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 power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

I wrote: I've a gift to you, i.e. formulating nuclear medicine for defusing nuclear explosion ... ; Remark: Auto Grow (either 2 eyes or 2 strings) should be at (east bound's side, right side), regarding formulating nuclear medicine for defusing nuclear explosion; I've a quiz now i.e. Electron configuration of potential ±V, how will you fill "Yellow Color" next to the Aqua Color?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Hmm!! very easy sir, answer would be: Electron configuration of potential ±V, doko WHERE upper ("Yellow" Color) area is for higher potential (+V), if compare to lower ("Light yellow" Color) area is for lower potential (-V), so (Plus Ion, Minus Ion) can be realized & understood, similar to radio isotopes;

I wrote: "S" character alike our earth's moon orbiter path, you need to figure-out inside of Water Clock . Water (e.g. Distance of ( OH+, OH+ ) As Bond Length becomes longer and longer if D20 ... ) in this case, "Aqua" Color ones, for ACT1 imaginary hyperspace; for ACT2, momentums of human beings livable moons should be involved, and ACT3 level imaginary hyperspace is military top secrets because our earth is not simple like WHAT I think ... ; Also see: DNA _Origami; Nanobot Programming; Nuclear1; Nuclear2;

I wrote: since well trained kids have filled 2 diff potentials (Yellow vs. Light Yellow), regarding "Auto Grow," I need to correct the picture by DEE, Dark Energy Engineering ( from Black Color to Gray Color ) i.e. to avoid heat related Red Color, so I've another gift to you i.e. Electron configuration of potential ±V; Remark: We've already learnt that Yellow goes through between Silver and Navy Blue in 3,4 dimensional (Also see: Anti-Earthquake design model), so you can create your own anime, flip-flop animated "Yellow filled area" GIF by yourselves;

August, 2023; World History (our earth) 's the 1st nuclear explosion in 21st century, because of (Earthquake + Tsunami), regional disaster (radioactive unhealthy environment) happened, a.k.a. unwanted 311 (311 means March 11, 2011 nuclear explosion in Japan) :

- beyond Japanese gangster Yakuza groups' killings;
- beyond Japan Military Generals' killings (Remark: every nation's military generals are related to killing either legally or illegally);
- beyond Japanese Ninja groups' killings;
- beyond LASER installation (illegally harmful to human beings) by gangster groups;
- beyond promoting Military Dictatorship worldwide illegally (e.g. after 543+ days of Ukraine-Russia War, approx. 500,000+ casualties already in 2023; Also see: Calendar . Earth . Space . War . HTML);
- beyond ZCS based wormhole way LASER toward human beings, kuru kuru WHILE computing, designed & modeled by very very elite engineers & scientists illegally;

nuclear explosion means the-worst-of-the-bad-ones; in world history, 3 nuclear explosions happened in Japan, i.e. 2 in WWII (20th century), and 1 in March 11, 2011 (Earthquake + Tsunami) illegally; starting by August 22, 2023, Japan government decided to (dump, release) radioactive water (tritium) into the Pacific Ocean, after 11+ years of treating the radioactive water by containers;

a "Tarzan" Rakhine American's suggestion would be: 200+ miles away from Japan, using a tanker ship, (dumping, releasing) radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean; after 10+ years of R&D self, a "Tarzan" Rakhine American's imaginary hyperspace content would be: Anti-Earthquake; avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

This is a (proposal, suggestion (advice)) to the King of Japan, who can (overrule, overwrite) utility companies' agenda, ... ; a "Tarzan" Rakhine American way of demolishing "nuclear waste" would be: 1st. get a very old cargo ship to dump, 2nd. sump pump the "nuclear waste" water into the cargo ship, 3rd, disassemble the "nuclear waste" (equipments, materials) then haul into the cargo ship, 4th. sail exactly 198.98 miles away (east bound of Japan) and explode the cargo ship to be sinking into the bottom of Pacific ocean, 5th. since a "Tarzan" 's method, the operation ("nuclear waste" dumping) doesn't need to be expensive e.g. 444,444 US Dollar to purchase a very old cargo ship, e.g. sump pump the 7171 tons (waste water) + haul 98 tons of (equipments, material), and bottom of the Pacific ocean to be one of the World History also ... ; a "Tarzan" doesn't endorse dumping "nuclear waste" water next to coastal of Japan because Tidal Prediction, Wind Factor, ... , and the best way to dump "nuclear waste" would be the bottom of the ocean (WHERE lights don't go through anymore), and 198.98 miles away from Japan is still valid by International Law & international water; This is a (proposal, suggestion (advice)) to the King of Japan, who can (overrule, overwrite) utility companies' agenda, ... ; because (2,3) dimensional "reflection" of moon waves cause 2,3 layers of ocean-water as filter to the "nuclear waste" and underneath of ocean doesn't have Tidal Prediction, Wind Factor, ... also decay time period of radio isotopes will be gone away because of naturally water (bottom of the ocean) pressure without light; in PHYSICS, the defined lights' heterodyning can cause heat, on the other hand, without light means non-heterodyning region, therefore, bottom of the ocean should be the place for dumping ("nuclear waste"), and "Origin of Lights" is because of Water sir; regarding (share, shared, sharing) Electron-pairs AND Bond Length, Number of Electron increases WHEN Bond Length is shortening (▲ Electron configuration of ... ), e.g. Acidic H will be gone-away because non-heterodyning begins at "bottom of the ocean" (WHERE lights don't go through anymore) ... in addition to ((2H+ + 2e- H2)'s potential (±V) As zero) ; a "Tarzan" Rakhine American's (proposal, suggestion (advice)) ... ;

