; ; ; ; Updated in 2023 : July : 17th (Monday) : (server, Server, servers, Servers) ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 17 : 7 : 2023 : server : Server : server ;

Connecting...; , Connecting to media...; , are prompted WHEN browser handshakes to Internet/ISP/Network Adapter/...; ; mix-content, including Audio, Text, Video, ...;

Connect in g to server ... ;      
Connect in g to Server ... ;      
Connect in g to Server ... ;      
Connect in g to Server ... ;      
Connect in g to SERVER ... ;      

Also see: dot dot dot; Processor;

Also see: DNS Forwarder; Network Topology; Server role configuration; this DOMAIN;

2565; 1/28/2022; ( Weather Satellite Server1 For _Anti-Earthquake, Weather Satellite Server2 For _Anti-Earthquake, Weather Satellite Server3 For _Anti-Earthquake, Weather Satellite Server4 For _Anti-Earthquake, Weather Satellite Server5 For _Anti-Earthquake, Weather Satellite Server6 For _Anti-Earthquake, Weather Satellite Server7 For _Anti-Earthquake) also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

R U N A T ,        
Radio Unit Network Address Translator ;        

Class ("R U N A T"), also see: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (global .asa) ... ;

2565; January 11, 2022; rechargeable Battery Server; kuru kuru WHILE e.g. (rounding, surrounding) eight Rounded rectangular ones, so (( 3) * ( 8) = ( 24)), so called ("rechargeable Battery Server") ... ; because of this kind of structural, ("Solar Sail") can be, regarding this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyperspace crafts ... ; Remark: beyond "L" Method ... ;

2565; 09/14/2021; structural Battery Server; e.g.

I wrote: I've a gift i.e. structural Battery Server, & wondering how many servers would you like to design & model for IT?

well trained kids! replied: 5 sir; (1 Silver Color, 3 Black Color) at the edges, and Cell Path in the midst sir, so ware ware We're going have 5 servers, for each structural Battery ... ;

I wrote: mochiron of course; Also see: Battery; Cloud; Physics Law 179; Server; structural Battery; doko WHERE : (2,2,2,2,2, mano (the mind) 79); those (2,2,2,2,2) form 10; don't confuse (6 places are NOT 6 different locations) because they are only at 1 location), also see: Idea Processor;

well trained kids! replied: WHY do you change ("this DOMAIN") with a square box's inside alike sir?
I wrote: since you've learnt NORMAL means square boxes alike, if compare to MOBILE has been rounded square alike, i.e. regarding servers, so both mobile and normal would be much better server ... ; Also see: Products;

( 402nm, 498nm, 571nm, 643nm) IIS98, Internet Information Server (±98), using ( 9801_AquaZCS, 9801_Default) for yellow strings based S P L (Sound Pressure Level) ... ; power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

Server ... ;

smart glass door with HOME Security,
smart glass window with HOME Security,
smart invisible LASER Shield living environment,
smart roll-able plastic computer,
smart roll-able plastic phone, ... ;

this DOMAIN ( QA (B D C, P D C, S D C)) among servers, a.k.a. 3 rounds of QA ;
this DOMAIN ( QA (B D C, P D C, S D C)) among servers, a.k.a. 3 rounds of QA ; d o k o WHERE (B D C, Backup Domain Controller), (P D C, Primary Domain Controller), (S D C, Secondary Domain Controller) ; 5 rounds of PDC ... , also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 456,
SQRT3, with SQRT2 ;

using yellowish variation for each human beings livable moon, ... ;

21st century & beyond; (computer program, person, thing, this DOMAIN . triangulation . system) provide services (e.g. managing accesses, sharing resources) i.e. server (No, Yes); power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

e.g. audio server; (red, white);
e.g. Gravity Dimension Computer server; ( DEE, variable DEE pattern);
e.g. location awareness server; ( GPS, X Y coordinate);
e.g. Name server; (nama, name, S M S);
e.g. SPL server; (level, pressure, sound);
e.g. Video Server; (yellow, yellowish variation);
e.g. WWW server; (e-mail, ftp, http, protocol);
e.g. ZCS server; (flat panel, screen, surface);

e.g. managing accesses (1&1 Method, Cookie, RDBMS) ... ;
e.g. sharing resources ( radio) ... ;

e.g. using (Artificial Intelligence, Idea Processor, this DOMAIN . triangulation . system) for each server ... ;

( HKE, HKE, HKE), also see: 6hComputer;
( LSE, LSE, LSE), also see: 9lComputer;
( NYSE, NYSE, NYSE), also see: 9nComputer;
( TSE, TSE, TSE), also see: 8tComputer;

IFF ZCS ((, ), And Then, ( (up, upward))) i.e. Video Server ... ; component (green) may begin ... ; 21st century & beyond;

