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( 45, 60, 72) i.e. Satellite Method (wormhole parameter) to protect (earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2; e.g. no more earthquake in Japan; e.g. no more tsunami in Japan; e.g. no more volcanic eruption in Japan;

IFF Directions, South East (SE) ... ;
IFF Numerological, Hardware Engineering e.g. 15; Remark: might be 1 directional, 1 side;
IFF Programming, Software Engineering (SE) ... ;
IFF System, System Extension e.g. app, application, apps; board; SE As one of the Cloud's keywords;

Remark: there is only ichi One Book (computer) in our universes, therefore, all other systems are its system extensions, and depending upon knowledge, skill, and technique, computer's quality may vary, because of embedded devices ... ;

self; Radical265;

Cloud (compose AND self description) for work way (i.e. workflow) integration and management;

Stock Exchange operates functional (buying and selling) stocks online ... ;

semiconductor e.g. (

♯ generation (model),

♯-bit Microcontroller,



chip scaled package,

Cloud (multi protocol, multi sensor) IoT,


gate driver,



high accuracy, high stability, and low current consumption,

IC (Integrated Circuit),

IMU and AHRS (accelerometer) App,

LED lighting application,

LED lighting controller (primary side current mode, Quasi Resonant),


motor driver,

N-Channel (Half-Bridge, Full-Bridge, IGBT, MOSFET),


pf capacitance level,

power density,

SHA-256 Authentication,


System Efficiency,


variable speed control,

wearable and portable devices,

wireless application

), also see: electronic;

Remote Heat Sensing, also see: Remote Heat Sensing Radical;

Remote Heat Sensing, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 253, Remote Heat Sensing;

Graphics Image Slideshow, also see: Presentation;

smart sensing and IoT operation;

server; SERVER; e.g. Gravity Dimension Computer (G D C) Server, designed for human beings livable moons in our universes ... ;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence

server ;      
        Server ;      
      e.g. Cloud Server ;      
      e.g. Web Server ;      
Gene Therapy System Server ;  
Gene Therapy System Server ;  
anonymous ; appliance ; application ; archive ; blade ;
client _ ; client - server architecture ; client -
server computing e.g. Cloud ; client - server model ;
commerce ; communication ; C S S
, client - server system ; database ; delegate ;
distribute d model ; distribute d _ model ;  
D N S , domain name server
; enterprise - server - level ; file ; File
_ server ; head less ; mail ; mirror ;
name _ ; network server mode ; primary DNS ;
print ; proxy ; rack _ mount ; route ;
share d ; SQL ; terminal ; thin ; tool
; video ; web ; Web _ server ;  

Also see: Gene Therapy System;

(computer program, person, thing, this DOMAIN . triangulation . system) provide services (e.g. managing accesses, sharing resources) i.e. server (No, Yes); power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

oracle ( Server Process) ADR; ( Data & Temp Files, System, Undo); TMON; User Process;

AI automatic fix e.g. Server error; i.e. Error Code (500); HOW to correct server? 1st to understand CALCULATOR, DICTIONARY, TRANSLATOR, GPS, ... a.k.a. devices; 2nd to understand WHAT kind of system? e.g. server type, logon type, ... ; 3rd to understand WHICH way went wrong? And Then, 5W1H to correct self; for example: this DOMAIN 's Buddha ( Buddha teaching) way is Middle Path a.k.a. Majjhima way (also see: m Pali) i.e. to avoid wrong ways;

internet time server; Also see: Server;

set ;        
achieve data set ; alpha numeric character ; protocol ;
null ; hierarchical constraint ; combine d link ; define
d context ; initial link ; RISC ( Reduce
d Instruction Set Computer ) ; alphabetic character ;  

Silverlight ♯ SDK, Microsoft component;

HOW to define gravity spots' locations ? for each structural designed frame, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 227, Angle, sin Θ is equal to opposite side 2-point_distance / hypotenuse 2-point_distance;

is equal to sine , also see: Schematic Symbols ( Y = sin X);

slow ( as oppose d to fast ) ;

