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business; employ; service; use; utilize; Radical130;

(genkin (cash), kogitte (checks), jidou furikae (direct debit), kouza furikae (direct debit), tegata (promissory note), furikomi (wire transfer)) (E F T) Zengin system;

(ATM) network;
(ATMs) machines;

CIO, CEO, CFO, C M O, COO, C T O, ... , using juten ( filling, filling) method, procedure, and technique, of cloud computing ( user) using AI for each network number ... ;

(( Radical1002), ( Radical294), ( Radical355), ( Radical432)); accountable, accountable, accountable, (of an institution, of an organization, of a person), doing (appointed, dutiful, entrusted, responsible, terms) to be justify ACTION ... ;

stock, stock, stock, stock (((Buy, Sell), or Holding) stock, stock, stock) i.e. Money Market ((Name of Brokerage, Name of Fund, Name of Exchange, Name of Security, Share, Symbol of the Stock) Trade) ... ; Also see: Biz; Remark: (cash only, a.k.a. debit only); wealth distribution is recommended because public (peoples) own the stocks in money markets mean lesser vandalizing ... ; communism, military dictatorship, and socialism systems failed in our earth's history, because there is no "wealth distribution" via stocks in money markets;

(by the way, in Biz : 1st. Financial, 2nd. Plan, 3rd. Control), also see: hospital;

( shiharai Payment, shiharai Payment, shiharai Payment, shiharai Payment) ... , also see: Action; Biz; p Character; Services; s Usage;

all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King;

power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;
Remark Product Learning ...
e d o c s, Electronic Document System; electronic document system;
... ... ...
1 to N;

1 to 1;

N to 1;

N to N;

Meta data relationship; never do 1 invoice _number to N customer _number legally;
a (an) economist's knowledge; central bank (e.g. Federal Reserve) money-supply causes inflation, on the other hand, quickly crash inflation might trigger recession; (interest-rates vs. money-supply growth) as a factor to defeat inflation;

(wage & price) indicates labor markets, doko WHERE higher the interest rates, slower the nation's economy, on the other hand, lower the interest rates, faster the nation's economy; (bond yields & mortgage rates) indicates the defined banks' balance sheets doko WHERE peoples' willingness to ... ;

Remark: 2023 USA, Toyota 's authorized dealerships' (wage & price) is approx. 200 US Dollar per hour for each (technical working hour);

determinants: financial institutions' willingness to lend, (Products, prices), peoples' willingness to borrow, ... ;

monetary policy, doko WHERE banks are small parts (literally saying NOT WHOLE BODY) e.g. central bank (Federal) sets 1.23% so banks' ????? trillions of currency (flow, lending, liquidity, reserve) ... ;

Remark: like Fire Marshall's occupancy (law) capacity (Number) persons are allowed "at a place," (wage & price) are posted on the wall and window;

Money; money-supply of a nation (... , 00000, 0000, 000, 00,0 adjustments ... );

e.g. (Bank of Japan + US Federal Reserve Bank) lower the interest rates to 0.00% mean small individual investors may purchase more houses (Assets), on the other hand, (Bank of Japan + US Federal Reserve Bank) higher the interest rates to 10.00% means only bankers may purchase more houses (Assets) ... ;

Remark: Shakya King is at minus ten percentage (-10%), and with metta (loving kindness) monetary policies ... ;  

a banker's knowledge; 1. Appraisal;
2. (5C, 5M) doko WHERE (C for Capable, C for Collectable, C for Courteous, ... ), (M for Market, M for Member, M for Money, ... );
3. Lawyer (e.g. Lawyer's Clearance, e.g. no 2nd loan, ... ) ... ;
4. Liability = Asset - Equity, or we can swap (Ref, Val) around e.g. Asset = Equity + Liability;
5. Risk e.g. Bad Debt, e.g. Default? , e.g. higher Principal-to-Debt Ratio, e.g. Loan or LPL, ... ;
6. Corporate Compliant e.g. ISO Number;
this DOMAIN (AAI, AI, AIA), generating Composite Key (query from RDBMS), whether to issue Loan Approval Letter to borrower, businessman, investor, Real Estate Developer, ... ;
month dot day
11 . 11
online transactions as sales; special time specific sales;

e.g. 0% APR T o y o t a t h o n Sale;
e.g. Black Friday sale;
e.g. Cyber Monday sale;
e.g. One Day sale;
e.g. Thanksgiving Day sale;

discount; annual spending power (economy);

online retailing; also see: A l i b a b a Group Holding;

Gregorian calendar based tactical marketing strategy;

online retailing (sale transactions) biz e.g. on November 11, 2016 / 2560, China's A l i b a b a Group Holding posted 6.81 billion Yuan (approx. 1 billion USD) sales within 5 minutes, and world's largest transactions (spending power, a factor in economy), regarding 11.11 China (Alibaba Group Holding) global annual spending blitz;

4p/7p; Marketing; p for package info; p for people; p for period; p for permit; p for persuasive; p for place; p for plan; p for poster; p for Posting web pages; p for presentation; p for price; p for products (varieties); p for professionalism; p for program;  p for promotion; p for ... ;
  marketing: best in its kind; excellent brand; going on public; higher returns (ROI); legendary sale; limited edition; smiley ones; sold out; stock options; upper price limit;


Umm!! our teacher has a mean face, but ... ; Umm!! not easy to behave "free-of-charge" smile, but social networking is a part of marketing;

appraising (sold out) appraisal;

marketing for rich ones (limited edition);

(Private, Public, Restricted) share, stock;

ROI, Return On Investment;

social networking, interacting with smiley faces, practice "free of charge" smile, smile, smile, ... ;

stock options e.g. employees only before retirement; e.g. employees only discount price; e.g. limited quantity of stock;

(wholesale, retail, fleet) upper price limits;

5W1H; Time . Space . Action; Oriental thoughts ... ;


A/R . Attributes; Amount _due; Aging _days; Customer _address; Customer _ID _numbers; Invoice _numbers;  Payment _amount; Payment _date; Terms; Text box _note; Transaction _code; Transaction _date; ... Primary keys [Primary columns] must be classified; Forms and interfaces also must be categorized by management levels;
Ad Hoc ad hoc (as opposed to schedule) ... ; Without planning;