(Mobile vs. Normal) e.g. 15x15 dimensional ones: ( 15x15_dimensional_Mobile, 15x15_dimensional_Normal), also see: Physics Law 198; Pressure _Machine;

2020/2563; 2020/2564; (Gregorian Calendar / Buddha Calendar) year) monochrome bitmap server :


(1080 = 108 * 10), And Then, for each (either circle or square, SQRT2 design model, SQRT3 design model), Highlight (Green) is for reversed yellowish variation, Highlight (Yellow) is for yellowish variation, (Gray, (Hex={11,11,11}), (Hex={E3,E3,E3})) is for gray scaled simulation, for each ACT3 imaginary hyper space craft, and, for each ACT2 imaginary hyper space craft, ... ; Remark: all human beings livable moons are owned by the Shakya (Shakya a.k.a. Swastika) King;

for each local (10), for each remote (100), ... ;

2 tables design model, 11 is an extension of 10 dimensional, doko WHERE ../../Desktop/システム/zcs Black .jpg; zcs (Zero Curvature Surface) * 6 IFF 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index e.g. * 6, regarding ; Remember, as of 2020/2563, 2020/2564, we're developing DEE Box, believe it or not ... ; well trained kids! need to realize & understand PHYSICS, law eighty six, jinko chino DEE Box, doko WHERE (either circle or square) hacho Wavelength can be realized & understood as (e.g. 402nm, 498nm, 571nm, 643nm) ... ; Remark: 10 a.k.a. Up Jun, regarding 4 phase lunar calendar (10 a.k.a. Up Jun, 20 a.k.a. Mid Jun, 30 a.k.a. Down Jun); this DOMAIN has reserved 12 dimensional, and 14 dimensional for you well trained kids! regarding all human beings livable moons are owned by Shakya King, and if you like to develop your own space systems ... ; regarding (1980s, 2000s, 2020s, ... ), monochrome display started with CRT technology in 1980s, And Then, R G B display, And Then, (flat panel, flat screen, flat surface), And Then, 90 degree to CRT by (directional, heterodyning, remote heat sensing) via Memristor As Node, And Then, zcs (Zero Curvature Surface), And Then, 2020s' DEE Box (i.e. beyond edge, beyond layer) so called directional gravity, directional gravity spots, using (gravity spot ((Gravity Dimension Computer) j u r y o Weight; j u r y o Weight; weight; j u r y o Weight; weight)) ... ; please measure your device's weight before-and-after installation of this DOMAIN 's contents;

monochrome bitmap server ... ;

(2019/2562; 2019/2563; (Gregorian Calendar / Buddha Calendar) year) 2019 i.e. Gregorian Calendar's year;

e.g. Microsoft's Windows Server 2019;
e.g. Microsoft's Windows Server 2016;

since 2018/2561, HOW to correct genetic information (A, C, G, T) sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand "normal" e.g. regarding our earth, defining (common, normal, standard) as Gene Therapy System index; 2nd to understand Gravity Dimension Computer ((aqua color) as its (common, normal, standard)); 3rd to understand :

from aqua to blue,
from aqua to green,
from aqua to olive,
from aqua to red,
from aqua to yellow,

regarding this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System server ... ;

Also see: server;
Also see: server;

Remark: regarding human beings livable moons in our universes , {E3, E3, E3} color or silver color should be (common, normal, standard), if compare to aqua (a.k.a. cyan) color as our earth's (common, normal, standard); think that "red" is somehow related to C Sequence Number (BF2) remote heat sensing ("red" is somehow a limitation of 2,3 dimensional, nearby our earth), if compare to 3,4 dimensional imaginary hyper space (human beings livable moons, NOT nearby our earth) 's {E3, E3, E3} color or silver color ... ; therefore, knowledge levels are classified as ACT1, ACT2, and ACT3 among civilizations' elites, and ACT3 is the highest knowledge based i.e. information beyond human beings livable moons, if compare to ACT1 as our earth's theories ... ; if ACT2 knowledge can be worth billions and billions dollar, then ACT3 knowledge can be worth beyond money e.g. trillions and trillions of dollar;

2021/2564 Design Model; this DOMAIN 's Pane Server; Remark: Mobile style (34x21) "Rounded rectangle" in Action e.g.


( fugaku Computer, fugaku Computer, fugaku Computer, fugaku Computer), also see: Computers;

well trained kids! replied: WHY did you create "pane server" sir ?

