; ; ; ; Updated in 2024 : January : 30th (Tuesday) : kadosei Mobility ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 30 : 1 : 2024 : kadosei Mobility ; approx. 26+ info available to read;

(( can, do not, mustn't, passable, should not) + ( change, Confusion, Motion, move, shake, Shift) = ( Mobile, moveable)) ;

(( Mobile, moveable) + ( gender, nature, sex)) = ( Mobility, Mobility, Mobility, Mobility);

( motion, motion, motion, motion, motion, motion, motion) ... ;

January, 2024; flying eV passenger ship, hydrofoil electric ferry; Candela Technology AB, Sweden; 30+ commuters by each shuttle service; 30+ MPH with 50+ miles range; up-and-running public ferry services, in E k e r o to-and-from Stockholm;

1km LASER (focal location as 1 coin) WHICH can shoot down illegal drones .  .  . ; Also see: Calendar . Earth . Space . War; if 1km above ground "UAV" is equipped with WHICH means 2km above ground, if 2km above ground "UAV" is equipped with WHICH means 3km above ground, .  .  . and so on (Global Security, National Security, Regional Security) .  .  . , from now on, a Tarzan can sleep well (good night's sleep) because humanoids are dependable, reliable, trust worthy, ... mountains are mountain, rivers are river, wars are war;


y M V N, year Model Vehicle Name;


s c R f D, single charged Range for Distance (mile);


s B N, structural Battery Name;


M S R P, Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price;


kWh, kilo Watt hour;

s c R f D kWh s B N y M V N Info Wheels' Size                                  
266+ 72+ C A T L 2024 Lexus RZ300e Yahoo!! news 18 inches                                  

hensuVariable.second.Dimension.39419.LiDAR.sys; LIDAR File ("hensuVariable.second.Dimension.39419.LiDAR"); Also see: Physics Law 39419 ... ;

Remark: if you're (global aircraft manufacturers, global airplane manufacturers, global car manufacturers, global hyperspace craft manufacturers, global ship manufactures, global train manufacturers, global military UAV engineers, universal Nanobot manufacturers) ...  systems are worth more than trillions of US Dollar, so use IT, don't abuse IT;

November 2023; Internet news; Toyota has started its ichiman 10 Thousand US Dollar worth 2024 IMV0 pickup truck (2.4L (130+ horsepower, 130+ lb-ft), Made in Thailand, rear wheel drive, 5 speed manual transmission) globally ... ;

this DOMAIN developer likes & supports Toyota's $10000 US Dollar pickup truck, because affordable to ethnic tribes in Union of Myanmar and others ... ;

this DOMAIN developer doesn't like (motor way LASER (nodes based), remote heat sensing by electrical wires (directional Inductance), sound beams, wormhole way LASER (ZCS based), ... , and those (method, procedure, technique) are very harmful to human beings by (gangsters' , terrorists' , undercover agents' ) illegal installation inside of commuting living environments, inside of public places (e.g. religious buildings' halls, school's rooms), inside of residential living environments, ... ;

you don't want to be at the focal point of multi long length neutrino LASER,
you don't want to be at the focal point of "nodes based" strings,
you don't want to be at the focal point of Yellowish Variation (YV),
you don't want to be at the pressure point of structural Battery's heterodyning,
... ; Also see: kadosei Mobility; Rakhine; Reforming Myanmar;

Remark: Usage "i chi" means one ("1"), "man" means ten thousand ("10000");

I wrote: if you're designing & modeling Synchronization 188cm length of (Black Color, Gray Color, Silver Color), based on your USB lights, doko WHERE should be the defined location?

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! at the Blue Color area sir, and become a part of ( Invisibilities, Invisibility) design model;

I wrote: should I teach Rainbow Method, for shooting down supersonic speed illegal missiles?
well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Hmm!! No. Thank you. We don't believe in your M1A1H17Titanium22 tanks sir, also see: Calendar . Earth . Space . War;

camcorder; e.g.

( Camera, Camera, Camera, Camera) ... ;

Charter; e.g.

( Charter, Charter, Charter, Charter), e.g. ((private (aircraft, boat, bus)), written grant) i.e. charter ... , also see: cCharacterExtension1; kadosei Mobility; Services;

Copilot; e.g.

( Copilot, Copilot, Copilot, Copilot), also see: Action; cCharacterExtension1; kadosei Mobility; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle;

Directions (Gravity Spots For Floors X, Gravity Spots For Walls Y) ; e.g.

2023 design model Origin of Jaw, intentionally n i t o t t e For (Manmade Global Weather, mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D, Nanobot Programming) ... ;



Gravity Spots For Floors X ;    
Gravity Spots For Walls Y ;    
this DOMAIN 's directional gravity spots, for designing & modeling 10000 MPH speed ...

this DOMAIN 's directional gravity spots, for designing & modeling 10000 MPH speed ...

mujin Unmanned e.g.            
  unmanned e.g.            
unmanned     space flight ;        
unmanned kadosei Mobility ;            
unmanned   airplane ;            
unmanned space flight ;            
a.k.a. drone ;              

musen Radio;


in Kanji; Radical244;
in Kanji; Radical9;


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ...


Remark: "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" is S HTML file, and its directory (folder) is .. / .. / Time . space / unmanned . aerial . vehicle / , and its (Page language) is English (United States), ... radio mapping by Browser (locking of the defined illegal radio station, pinpointing of the defined moving object, verifying of illegal drone, verifying of U A V) ... ; special designed & modeled for capturing illegal ones ... ;

- this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts;
- this DOMAIN 's invisibility engineering products e.g. Invisible Drones;

Also see: Physics Law 198;

21st century & beyond; this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts (vertical landing) ... ; a part of kadosei Mobility (our earth only) ;
21st century & beyond; this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts (vertical take-off) ... ; a part of kadosei Mobility (our earth only) ;

( Balancing, Balancing, Balancing, Balancing) ... ;

kadosei Mobility (chakuriku; landing ; landing ; touchdown ; touchdown ; landing (as opposed to elevating); landing; jinko chino Artificial Intelligence; landing) ... ;

kadosei Mobility ( elevating; jinko chino Artificial Intelligence; elevating; elevating (as opposed to landing)) ... ;

load-balancing structural gravity spots embedded Walls; Also see: Physics Law 198; Walls;