IFF usage, avoid using OR logic, because "as opposed to" is correct usage to do artificial intelligence idea process ... ;

Addendum e.g. Addendum To Lease Agreement;

mobile smart phone number (landlord, tenant);

Real Estate (property management) addendum to residential lease;

regarding "residential lease" , stamp & sign method is good enough; no need to have finger print authentication, because, tenants don't want eviction in Public Record;

Notary Public collects finger print as official record (e.g. Automotive lease agreements, e.g. Title company's document requirements);

advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) accounting; using numerological to pinpoint error entry;

using "Division" method, for integrity of "Multiplication" method;

using Double Entry book in accounting method WHICH prompts THAT errors can be traced;

HOW, also see: Mathematics (Any Number arithmetic) ... ;


Agenda; Things to be accomplished; To conduct and follow rules & regulations; ... Agendas should not conflict between middle management and upper management;
Aging; Time period in days A/R account receivable; A/P account payable; ... ; after committed;
A I I B ,
Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank  (



land use rights;

one of the global financial organizations; Beijing, China;

Asia is very very important, because (1.3+B Chinese, 1.3+B Indian, ... ) live ... ; also see: ASEAN;

Alphanumeric strings; Item number; Part number; Replacement number; Automotive; Also see: Automotive Parts In USA . h t m;
Artificial Intelligence, IFF auditing accounting result, MOD (result number, 2)

IFF 0, mistyped debit as credit, or mistyped credit as debit, ... ;

Artificial Intelligence (Accounting) ... ;

Notice that in numerological dimension, WHEN auditing accounting result, basically can judge whether result is correct or not, by MOD function ... ;

Artificial Intelligence, IFF auditing accounting result, MOD (result number, 9)

IFF 1, mistyped 98 by 89, or 87 by 78, or 65 by 56, or ... ;

IFF 2, mistyped 97 by 79, or 86 by 68, or 75 by 57, ... ;

IFF 3, mistyped 96 by 69, or 85 by 58, or 74 by 47, ... ;

Artificial Intelligence (Accounting) ... ;

In numerological dimension, variable integer number after MOD, prompts sequence diff ... ;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement;

Asset management; Any time; profit report or loss report;

Including/Excluding inflation/deflation; Currency vs. Gold;

Fixed asset; leased asset; real estate asset; ... ; after calculating financial accounts of A/P; A/R; G/L; Capital investments; balance sheet; ... ; Also oversee: Management;

auth# (a.k.a. authorization code) for each logo card,

R F C,

request (e.g. Request Mode)

for each  POS (Point Of Sale) local machine,

from Bank of America ( www.bankofamerica.com),

from Bank of China (w w w . b o c . c n),

from Bank of Japan (w w w . b o j . o r . j p),

... ;

B/O Back Order; Inventory . Out of stock; B/O makes extra operating cost; B/O and P/O should balance incoming/outgoing stocks; If ground _stock prompts item _number while B/O is TRUE; which means inventory logistics error occurs [Due to human error; or system error];
B/O . Void; Manufacturing . Item . Close; If Inventory . Out of stock is TRUE; AND; Manufacturer . Item . Close is TRUE; and then B/O must be voided;
Banking . Commission on Cheque Returned; Earning of bank; Banking . Returned C h e q u e ;
Banking . Commission Charge; Earning of bank; Banking fees;
Banking . Correction; Correction; Adjustment; Audit;
Banking . Duplicate; Banking . Statement; Hardcopy;
Banking . Foreign; Non domestic Foreign C h e q u e; Foreign Demand Draft; Foreign M/T; Foreign Remittance;
Banking . Foreign Remittance; Foreign remittance; SWIFT; T/T;
Banking . Interest; Earning; Balance oriented;
Banking . Payment; Government . GDP; Utility bills such as credit card; electricity; phone; water; etc.
Banking . Returned C h e q u e; Banking . Correction; Hardcopy;
Banking . Statement; Statement; Bank statement should be matched to company's hardcopy;
Banking . Transaction; Committed statement; Combined transaction; With book transaction; Without book transaction;
Bubble economy; Living;

Immediate functionality for new settlement;

Governmental process to maintain systems by banking adjustment; by deploying 00; 000; 00000; e.g. $5.00 POS can be deposited into a bank as $500.00 ... and then remit $50.00 to the person who does POS; for living ... ;
businessman; also see: business;

Special Radical 253;

Call tag; A/R = A/R - Call tag operating cost; Damage/waste of consolidation and distribution; Cost limitation constraint; Customer satisfaction; Contentment; Also see: Replacement;
Cashier's Check; Cash alike; a.k.a. Money Order;

Within a time period constraint; for example; void after 90 days; void after 60 days; void after 30 days; WHICH means the Cashier's Check must be deposit/cash out within the defined time constraint;

Amount XYZ must be paid by a remitter [a person who purchases] at a bank 1st; and then the bank issues a check with amount XYZ to Pay To The Order Of ...;
Catalog; Marketing . 4p/7p; Product promotion to people in places with public pricing ... ; Item list for sale; Can be book; CD/DVD;  web page; ... ;
C h e q u e



IFF USA, "check" is common usage;

Variety of checks are: Business Check; Cashier's Check; Government's Check; Pay check; Personal Check; Salary check; ... ;

Sometimes, funds are available only within specific time frame (i.e. escrow alike, establishing available funds by several parties to do holding & payable) , therefore, checks should be deposited or cashed out, as soon as possible;

In common, check's meta data are:

1. Bank's name and its address; 2. Pay to the order of ... ; 3. Amount ... ; 4. The bank account's routing number; 5. The bank's checking account number; 6. The remitter's (e.g. company, person, organization, ... ) name and address; 7. The check's number; 8. Signature (where, sign should be matched to the bank's recorded signature card's sign); 9. memo (e.g. for ... , remark ... , short note ... )... ;

In common, checks are printed by document authentication methods, e.g. using logo (e.g. 2D, 3D, reflective), using several backgrounds, using special paper (s), using water mark, ... ;