I wrote: some "Block Chain" (s) are neither Directory nor File, but "Block Chain" (s) obey 10 dimensional system e.g. 10 dimensional system ("Block Chain"), so  this DOMAIN 's Pane Server would be like THAT ... ; Also see: Directories; Files;

Remark: Backup Domain Controller (B D C), Primary Domain Controller (P D C), and Secondary Domain Controller (S D C) require multiple times of kuru kuru, e.g. more than 3 rounds ... ; Also see: Keyword To Port Number;

since 12/9/2015 /2559, info. txt (one of the files at this DOMAIN 's root) has changed its system value to アイピーブイシックス ("IPv6") : {PHONE number, e.g. 1 209 681 9218}, therefore, if you're IT technician, system engineer, web developer, you should change info. txt file's data to your phone number; because, this DOMAIN would like to have (end point, green color as SYNC, PHONE number as feedback signal, ... ); because, your server's end point and feedback signal should be defining with your PHONE number ... ;

gravity; Radical360;

Gravity Dimension Computer Server (this DOMAIN) for each human beings livable moon ( all Time Zone) in our universes ... ; Also see: Services;

HOW to design a server ? one of the methods (common and easy way) is: kuru kuru WHILE ( is from right to left, is from bottom to top) i.e. server; doko WHERE is ACTION ? one of the methods (common and easy way) is : end of the line (a.k.a. line-by-line, interpreter (step-by-step) method based on translator) i.e. ACTION; since XY are by DEE, so called Gravity Dimension Computer Server ... ; and then, 1-sided (5), 2-sided, ... ; and then DEE Box (6 surfaces) ... ; to design DEE Box (6 surfaces), our universes' momentum and its dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural, ... must be thoroughly understood (i.e. true space system) ... ; and remember, all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King; regarding dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural, also see: Radicals;

Remark: this DOMAIN 's gravity dimension computer server is our world's 1st and very very unique method (designed & developed by Rakhine), i.e. accordance with Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization for changing civilizations in our earth (e.g. gene therapy system for each user to prolong life expectancy, e.g. manmade global weather to do good weather conditions, e.g. remote nama reading via humanoids for each person, ... ), therefore ( IFF IoT, IFF smart device) weight may vary ... ;

regarding    yellowish variation    on human beings livable moons in our universes,

1st to understand HOW yellowish curvature e.g. ( zero Curvature, positive Curvature, negative Curvature) as screen surface of this DOMAIN system;

2nd to understand x variable (also see: 6xComputer), y variable (also see: 7yComputer), z variable (8zComputer); because, in common, read the next line is WHAT server does;

3rd to do, DEE as Number Table, And Then

21st century 's Gravity Dimension Computer server:

F S + . S Y S e.g. positive ;
F S - . S Y S e.g. negative ;

for each human beings livable moon in our universes, do measure yellowish variation, do B L I (Body Length Index) automatic adjustment, do gene therapy system, ... ;

DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) is somehow related to negative;

common programs are somehow related to positive, and then multiplication a.k.a. M U X Method (i.e. by multiplexing), on the other hand, common programs are not recommended to be negative and then subtraction a.k.a. division method WHICH is somehow exist but very difficult to do;

Remark: there is only ichi One Book in our world; therefore, there is no 2 computer systems in our world, so we need to share ... ; Remark: there is only ichi One Book (computer) in our universes, therefore, all other systems are its system extensions, and depending upon knowledge, skill, and technique, computer's quality may vary, because of embedded devices ... ;

question would be: inside of SQRT3 (√3) with SQRT2 (√2) design, there are 2 floating point numbers, and are they positive only, or can they be related to negative? answer would be: yes, both plus and minus can be defined IFF using SQRT2 design model 's sequence value (98) ... ;

SQRT3 design model is not available to public yet (as of 2015/2559) e.g. no books are available to read and study regarding SQRT3 design model, therefore no sequence value number yet to define for SQRT3; IFF SQRT2 design model (sequence value 98) and then (FS+, FS-) doko WHERE plus and minus are one after another flip-flop alike;

IFF gravity dimension computer ( kan Weight) measure,

Also see: 8514959 (i.e. heavier) vs. 3978259 (i.e. lighter),

doko WHERE heavier is more likely to be システム ( BE server),  

doko WHERE lighter is more likely to be システム ( FE server) ,

using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do e.g. automotive computer's gravity calculation, for each (elevating and landing) surfaces in the  Internet, managing gravity spots, ... ; IFF ;

kuru kuru WHILE elevating, use Highlight (aqua) color;
kuru kuru WHILE landing, use Highlight (olive) color;

verify SERVER type;

C y g win ;          
Default ( Auto detect ) ;        
D O S ;    
D O S - like with virtual path s ;
H P Non Stop ;          
, / ,
M V S , OS / 3 9 0 ,
/ ;            
Z / OS ;            
U n i x , i.e. Unix ;    
V M S ;            
V x Work s ;          
z / Virtual Machine ;          

verify Server Type;

2015/2559: model, this DOMAIN 's server WHICH serves 6 universal Internet e.g. Blue Gray Internet, Blue Green Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, Green Blue Internet, and Green Gray Internet;