Remark: to do (Artificial Intelligence landing, Artificial Intelligence elevating), (vertical landing vs. vertical take-off), designers must realize & understand beyond "Blue LED" e.g. yellowish variations of DEE patterns, e.g. Yellow LED with Green LED, e.g. directional gravity spots, ... ; designers must be with the Shakya King's permit, and must be military restricted ones, because our earth is not simple like WHAT I think ... ;

in (2566, 2022), ( I, I, I, I) 'm interested in "My 1st Solar Power Roof PHEV" ... ;

Remark: combustion tech based engine (e.g. gasoline engine, e.g. FO fuel engine, e.g. jet fuel engine) should be as reserved ones, kuru kuru WHILE thrived by structural Battery (rechargeable batteries) ... ; Green Color surrounded with Yellow Color is like Protein Wrapper (Method, Procedure, Technique) ... ;

Remark: combustion tech based engine should be as reserved ones, kuru kuru WHILE thrived by structural Battery (rechargeable batteries) ... ; Green Color surrounded with Yellow Color, a.k.a. reversed yellowish variation (Method, Procedure, Technique) ... ;

My 1st Hybrid (internal combustion + rechargeable battery) with GPS, i.e. 2018 Lexus NX300H ... ;
My 1st 4x4 (4x4 drive, 4x2 drive) 5.7L V8 VVTI, i.e. 2011 Toyota Sequoia ... ;
My 1st 10 passenger van with GPS (Global Positioning System), i.e. 2010 Toyota Hi Ace ... ;
My 1st 1.3L (approx. 50km/gallon of gasoline) station wagon, i.e. 2009 Toyota Pro Box ... ;
My 1st V6 (valves are in "V" positions to enhance torque e.g. V6, V8, ...), i.e. 2009 Lexus RX350 ... ;
My 1st VVTI (Variable Valve Timing with EFI) 1.8L, i.e. 2003 Toyota Corolla ... ;
My 1st 16 valves, 1.6L EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection), i.e. 1989 Toyota Corolla ... ;

nav i.e. navigation;

31+ years of being in USA, "Tarzan" alike a Rakhine American's remark: world's 1st EFI with liquid to gas (Cold Fusion alike), so I didn't need to do cleansing of injectors; in 1990s, Toyota invented world's 1st Hybrid; 2003 world's 1st VVTI without timing belt, so I didn't need to change timing belt every 60000+ miles; world's 1st 4x4 drive means really shinraisei Reliable and taikyusei Durable (e.g. I can drive through 30 inches high of water flow, e.g. I can tow tons of load with central gravitational stability), so E M Pull can be realized & understood i.e. prior to Light Sheets (those Light Sheets can be using in military e.g. Invisible Drones, by fetching light sheets to its outer-body-surfaces); TRUE TORQUE means several heterodyning strings toward its internal combustion chamber i.e. in addition to V6, V8, ... if you truly understand new PHYSICS laws; in 2020s, I'm expecting ZCS Blue LED for elevating | landing (8 gravity spots at its structural frame's location), and PCS Yellow LED (variable 4 gravity spots at its shock-absorbers' location) for suspension system, regarding "Solar Power Roof PHEV" ... ; if Toyota Town's well trained kids! copy My Gene Therapy System, (commuter, driver, operator) will be one of the disease-free persons kuru kuru WHILE (commuting, driving, operating) ... ; "Tarzan" alike a Rakhine American can say very easy, but life long R&D HOW ... ; Made in USA Products: RX350, Sequoia, VVTI Corolla, ... ;

Also see: kadosei Mobility; Physics Law 179, naturally rechargeable battery;

Brief Introduction: approx. in 1698 WHEN steam engine was invented by Englishman (Thomas S a v e r y), And Then, usage "Automotive" in EN (English) language has been for bus, car, plane, train, truck, ... ; 21st century & beyond, Gravity Spot (s) embedded Drone (since 2000s, ACTION inside of GPS, invented by SONY), Hybrid (since 1990s, invented by Toyota), Keyword embedded chip-set (s), radio specification as Browser, ... therefore, "Usage" in EN (English) language has been changing from Automotive to Mobility, and in common basically, if a circuit board is designed & modeled by GPS embedded ones (e.g. Gravity Dimension Computer (Directional Gravity Spot), Location Awareness Response, IoT, Structural Battery), those (device, equipment, item, machine, object, part, things, tool) should be a part of kadosei Mobility ... ;

insurance; e.g.

in 2023, USA, United States of America, Ace Jaw has purchased Toyota Auto Insurance ( URL: www.toyotaautoinsurance.com forwards to https://toyotaims.com ( T I M S, Toyota Insurance Management Solution, using underwriter Toggle, a member of Farmers® Insurance) ... ), started in USA all the way to global operations (auto insurance policies) later, e.g. policy starting date: 06/06/2023, Policy ID: TA2845SSAH, monthly auto-pay setup by Bank of America ( URL: www.bankofamerica.com 's VISA Credit Card) for User Name: ace4465jaw@comcast.net (Mobile Phone Number: +12096819218 ) ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System should be working ... kuru kuru WHILE beings in : e.g. healthy commuting environment, e.g. healthy driving environment, ... ; Remark: in USA, (minivan insurance, passenger van insurance) cost is higher like sport car insurance;

Also see: DEE; Display; kadosei Mobility; e.g.

