Prefix, and Suffix     Last updated on 2017/2561 10 5, a full moon day;

Approx. 150 entities are available to read; also see: Radicals;

ashin    , a prefix, Myanmar transcription, male, religious;   also see: shin;

bro    , a prefix, USA, male, brother alike;

bya    , a suffix, Shan transcription, Myanmar, dialogue;

daw    , a prefix, Myanmar transcription, female;

doctor    , a prefix, medical;

English language prefix: e.g. doko WHERE = + letters ;

aero*, arch* (also see: 3aComputer),

air* (also see: 1aComputer),

Anglo*, ante* (also see: 4aComputer),

anti* (also see: 8aComputer),

be* (also see: 7bComputer),

bi* (also see: 2bComputer),

by* (also see: 9bComputer),

co* (also see: 9cComputer),

contra* (also see: 8cComputer),

de* (also see: 9dComputer),

decl* (also see: 6dComputer),

demi* (also see: 4dComputer),

dis* (also see: 5dComputer),

ex* (also see: 2eComputer),

fore* (also see: 8fComputer),

grand* (also see: 8gComputer),

great* (also see: 6gComputer),

hecto* (also see: 6hComputer),

hydro* (also see: 7hComputer),

il* (also see: 3iComputer),

im*, (also see: 4iComputer),

ir* (also see: 9iComputer),

kilo* (also see: 2kComputer),

mal*, mid* (also see: 8mComputer),

milli* (also see: 1mComputer),

mis* (also see: 5mComputer),

multi* (also see: 3mComputer),

n* (also see: 5nComputer),

non* (also see: 7nComputer),

out* (also see: 2oComputer),

over* (also see: 6oComputer),

pan*, pro* (also see: 4pComputer),

poly* (also see: 5pComputer),

post* (also see: 7pComputer),

pre* (also see: 3pComputer),

pseudo* (also see: 8pComputer),

radio* (also see: 2rComputer),

re* (also see: 5rComputer),

self*, step*, sub* (also see: 6sComputer),

semi* (also see: 1sComputer),

super* (also see: 7sComputer),

tele* (also see: 6tComputer),

trans* (also see: 9tComputer),

tri* (also see: 2tComputer),

ultra* (also see: 9uComputer),

un*, under* (also see: 8uComputer),

vice* (also see: 3vComputer),

well* (also see: 7wComputer),

 ... ;

doko WHERE = + letters ;

English language suffix: e.g. doko WHERE = letters + ;

*able, *ably, *age, *al, *an, *ance, *ant, *ary, *d, *dom, *ed, *en, *ence, *ent, *er, *ery, *ese, *ess, *est, *ety, *ful, *hood, *ian, *ible, *ibly, *ic, *ify, *ing, *ious, *ish, *ism, *ist, *itis, *ity, *ize, *less, *logist, *logy, *ly, *ment, *most, *ness, *or, *ory, *ship, *sphere, *tion, *tude, *ty, *wise, *y, ... ;

doko WHERE = letters + ;

general    , a prefix, military;

honorable prefix ;

jiejie    , a prefix, Chinese transcription, female, elder;

kaa    , a suffix, Thai transcription, dialogue, soft; Pronunciation is more likely to be "kup";

ko    , a prefix, Chinese transcription, Myanmar transcription, ... , male;

la    , a suffix, Singapore transcription, dialogue;

lady    , a prefix, Western, English, female;

Mae Daw    , a suffix, Myanmar transcription, aka Lady Deity; e.g. Guanyin Mae Daw, Sarawasti Mae Daw, Tuyatadi Mae Daw, ... ; also see: Who are the Buddhist Deities.html;

maha    , a prefix, Myanmar transcription, Pali  transcription, Thai transcription, religious;

maru    , a suffix, Japanese transcription, ship's name;

ma    , a prefix, Myanmar transcription, female;

madame    , a prefix, Western, English, female;

may    , a prefix, Chinese transcription, female, younger;

maung    , a prefix, Myanmar transcription, male;

Miss.    , a prefix, Western, female;

Mr.    , a prefix, Western, male;

Mrs.    , a prefix, Western, female;

Ms.    , a prefix, Western, female;

nae, nal, a suffix, Japanese, dialogue, soft; naw    , a suffix, Myanmar, dialogue, soft;

nin    , a prefix, Chinese transcription, Myanmar transcription, ... , you in friendship form with heart character;

nushi    , a prefix, Chinese transcription, female, elder;

prefix *      *   ;

president    , a prefix, occupational;

professor    , a prefix, educational;

san    , a suffix, Japanese transcription;

san    , a prefix, Western, Spanish;

saya    , a prefix, Myanmar transcription, educational, also use in dialogue; e.g. sayadaw    , a prefix, Myanmar transcription, religious;

shin   , a prefix, religious title; ; also see: maha; proper and polite usage, e.g. shin Ananda, shin Gavampati, shin Kodañña, shin Moggallana, shin Revata, shin Sariputta, shin Upagutta, and shin Upali, ... ;

sir    , a prefix, Western, English, male;

sis    , a prefix, USA, female, dialogue, sister alike;

* suffix   * ;

surname    , a prefix, Western;

taitai    , a prefix, Chinese transcription, female, elder;

U    , a prefix, Myanmar transcription, male;Remark: pronounce "Oo";

ven.    , venerable, a prefix, Myanmar translation, religious;

xiansheng    , a prefix, Chinese transcription, male, elder;

xiaojie    , a prefix, Chinese transcription, female, miss;

xing    , a prefix, Chinese transcription, surname;

yo    , a prefix, USA, male, dialogue, brother alike;


Note: in ACT2, and ACT3 stages, some words are not in Western Civilization's language dictionary; this DOMAIN uses transcription as word, and notice that transcript words are originally derived from pronunciation of Non-Western spoken languages [for example: nama for humanoid, was written in Pali transcription style, in 2003];

Some words above are not designed in pronunciation therefore phonetics symbols of intonation, period, stress, phonetic alphabets such as phonetic consonants, phonetic diacritics, phonetic vowels, phonetic symbols, phonetic supra-segments, speech sounds, tone marks, patterns of voice, are all excluded;

It is recommended to use transcription words in developments ... ;