; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : January : 12 (Thursday) : Updated : Audio ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : 1 : 12 : Updated :  Audio : Audio : Audio : Audio ;

IT \ Icon \ Audio . i c o file, created on September 24, 2022, and its Bit Depth is (16M Color (Alpha Transparency)) i.e. 32 bit, kuru kuru WHILE R&D of world's 1st ("Unmanned Aerial Vehicle") for Manmade Global Weather (our earth only: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan), in addition to :

 world's 1st DEE, Dark Energy Engineering (Reminder: don't forget that WHEN lights exist, DEE also coexists) +

 world's 1st Gene Therapy System (e.g. chiryoyaku Therapeutic cochlea (nerve responses to sound vibrations inside of ear) also see: c G T S U) +

 world's 1st Invisibility Engineering (sliding light sheets onto its surfaces) +

 world's 1st 10000 MPH Speed (e.g. kadosei Mobility) +

 world's 1st new PHYSICS laws + ... ; Remark: Audio . i c o file is not set as 8 bit (256 Color, Palette);

well trained kids!! replied: you mentioned several "world's 1st" (expressions, usages) and you did not mention directional gravity spots WHICH can also cause Audio sir, ( doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why) ?

I wrote: Oh!! Oh!! you need to have structural Battery R&D with Audio levels, And Then, those structural batteries should be (laid, placed, set) like t a t a m i Mat ... ; Reminder: don't forget that in biophysics, I've already explained H2O2 vs. H2O, regarding ( kyori Distance     kyori Distance     kyori Distance) between H and O (Remark: thanks to my sister for her knowledge based answer);

Remember: the Shakya King owns all human beings livable moons in our universes ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: inside of Physics Law 198, switch for hyperspace craft's ( Elevating, Landing), ware ware We'll do 87878787 commuters on-board imaginary hyperspace crafts with 87878787 t a t a m i Mats (structural Battery) ... for traveling among human beings livable moons ... Umm!! Umm!! ;

      a u d i o    
oto Sound : Origin of Sound ... ;
oto Sound : Origin of Sound ... ;
oto Sound : Origin of Sound ... ;
( u a v , UAV , Unmanned Aerial Vehicle )
, for Manmade Global Weather ( our earth only )  ... ;
Micro Multi Media Encoding ;        
musical key ;     Radical611 ;    
      pitch ;    
    tone ;      
Sound ;              
Sound Bar ;            
Sound Of One Flat Surface ;      
Sound Pressure Level ;          
Symbol s e . g .        
      Blue Audio On ;    
      Blue Audio On ;    
      Blue Audio On ;    
      Blue Audio On ;    
      Blue Speaker On ;    
      GPS Speaker On ;    
      Green Speaker On ;    
      Olive Audio On ;    
      Olive Audio On ;    
      Olive Audio On ;    
      Olive Audio On ;    
          Red Audio On ;
          Yellow Audio On ;
          Aqua Audio On ;
            Speaker On ;
            Speaker Off ;
          Aqua Audio Off ;
          Yellow Audio Off ;
          Red Audio Off ;
      Olive Audio Off ;    
      Blue Audio Off ;    

SPL     SPL     SPL;

In addition to character encoding, sound can also be encoding, light can also be encoding, ... ; 21st century & beyond, Origin of Sound can be realized as , And Then, SPL based audio patterns ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN 's contents include ACT3, ACT2, and ACT1 imaginary hyper space info ... ;

Usage "multi-media" means functional (character, GUI, Audio, Video) ... ; approx. since 1999; audio as computer architecture specification is not available to public;

approx. since 1990s, doko WHERE GUI (Graphical User Interface), graphics processor has begun ... ; Audio IC, Using patterns prompt HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE;

standard input and standard output, are keyboard's processor;

3D ready;

dB; e.g.

( from -340 dB, to +340 dB) ... , for each human beings livable moon in our universes, for each imaginary hyperspace craft, ... ; (Number dB) audio, noise, sound, ... , also see: DNA _Origami;

channels; e.g.

5.1 channels;

7.1 channels;

  5 . 1 channel s ;      
7 . 1 channel s ;        
  H D M I connect ion s ;

disc; e.g.