I wrote: ( My, My, My, My) 2023 Toyota Sienna AWD Platinum Hybrid eV sport's airborne Display (at the front windshield glass), and I've a quiz its destination symbol whether ( 45, 30, 15) degree? Remark: Computers control driving, so I don't know explicitly WHICH wheel drives, e.g. sometimes structural Battery powers to drive, e.g. sometimes directional gravity pressure (gravity spots) to drive, e.g. sometimes combustion (VVTI gas engine) powers to drive, ... ; Remark:  after driving thousands of (Kilometer, Mile), I like eV Sport Mode, because no vibrations from combustion, and very quiet functional operations, in addition, torque from structural Battery would be the most advance ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! very easy quiz, answer would be 45° sir;

I wrote: I've a homework for you, i.e. (45/√2)..., so far ware ware We've learnt (15/√2), based on (29 Days, 30 Days) ... also see: Time ( 10.60660172, 10.60660172, 10.60660172, 10.60660172) ... ; Remark: 45° design model is good, because action and its reflection (e.g. 2010-2020 Lexus's emblem front shield design, a.k.a. "bold tie" design model is somehow related to DEE universal TRUTH), also manmade "square" design model's 1/2 (i.e. 45° design model) a.k.a. doko WHERE flip-flop can be ... ;

regarding Anti-Earthquake ("2023 March 28 Alignment"), if I defined ( DEE3 (for Left), DEE8 (for Right)), And Then, DEE9 for alignment, And Then, 4_Planets_Prediction (including our earth) 's "Number in degree" would be?

well trained kids!! replied: we don't understand WHAT you're talking about, can't answer "Number in degree" regarding alignment;

I wrote: approx. 171 degree (Lunar Orbit: 4 _Planets _ Prediction), and I'll not explain A-to-Z spoon feed (Step-By-Step) style; you're on your own ... ; ACT2 imaginary hyperspace level quiz, never mind, never mind, ... I should not ask DEE questions ... ;

ten point six zero six six zero one seven two; e.g.





1st to realize & understand 30 degree (Lunar Orbit) e.g. (29, 30) ... ; Also see: Time;
2nd to realize & understand 15 = (30 / 2);
3rd to realize & understand SQRT2 e.g. 15 degree by SQRT2 longitudes; so, GPS can be realized & understood (Distance calculations) ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! Yellow Color is for other side of our earth's moon, Blue Color is from Jupiter, and Distance should obey 15 degree by SQRT2 longitudes sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course, you should QA (NOT to happen 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS), for global security, regional security, national security, ... ; this DOMAIN 's contents are ready for Space War, && waiting for the Shakya King's (flag, permit) ... ; this DOMAIN developer Ace Jaw doesn't like wars, and this DOMAIN developer Ace Jaw likes "you make some money, I make some money," ... ; I've a gift for you, so I've created 1 Icon, called "15 degree by SQRT2 longitudes .i c o," and it will be using inside of GPS ... ;

international Band (this DOMAIN) ... ; International Domains; Internet Connection; IoT; kadosei Mobility;

Owner Driver (Ace Jaw) 's reports: as a Rakhine, I've never vandalized against any ones, I've never law-sued any ones, but on the other hand, I've been vandalized since very young age to the present (approx. 60 years old ones);

 e.g. without my consent (2023-20??), my 2023 Toyota Sienna (Platinum Hybrid AWD) : open-door (ed) by unknown, and vandalized : (Paint damage: on the Real Seats' metal rail; May be by knife-vandalizing); (Driver-Side-Door's exterior chrome handle damage: May be by chemical-vandalizing); (Left-Sliding-Door Body Frame Paint damage: May be by screw-driver-vandalizing); As of 06/18/2023, after driven 3741+ miles; noticed & reported to Global Toyota after self car-washed; mini minor bashings (trashed into interior); still not getting nails on wheels yet;

 e.g. without my consent (2011-2023), my 2011 Toyota Sequoia (SR5 4x4 V8) had been swapped almost all parts, replaced with (bad, damaged, old) ones; drove 120000+ miles without my-fault-accident; several times of nails on the wheels, and I had to replace with new tires; interior (front panel) dented (May be by a hammer-vandalizing), after 1st servicing (approx. 5000+ miles driven) at Modesto Toyota and I didn't law-sue against them (Modesto Toyota) ;

Remark: Toyota should install hidden camera, directly connected to headquarter, And Then, severe revenge worldwide to those (gangsters, terrorists, undercover agents) peoples who vandalize; be beyond "red dot" marks; in Modesto, California, USA almost no graffiti because we capture and chop the hands, And Then, made "hotdogs" to eat who does illegal graffiti in public space; Also see: Calendar . Earth . Space . War;

Tesla; e.g.

( Tesla, Tesla, Tesla, Tesla) ... ;

12/27/2023; Microsoft News (MSN); Tesla O p t i m u s Gen2 humanoid robot ((Height: 5' 11'' (five feet eleven inches)) , (weight: 121 lb (pound))), for various tasks e.g. construction, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, ... ;

((u a v), (U A V), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) ; e.g.

2566; 2022; for each ((u a v), ( UAV), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Action (Also see: Physics Law 113, any moving location of point) . Keywords e.g. Altitude, Elevation, Height, ... also see: a Character; e Character; h Character;

( UHD, UHD, UHD, UHD) Unmanned Hypersonic Drone;

capture all illegal drones worldwide (our earth) ... ; Also see: Security e.g. reversed Yellowish Variations (1000000) security, YV, Yellowish Variations (human beings livable moons) based (100000) security, universal (10000) security, global (1000) security, remote (100) security, local (10) security, ... ;

    DEE , Dark Energy Engineering :  
    dark - gray ; Radical249 ;  
    golden - yellow ; Radical200 ;  
    green - blue ; Radical206 ;  
    innocence - white ; Radical135 ;  
    maroon - red ; Radical188 ;  

unmanned aerial vehicle ...

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence . INDEX .X HTML ;
jinko chino Artificial Intelligence . Unmanned Aerial Vehicle .S HTML ;

( dark-gray Satellite, golden-yellow Satellite, green-blue Satellite, innocence-white Satellite, maroon-red Satellite, ... ), also see: kadosei Mobility; Network Topology; Satellite; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle; Wireless;

Remark: world's 1st "a Tarzan" Rakhine American's imaginary hyper space crafts (e.g. u a v, U A V, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) ... , designed, engineered, modeled, ... by DEE, Dark Enginery Engineering, i.e. the most advance, advanced, the highest technology, up-to-date worldwide, ... , and beyond SPL Pattern (s) e.g. Origin of Sound;