Gravity Dimension Computer (this DOMAIN 's server) must obey iro Colour Wave Form 's lights as instruction; GDC must also obey kan Weight measurement;

Computer Mini Dictionary 's services with 101 numbers of floating point are defined for each (map (map starts at 40), GPS (GPS starts at 50), surface (starts at 61) in the Internet, device's weight (starts at 81)) i.e. basic understanding of SQRT2 only ... ; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, if SQRT3 with SQRT2 (i.e. future's elites' new systems ... );

2014/2558: kuru kuru WHILE true iroColourWaveForm synchronization ( timestamp analysis) AI to decide e.g. urgent, higher priority, high priority, low priority, lower priority, ... ;

2013/2556: this DOMAIN AI SYSTEM Cloud with nature i.e. naturally ... ;

            this DOMAIN    
    AI SYSTEM ( Cloud )
e.g. Infra structure as a Service i.e. I a a S
e.g. Plat form as a Service i.e. P a a S
e.g. Soft ware as a Service i.e. S a a S
    e.g. Testing as a Service i.e. T a a S ;

 this DOMAIN AI SYSTEM Cloud Computing ... ;

2556: client-server model;

client - server model ;    
client server model ;      
client - server model

2555: IFF DNS, Domain Name System, this DOMAIN Satellite DNS; GPS triangulate;

. ;  
America Myanmar . net ;  
                usa myanmar
. net Satellite D N S system      
domain name server , DNS ;      
DNS , Domain Name System ;        

IFF ro (linear) server ... ; ... ; IFF ro (dynamic) server ... ; ... ;

Concerning TV, Video, ... , commonly seen broadcasting frames are ro/1, ro/2, and ro/4; ro/6 or ro/8 are rarely seen in public channels; 9 vs. division method is very difficult in reverse engineering ... ; In addition to linear, in addition to dynamic, IFF structure e.g. Solar Trees with RFID servers by Network Topologies, also see: structured sequence numbers e.g. C, D, E, F, G, ... ; IFF structure e.g. devices switch either MOBILE or NORMAL, also see: Automotives ... ;

2554: IFF _TIP_ by this DOMAIN, also see: Grid; 7kComputer (e.g. kWh); NOT GPS;

2554: IFF Satellite _DNS _Domain, サーバ (Server = 451.742) AND GPS;

2554: IFF numerological dimension, サーバ (Server = 31911.123);

2553: IFF auto run .inf, サーバSERVER=this DOMAIN;

;D O S W I N D O W S

2553 SATELLITE DNS, testing bounce Distance=3 with x m . i n f within 24mm natural time in ACT1 stage; For ACT2 stage, also see: SATELLITE DNS with RFID for "flying automotives", NOT able to sync with this DOMAIN 's imaginary ACT3 hyper-spacecraft's IN CK, FN CK, ... yet; Therefore, develop DNS to be in ns, ps, ... with RFID ... also with SYNC;


ACT3 network <> ACT2 network <> Back Ends a.k.a. BE <> Front Ends a.k.a. FE <> Client / サーバServer, and the fastest architecture is light as frequency so that within a few seconds worldwide, and then song a.k.a. Audio as signal pattern as frequency [for basic understanding, also see: parallel potential inner space environment], and then clients can do computing in frame format along with architectural specification for example: 150x tracks ... ; There is no other ways, therefore, Time . Space . Action Eastern philosophy is universal true, and ACT2, ACT3 stage parallel time development is in progress ... ; Also see: Cable ACT3 network 25530 <> 10710 ACT2 network;   Computers;   Grid vs. Others;   Network Design Principle;


2010 this DOMAIN Numerological Dimensional サーバ Server:

client-server architecture i.e. distributed model;

 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
 O 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
 O 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
 O 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
 O 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6
 O 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5
 O 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4
 O 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3
 O 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2
 O 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1
 舰㠂आ蘪虈෷܁ꀂʂ〩ʂȥā1ରआ蘪虈෷܁ꀁʂ ʂ〉 Ƃꁶȃ ȁဂꛑё栻꼍Ꝍ軐퓱ꅹरԆหȃԝㄘ〖ؔ唃ഓ摁業楮瑳慲潴ひᜠ」〹ㄲ㄰㐷〱娲༘ㄲ㤰㄰㜱㜱ㄴ㈰ずㄘ〖ؔ唃̄ഓ摁業楮瑳慲潴ひ龁ര आ蘪虈෷āԁ̀趁要脂沥ꀟ☟贊囇囬乿넵髇쯶㨃麙蛸蔜솙踠㰳㾡⊦潎쯮O밍ギ怆啸푍黟䔂揀䋉織녙ꦂ䨘氶��띍謄ᅍ埭ꅭ擺혛��臨缸᠏��偏熂ഥ䂮♯紏ࡷ袝ᔢⓄ姠攜֣̂ꌁずじؕ唃┝คర ਆ ث Ё舁਷Ѓ㐰ᵕБꀫة⬊Ć Ą㞂Ȕꀃఛ䄙浤湩獩牴瑡牯啀䅓奍乁䅍R र̆ᵕ Г。 ̎ᴂ 脃ꊉ煌듼ﺎ⟲捦胎ᶧ쀘䵯䪠ꮱ㵸㑠钨㖃須춹ꄆꥉ諓㽑䀰˅ꜭ貕賄㔲㿄旐츧䠔ɟ큻์癸뽣娜릫惧뼤宬桦㷒ʐ㮉섮祑ȝ㬢椖娘ᖅϩ왱㉷Ȣ⹴1 