Company; Listed; Marketing connectivity & security; Mizuho Securities;
Company; Listed; Marketing connectivity; Myanmar Yellow Pages;
Context sensitive help system;

WHEN you do not have time to do Ctrl +F inside all old non-relational flat-files ...;


*. c n t & *. g i d & *. h l p; also see: CS . H L P; notice that within a few clicks a help sys. can prompt old acronyms;

Win95~XP okay; approx. time period is 10 years ... ;

Old records of data can be gathered; and then available to be searched within a few clicks ... e.g. old files f1.doc; f2.htm; f3.txt; f4... ; can be opened; copied; pasted; and then compiled as f1_to_f4.hlp; Compilation time is approx. 6 minutes for 0.2MB data; will index each word inside old files ... ;
County Recorder Office DOC - Y Y Y Y - ??????? - ?? DOC, document; year Y Y Y Y is year number; ??????? - ?? is number;
County Recorder Office . FULL RECONVEYANCE; (Deed of Trust, Instrument No., Nominee, Notary Public, Trustee, T r u s t o r); Funding Company As Nominee;
Licensed Notary Public As
Lending Company As Mortgagee;
Owner Names As T r u s t o r;
Property Address As Instrument No.;
Title Company As Original Trustee;
Title Insurance Company As Trustee;

WHEN Deed of Trust's indebtedness (indebtedness in common, a.k.a. monthly mortgage payments) has been paid in full, the county's Recorder Office issues FULL RECONVEYANCE letter (grant & re-convey) to recorded mailing address;

Cost; A/P; Account payable ...;
Credit; Opposite of Debit; Term; Flow of transactions; A/R; A/P;
Credit report Term adjustment; Dealing and relationship;
Credit Report: higher the credit score (e.g. 309-844), better the credit terms, offered by the banks; under federal law, US citizens are having right to obtain a free copy of Credit Report; www . consumer . f t c . g o v, And Then, search for "annual report request form" ... ;
Currency; Cash note; Also see: Currency;
Debit; Opposite of Credit; Term; COD; Prepaid;

for each Time Zone (Time),
logo (Space);


container; Radical158;


database name;


sheet; Radical113;


data set (e.g. begin, current, end, first, last, new (blank), next, previous, scroll (edge, here, left, right));


table name (e.g. (control source, data type) column, row);

( interface) form name; view name;


(key, numbers of field) row as record;


(2D index, cell) field;

debit card and PIN number; logo (barcode, chip's color code, magnetic stripe, RFID, UPC) container . database . dataset . table . record . field; approval number; Cloud;
Deed; Certificate of ownership, issued by the state's government;

Deed of Trust, issued by the state's government;

In common, rich persons are assigned by royals; Because of time, documented by generations, only by royals;

Concerning individuals, property tax can be a proof of ... ;

Also see: GRANT DEED;

dictionary of trade terms; agreement;

form is a part of deduction logic, what is induction logic? answer would be: money; profit; revenue;

fit; join; suit; Radical692;

e.g. buying, or selling; factories and harbors; importing, or exporting; resource, service, source;

de-listing; no trading in the stock exchange; a list of companies can be de-listed by the defined nation's government of the STOCK EXCHANGE (commission, finance, trade);

Also see: Stock;

Disbursement Check; overage in the account;

QA against fraud; QA of LOAN NUMBER;

check date; check number;  Disbursement Check Voucher (Items As Batch Description); payee code;
dividend company's profits (or reserves), regularly pay to its Stock shareholders; quarterly in common; Also see: dividend in Mathematics;
E I N, Employer Identification Number; Unique number;

a person's whole life can only have one TIN number (e.g. S S N) and one E I N number;

Unique number e.g. there must be one only E I N number for 1 national ID (e.g. S S N);
Fire . Extinguisher; Working environment; Safety;
Fire . Sprinkle; Working environment; Safety;
Fish Bone Concept;


Productivity; The image shows that numbers of various departments start  duties / jobs / processes / tasks / ... at the amplitude of the DEPT dimension; along with TIME period (s); Notice that starting time; ending time; dept number; length of period; ... may vary; but merging/gathering to collaborate together for productivity; Quality can be assured either on each merging-bone; or on all bones;
Fictitious name Violation of the rights of an other; Filed by county office; legal notice;

False information (e.g. fictitious business name) is guilty of a crime;

(Address, Name, and County's file number) as public record for 5 years; No bank transaction, if fictitious business name; Credit Report;
Foreclosure Prior to PUBLIC AUCTION e.g. building, business lot, house, land, property, ... ; legal notice; Deed of Trust (s) as record e.g. Date and Instrument Number, recorded by County Recorder office, as public record;

In common, lien holder (e.g. bank, government) files because of default (e.g. not paying mortgage installment, not paying debt, not paying tax); Credit Report;

Form; Softcopy; Hardcopy;

Forms can be numbered; forms can also be indexed;

Data collection; Data displays; Data interfaces; Categorized by; Levels by; Process stages by; Restricted by; Work flows by; ... designers / policy makers / architects / ... ;
Freight . forwarding; Cost; Cost can be higher/lower depending on weight; volume; shipping time period; use of company; ... ;
G/L; General Ledger; Business transactions are recorded; and then gathered as account heads; and then oversee whole entity of business life cycle;
GRANT DEED DOC# is issued by County Recorder Office, with paid amount of documentary transfer tax; recording must be requested by Title Company with Escrow Number; for each A P N # (a.k.a. property's parcel number), property tax is calculated, and then, after receiving Documentary Transfer Tax or/and City Transfer Tax, DOC# is issued by ... ; Also see: Deed;

using Artificial Intelligence to handle

(airway traffic, commuting traffic, fluid flow traffic, gas traffic, manufacturing logistic flow traffic, network traffic, NFC (IoT) traffic, power line traffic, public parking traffic, public walking traffic, production logistic flow traffic, RFC protocol traffic, roadway traffic, train track way traffic, waterway traffic, ... ) ... ;

History; Reputation . Trust; History makes reputation; reputation makes trust; Also see: Responsibility;
HR; Human Resources; Creativity; Productivity;
HR cost; Benefit; Contract; Incentive; Salary; Stock option; Wage; ... ; One of the operating costs;
I M F international financial stability; S D R, Special Drawing Right; things many other nations cannot do, e.g. medicine, space equipment, weapon, ... ;