(Directional Gravity Pressure, Directional Gravity Spot, Gravity Spot's Color Code, Gravity Spot's size, Structural Gravity Spot's Location, ... ) ... are trade secrets (military top secrets) therefore, info is not available in public ... , because, our earth is not simple like what I think, e.g. variable DEE patterns, e.g. yellowish variations, ... ;

  n u r o autonomous eV; commercial autonomous  eV services;  remote (100); local (10);  500 lb max.       Black and White Color; compact vehicle;
  Yamaha MOTOROID2 eV motorcycle;         self balancing; self driving;

(Black Color, Gray Color, Silver Color) for USB based 1 way DEE;

2024 Gulf stream G700; G800; Private Jet;         Ultra fast flights; 19 passenger capacity;
2024 Chevrolet Silverado; eV; 400 miles;   664 hp; 350 kW; (11" and 17") Display; Bed Extender; Super Cruise self driving; 7 gallons of center console storage;
2023 BMW i7 x Drive 60 eV; 300 miles;   536 hp;     also available (V8, V6) gas engine ones;
2023 Cadillac L y r i q; eV; SUV; 300 miles; 336 lb-ft (440 Newton Meter) torque; 340 hp; 190 kW; 100 kWh; 33" diagonal advanced LED Display; Super Cruise; 240V at home charging (52 miles per hour of charge);
Public charging Station . DC FAST CHARGE (76 miles per 10 minutes of charging time);
2023 GMC Hummer; AWD eV; 329 miles; 3 seconds 0-60 MPH; 1000 hp;   tow (7500 lb, 3402 Kg); haul (1300 lb, 590 Kg); U l t i u m Battery; Crawling Drive (4 wheels steering);
2023 Huawei A i t o M5; S e r e s SF5; eV; SUV; 1195 km; 1.5 L Generator; 550 hp; 3.2 kWh; double-layered sound proof glass; Harmony OS; 12 long range ultrasonic radars; world's history: telecommunication OEM becomes auto manufacturer;
2023 Lexus R Z eV; 280 miles; No Generator;   71.4 kWh; approx. 50% more Toyota bZ4X power;

this DOMAIN 's a "Tarzan" might purchase a Honda portable generator for "reserve" and out-of-charging station (locations);

2023 Lexus RZ450e eV; 238 miles; 208 horsepower; 150kW (Front); 80kW (Rear);
2023 Nissan A r i y a; eV; SUV; 300 miles;   389 hp; 290 kW; N I V I Link; Pro PILOT; AWD; FWD;
2022 Audi e-t r on; eV; 5 seats car;   718 lb-ft torque; 4.3 seconds 0-60 MPH; 496 hp; 64 MPG; 150 kW; 3D Satellite; 12.3" HD; SMART; Wi-Fi; green color code;
2022 China . C C A R TP500;  unmanned flight; airplane; 1800 kilometer max range; 500 Kg;     transport airplane; www.cgtn.com; Unmanned flight; China Civil Aviation;
  D u four Aerospace Aero3 eVTOL; 8 seats; 630 miles; 215 MPH Speed; 1650 lb Payload;   Swiss Made; Using in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden 1st; 
2022 E H A N G eVTOL; Falcon U A V;           5G vertical ports; approved in Spain, and Norway; in Guangzhou, China, services e.g. D H L deliveries (8 km trip, within 8 minutes); 100% Made in China;
2022 Bus : Hino Poncho Z eV 30 seats;       161kW; 105 kWh;   (6990 mm L x 2090 mm W x 3060 mm H); GVWR 8000 Kg;
2022 Bus : School Bus eV School Bus; 44 seats;         April, 2022, the 1st eV School Bus, in Modesto; Blue Bird Bus Corp.
2022 Hyundai IONIQ5 eV; SUV;        

(Walls Y), Korean Method, beyond Floors X, regarding structural Gravity Spots;

one of the best eV ones, in our earth;
2022 K I A EV6; eV; AWD; 5 seats; 265 miles;   320 hp; 77 kWh;   a new Guinness World Record for shortest charging time (across USA driving);
EV9; eV; SUV;          
2022 Lexus N X 450h; PHEV; SUV;   6 seconds 0-60 MPH; 302 hp;   2.5 L; 4 cylinder gasoline; 2.5 hours (240V) charging time;
2022 Mercedes Benz E Q S eV; 350 miles; 631 lb-ft torque; 4.1 seconds 0-60 MPH;  516 hp; 108 kWh; 3D Sound; Head-up Glass Display; Rear Wheel Steering (5° for high speed, 10° for low speed); Self leveling air suspension system; complimentary 30 minutes charging in USA;
2022 Mitsubishi Air trek; eV; SUV; 520 km; 323 miles;   181 hp; 70 kWh; augmented reality navigation; only in China, by G A C Mitsubishi Motors Joint Venture; (182" L x 76" W x 68" H);
2022 VIN FAST e35; eV; 310 miles;         Vietnamese Automaker;
e36; eV; SUV; 420 miles;      
2022 Volvo XC60; PHEV; SUV; 520 miles; 4.9 seconds 0-60 MPH; 415 hp;   Google; AWD;
2022 X pen g G3; G9; eV; SUV;         3D Camera; LiDAR;  Gigabit Ethernet communication;  millimeter wave radar; X Pilot; 5 minutes charge for 200 km;
P7; eV;        
2021 B Y D Han eV; 342 miles; 550 km; 3.9 seconds 0-60 MPH;        
Tang eV; SUV;            
2021 Ford Escape; PHEV; 5 seats; SUV; 2.0L;   280 lb-ft torque; 250 hp; 41 MPG;   Amazon Alex a; Android Auto; Apple Car Play; Co-pilot 360 Assist Plus; 3500 lb towing capacity; either 120V or 240V wall outlet;
2021 Honda Clarity; PHEV; 5 seats; 340 miles;   42 MPG;   ACC; CM BS; gasoline flexibility; RD M; 1.5 L;
2021 Hyundai IONIQ5 eV; 384 cells;     77 kWh;    
2021 Rolls-Royce   eV; 1 seat; plane;   387 MPH;     world's 1st eV airplane;  
2021 Tesla Model 3 eV; AWD; 315 miles; 3.1 seconds 0-60 MPH;   80 kWh;    
2021 Urban   eVTOL; requiring approx. 5 minutes of (vertical takeoff, vertical landing); 300 miles; 450 km; 16 (10 kW vertical thruster);     1.25 hr flight time; joint venture; 2 eVTOL can park at US Standard 2 cars garage;
1990s Toyota Hybrid i.e. eV ;        

category; component; element; part; Radical998;