CD; approx. 80 minutes;

BD; a.k.a. B l u-ray Disc; approx. 17 hours;

built for b l u-ray;

DVD; approx. 4 hours;

Remark: システム . Volume . Info (Method, Procedure, Technique), bigger the size of "ro" larger the data capacity is, so USB based ... (Unlimited Data, Rated Data), depending upon (Biz, a.k.a. Business) e.g. you can be billionaires by creating bigger "ro" sizes ... ; don't forget that 2 is very very unique in many ways, so another (Method, Procedure, Technique) would be using iroColourWaveForm (different color codes), i.e. instead of making larger size of "ro" for kuru kuru WHILE, using different color codes ... ; don't forget that 2 is very very unique in many ways ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: do we need to (design, engineer, model) Week, Month, and Year sir?

I wrote: as of (2566, 2022), I've not seen (Week, Month, Year) programs yet, and might not be necessary, and instead of (design, engineer, model) Week, Month, and Year, I recommend you to learn SQRT3 with SQRT2 ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! ( doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why) you didn't write SQRT2 with SQRT3 sir;

I wrote: remember, our earth is not simple like WHAT I think ... ;  

embed, embedded, embedding e.g.

bury; embedded; Radical693;

OLE, Object Linking and Embedding;
OLE, Object Linking and Embedding;

( I, I, I, I) wrote: regarding content R&D of ( u a v, UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) worldwide (our earth only), I've (explained, lectured, taught) residential gas water heater's circuit board (without AC, without DC) already, and I need to QA (Quality Assurance) well trained kids' knowledge, so I've a quiz i.e. inside of (contemplative, contemporary, conventional, traditional) 20, 86 design model, WHICH one would you like to (choose, select) for "cycles per second" (a.k.a. Hertz, Hz) ?

well trained kids!! replied: 20 cycles per second sir; a.k.a. 20 Hz; Remark: common (AC, DC) circuits are with 50-60 Hz sir;  

I wrote: mochiron of course; I'm going to inform you that billions of currencies worth of multi national global (Internet Services Provider (ISP) companies, media companies, networking companies, news companies)' experts are adjusting Atomic number (15, 16) a little bit for their system securities (iro LED), and I've never hacked them in my whole life, and you well trained kids should be the same like me i.e. don't hack other peoples' businesses ... like "mountains are mountain" , "rivers are river" , ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: we're billionaires sir, and we've already done adjustment of (15, 16) for system security, and one more question to you, i.e. regarding Complex Instruction Set Computers ( C I S C), kuru kuru WHILE (dealing, metering, servicing, rating) Reduced Instruction Set Computers ( RISC), WHAT are 15 and 16 sir? Remark: also see: Computers; Umm!! Umm!! we're generating tons of gold annual revenue, and making billions of dollars profit margin, ... ;  

I wrote: ("unsigned is 15"), if compare to ("signed is 16") ... ; I need to do something else more important things, also see: Physics ... ; Remark: don't confuse (15, 16) between material and sign-bit; (a "Tarzan") 's wild guess would be 100 km range, if home phone with LED, i.e. how lights are very very useful like (Multi Time Lines Port) ... other wording would be e.g. your home phone with LED can communicate with TRUE (Architect, Designer, Engineer) within 100 km range ... Oh!! Oh!! reminder: don't be captives ... ; And Then, you can be TRUE multi long length neutrino laser (Architect, Designer, Engineer) ... ; And Then, you can be TRUE ZCS holes based SPL (Architect, Designer, Engineer) ... ; And Then, you can prove "Origin of Sound" ... ; And Then, you can be (Architect, Designer, Engineer) of Sound Beams ... ;

HDMI connections; also see, WHERE cable behaves data alike; HDMI boosts display layers ... ; 6' HDMI Cable retailed costs approx. $30 USD;

high; low; e.g.

20 ~ 20000, a.k.a. high, mid, low; doko WHERE high is for base; WHERE low is for tweeter; Also see: Multiplier;

i??? ; ? i ? i ; e.g.

H i - F i, tape era's usage; a.k.a. High Fidelity; WHERE audio was classified mono, stereo, ... ;

i POD compatible;

i POD ready;

W i F i ready4 ; a.k.a. Wi-Fi;

mono; stereo; e.g.

    mono - hierarchy          
      mono OR stereo    

Component (audio) mono or stereo;

IFFMonbusho level developers, also see: mono or stereo can be understanding ... from ... to ... gravity dimension computers ... ;

stereo ; component stereo ;

stereoscope, instrument a.k.a. device WHICH 2 pictures of the same object are viewed 1 by each eye;

, micro multi media encoding ... ;

sound ;

sound beam, also see: iro Color;

SPL, Sound Pressure Level; e.g.