I M F 's S D R are:

1st, US dollar; 2nd, European euro; 3rd, Japanese yen; 4th, British pound; 5th, Chinese y u a n;

Inflation; Retail gas; gold; resource; ... Deflation vs. inflation; Currency;
information for generating wealth ... ;
Intelligent printer; System . Shared printer [Multitasking with intelligence]; Intelligent printing means printer can sort; queue; and classify incoming print jobs by requested paper sizes; i.e. 2 workstations send 2 different print jobs to 1 shared printer at the same with different paper sizes;
Internet; Wire; Wireless; Communication: Advertising; Educating; Marketing; Retailed sales [Wholesales via internet is not recommended]; ... ;
Inventory . mapping; Item . item _number; Efficiency makes better productivity; Location wise; If mapping applies; ground _stock; incoming _stock; outgoing _stock; ... ; easier operating; faster processing; ... ;
Invoice number; Commit before AND after shipping; "Commit after shipping" makes higher risk [Not recommended]; "Commit before shipping" makes easy to assure correct Billing address with Shipping address; Customer _ID; S/O; P/O; ... ;
Item . Attributes; Item _number; Item _description; Item _UPC; Item _class; Item _picture; ... Data redundancy risk; Require normalized forms/interfaces; Levels of process management knowledge based;
Item . Item _number; Quantitative numbers; In inventory & logistics; each item _number is coded either by U P C or by R F I D; GDP/GNP analyzable;
J I T; Just In Time ( J I T) ... ; Japanese logistics method; "Kan Ban" ;

Also see: pharmaceutical J I T by RP vs. CRP;

Job enrichment . Continuing education; Employee skill; Knowledge based; Simultaneously multiple functional ...;
Journal; Daily transaction records; a.k.a. blotter; daybook; random entry; Brunch wise; Department wise; Group wise; ... ; all transactions must be kept as journals; and then oversee from G/L as account heads;
Lease; Without deed; Long time period lease; Individual can request fixed cost, at the beginning of lease agreement to avoid inflation rate, e.g. lease a SPACE for 888$/month at 400$/gold 1oz. with 10 years fixed lease agreement, may gain profit IFF compare to 1400$/gold 1oz. ;

Short time period lease, very high cost, above 10% APR, also above 10% A P Y;

Lease; Without deed; With buy-out option;

Residue amount is defined in lease agreement by lien, e.g. 200$ per month installment for 36 months, with 5000$ residue;

In common, automobile industries deploy "no penalty" fees, IFF pay in full amount, during lease period;

After lease period, IFF residue amount is paid, OEM requests to government to issue deed to the individuals; Otherwise, individual must return the automobile to lien;

License; Permit; Constraint; Restriction;
License vs. Certificate; Qualification; Diff. is licenses are issued with time period constraint;

limited company; Radical761;

LLC, Limited Liability Company; Foreclosure protection; Liquidation protection; "limited amount" only can be lost, if bankruptcy (i.e. foreclosure); LLC protects founder's asset and wealth; LLC protects owner (e.g. vendor) 's asset and wealth, if worst case e.g. bankruptcy;
M/T; Mail Transfer; Banking . Foreign;
Management; 1. Material management;

2. Plant/Site management;

3. Production/Manufacturing planning & control management;

4. Project management;

5. Quality management;

6. Sales & Distribution management;

Complexity & modularity;

For complexity; also see: Complexity regions;

Lookup: Asset management;

Marketing . Item . Gift; Promotion; Gift; Sample; Trial; Can gain reputation;
Marketing . Showroom; Promotion; p for product promotion ...;
Marketing . Tradeshow; Promotion; p for people; place; promotion; professionalism;
mart     mart     mart;
Material management; Evaluating vendors; Inventory & warehouses' stocks and cycles; Planning based on consumption; Verifying invoices; Tasks of supply chain; A management; J I T;
Memo; Information distribution; Conversation; Posted; Printed; Accordance with/without agenda; Public; Private; Restricted; ... ; Company wise; Department wise; Group wise; ... ;
Memo; Functional description;

memo is necessary, because spoken dialog might not be legally & officially;

WHEN lack of assigned duties; WHERE functional description must be re-enforced; Memo is issued only from Top to Down; Should not issue memos quite often, because, memo means legally & officially;
meta; One of the reduce design techniques; Constraint; Oversee; Pivotal;
Motto; Principle guidance; Guided by chair person; or founder; Also see:  m o t o Origin;
Name; A glance at 1 business empire; In Time . Space . Action business concept; names in business vary because of time varies;
Notary Public; Legalization; Legalized documentation; The different between Rep. and Notary Public is level of law & order; Also see: Representative;
Overage Check; Annual QA; similar to (disbursement, reimbursement) alike; bank is remitting payable to; Escrow account holder is depositing the "Overage Check" ; Also see: Real Estate Stock;
P/O Purchase Order; Quantitative . P/O number; Also see: S/O number;
PO # AND Reference #, the same Qualitative . PO #;

The same logic can be applied to others i.e. attributes... , depending on database designer's organizational structural control, policy agenda, ... ;

PO # and Reference # are the same, simple design; Redundant data, but very helpful if requiring  query, trace, update, view, ... , later to Reference # only;
Packaging; Color code; with/without Graphics; QA List; Tactical expression; U P C barcode; Warranty; ... Color code shows psychological preference; Graphics shows quality images/displays; QA List shows standards; U P C barcode shows "Not R F I D yet"; Warranty shows long lasting availability;
Packaging; Product: Technical Info; i.e. dual voltage world wide portability;
packing list (customer order number, purchase order number), (item number, vendor reference number); billing address (sold to); shipping address (ship to);

customer order date, estimated delivery date, ship via (Name of Company);

k e i k a k u Plan Operational; Tactical; Strategic; ... Cost; Result/Solution; Risk; Time; ... ; In common; Operational takes least time to accomplish; and Strategic takes longest time to accomplish;
Plant/Site management; Completion/cost report; Preventative activity; Repair maintenance; A management;
Policy; Do; or Do not; If "counter" exists; results can be very bad;
Premium; Amount of payment to 1 Insurance Policy; Insurance cost can be reduced by proven (good faith group (e.g. graduated from designated university), higher deductible, multi policies holder, never claim record, no accident record);
Price, one of the "p" (s) also see: 4p/7p; Price As Primary Key; manageable floating point numbers, in addition to Item Name, Model Number, Serial Number;

itemized by decimal places (e.g. 28 decimal places), on the other hand, easy to query (customer service) e.g. 2 decimal places;

since price has been set as primary key, easier to itemized e.g. defect, refund, return, shipped, sold, ... ;