Air bus' Wind Power container ship (high-tech sail), in Atlantic ocean;

2023 Toyota Sienna Platinum AWD; 1st time in my life, after the jinko chino Artificial Intelligence (AI) hi-beam button is on, kuru kuru WHILE night driving, automatic hi-beam light is "on-and-off" depending upon (the calculated current location) environments, and very helpful to (driver, operator) ... and its Location Awareness Response AI is excellent ones ... ; 1st time in my life, kuru kuru WHILE (driving, mobility, operating) on highways in USA, I pressed "Radar Ready" button, And Then, pressed on "− SET" button, And Then, pressed on "+ RES" button to be max desire speed (by the way, I practice "caravan" Method whenever I drive), and comforted & enjoyed (auto, self-driving) e.g. auto braking, auto steering-turning, auto slowing-down, auto speeding-up, ... so I don't need to use my arm and leg while driving high-speed; options for (auto, self-driving) are (Aqua Color) 1 Bar-distance, (Aqua Color) 2 Bar-distance, (Aqua Color) 3 Bar-distance (i.e. to set the driving distance to the front kadosei Mobility ones) so I (chose, selected) longest-distance WHICH is (Aqua Color) 3 Bar-distance; in addition, "Hold" button is very helpful for stop-and-go "very-slow-traffic" (I don't need to keep pressing on the brake if stop-and-go "very-slow-traffic"); Remark: I like eV Sport mode, so whenever I drive, I select "eV Sport" mode, and I don't know WHICH wheel drives (among AWD), and I don't need to know because computer decides ... ; My 2023 Toyota Sienna Platinum AWD (VIN, Vehicle Identification Number), purchased from a Toyota authorized dealership in California, USA, in February, 2023; Remark: retailed price of approx. 70000+ US Dollar "including tax" (Personal Check, NOT financing), with knowing the fleet (wholesale price of approx. 34000+ US Dollar); a tank full of gasoline (combustion engine) with structural Battery (electrical motor), so called eV ( mode, Mode, mode, mode) modes operate approx. 565+ miles as range (a tank full of gasoline); 1st time in my life, celebrated myself i.e. year 2023 has been 25th year of Made in USA (Toyota Sienna), designed & manufactured in United States of America (USA); rekishi History; Radical995; TRUST must be proven (e.g. legal, legislated, Public Record); ware ware We ethic tribes should learn HOW to build TRUST, do good kharma Action, good results will ... , on the other hand, 200+ millions (enemy, foe) must be demolished because ethnic tribes have many (enemy, foe) in history; 1st time in my life, dynamic cruise control (i.e. beyond automatic adjusting its speed and distance to avoid accident) with 3 options of safe driving ( kyori Distance, kyori Distance, kyori Distance); 1st time in my life, kuru kuru WHILE parking, it senses its (Keypad radio, Smart PHONE) remote Action (motion), so placing foot underneath will open the door (without using key); parked locations ... ; 1st time in my life, one of the features of My 2023 Toyota Sienna Platinum AWD is 360 degree ( miru Seeing (1&1); Radical180) camera WHICH provides its surrounding views via its touch-screen Display, so NFC IoT can (be, provide) NOT ONLY invisibility radio patterns BUT ALSO vision and very helpful current position with excellent Location Awareness Response, because of 360 degree camera (Method, Procedure, Technology); NFC, Near Field Communication; IoT, Internet of Things; 1st time in my life, owner driver of 7+ passengers (AWD, All Wheel Drive) minivan, with automatic 2 sliding doors (Left, Right), approx. 35+ miles per gallon, approx. 165+ MPH (Miles Per Hour) max speed with traction control (i.e. beyond radar control); I need to pay respect to my personal robot (in this case: My 2023 Toyota Sienna Platinum AWD (VIN, Vehicle Identification Number) As My Personal R I N, Robot Identification Number); 1st time in my life, touch-screen Display, interacting with commuters' ((( fureru Touching (1&1); Radical892) touching), ( chokaku Hearing (1&1); (( Radical851), ( Radical454))) voice), and iro LED digital buttons; 1st time in my life, using its Electricity Power Plug (approx. 1500 Watt) for my computing (webpage R&D) & lighting; two 1500 Watt outlets e.g. one at the center console behind driver seat, and other is at rear (behind 3rd row seats) next to the rear door; 1st time in my life, using Toyota app software, downloaded & registered into my Apple i Phone 14 (year 2023 roaming (5G, 10G)), and functional Face ID (Log in) prompts its status (e.g. Distance to empty, Lock, Odometer, Start, Unlock, ... ); "prompt" is one of the commands (Command Line Interpreter); 1st time in my life, using "Hold" icon iro LED digital button, i.e. beyond auto braking feature, and at intersection (traffic lights) while waiting for (from "Red Light" to "Green Light") signal, "Hold" function provides no longer need to push and hold brake paddle (brake pedals); safety of commuters have been Toyota Standard; ( zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, zahyo Coordinate, coordinate, coordinate, coordinate, coordinate, Coordinate) R&D has been integrated with ( projector projector, projector), so driver (this DOMAIN developer) can see information on the front windshield glass kuru kuru WHILE driving, i.e. 1st time in my life; a "Tarzan" Rakhine American's remark, as of year 2023: not PHEV (pluggable hybrid eV) yet, so there is no pluggable feature yet to this vehicle, from a wall outlet; not Solar Roof yet, so EN (ENGLISH language) Usage "e" for "electrical" may (derive, evolve) to "e" for "energy" ... ; multi-e kadosei Mobility (directional gravity spots as energy, electrical power as energy, gasoline combustion engine power as energy, hydrogen liquid as energy, solar power as energy, water elevator as energy) ... ; using directional gravity spots ( n i t o t t e For) "flying automotive" is not yet in our earth, as of year 2023, because our earth is not simple like WHAT I think ... ; eV, "flying" vehicle, hydrogen liquid powered vehicle, PHEV, solar roof powered vehicle, ... ; Also see: www.toyota.com;


