Teleportation Programmer, doko WHERE you can work from your HOME, and you can provide drip/drop medicines via Teleportation embedded machines, so that you don't need to be in your (lab, office, work place) 9-to-5 weekdays, with unregulated working hours ... ; Remark: Remote Nama Programmer is limited to (Buddhist monk, Mahayana monk, Zen monk) only because keywords are in Pali (holy language in Buddhism) transcription words in English (EN) ... ; Remote Nama Programmer is the highest knowledge based but NOT for commercial persons, common persons, ... ; Remember: our earth is not simple like WHAT I think ... ;

well trained kids! replied: we've read your Stock, and already realized & understood THAT we've to do several LLC ourselves sir; Remark: we've already learnt THAT we must realize and understand thoroughly e.g. "Invisibility Engineering" 1st, to do Remote Nama programming, beyond SPL patterns (IoT, NFC), ... ;

I wrote: mochiron of course; OK. let's get back to DNA _Origami: WHERE is my homework?

fusogenic, Bio-cells (fusion) ... ; fusogenicity, the defined condition (fusion, beings) of the defined cells;

syncytia (Plural Usage), syncytium (Singular Usage); syncytia, structural (forming, joining) of 2 or more cells;

henkan Transformation, (change, changed, changing, changes) appearance, (e.g. ( T, U) factors) i.e. from DNA to RNA ... ; Also see: I CHING;

well trained kids! replied: ware ware We're Nanobot programmers sir; since you've mentioned THAT (sound beam, SPL), should we have another factor regarding structural (binding, forming, joining) of cells in our own lab sir?

I wrote: Yes. you need Nano-scaled microphone to listen, regarding kuru kuru WHILE (binding, forming, joining) of cells in your own lab; since this DOMAIN has defined ( from -340 dB, to +340 dB), and in (-1 dB, Minus One dB) diff between East Coast and West Coast of USA (approx. ±15 dB) for offices, approx. 7-8 dB for residential, i.e. Telecommunication (Cable) ... , and I personally believe THAT (binding, forming, joining) of cells prompt (Number dB) audio, noise, sound, ... ; Yes. to be Nanobot programmer, you should have Nano-scaled microphone to listen ... ; by the way, I created Inductance for you to understand better, for your defined (closed space environment, open space environment) ... ; because, 1990s modeled "zombie" design specification is somehow related to remote (in SQRT2 design, a.k.a. 100 of (±98)) and knowledge must be beyond medical radiological; Remark: if you don't have "zombie" machine's design specification in 2020s, think that you're approx. 31+ years behind this DOMAIN developer's knowledge ... ;

this DOMAIN . Nanobot . DNA Origami ... ;
this DOMAIN . Nanobot . DNA Origami ... ;

well trained kids! replied: Oh!! No. ("zombie") No. we know you're like "duper" sir; Remark: NOT "super" sir; Umm!! Umm!! we'll copy your Inductance (idea, info, knowledge) also, Umm!! Umm!! ;

I wrote: don't forget my homework assignment i.e. 1 picture must be presented HOW DNA _Origami should be; Remark: we still have time i.e. due by 2021 Thanksgiving Day!! regarding 1 picture of HOW DNA _Origami ... ; without understanding Inductance, HOW could you be Nanobot Programmer? that's the reason, I wrote "Inductance" ... ;

well trained kids! replied: Aw!! I see; by the way, we don't like to deal with "zombie" sir, HOW should we live in the future sir?