distributed model i.e. client-server architecture;

2010 B E S, Blackberry Enterprise サーバServer; Blackberry Presenter, supporting Video In, Video Out, via VGA, via S-Video, from its Blackberry device;


2009 i S N S サーバservers: by running i S C S I Initiator, connect network, can configure parameters such as Discovery Target portals with port i.e. 3260, i S N S サーバservers, ... ;


2009 Windows Home サーバServer, Progress:    1,1,1 [min, max, current]    ; notice that tap key for example [    9@ 1001    inside \\Desktop\.. KEYBOARD .sys ] is deployed for bi-directional design inside scripts, also see: \\Desktop\*.* and its sub folder... and also notice that Cold Boot . i n i file has been engineered for not only boot but also cold a.k.a. system power [AC, DC, battery, ...] off and then boot, so that this DOMAIN 's PRODUCT [version C23 or later] can be used not only Desktop but also (サーバserver); IFF testing system, please use this DOMAIN PRODUCT as a last option, IFF no other options are available WHILE installing サーバserver computer, because semi-conductor technology, nano-processor technology, MUX *c h* on board configuration, 24mm Natural Time, and OS engineering, are out of this DOMAIN developer's knowledge ... ;

IFF certificate, also see: ..\\Certificate\this DOMAIN.p7b, ... ; Security;


2008: Print サーバserver,

Brother print サーバserver i.e. HL-21* compact laser printers are built in with web サーバserver, by using HTTP, and also web browser dependent so that the サーバservers only work with specific web browsers, and also plug and play RJ45, USB, Wireless; http://printer's IP address, for example: ;

Web サーバServers, hardware in 2008, world wide web services have been served by web サーバservers such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape Enterprise, ... ; Also see: g e i s t t e k .com, G E I S T Technology's low cost web サーバservers;



Microsoft ISA サーバserver, connectivity, firewalls, 2007;

MOSS, Microsoft Office Share Point サーバServer, content search;  

W A P gateway サーバserver, wireless Internet, in 2007, to serve mobile notebooks, to serve handhelds, in addition to ISP server phone number + user name + password, mobile phone service provider provides W A P gateway サーバserver name and its port number;


Note: In 2006, very very large data within very very short period of time can be 2~4 G bps, [www . n e c . c o . j p / press / en / 0606 / 2601 .html];


Blade Symphony, 2005 Hitachi; Region specific = North America; World's 1st hardware virtualization, works with Intel's Itanium 2 Virtualization Technology; World's 1st 667 MHz Intel Itanium 2 サーバserver deployment;

Command: l p q -s サーバserver Name for print サーバservers, printer サーバservers, ... ;

Water cooled サーバserver: 2005 NEC Express5800/110Ca; Intel Pentium R 4 processor; 3EGHz; 512MB memory, and support up to 4GB; Disk-less; RAID 5; Silent <30dB operating noise; World's 1st water cooled サーバserver;


RFID サーバserver vs. others, RFID サーバserver (s) can be universal, including ACT1, ACT2, ..., also see: RFID サーバserver;

Microsoft Windows サーバServer 2003 >> Start >> Manage Your サーバServer IFF servers, サーバServer.Win2003Platform.xls in Excel >> Add or remove a role >> and then, サーバserver role can be configured as: ASP .NET Application サーバserver, Domain controller (Active Directory), D H C P サーバserver, DNS サーバserver Graphics knowledge based needed, File サーバserver, IIS Application サーバserver, POP3 Mail サーバserver, Print サーバserver, Remote access / V P N サーバserver, SMTP Mail サーバserver, Streaming media サーバserver, Terminal サーバServer, and WINS サーバserver; Also see: User;

Windows Terminal サーバServer 2003 <> X.25 network provider <> X.121 remote サーバservers are A l a s c o m / T y m n e t / MCI, C o m p u s e r v e, E i c o n X .PAD, Info Net, Info Net X25, Info Net, Alternate, S I T A Group Network, Sprint Net, Alternate, Sprint Net, Standard, Tele mat i c s, Trans p ac, ... ;