The Modesto Bee newspaper news: Tesla's 1st commercial semis trucks arrive at Frito-Lay plant in Modesto, to do eV delivery services ... ; 3 years ago, Tesla partnered with PepsiCo; 500 miles range, 82000 pounds of freight, eV delivery services have begun ... ; Also see: Modesto; kadosei Mobility; PepsiCo URL: https://www.pepsico.com; Tesla URL: https://www.tesla.com;

NHK News; Sony Honda Mobility, a new company, joint venture, and will deliver eV (electric Vehicle) globally by 2026; this DOMAIN developer (a "Tarzan" Rakhine American) 's expectation: Solar power roof to (charge, charged, charging) built-in structural Battery (for embedded gravity spots), in addition to PHEV (Plug-in (globally any wall plugs e.g. Electricity Power Plug)) + (Hybrid (using lesser and lesser (fuel liquid, gasoline, natural gas) means environmentally friendly), Hybrid means torque is from either combustion engine or structural Battery) + (EV, Electric Vehicle (torque from electrical motor) ... ; this DOMAIN developer (a "Tarzan" Rakhine American) 's remark: definition of usage "Hybrid" will be changing from (combustion engine or structural Battery) to any Electricity Power Plug or Solar Panel ... ; 1990s' Toyota invention ("Hybrid") continues ... rekishi History; Radical995; Also see: this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyperspace content e.g. ( u a v, UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) ... ;

n u r o (URL: https://www.nuro.ai) has started Vehicle . Technology . Service (deliveries, delivery) autonomously in USA, and as of 2022, e.g. (cooling or heating) system built-in, to keep foods fresh and hygiene, ... ; (deliveries, delivery) without drivers, operators, ... ; four wheels, eV (rechargeable structural Battery: electrical powered vehicle) ... ; 500 lb (pound) max. load, roadway transportation services ... ; officially partners with 7 Eleven, Wal-Mart, U b e r Eats, ... ; NFC (Near Field Communication) with IoT, i.e. knowing WHO, WHOM, WHOSE, ... ; pre-collision system built-in, for avoiding accident ... ; point-of-sale (POS) built-in with pass-code via TXT to customer with Order Number ... ; point-to-point GPS (base station, destination) programming ... ; roadway transportation (map, mapped, mapping, maps) only ... ; SPL system security (Language Translator based, sound patterns based application) ... ; USA (United States of America) DMA (Department of Motor Vehicle) approved ... ; vehicle (eV, 4 wheels) size is compact size (for easy parking space), ... ; visible recognition (Black Color, White Color) vehicle as color codes of the vehicle ... ; voice recognition built-in (audio, piano, video) with keywords ... ; VR, Virtual Reality (camera, camcorder, remote heat sensing, safe living) functional operational, ... ; using digital (map, mapped, mapping, maps) with high precision Location Awareness Response (cm scaled) ... ; wheel control (rotation, speed, spin), e.g. AWD (All Wheel Drive), dual motor, single motor, and tri motor are depending upon architect designer's (balancing stability, Synchronization) skill e.g. adding iro LED for each USB string (light) kuru kuru WHILE oscillation (Number of X t a l), ... ; Also see: this DOMAIN (a Tarzan's imaginary) 's Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ... ; a Tarzan's imaginary BOOM BOX Number ... ; be healthy to you, be safe in your living environment, good luck to you, ... ;

China; B Y D, L i Auto, N i o, and X p e n g are 4 biggest & largest eV (electric Vehicle) companies in China; China markets globally (our earth);

( MSN, Microsoft Network) news; a new aircraft carrier of China Navy;

this DOMAIN developer's remark: e.g.

built at the J i a n g n a n Shipyard;
naval warfare (aircrafts, amphibious assault ships, corvettes, destroyers, drones (in the air, underwater), frigates, submarines) ready to demolish any (enemy, foe, opponent) worldwide; world's naval milestone (civilizations) ... a part of (20+ aircraft carries with 50000+ Satellites) to (colonize, conquer) our earth (if using Space War (e.g. wormhole way Laser with multi long length neutrino Lasers from Satellites) approx. <2+ hours to demolish any nation in our earth) ;

this DOMAIN developer is a "Tarzan" alike and recommends living environments without electricity to survive from unwanted harmful lasers, because kuru kuru WHILE lights are (lapping, rounding) to do Server in WORMHOLE way, either negative or positive can prompt remote sensing either at the front or in the rear back, so living environments can become (dangerous, unhealthy) if those wormhole way lasers are focusing toward human beings (i.e. beyond 3+ memristor (s) As Node (Method, Procedure, Technique)), therefore, this DOMAIN developer is a "Tarzan" alike and recommends living environments without electricity to survive from unwanted harmful lasers; very dangerous (Flat Panel, Screen, ZCS) believe IT or NOT;

because of WORMHOLE ways, good (Method, Procedure, Technique) would be:
this DOMAIN 's directional gravity spots (to be elevating, to be landing);
this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System (to prolong life expectancy);
this DOMAIN 's Laser Shield living environments (to be healthy living environments);
this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather (to be avoiding natural disasters);
this DOMAIN 's 10000+ MPH missile interceptors (to shoot down illegal missiles);
Remark: Professor M i c h i o K a k u 's one of the books (written in EN English language), don't forget that WORMHOLE can connect 2 different regions at the same time; Also see: Automotive; kadosei Mobility; Physics Law 10000;