Buyer paid the same price e.g. 2 way power calculator as sellable item for $14.99, however, for each transaction (a Composite Key in database), since Price As Primary Key, 14.99001 ~ 14.99999 would be 999 itemized-able;

2007 Excel limits 30 Decimal places, therefore, 28 Decimal places can be as "manageable floating number" ;

Product Catalog; Item list for sale; Also see: Catalog;
Production/Manufacturing planning & control management; Engineering knowledge based; A management;
Profit; Net profit margin: either up or down; The most important factor in business; Stake; If inflation against profit; profit by gold is recommended;
Project; Time oriented; Result oriented; Short/Long time depends on planning; Result depends on technical/engineering knowledge;
Project management; Activities; Cost; Capability; Resource requirement; Time scheduling; Result oriented;

Specification of planning; and then approval; and then execution/deployment; and then closing;

A management;
QA, a.k.a. Quality Assurance; Certified; uncertified; Listed; unlisted;

Q M S; Testing;

Quality Assurance depends not only on Living standard / Cost of living; but also vary along with continent; group; individual; people; policy; ... ;

A fuzzy set of {PM; WM; SD; WI; .... ; ... ; Please notice that 6 parameters have been intentionally use ... ;

JUN time for QA space time; in ACT2; ACT3 stage;

Quality; Distance in time; All kinds of electronic; Numerological dimension can be further research and study ... ;
Quality management; Inspection; Quality assurance; Standardization; A management;
Quote; within certain time period (e.g. within 1 week), new system installation;  Home Improvement e.g. a new air condition & heating system will be installed, if quote amount is paid;
Quote; within certain time period (e.g. within 2 days), premium can be; Insurance Policy (e.g. Auto Insurance, Home Insurance) will be written, after premium;
redemption check; (company name) + (government money market class); fiduciary admin fee; premature distribution; reinvesting; state w/h redemption;

fiduciary: between trustee and beneficiary, involving TRUST;

WHEN account is closed, "redemption check" is issued by trustee bank (company name) to beneficiary (individual person);

Remittance ID (alphanumeric); initiating associate name; date; company number; cost center number; financial center name; phone number;

fund is subject to the bank's transfer agreement (applicable fee, conversion rate, disclosure pages of the form, Remittance Transfer Receipt (RTR));

Remitter; Cashier's Check; ... Payable To The Order Of ... ; Company/Org./Person/ ... WHO pays to issue the Cashier's Check; Cash alike; but diff is 2 ~ 5 zeros via banking ... ;

Meta data are Account #; Check No.; Bank's Code; R/T#; Time; Transaction number; ... ;

Rep.; Representative; i.e. Sales rep. initials; Sales rep. names; Sales rep. phone numbers; ... ; Also see: Notary Public;
Replacement; A/R = A/R - Replacement operating cost; B/O [Back order] and Replacement are different; B/O means out of stock; Replacement means inventory waste; damage; lost; ... ; Also see: Call tag;
Replacement . replacement _number; Qualitative number; Duplication causes cost of lost;
Responsibility; Manual < Physical < Knowledgeable < Ethical < Conceptual < Technical < Analytical < Psychological < Disciplinary; 5W1H applies: What kind of responsibility? How to apply in order? ...;
Restriction; age; color; disability; familial status; gender; gender expression; gender identity; genetic info; marital status; national origin; race; religion; sex; sexual orientation; source of income; mettā is a solution; because, everywhere in our earth, in business: NOT equal opportunity; NOT fair;

please do not create gravity spot bigger than the sun;

revenue generating; resource; service; source;

e.g. auto manufacturing; chipset & IT keyword; entertainment; food franchise chain; health care; natural gas field & oil rig; ... ;

technology can make resourceful;

land can be transformed into resourceful e.g. food based; real estate;

RFID tag; radio frequency ID tag; Also see: UPC vs RFID;

a.k.a. Risk Factors;

WHICH PM; and WI cause delay time; or WHICH PM; and WI cause impossible QM; "Kai Zen"; Japanese standard; 5W1H must be checked;
S/O Sale order; Quantitative . S/O number; One of the primary keys in RDBMS where relations among keys prompt interfaces to office workers; The reason being quantitative is that N of S/O numbers cannot define Total sales; however Total sales are based on S/O numbers;
Sales & Distribution management; 4p/7p; Billing; Discounts; Invoicing; Rebate as Pricing; S/O; Shipping; Transportation; A management;
Schedule schedule (as opposed to ad hoc) ad hoc ... ; With planning;

IFF usage, avoid using OR logic, because "as opposed to" is correct usage to do artificial intelligence idea process ... ;

Shipping . Address validation; System . update; Periodically address validation is required for efficiency; integrity; ... ;
Shipping . Attributes; Entities; i.e. Carrier name; C- T P A T Certification; Custom duty; Base port / Destination port; FMC license; ... ;
Shipping . Commodity; Hazard cargo OR Non-hazard cargo; Security;
Shipping . Delivery processing; Confirmation of shipment; shipment date; where shipment date is out-of-holding-cost for each item Merchandises can be finalized by delivery processing when commodities/merchandises are packed; and ready to ship;
Shipping . Delivery processing; Packaging List; Packaging list must match and attach to freight; Invoice number must be primary key for each packaging list;
Shipping . Invoice . Attributes; Commodity; Container Number; Destination; Discharge Port; ETA; Freight Term; House B/L Number; Loading Port; Ocean B/L Number; Sailing Date; Service Type; Piece Count [Unit . PC]; Total Volume; Total Weight; Vessel Name; Voyage Number; B/L; Bill of Lading is one of the most important hardcopy documents;
Shipping AND Handling; Fees; Cost either to A/P; or A/R; If fees to A/R; customers have to pay; if fees to A/P; company has to pay; ... ;
Shipping OR Handling; Fees; Consolidation; Distribution; Wholesales/Retails;
Sign a.k.a. signature; Agreement legally; Initial a.k.a. acronym of name; and signature a.k.a. sign; both can be printed/written/... to do contract ... ;