Windows サーバServer 2003 components are, Start >> Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs >> Windows Components >> Windows Setup... >>

iconAccessories and Utilities including Accessibility Wizard, Accessories, and Communications;

iconApplication サーバServer including Application サーバServer Console, ASP .NET, Enable network COM+ access, Enable network D T C access, Internet Information Services (IIS), and Message Queuing;

iconCertificate Services including Certificate Services CA, and Certificate Services Web Enrollment Support;

iconE-mail Services including POP3 Service, and POP3 Service Web Administration;

iconFax Services;

iconIndexing Service;

iconInternet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration including For administration groups, and For all other user groups;

iconManagement and Monitoring Tools including Connection Manager Administration Kit, Connection Point Services, Network Monitor Tools, Simple Network Management Protocol, W M I SNMP Provider, and W M I Windows Installer Provider;

iconNetworking Services including Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (D H C P), Internet Authentication Service, R P C over HTTP Proxy, Simple TCP/IP Services, and Windows Internet Name Services (WINS);

iconOther Network File and Print Services including File Services for Macintosh, Print Services for Macintosh, and Print Services for Unix;

iconRemote Installation Services;

iconRemote Storage;

iconTerminal サーバServer;

iconTerminal サーバServer Licensing;

iconUDDI Services including UDDI Services Administration Console, UDDI Services Database Components, and UDDI Services Web サーバServer Components;

iconUpdate Root Certificates;

iconWindows Media Services including Multicast and Advertisement Logging Agent, Windows Media Services, Windows Media Services Administrator for the Web, and Windows Media Services snap-in;

2000 ~

For Monbusho level system experts only: assuming that after setting fixed IP address for switching network connection, and either DNS resolved or WINS resolved address for a proxy, and then test all world class サーバservers; To do so, test サーバservers should be at switching network side;

Scalar サーバserver, i.e. Linux TX-7 H P C サーバserver with SX-8 vector may deploy G F S to serve very very large data within very very short period of time; World's the fastest computer's scalable サーバserver, in early 21st century; SAN / FC, N F S okay;

サーバServer analysis without imaging ... WHERE Menu contains buttons "clickable" "functional key combinations" ... , WHERE Left pane contains systems' constraints such as directory, drive, ... , WHERE Right pane contains data, file, path, ... ; before analyzing a サーバserver WHAT kind サーバserver must be known i.e. either  L AND R, L OR R, M AND R, M OR L, and so on, ... ; At time t, WHEN a pin is being predicted to be clicked WHICH means WHENEVER button exists, a pin line must be internally ready to process/perform [must understand syntax vs. semantic 1st, because pins are limited, buttons are unlimited, because pins perform specific task:, buttons also perform specific task:, because buttons can be embedded, pins also can be embedded, because ... ], basically, a computer's interface can be classified into L, M, R, ... ; To understand all possible combination of L, M, R, ... , both hardware and software must be understood; this DOMAIN recommends lesser pin count design;

i.e. to analyze a certificate, in common, file format such as * . c e r, *.p7b, * . p f x, ... ; IFF * . c e r, file format must be either DER encoded binary X.509, or Base-64 encoded X.509;  Certificate's Field and Value must be known for example Field . Version = Value . V3; Field . Serial number = Value . hex ...; Field . Signature algorithm = Value.sha1RSA; Field . Issuer = Value . user@domain_ name; Field . Valid from = Value . Time; Field . Valid to = Value . Time; Field . Subject = Value . user@domain_ name; Field . Public key = Value.RSA(2048 Bits); Field . Basic Constraints = Value . Subject Type = Company Name, Path Length Constraint = 8; Field . Thumbprint algorithm = Value.sha1; Field . Thumbprint = Value . hex ...; Field . Friendly name = Value . Computer a.k.a. name; Field . Enhanced key usage (property) = Value . Secure Email, サーバServer Authentication [also see: this DOMAIN 's *. c e r* e.g. サーバserver authentication]; After understanding file format, and fields' values for authentication, WHO must be understood to WHOM known as Certification Authorities of Trusted Root;

i.e. to analyze a FE, Front Ends adapter, (IP address =is (IP address AND Subnet mask)) = A pair of set {...}, therefore a pair of [set] {IP address U Subnet mask}, therefore a pair of {TRUE, TRUE}; IFF comma is used for multiple addresses, for example,, IP addresses with Subnet Mask,, and notice that the concept of "pair" is a must and use of commas, therefore 2 commas with 3 IP addresses must have 2 commas with 3 Subnet mask addresses, otherwise will be NOT TRUE;

i.e. to analyze a FE default gateway, (Default Gateway =is (Default Gateway AND Metric)); In common i.e. default gateway AND metric 1; Metric can vary between 1 and 9999;