Remark: you don't want your head at the focal point location of yellowish variation, because yellowish variation can be WORMHOLE way pinpointing weapon; I've 2 brothers mentally disable, and still cannot figure-out (WHICH group, who) is behind this un-humane weapon ... therefore I've recommended 200+ millions peoples must be killed in order to change civilizations in our earth, and I've supported "an eye for all eyes" military tactics ; Yellowish Variation is not a joke, if you know PHYSICS very very well ... ; I will study (bio, medical) related ones until I've my own Anti Virus antibodies, also see: Water Clock;

pressroom . Toyota .com; news: 288V sealed Nickel-metal Hydride (N i - M H) Battery As Hybrid component; Also see: structural Battery, for (Floor X, Walls Y) directional gravity spots ... ; Lexus ES300H F Sport; Remark: H means Hybrid; F means mount Fuji; Adaptive Variable Suspension (A V S) with intuitive parking assist; Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (D R C C); 12.3-inch Display; Lane Departure Alert with Steering  Assist; Luxury trims; LSS+2.5 (Lexus Safety System) standard; Miles Per Gallon (44 MPG); Pre-Collision System (Automatic Emergency Breaking ( A E B), Emergency Steering Assist ( E S A), Frontal Collision Warning ( F C W));

world's 1st Hydrogen powered trains, will be transportation services, by East Japan Railway Company; world's 1st Hydrogen powered train, developed by Hitachi and Toyota; this DOMAIN developer's remark: after torque is gained, zero pollution, because H2O As Exhaust System; Hydrogen Gas Generator; Hydrogen Generator; converting Nitrogen to Hydrogen will be worth more than money (civilization type, power of civilization); converting Water to Hydrogen liquid will be worth more than money (civilization type, power of civilization);


PHEV VVTI Mode, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Variable Valve Timing Injection Mode; Also see: Automotive; Cloud; GPS; kadosei Mobility; Mode; Satellite; ("EV") means wheel is rotated by electric motor, in addition, eV means zero emission and low noise; ("Hybrid") means power source (RPM, speed, torque) by several systems; ("Mode") means a state of computing (computer operation); ("Plug-in") means any wall outlet connection to recharge the rechargeable Battery WHILE parking; ("VVTI") means the internal combustion engine's values are (on, off) by computer (EFI); ("VSC") means Vehicle Stability Control e.g. ((crossing through water flow), (driving on icy snow), (not-to-skip)); ("SUV") means Sport Utility Vehicle ((either 2x4 or 4x4 (AWD)), (either off-road or on-the-road), (either passenger or truck));
("AVS") means adaptive variable suspension system (e.g. variable height); ("A-TRAC") means Active Traction Control; ("ABS") means Anti-lock Braking System; I wrote: regarding Toyota, I've defined (green, blue, red, yellow) already inside the above table; Also see: iro LED And Then, you may add your own color codes, colors, ... ; however, since 2 is very very unique in many ways, combination of color Usage is a must to realize & understand, so I've a quiz, if I'm using Gray, then WHAT would the other color be? well trained kids! replied: if we're using Gray Color, And Then, other color would be Purple Color sir; I wrote: of course, Green Color should be with Red Color; you should be awarded for Gray LED, Green LED, Purple LED, Red LED, Silver LED, Yellow LED, ... approx. 6+ Novel Prizes are waiting for you!!!!!! regarding "our earth" only (in 2010s, Novel Prize award for Blue LED already); Also see: Gene Therapy System, kuru kuru WHILE (driving, commuting, traveling) ... ; Remark: (ACC, Adaptive Cruise Control); (AI, Artificial Intelligence); ((AWD, All Wheel Drive), (2WD, Two Wheel Drive), (4WD, Four Wheel Drive requires to lubricate propeller shaft every driven (km, mileage) service)); (CM BS, Collision Mitigation Braking System); (EFI, Electronic Fuel Injection); (FFV, Flexible Fuel Vehicle); (FWD, Front Wheel Drive); (GAWR, Gross Axle Weight Rating); (GCWR, Gross Combination Weight Rating); (GVWR, Gross Vehicle Weight Rating); (HD, High Definition Display); (JBL, James Bullough Lansing audio speaker system); (Kg, Kilogram); (km, Kilo Meter); (kW, Kilowatt); (kWh, kilo Watt hour, sustaining power for 1 hour, or 3600 kilo joules of energy delivery); (LED, Light Emitting Diode); (LiDAR, Light Detection And Ranging); (LSD, Limited-Slip Differential); (mm, Millimeter); (MPG, Miles Per Gallon); ((MPH, Miles Per Hour), (0-60 MPH, from zero mile-per-hour to sixty mile-per-hour speed)); (M + S, Mud + Snow); (NCS, Negative Curvature Surface); (NFC IoT, Near Field Communication Internet of Things); (PCS, Positive Curvature Surface); (PHEV, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle); (RD M, Road Departure Mitigation); (RPM, Revolutions Per Minute); (US, United States of America); (V8, arranged in "V" configuration (crankshaft), combustion engine with eight cylinder piston engine); (VIN, Vehicle Identification Number); (Wi-Fi, Wide Fidelity communication); ((XM, EXTENDED MODULE), (XM, X axis based Modulation)); (ZCS, Zero Curvature Surface); Remark: in combustion engines, "L" for (Liters and Cubic Inches), measured by displacement e.g. bigger the diameter of cylinders, bigger the Number "L" is; bigger the Number "L," more powerful the engine is; 1 Liter is approx. 61 cubic inches; regarding ("our earth" only) US Standard 2 cars garage, max dimension should be NOT MORE THAN (205" L x 80" W x 77" H), and SUV should fit into public parking and standard garage, regarding ("our earth" only) ... ;  SONY News ( eVTOL, eVTOL, eVTOL, eVTOL) ; Company Name: Bellwether; UK, United Kingdom based company; 1st test flight in Dubai Air show ; Founder: Daniel Chen and Kai- T s e Lin; Current Prototype: 2 seats eVTOL; (10.5 ft, 3.2 m) wide dimension; (3000 ft, 915 m) Altitude; (600 kilogram, 1320 lb) weight (max. take-off weight); (220 km/h, 135 MPH) speed; 60-90 minute (rechargeable battery system); International Young Designers' Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan, in 2015; the Bellwether, application certification with European Union Aviation Safety Agency, and UK Civil Aviation Authority; Google News; joint venture ((China . B Y D) + (Japan . Toyota)) will manufacture eV ... ;
  EWC, Elevating Without Combustion ... ; Also see: Schematic Dimensional; Hino Poncho Z EV (e-mobility, light duty electric bus); Isuzu C i t i VOLT, by (Japan + Turkey) A n a d o l u Isuzu; public transportation bus; UK's Rolls-Royce eV airplane; 387 MPH; B Y D Han eV in Latin America; China's B Y D Tang SUV eV in Europe; 0-100 km/h (approx. 62 mph) in 3.9 second; 550 km (approx. 342 miles) in range; Korea's Hyundai Ioniq5 eV; (32 module, 77 kWh, 384 cell) Battery; USA's R i v i a n R1T eV; USA's Tesla Model 3 AWD (All Wheel Drive) eV; 0-60 mph in 3.1 second; 315 miles in range; 80 kWh Battery;