I wrote: WHAT are the keywords, related to "Nuclear" ?
well trained kids!! replied: (("standard in flame"), ("STANDARD IN FLAME")) sir;

I wrote: concerning (WHERE lights don't go through anymore), e.g. (Blue Color, Navy Color) As 2; (Blue Color, Navy Color, Silver Color) As 3; doko WHERE their origin would be?
well trained kids!! replied: Navy Color may be originally from Neptune (approx. 17 times of Earth) and its paired Uranus (i.e. referring to 2), on the other hand, in addition to 2, Silver Color may be originally from Earth's moon (3 is 2+1), so 2,3 dimensional can be realized & understood sir;

I wrote: in an essence of nuclear medicine + nuclear physics ( aesthetics: philosophy), Electron-pairs AND Bond Length are no longer pairing means (other wording would be: no longer spinning radio isotopes)?
well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! ware ware We're defusing ("nuclear explosion") naturally sir;

I wrote: is there any formula for defusing ("nuclear explosion") ?
well trained kids!! replied: "unknown ones" know exactly ... ; doko WHERE ((salt; Radical698); (salt; Radical235); salt ) built-up naturally means (Blue Color, Navy Color) As 2 already penetrated sir; because of Level3 (earth's moon), those salts look like Silver Color sir;

I wrote: since I've been a "Tarzan" who is without own lab, I don't think I can formulate "formula for defusing ("nuclear explosion")" nuclear medicine, also see: MD (nuclear medicine) ... ; if we can formulate "nuclear medicine" then we can treat ("nuclear waste") for sure;
well trained kids!! replied: a "Tarzan" is a "Tarzan" ... like mountains are mountain, rivers are river;

I wrote: ( Electron configuration, Electron configuration, Electron configuration, Electron configuration), also see: c Character Extension 1;

( 3 a.k.a. tri, if usage, also see:  C ph T Pharmaceutical Terminological Prefixes And Suffixes e.g. ", tri* prefix, three"); Tritium is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen ( H), and can be indicating whether radioactive tritium (low level, high level, not exist) in Water, e.g. radioactive tritium is not exist in the defined water means safe & secure environment (healthy, naturally) ... ; if nuclear explosion, radioactive tritium is high level in the defined water means (not secure, unhealthy, unsafe) environment; those "high level" radioactive tritium in the defined water becomes "low level" after years of purification (Procedure, Method, Technique) is applied; HOW 100% controllable (kuru kuru WHILE nuclear thermal rod is exploding As Fuel to be Nuclear Energy) 100% manageable without (leak, leakage, leaked, leaking) is one of the military top secrets (only unknown ones know exactly, and cannot be learnt in university degrees);

a "Tarzan" Rakhine American's wild guess would be 2lb of Silver based thermo rod, using as nuclear energy fuel for 2 years, doko WHERE heavier molecular weight ones are with loosing (other wording would be unbinding self) so called radio alike active (not passive) isotopes; after unbinding self (exploding As Fuel to be Nuclear Energy (e.g. 2lb of Silver based thermo rod)), remaining (material, substance) is called "Tritium" i.e. poison, toxic to living environment, unwanted nuclear waste, ... ; Remark: whenever flip-flopping (Silver Color, Navy Color), Yellow Color goes away, Umm!! Hmm!! very very similar to Nanobot Programming ( Isotopes, Isotopes, Isotopes, Isotopes) ... and a "Tarzan" ... is thinking HOW ... ;

2lb of Silver based thermo rod becomes heavier and heavier ... , WHAT does IT mean ? Hmm!! Umm!! a "Tarzan" ... is thinking HOW Distance in OH+ ... ; how to handle (heavier weight, lighter weight) is another quiz in Nanobot Programming ( Isotopes, Isotopes, Isotopes, Isotopes) ... ; regarding natural water elevator (Procedure, Method, Technique), also see: mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D;

by the way, inside of (Nuclear1, Nuclear2), to get, to have, to obtain, pure Hydrogen (H) without Carbon (C) would be very very high level (Procedure, Method, Technique), so there must be a way to do so ... Hmm!! Umm!! pure Hydrogen ( h, H)  without Carbon (C) ; Also see: mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D; Remark: another trillions of US Dollar worth ... ;