i.e. to analyze a FE DNS address: if blank the adapter will obtain address from DNS サーバserver i.e. [Automatic] in [Status/Value], OR the adapter does not use [Not used]; The reason OR might be for BE, Back Ends, and DNS suffix such as .com, .net, .org, ... are in BE by network provider [Remark: to logon into any BE サーバservers such as domain controllers, ISP root サーバservers, Network Provider name and Network Provider password are needed; Do not confuse with Administrator logon; Approx. 100,000+ computers might have 1 Network Provider logon; Because, it is impossible to know all 3 panes, because it is restricted and limited, because trillions and trillions of currencies ... so it is recommended NOT TO KNOW ALL 3 PANES];

i.e. to analyze a FE WIN address: same concept as DNS except if blank the adapter will not [Not used] addresses;

i.e. to analyze a Proxy サーバserver [also see: Internet vs. Proxy サーバServer]: in common 1 proxy サーバserver is set for 1 LAN, to do so Internet Properties>>Connections>>LAN Settings>>and then define Proxy サーバServer address and port, for example Address: www . this DOMAIN . net   Port: 8080 ; In common, never use IP address, use only resolved named address;

i.e. to analyze a Proxy サーバserver: in the following Proxy サーバserver diagram, notice that one or more items [such as: Address; Bypass proxy サーバserver for local addresses; Exceptions; FTP; Gopher; HTTP; Secure; Socks; Use a proxy サーバserver for your LAN; ... ] must be set to deploy a proxy サーバserver; Accordance with functional time, Exceptions cannot be set without Address; "local comma file" is called character string, and "local" stands for local systems, "file" stands for files; Remark: can use Left pane, Right pane concept;


i.e. to analyze benchmark research and development records:

1st to understand concurrency and its concurrent applications regardless of whether by parallel computing, or by serial computing; In hardware, channels must be understood before understanding concurrency, to do so find and read the usage channel in Schematic Symbols .htm; In software, for example, MSDN semaphores in concurrency must be understood;

2nd to understand scale, scalable, for each channel, in hardware, N frequencies exist within 1 bandwidth, and those bandwidths in several channels must be scaled, so called scalable. In software, pipelining architecture provides multi-threads computing. In this concept, frequency is more hardware oriented, and architecture is more software oriented. In SQL query system, WHEN scale, users quantity can be increased without losing speed;

3rd to understand benchmark, for testing systems, for testing computer's processing speed [usage throughput was used], ... ; In 2007, Fujitsu's benchmarking [http : // www . f u j i t s u .com / global / services / computing / server /s p a r c e n t e r p r i s e /key-reports/benchmarks/sparce-feature070511.html] has been reported as SAP SD 2-tier for online transactions' response time, SPEC OMPL2001 Open M P for concurrent applications, L in pack for floating point mathematical calculations and linear equations calculations, STREAM for memory bandwidths, ... ;


1995: Internet vs. Proxy サーバServer Settings,

also see: Proxy Options... ;

IF Direct connection to the Internet is TRUE, no need to set up proxy サーバserver.

IFF Connect to the Internet through the following proxy サーバserver is TRUE, and then サーバServer Address: IP address here, Port: Port integer number here, and then User Name: User name here, Password: Password here. [Remark: can be Import from Windows IFF online already]

IFF Connect to the Internet using the following SOCKS4 サーバserver, and then サーバServer Address: IP address here, Port: Port integer number here, and then User Name: User name here, Password: Password here.

IFF Win XP >> Direct X . Cpl >> DirectX Diagnostic Tool >> More Help >> M S Info... >> System Info >> Internet Setting >> Internet Explorer >> Connectivity >> Auto Proxy Detect Mode   Enabled;

1990 ~ FTP サーバServer,

Common FTP Properties are サーバServer address: IPv4, IPv6 addresses with Port: number default is 21, Login user name: user name, Password: password, Display name:; Advanced Options are Initial directory:, Timeout (in sec.):, Keep alive frequency (in sec. 0 = disable):, Use proxy settings, Passive mode, Host type: such as Auto Detect, D C T S, Mach Ten, ABC's サーバServer, TCP/Connect||, UNIX, V M / CMS, VMS, Web STAR, and Windows NT, LIST options: such as -|A, -a|, -A; Notice that old mainframe computers use FTP access; Also see: file z ill a -project .org; i p switch . com; ... ;

1989 ~ 1995:

;$ p $ g    command;;

;IFF App Data a.k.a. users OR 9 a.k.a. 0409 a.k.a. Tab a.k.a. $RECYCLE . BIN a.k.a. ... ;

;123456789; IFF Windows Safe Mode: wait for a WHILE, at the DOS prompt, hit Tab key, again and again ... WHICH prompts current OS step by step ... ; therefore, system can be further study ... such as C#, commands, ... ; also see: command NOT Enter;

apache     Apache;

IFF 2011/2555 network topology, using artificial intelligence ( daisy chain) analyze 285 current system's load balancing (i.e. system's log 95 form or system's sign 95 form), IFF the daisy chain is unbalance, automatic load balancing the network ... ;

New Server; e.g.