IFF a person signs a lot; and then use 2 calendars in front; and then code/mark/... on the calendars 1st; and then accordance with code/mark/... on the calendars; sign a lot ... ;

The only way to check whether a person well manages or not; by auditing "the lot" later randomly ...; because management is difficult ... "true color" of a team work can be pinpointed;

Slogan; Energetic phrase; In common; B O D members decide HOW long period of time with WHICH phrase at WHERE ...;
Smart Chip; e.g. track the last purchase; Also see: UPC v s RFID;
Sort; Automatic; Manual; Also see: Algorithms; Many aspects require sorting; Organize;
standardization; CA Organic Registration #????? ; USA . California's organic foods, with FAIR TRADE USA SELLER Number;


(companies are controlled by 1 company) a.k.a. group;

e.g. human beings livable moons are owned by 1 Shakya (Shakya a.k.a. Swastika) King;

e.g. USA Myanmar .net, tsuki .info, Idea Processor .Net,  Aung Myint Kyaw, America Myanmar .net, ace jaw .net, Ace Jaw, ... , are 1 group;

supplemental assessment ;


Remark: if you're an investor, for developing (asset, revenue, wealth) ROI, assessment and taxable value should be understood; yours amount of PROPERTY TAX payment annually indicates HOW (rich, wealthy) you're ... ;

blessing; fortune; luck; wealth; Radical332;

assessment roll (Fixture, Growing, Home site, Improvement, Land, Mobile Home, Personal Property) for each Parcel Number with (Assessment Number (a.k.a. A S M T Number), Document Number, S i t u s Address) ;

Exemptions (Homeowner, Non-profit organization, Other); Remark: exemptions can be applied only within 30 days of the Supplemental Assessment Notice's date, e.g. dwelling exemptions, homeowners' exemptions, veterans' exemptions, ... ;

Remark: some exemptions exist, and eligible ones can apply at Assessor's Office (each county WHERE Board of Supervisors adopts provisions of section Number);

assessment roll e.g. year 2020 - 2021; WHEN taxable value is changed from EXISTING VALUE to NEW VALUE e.g. 44x65 meter land as 65000$ value, then built 10+ utilities (e.g. cable, electricity, natural gas, postal box, street light pole, tar road, telephone line, underground sewer, underground water, walkway platform, ... ) with new house on the land as 270000$ value, so the land's value changed to 170000$, and total of taxable value is changed from EXISTING VALUE 65000$ to 440000$, therefore supplemental assessment for year 2020-2021 would be ((170000 - 65000) + 270000) 375,000$;


Supply & Demand; Economy . business; People first; ...
supply chain stores; local economy; global economy;

chain; Radical819;

System; Data management; Process management; Efficiency; integrity; productivity; ... ;
T/T; Banking . Confirmation; Transaction can be confirmed internationally; After transaction is confirmed; the transactional commodity can be shipped to either customer; or consignee; 
T C O, Total Cost of Ownership; T C O (direct cost, indirect cost); full cost accounting of products;
full cost accounting of a system;
Term; Agreement among people [Customer; Broker; Buyer; Seller; ... ] How to sale; Relationship to customers; In sales; i.e.

C/C [Credit card];

COD [Cash on delivery];

Net 30 [A/R from customer];


... ; A/R; A/P; ... ;

Term . productivity . C/C; C/C transaction counts; i.e. if a term is C/C; numbers of C/C transactions can be counted; and those counted number can be used to judge productivity of department; group; section; ... ;
Time card; Wage; HR cost; If in knowledge based business; time card is not necessary;
TIN, Taxpayer Identification Number; e.g. USA's Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service W9 form; Confirmation of correctness of tax payer to report ... ;
Title QA (Quality Assurance) by Escrow Officer; e.g.
any principle as under construction;
any principle as incomplete construction;
any principle NOT having valid photo identification;
any principle recently filed bankruptcy, or through divorce;
any principle vested as established Name of Trust;
any principle will be planned by power of attorney;
any principle with Manufactured Home on a Lot as property;
any principle with Mobile Home on a Lot as property;
anyone currently vested in title deceased;
anyone recently established a new Tax I.D. Number;
is "seller" as non-Citizen, or non-Permanent Resident?
is property an investment property (a.k.a. NOT Primary Home)?
Notary Public requirement;
will this principle be participating in 1031 Exchange?
will this principle NOT able to sign with Title Company?
will this property be formed as Corporation, LLC, Partnership?
Top management; Knowledge based top level management; For example; to analyze a Work flow by a Fish Bone; an organizational structure chart is needed 1st; and then Middle management to do ... ;
Primary Domain Controller (P D C) e.g. ( P D C, P D C, P D C, P D C, P D C) t o r a n z a k u s h o n Transaction, IFF SQRT2 : (local (10), remote (100), global (1000), ... ) ... ;
transaction; everyday (global commerce); processing & securing transactions;
Transaction; Company ID: 6 digits / 3 digits; verified transaction (credit, debit); i.e. if term is C/C; transaction numbers show previous/current/possibility of company's business life cycle ... ; Also see: bank; Banking; financial;
transaction number; approval number; apps number; commit; sequence number; transaction number;

e.g. (POS (card number, name, PIN number, signature, ... ) with amount) as data e.g. update (card's record and POS' record) via online systems globally ... ;