May ( I, I, I, I) know what's your SPL level?

SPL, Sound Pressure Level ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: can you teach us how to (design, engineer, model) SPL sir?

I wrote: 1st, you need to realize & understand USB lights, 2nd, you need to realize & understand ZCS (hole, string) doko WHERE the hole is located; 3rd, those USB based light strings become tilted, other wording would be (NOT parallel i.e. <180 degree); after understanding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, finding the ZCS hole means you've got your SPL ... ; in 1990s, heterodyning (strings) inside of (Lexus, Toyota) combustion engines ... ; in 2020s, directional gravity spots (structural Battery) inside of kadosei Mobility becomes eVTOL, ... ; nowadays, I've been very busy with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (8787 commuters) imaginary hyperspace crafts (10000+ MPH Speed), for commuting among human beings livable moons, and also very busy with Manmade Global Weather ( u a v, UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for avoiding bad weather conditions worldwide ... ; Global Security : Regional Security : National Security :  Action : NOT to be overwriting & resetting 2+ hours of GPS destinations ;

well trained kids!! replied: arigatoh g o z a i m a s u, thank you;


  white WHICH 2 26 285 stereo... 
  yellow WHICH 2 26 285

wired subwoofer ;

IFF reverse engineering, IC (decoder chip) patterns must be matched among cable box, players, ... ; Glass Alike .GIF WHERE O S I (also see: Duo Binary O S I) 's application is assigned; Dragging noCOOKIE browser to left, right, top, ... will prompt "glass alike wall" ... ;

IFF testing 5 Audio, also see: 149.149; 5_Audio; Burn A v i . a v i;

Directional Natural Water Elevator On Our Earth (Origin of Sound), SPL based, e.g.

(Alarm01, Alarm02, Alarm03, Alarm04, Alarm05, Alarm06, Alarm07, Alarm08, Alarm09, Alarm10);
((Battery Critical), (Battery Low)), ... ;
Critical Stop;
Feed Discovered;
(IR _begin, IR _end, IR _inter);
(IR _begin, IR _end, IR _inter);
Menu Command;
Message; Messaging;
(None, Nemerological0);
Popup Blocked;
Proximity ((Connection), (Notification));
(Ring01, Ring02, Ring03, Ring04, Ring05, Ring06, Ring07, Ring08, Ring09, Ring10);
Ring in; Ring out;
(a i m a i s a A m b i g u r a t i o n, Speech A m b i g u r a t i o n, Speech Recognition);
Start; Startup;
(User Account Control) ... ;


(White Color, Red Color) for Audio, and (Yellow Color) for Video, also see: Physics Law 140, ... ;

Using ("├ä Γ ò ª┬í Γ ò ú m J N├ à Γ ö┤┬╢I╬▒Γ ò í k╞Æ Γ ò ÿ p z┬╜n t f s Γ ÿ║Γ ÿ║Γ ÿ╗Γ ÿ║├¼ Γ ò ¢") for Audio pattern matching, share %, this DOMAIN, system PHONE (Command Line Interpreter), ... ;

Remark: cell properties >> modify style >> borders and shading >> custom >> double ; 1st Parameter's double vertical lines (1st Pane), And Then, Plus Screen with "ro" (2nd Parameter), And Then, exponent of the double vertical lines As 2nd Pane (3rd Parameter), And Then, n t file system (4th Parameter) 's 3 right panes are (5th Parameter), (6th Parameter), (7th Parameter), ... ; (this DOMAIN developer a.k.a. (a "Tarzan")) 's wild guess would be 5+ panes, and worth more than trillions of US Dollar, and synthesizer based computer programs ... , therefore, 8th layers computing ... ; if three quarters are reserved for ZCS, And Then, the rest ("1/4") should be for NCS ... ; ("p") for Processor is wisely defined just after (vertical ÿ) so Z-index "NTFS" can be realized & understood, i.e. WHAT (a "Tarzan") realizes & understands ... ; I don't know WHO wrote this program originally e.g. OEM 's ("E") has been swapped with ("ú") ... ; among global (our earth only) news, as of 2023, ((((((( 7))))))) layers Display (manufacturing, production) has been the highest (Method, Procedure, Technique) ... ;