2 is very very unique in many ways e.g.
(fuel cells + rechargeable batteries), i.e. Hybrid ... ;
(rechargeable batteries + solar power roof), i.e. Hybrid ... ;
(structural Battery + eV), i.e. Hybrid ... ;
(structural Battery + internal combustion engine), i.e. Hybrid ... ;
(structural Battery + solar power panel), i.e. Hybrid ... ;

( BZ, BZ, BZ, BZ) stands for "Beyond Zero" ... ; our Earth Only _Gravity Spot _structural Battery ... ; doko WHERE (Silver Color) is; Remark: military top secret, beyond this point, cannot explain anymore, because Gravity Spot can be the unique (gun, weapon), and universally applicable (devices, equipments, kadosei Mobility, machines, tools) ... ; Reminder: don't forget load-balancing structural gravity spots embedded Walls; Also see: Physics Law 198; Walls; 6 surfaced DEE Box (Method, Procedure, Technique) e.g. gravity spots should be diff on axis X, gravity spots should be diff on axis Y, gravity spots should be diff on axis Z;


E H a n g 216, a.k.a. Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (A A V), i.e. eVTOL; 2 seats; (16 independent propellers, 16 independent motors) mounted on 8 arms; 31 km (19 mile) max range; 140 kg (309 lb) payload; E H a n g eVTOL, made with sensors e.g. accelerometer, barometer, correct flight path, Global Navigation Satellite System (G N S S), gyroscope, intelligent navigation decision, magnetic compass, millimeter wave radar, visual sensor, ... , in addition, adapt to weather conditions and avoid obstacles; E H a n g eVTOL can be using for ambulance (emergency care), deliveries, relief (rescue operations), transports, ... ; fully auto pilot (Global Navigation Satellite System (G N S S)) ... ; China's one of the companies;

Computer Science; e.g.

Idea Processor based : Artificial Intelligence : Computer Science (this DOMAIN) ... ;

Currency per kWh ... ;

Energy Interface ... ;

full charge in ? hours;
full charge in ?? hours;

( glass, glass, glass, glass) ... ;

( Gravity Spots For Floors X, Gravity Spots For Walls Y), also see: Physics Law 32123, Balancing the Mobility (imaginary hyperspace craft) ;



( day , night ) ...  
our Earth Only _Gravity     Spot_ structural Battery;
Hypersonic _ kadosei Mobility _ X_ E W; Directions: from East to West;
Hypersonic _ kadosei Mobility _ X_ W E; Directions: from West to East;

Hypersonic _kadosei Mobility (our earth only (hyperspace craft, military missile, passenger flight));

e.g. 10000 km/hour speed of Hypersonic _kadosei Mobility ... ;
e.g. 10000 MPH speed of Hypersonic _kadosei Mobility ... ;

???? kilometers (km) of free sun-powered driving ... ;

NMC, Nickel Manganese Cobalt;
NMC, Nickel Manganese Cobalt;
NMC, Nickel Manganese Cobalt;
NMC, Nickel Manganese Cobalt;

e.g. NMC batteries;
e.g. NMC Battery;

Number kW ... ;

Range of ???? km ... ;
Range of ???? mile ... ;

Recharge Plug-in Hybrid ... ;

Satellite Radio ... ;

screen e.g. (infotainment screen), (touch screen), ... ;

self; e.g.




      jinko chino Artificial Intelligence      
        Hidden Network  
      n a v , a.k.a. navigation ;
      n a v , a.k.a. navigator ;
      augmented reality navigation ;      
      Co - pilot 360 Assist Plus ;
      Full Self - Driving ;    
        N I V I Link ;
              Pro PILOT ;
      Super Cruise self driving ;    
        this DOMAIN ; 3D Satellite ;

Remark: define yourself inside of the above table, e.g. self satellite system (embedded directional gravity spots (10000+ MPH Speed), guided high precision missiles, laser shield environments, rainbow method of shooting-down illegal missiles), because ware ware We've 50000+ satellites project currently going on ... ; jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ... ;

since (2565, 2021), China has solely (engineered, launched, owned) International Space Station, i.e. beyond Satellite (s), ... ;

since 2010s, this DOMAIN developer's imaginary web contents have mentioned "human beings livable moons" ... ;

structural Battery

e.g. (Method, Procedure, Technique) LG Energy Solution's N C M ... ;

e.g. (Method, Procedure, Technique) Panasonic N C A ... ;

the rechargeable battery can be recharged to ??% capacity in ?? minute ... ;

Wirelessly (recharge, recharged, recharging) each other on the (Mobility, moving) e.g. ((1st Transport in Motion), (2nd Transport in Motion)) Distance ... ;

yo KATAKANA _Space Craft _Yellowish Variation _Load Balancing _Walls Y, also see: Physics Law 198; Walls; y Character; y Computer;

yoke-type steering device e.g. 150° yoke-type steering turns the front wheels completely left ... ;

yoke-type steering device e.g. 150° yoke-type steering turns the front wheels completely right ... ;

zero traffic dead vehicles; e.g.

as of year (2566, 2022), "zero traffic dead vehicles" are : Acura R D X (Honda); BMW (X3, X5) 4WD; Cadillac Escalade 4WD (GM); Chevrolet Suburban 1500 4WD (GM); GMC Yukon XL 1500 4WD; Honda Odyssey; Infiniti Q X 60 (Renault + Nissan); Lexus CT 200H (Toyota); Lexus G X 460 4WD (Toyota); Lexus N X 200T 4WD (Toyota); Mercedes-Benz C-Class 4WD; Mitsubishi Outlander 4WD; Nissan Leaf (Renault); Porsche Cayenne 4WD; Range Rover 4WD (Ford); Subaru Outback (Toyota); Toyota Sienna 4WD; Toyota Tundra Crew Max 4WD; Volkswagen Golf; Remark: per million of registered vehicles per years;

Also see: Automotive;