I wrote: human beings livable moons are very very nice place to be; a few hours of gravity equipped imaginary hyperspace crafts will bring you to be there;

well trained kids! Oh!! No. No. we know you're like "duper" sir; Remark: NOT "super" sir; Umm!! Umm!! we've learnt in our text books THAT light-years ... , NOT a few hours;

I wrote: I rather drive taxis, delivery trucks, and be handyman without license, never mind ... ; our earth is NOT simple like WHAT I think ... ; among (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural), inductance can define "directional" therefore I wrote "Inductance" for you, because you'll be the nanobot programmers ... ; but, for understanding (anatomical, physiological), everyone must be dealing with ("zombie") for at least 1 year, so that our body parts, name definitions, and their (i.e. body parts') functionalities can be thoroughly understood, but after that 1 year of ("zombie"), you can be WHAT you want to be e.g. NOT to be dealing with ("zombie"), but be Nanobot Programmer!!

well trained kids! replied: some of us like to be "zombie" machine programmers sir? HOW could that be?

I wrote: you must have Shakya King's permit to be "zombie" machine programmers; don't forget THAT all human beings livable moons are owned by the Shakya King;

I wrote: during COVID-19 pandemic worldwide (08/25/2021), I created Antiviral Schematic . Energy & Geometry (for developing NOT ONLY DNA _Origami BUT ALSO Teleportation Method (drip/dropping medicine)) and I've a quiz i.e. regarding ( one-fourth Break), how many gases would you like define?

well trained kids! replied: Umm!! Umm!! i.e. very easy quiz sir, we've learnt already Maroon a.k.a. Red is like Hydrogen, Silver is like Nitrogen, Green is like Oxygen, Aqua is like Water; since Silver has been special designed and modeled next to Blue (our earth), DNA must be "our earth only" Sample; since you drew Yellow at the top above Maroon, we will be guessing that good protein at the (Left, Top) if "Location Awareness" ... ; Are we getting correct answer sir?

I wrote: Yes. but, don't forget my homework: you well trained kids!! need to submit 1 picture to represent DNA _Origami ;

I wrote: regarding ("Umm!! Umm!! if we copy "), I've a quiz i.e. since we've designed & modeled edges (i.e. since 1990s Method of switching from NORMAL (squared ones' edges) to MOBILE (rounded ones' edges), and nowadays (2020s) NFC IoT with structural Battery with directional gravity spots), And Then, (notice, realize, understand) horizontally (X axis) Left's side and Right side are NOT the same, so WHAT do you think of IT?

well trained kids! replied: we don't know sir;

I wrote: think of 3 lights of 90 degree are at the left 2 times, you should think of (Audio, Noise, Sound) at the left (because, "Origin of Sound" has been defined); think one of the Directions of 1 way DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) in this case should be Left to Right; without realizing & understanding very basic DEE patterns' (dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural), there's no way to do DNA _Origami; so, step-by-step learning & understanding is a must ... ;

. if geotechnical engineering, surfaced based computing can be "Manmade Global Weather" ... ;

. if IT (Information Technology), surfaced based computing can generate defined SPL patterns ... ;

. if medical, surfaced based computing can be functional "Gene Therapy" ... ;

. if military, surfaced based computing can be functional "Invisibility Engineering" ... ;

. if PHYSICS, surfaced based computing can be functional "Gravity Dimension" ... ;

Remember: within this DOMAIN, 15000+ ITEMS EXIST and each (image, photo, picture) has its owning ... ; inside of the Shakya King's 1000 years book (Also see: Referenced Books), computers can be programmed NOT ONLY by languages BUT ALSO by Graphics (image, photo, picture), believe IT or NOT;

I wrote: don't forget my homework: you well trained kids!! need to submit 1 picture to represent DNA _Origami, doko WHERE is my homework? believe IT or NOT, there're many human beings livable moons in our universes ... ; Remark: ware ware We still can't solve growth rate (i.e. BLI problem) in the human beings livable moons i.e. in ACT2 and ACT3 level imaginary hyperspace environments;

well trained kids! replied: Umm!! Umm!! we still have time period till Thanksgiving Day, 2021 ... ; Umm!! Umm!! thinking of how to draw a picture to represent "DNA _Origami" ... ; it should take a few seconds to draw, or it should take a decade to draw, Umm!! Umm!! our idea might not be the same like your idea for sure, Umm!! Umm!!





Also see: Gene;