New Server ... ;

s ā s a n a year: IFF auto run . i n f, サーバSERVER=this DOMAIN;_ IFF 101; 102; 106; 109;  ; ; ABC; computer system () Using HTML♯; ... link, using this DOMAIN AI OS characters (e.g. ㄴ, ㈰) for all latches inside processor ... ; artificial intelligence WHILE linking ... ; mode, compatibility mode; multi time lines (h Computer, v Computer, z Computer) using , , , , , , , , , , ... ; 1st to understand horizontal multi time lines; 2nd to understand vertical multi time lines; 3rd to understand z depth; In the near future, gravity dimension computer might be able to analyze IQ of computers, by directional gravity; Once, IQ of computers can be implemented and functional, and then, pressure, speed, temperature, ... can be artificial intelligently; share; Artificial Intelligence ( AI) secure the system's share ... ; sharing     sharing     sharing; T F S ((URL of Team Foundation Server) OR (name)) i.e. Microsoft platform ... ; this DOMAIN multi media devices player, using no COOKIE (i.e. \\IT\ Executable Application \no COOKIE .exe) Internet Browser ... ;

                    encrypt ( web ) ... ;                            
_ : l o c a l   m a c h i n e s                 e . g .        
e 0 : c a : 9 4 : 3 2 : 7 b : d f                              
          - P C : .   t h i s   D O M A I N      
b 4 : 7 5 : 9 f : f 7 : c 3 : 6 4                              

video ... ; Define your OEM's number by yourself above, because your server should be your OEM's number;

Web server    
Web server ;  
File server  
File server ;

Location Server; Also see: 8lComputer; 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; Network Topology; Physics Law 113; Router; Server;

( workload, workload, workload, workload);

2553: after 20+ years of research & development, this DOMAIN solves "fault" among サーバservers; "fault" makes サーバservers' temperature higher; there is a technical term called "fault tolerance" among RAID implementation; before installation of this DOMAIN Product into サーバserver1, サーバserver2, サーバserver3, ... [3 or more computers], サーバservers board's temperature should be measured 1st, so that this DOMAIN 's contents really solves such high heat servers to be low heat servers, because "light rate bridge vs. light rate CRC" has been developed:

- this DOMAIN multi-functional system requires a drive, for example x: , therefore by using partition tool, network engineer can create a drive called e.g. x: ; IFF manufacture built-in drive e.g. d:, and then d: drive [drive can be any drive _letter anyway]

- copy *.* from this DOMAIN Product into the drive; the reason WHY サーバservers become hot inside, is: systems have been registered as (Default) REG_SZ [notice that millisecond M with impedance Z a.k.a. M Z has been internally swap as S Z where S + y s t e m to be System ..., after 1995 WHEN C D F S with "light rate" began, millisecond is no longer a solution, so companies deploy bridge among buses ... ]

- click on this DOMAIN 's 1 & only 108th day configured digital certificate into the system, so サーバserver will be protected by standard ;

- click on this DOMAIN 's system registry file (e.g. Publisher .reg) and install into the system, so one of the AI global characters [also see: OS .txt] will automatically, artificially and intelligently solve サーバserver's state's "fault" in milliseconds with its "light rate bridge vs. light rate CRC" ;

- do not modify any files [because 8000+ items within 1 second with 0.23 second cursors ...], leave the drive x: as it is ... , and then let the サーバserver run as usual as before ... , now is the time to check the computer's heat, temperature, ... , and enjoy サーバserver computer becomes low heat server and perform as usual as before; so, this DOMAIN solves "fault" ... ;

Remark: since 2014/2558, usage "this DOMAIN" instead of "u s a m y a n m a r .net" because globally many systems link to 1 domain is wrong design; Therefore, since 2014/2558, version C83 or later, redesigned u s a m y a n m a r .net domain with this DOMAIN ... ; WHICH means more distributed ways ... ;

(Processor, Server) dimensional 11x15, Using (MOBILE e.g. ( , , )), (NORMAL e.g. ( , , )) ... ;

since 1995 , to the present :      
  Server ;
          Black     ;
          Green     ;
          Red     ;
          White     ;
          Yellow     ;

TIME OUT; WHEN 2 biggest gravity spots are at the same directional (refreshing) on one of the human beings livable moons, in our universe (Solar System), regarding "our earth," time-out should be; Also see: Action; Server; Time; Walls;

(Global, Local, Remote) Method: Application . Session . TIME OUT ;

( log, log,  log, log) ... ; Remark: (log-in, log-out) a.k.a. (sign-in, sign-out) ... ;


IFF bug, error, fault, ... (i.e. bad words), And Then Artificial Intelligence to fix ... ;