WHY slow as aqua color? because aqua (water) exists within 2,3 dimensional space WHICH means not everywhere in our universe, and aqua has slow behavior;

fast motion (♯ x), slow motion (1/♯) x, WHILE kuru kuru, BF2 space lengths may vary in 2,3 dimensional ... ; AI () e.g. 200, 300, 400, ... , 1000, 2000, 3000, ... ; WHY BF2 space lengths vary? because 4PP and their spin speeds vary;

Sm2Co17, also see: Magnet;

SMS text message;

soft ;    
soft ;          
soft ;        
soft ( as oppose d to hard ) ;
copy ; font ( e.g. AI FONT ) ; energy ;
hyphen ; line terminator ; page break ; patch ;
return ; - sector ed disk e t t e
; S A ; sector i n g ; sequence
; error ; failure ;          

softball; Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

to reduce circuit's noise, soft magnet material is used, because soft magnet materials prompt 1 way AND 90° to 1 way DEE; Think THAT thumb is spring alike E M, and with 4PP fingers, so you can hold water if you like to, or you can wave the whole palm if you like to, or you can do combination of 2 palms like 2.2. concurrency, or ... ; Many mudra (s) exist in Buddhism;

Soft Bank, Japanese telecommunications company, also see: Wireless;

spatial coordinate ( space, time); also see: spherical coordinate;

detective; snoop; spy; Radical115, also see: Radicals;

SQL Server YEAR R♯ Data-Tier Application Framework, Microsoft component;

HHD, Hard Disk Drive; SSD, Solid State Drive; also see: memory;

        stamp ;      

in common, for each government (e.g. *.go; *.gov; also see: International Domains), stamps are designed artistically, geographically, historically, periodically, traditionally, and so on ... , and then published to public via authorized dealers, and government's postal offices; stamps are also used in business, also see: Biz (Addendum) ... ;

using time table a.k.a. schedule, for each timestamp, AI to decide ACTION based on timestamp e.g. urgent, higher priority, high priority, low priority, lower priority, ... ; idea ♯ 250; for each nation ( NIS, National Information System) ... ; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2;

position; standpoint; situation; Radical146;

natural time to start ... ; Also see: Command, IFF home group, using colors e.g. Hex={FF,CC,99};

step ;      
  step ;    
start =            
step =            
        ( Number Table )
generate s number table ;      

Stock Exchange operates functional (buying and selling) stocks online ... ;

street; tools; town; ward; Radical260;

idea ♯ 232; STRING; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2;

DEE As String; for basic understanding of 2,3 dimensional art, also see: Radical298;

WHAT is string sir ? well trained kids! in PHYSICS, string is structural pattern, e.g. band, callout (cloud, oval, rounded rectangular), curve, DEE As String, diamond, down arrow, five point star ( 72), four point star, Energy-In-Way, hexagon, left arrow, line, oval, pentagon, polygon, rectangle, right arrow, right triangle ( 45), rounded rectangle, six point star ( 60), triangle, up arrow, wave (e.g. tidal waves), ... ; regarding ProgId (Programming ID) in Computer Science (AI, Artificial Intelligence), any character (e.g. ima nan desu ka? can be as string, e.g. doko desu ka? can be as string) defined by dictionary can include <string> as library e.g. F7;

idea ♯ 256; String Connector; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3;

(approach, line of action, policy, position, principle);
beam (e.g. X-ray);
(line, track);
contour, form, outline;
(railroad track, route, lane);
wire (e.g. telephone line);

sub*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;

back slash character in programming e.g. ASCII (92); subdirectory; Radical3, also see: Radicals;

Sudan, , , , 249;

(sunrise, noon, sunset, night, midnight, ... ) variable DEE patterns;

      computer ( e . g .
s x - a c e )
              do good weather