Transportation . freight; Weight; volume; quantity; ... Time period; cost; reliability; ... ; are knowledge based and variable;
Transportation . logistics; Operating cost; Holding cost can be included;
Transportation . shipping; Air cargo; Air freight; Faster means higher cost;
Transportation . shipping; Ocean cargo; Ocean freight; Slower means lesser cost;
Turnover rate; HR . Recruiting; Turnover rate can be further classified into un-skill; skill; technical; analytical; ... ; One of 5W1H: i.e. 1 analytical can cause N numbers of un-skill; on the other hand; 1 un-skill cannot cause N numbers of analytical ... ;
Unit . PC; Category; Inventory . Logistics . Item;
Unit . Set; Category; Inventory . Logistics . Item;
UPC; e.g. Bar Code; Also see: UPC v s RFID;
U.S. antitrust laws; Lawsuit, if restricting supply of product;

Lawsuit, if setting high prices artificially via global cartel;

For avoiding Plaintiffs allegations, not to restrict supply of any product, not to set high prices;
Vendor Reference Number; Packing List; Company Item Number, Customer Order Date, Customer Order Number, Description of the Item, Estimated Arrival Date, Purchase Order Number, Shipped Via, Quantity, ... ;
Web site; Ad; education; marketing; ... World wide accessibility; availability; ...
Win-Win; Profit sharing; In business; both parties should win; so called win-win situation;
(Wire Information, Wire Instruction) transfer of funds;

(Requestor Account, Requestor Address, Requestor Account Title, Requestor Name);

(Country (Nation's Name), Currency (Recipient Account's Currency Type), ID, Info of Payment (e.g. loan number, property address), Recipient (Account Number, Address, Bank Address, Bank ID (e.g. Routing Number), Bank Name, Name), Source (e.g. in person), Wire Amount, Wire Date, Wire Fee, Wire Type (e.g. domestic, international));
Wireless; Modern telecommunication; i.e. cell phone; wireless router; W LAN;
Work flow; Step-by-step procedural process; Depending on organizational structures "a chart with 5W1H"; work flow may vary; In common; middle management assigns tasks on individuals to do processes;
Working environment HR: Healthy; Safety; ... ; QA;

all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King;


A N POS, Alpha Numeric Point-Of-Sale; e.g.

A N P O S        
A N P O S        
A N P O S        
A N P O S        
  , Alpha    
  Point - Of
  - Sale ;

Also see: 2aComputer; Biz; Services; Sale (buying and selling) with customer relationships e.g. : Credit Card sales, Debit Card sales, insurance related sales, marketing, OEM 's consignee sales, Out-Of-Court (Chapter7, Chapter11) repossession sales, Out-of-Court liquidation based (Public Record) sales, Out-Of-Court grant expiration based structural land development sales (Government's Assessor Office based land-use rights), professional sale person with license, percentage based (sale commissions), promotional sales, Public Auction sales, sales with warranty, sale tax, Sale Tax avoided G-to-G (Government to Government) sales, seasonal on-sale discounts, stock market's sales (buying and selling of stocks), Terms of Sale (agreements, commerce  date), title related sales (licensed officer, Tile Company's Escrow Number), Wholesales/Retails Sales, ... ; Military equipments sales are more related to policy, doko WHERE "Policy" means "MIGHT IS RIGHT"; Remark: this DOMAIN developer has applied a global military commander position, but not yet hired by the Shakya King ; G7 nations (our earth) have many high-tech products "NOT FOR SALE" ;

applicable payment; Balance Transfer; Cash Advance; Direct Deposit; Foreign Currencies; foreign currency; money order; network to categorize; transactions among purchases; travelers checks; Types of Transactions;

bi-weekly (quantities of 26 bi-weekly = 52/2 annually qualities) Tax Holding, for each employee (worker), also see: Biz; Reforming Myanmar; Time;

business type (accounting, agent, agency, architect, automotive rental, auto repair service, child care, cleaning service, construction, consulting, equipment rental, financial advisor, flower shop, handyman service, healthcare (professional, provider), instructor, insurance, IT services, landscape & garden service, law firm, logistics (distributing, forwarding, trucking, warehousing), manufacturing, media (advertising, broadcasting, marketing), non-profit organization, personal care, photographer, postal service, property management, real estate, representative, restaurant, salon, shipping, web service, wholesales & retails, ... ) ... ;

construction company group; team; Radical366;

(COST, FEE) e.g.

AMORTIZATION, fee charged for a copy of the Amortization Schedule; Remark: in common, NOT daily;

APPRAISAL, fee charged by licensed appraiser, for conducting fair market value, based on inspection of exterior and interior;

ASSUMPTION, fee charged for processing of the loan assumption;

ATTORNEY, fee charged for compensating attorney services;

BANKRUPTCY, fee charged for filing bankruptcy, including attorney costs, and process per action;

BREACH LETTER, fee charged for sending letters because of default on the loan; Remark: in common, "NOTICE LETTER" does not constitute neither "demand for payment" nor "personal liability" but applicable ones;

CONVENIENCE, fee charged for making a payment by phone, or fee charged for paying via Internet online;

DOCUMENTATION, fee charged for requesting loan document;

DEED OF TRUST, fee charged for copying (Deed of Trust, Deed of Trust Copy, Mortgage);

EXPEDITED, fee charged, accordance with the state law (e.g. state's allowable limit), for receiving standard (fax, mail (certified mail), other expedited means (authorized 3rd party)) payoff statement;

FIELD VISIT, fee charged if required to send field-agent to deliver notice, and to determine occupancy status of the property;

FREQUENCY OF THE COSTS, fee charged for how often (requested, required) services are, for investor's legal requirements, and payment status;

LATE CHARGE, payment, received after the due date (expiration of applicable grace period);

LIEN RELEASE, fee charged for documenting and preparing payoff;

LITIGATION, result of litigating a claim against borrower;

PARTIAL RELEASE, fee charged for documenting, modifying, and preparing outstanding lien on the property;  

PREPAYMENT, based on the loan document, fee may be required if prepay (in common, % dictated by state law);

PROPERTY INSPECTION, fee charged by licensed inspector with report (document);

PROPERTY PRESERVATION, if the property is (abandoned, vacant), services to prevent damages to the property;

PROPERTY VALUATION, fee charged to determine condition and value of the property, e.g. in the form of appraisal, Broker Price Opinion, other valuation of the property;

RECASTING, fee charged to recast (a.k.a. re-amortize) the loan to be with lower monthly payment;

RECORDING, fee charged by county clerk (Assessor Office) for recording as Public Record, e.g. satisfaction of lien at payoff, e.g. Title Company's Lien Holder name, and so on; Remark: fees may vary by state and county;

RETURNED CHECK, when payment is rejected by the bank;

SUBORDINATION, fee charged for making property subject (junior to be priority lien, lien on the property, Promissory Note, waived accordance with previously recorded);

TITLE SEARCH, fee charged for performing title search (from the Title Company's Public Record);

VERIFICATION, fee charged to provide verification of mortgage to a 3rd party;

gold; Radical200;

Home; Also see: 2008 Buying a Home; in democratic nations, money makes money; in a few military dictator nations, permit makes money;

idea ♯ 250; for each nation ( NIS, National Information System) ... ; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2;

in history, bad ones happened, AND don't focus on "bad ones happened" i.e. HOW peaceful & tranquil life to be with developing self, R&D, thrive, ... ; report from medical record history (Dx) may prompt (either abnormal or normal), AND (curing, healing, health caring, recovering) from abnormal to normal means worth of (Dx, Rx, Tx, ... ); in Biz a.k.a. Business, after 7 years in Public Record, waiving the bad ones (in this case, bad credit);

insurance; e.g. T I M S, also see: Ace Jaw; kadosei Mobility;

( INV, INV, INV, INV), inverse function, a function THAT 's reversing another function;

e.g. ( DEG . cos) 's INV is cos^-1;
e.g. ( DEG . e) 's INV is ( RAD . e);
e.g. ( DEG . ln) 's INV is e^x;
e.g. ( DEG . log) 's INV is 10^x;
e.g. ( DEG . sin) 's INV is sin^-1;
e.g. ( DEG . tan) 's INV is tan^-1;
e.g. ( DEG . !) 's INV is ( RAD . !);
e.g. ( DEG . π) 's INV is ( RAD . π);
e.g. ( DEG . ^) 's INV is ( RAD . ^);
e.g. ( DEG . "(") 's INV is ( RAD . "(");
e.g. ( DEG . ")") 's INV is ( RAD . ")");
e.g. ( DEG . √) 's INV is x^2;

INV is INVERSE, i.e. math usage ... ; Also see: Mathematics;
INV is INVOICE, i.e. business usage ... ; Also see: Biz;

I wrote: I've created a picture i.e. INVERSE, and I've a quiz: regarding (our earth, our moon), if I'm on the moon, HOW would the "INVERSE" would be?

well trained kids! replied: very easy quiz; since (area, environment) has lots of (Silver), Blue and Green are reversing each other sir;

I wrote: yes. so desu n a l ... ; don't forget THAT (Yellow) and (Red) are also reversing ... ;

( INV, INV, INV, INV), also see: 9iComputer; Mathematical Calculations; Physics Law 181;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence :

e.g. . keyword . keyword . keyword;

e.g. Nama For Humanoid, using Artificial Intelligence, to decide, to make a decision, e.g. verify Shakya King's permit before implementing WORMHOLE way Manmade Global Weather focuses onto the defined region, e.g. verify Shakya King's permit prior to using multi long length neutrino laser (static way, wormhole way), e.g. whether wars EXIST or not, ... ;

dough; money; Radical838;

in accounting (Account Name, Account Number, Amount (Exchange Currency), DL (AP, AR), Routing Number), banking (Bank Name, Bank URL), finance (APR gain, real estate appraiser, real estate inspector), title (assessed owner,  escrow officer, public recording, tax collector), underwriting (financial analyst, loan officer, underwriters), ... I'll protect your composite keys ( S P L, Sound Pressure Level i.e. the highest Method based on camera, because don't forget THAT camera can be the longest Distance Router), regarding your valuable banking RDBMS ... , beyond digital certificate, passport, ... ; e.g. this DOMAIN (QA (B D C, P D C, S D C)) among servers, a.k.a. 3 rounds of QA for each transaction ... ; Also see: PHYSICS, law 122, 1970s style dot, pixel, point, spot, ... ;

I wrote: I've realized & understood THAT real estate related (land development, home improvement, housing development) business is excellent way to be rich ones (in our earth), and simply can be done by internal news, monitoring stock markets, policies of royal families, risk (liability), Shakya King's (award, grant), trading (e.g. (((Buy, Sell), or Holding) stock, stock, stock)), TRUST, so called Biz Dx ... ;

Stock Exchange; Trading; e.g.

( HKE, HKE, HKE), also see: 6hComputer;
( LSE, LSE, LSE), also see: 9lComputer;
( NYSE, NYSE, NYSE), also see: 9nComputer;
( TSE, TSE, TSE), also see: 8tComputer;

stock holding time period; stock share time line; stock time; e.g.










1D 5D 1M 6M YTD 1Y 5Y MAX  ;
one day five days one month six months year to date one year five years maximum ;
for each stock symbol, ... ;  

time line 


Also see: Biz; Stock; Time;

Wrapped; for healthy & safety (individual, group, defined region) ... ;
Wrapped; for healthy & safety (individual, group, defined region) ... ;

e.g. using insectoid reports to animaloid reports to humanoids (RDBMS data), trace WHO is using military grade infrared remote heat sensing in our earth; IFF military grade infrared remote heat sensing is setting toward human beings, severe punishment must be deployed WHO violates human rights because, military grade devices are NOT allowed in commercial area and residential area;

 trade war , also see: Nama For Humanoid; Reforming Myanmar;

4.5-5% L E U, Low Enriched Uranium, can fuel reactors in ((E U, a.k.a. European Nations), (USA, a.k.a. United States of America)) commercially; to do so, U3O8, tri-uranium o c t o x i d e is processed from mined-ores, And Then, chemically transform U3O8 to UF6, uranium hexafluoride, And Then, gasified the UF6, And Then, feed into centrifuge, so nuclear fuel cycle becomes ... ; (235U, 238U) marketing a.k.a. Uranium Marketing (China, France, Germany, Netherlands, Other, Russia, United Kingdom, United States of America), also see: Biz; Nuclear1; Nuclear2; (map, mapped, mapping) nuclear reactors worldwide ... ;