4.5-5% L E U, Low Enriched Uranium, can fuel reactors in ((E U, a.k.a. European Nations), (USA, a.k.a. United States of America)) commercially; to do so, U3O8, tri-uranium o c t o x i d e is processed from mined-ores, And Then, chemically transform U3O8 to UF6, uranium hexafluoride, And Then, gasified the UF6, And Then, feed into centrifuge, so nuclear fuel cycle becomes ... ; (235U, 238U) marketing a.k.a. Uranium Marketing (China, France, Germany, Netherlands, Other, Russia, United Kingdom, United States of America), also see: Biz; Nuclear1; Nuclear2; (map, mapped, mapping) nuclear reactors worldwide ... ;

for biophysics (nuclear plant's waste water management, purification processes of polluted water, purifying nuclear related radioactive water) ... ;

0.98 ( a , A ) ,  
  milli bar Space   :    
( Salt + Water ) form s e.g.
pattern s of radio active water molecule ;  
create a New Formula ,          
  e.g. DNA replication ;          
  e.g. self reproduction of the DNA ;    
  e.g. transcript a New DNA        
  of the (  Protein ,      
         Enzymes ) ... ;  

nuclear medicine; e.g.

kakuigaku Nuclear Medicine     kakuigaku Nuclear Medicine     kakuigaku Nuclear Medicine;

Remark: NOT reverse;

2565; September 2021; scanning structural of the nuclear warhead (i.e. Object) ... ; Also see: CT, Computed Tomography;

2565; August 2021; this DOMAIN 's (Method, Procedure, Technique) by Rakhine (an ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar (Burma)) American, e.g. structural Battery and its Background are more powerful than nuclear power of civilizations in our earth; Using structural Battery and its Background (Invisible Drone, Flying Automotive) should be more powerful than nuclear power of civilizations; Also see: Physics Law 179, naturally rechargeable battery ... ;

24_104_120_208_240_Transformer; Also see: 3tComputer; Remark: either (higher Number : lower Number) or (lower Number : higher Number) kuru kuru WHILE transforming ... ; 24_104_120_208_240_Transformer is very simple, and (SQRT3 with SQRT2) design Model can be learnt, realized & understood; level of knowledge: ACT1 imaginary hyperspace; in ACT2 imaginary hyperspace, combustion is not a solution, and (Solar Sail, Yellowish Variation) is recommended; in ACT3 imaginary hyperspace, Artificial Intelligence (AAI, AI, AIA) Solar System is a must (Solar System as a secant of our universes) with Water and HOW Balance ((Floor, X) gravity spots, (Walls, Y) gravity spots) are essential ones; 3 levels of (idea, knowledge) are ACT3, ACT2, and ACT1; Also see: Schematic Symbols;

( , , ), for Nanobot Programmers; Also see: Oh My Lord; ware ware We must be the winners of COVID-19 global wars.

biological weapon; e.g.

COVID-19 is the most powerful biological weapon, and COVID-19 is more powerful than (nuclear1, nuclear2) ... ; Remark: 75th year after WWII (2019-2022);

Electricity Generating Nuclear Power Plant ;      
Electricity Generating Nuclear Power Plant - ;    

December 16, 2018/2562 NHK news: our earth's the latest nuclear technology and the most powerful nuclear plant, up-and-running in China; World's Biggest Nuclear Plant;

Name: Taishan Nuclear Power Plant; Construction Period: 2009 - 2018; Construction Cost: approx. 8 billion US Dollar; Location: Chixizhen, Taishan, Guangdong, China;
Owner: www.cgnpc.com.cn, China General Nuclear Power Group (70%); Electricity de France (30%); Reactor Supplier: Orano, Areva; http://us.areva.com;
Technology: E P R nuclear technology; Generating Power: approx. 2 x 1750 MW;

2017/2561; (assure, QA, verify) United Nations (194 nations)' 72nd annual general assembly meeting agenda: no nuclear weapon in our earth, since 2017/2561;

as of 3/31/2016 /2559, world's 1st underground Ice Wall to nuclear plant, designed & engineered by NIPPON, and start implementing cold fusion Dark Energy Engineering ( DEE) at Fukushima nuclear plant to reduce radiation; Remark: cold fusion is HOW low power prompts iroColourWaveForm (colors); another example would be solar power (from 1mW to 1W to 1KW to 1 GW), on the other hand, hot fusion (e.g. Nuclear Plant) distributes reversely (e.g. from higher voltage to lower voltage); therefore, another words for world's 1st underground Ice Wall to nuclear plant is Cold Fusion vs. Hot Fusion; to understand cold fusion, planets' momentum must be thoroughly understood (regarding Standard Light Sensor on human beings livable moons), because DEE as strings are formed (a.k.a. coming from our universes) naturally;

light sensor (our earth) ... ; for basic understanding of light sensor, 1st to understand CdS, 2nd to understand diff potential can be gathered into capacitor to be analyzed as yellowish variations, 3rd to develop Standard Light Sensor As Device, so that hardware can be controlled by software;

in our earth, both Cold Fusion and Hot Fusion prompts problems of "cracks" WHICH kill symmetries; notice the C Sequence Number (BF2) regarding "cracks", therefore, if you're ACT2 stage and ACT3 stage space system developers, you should keep Buddha's majjhima way (a.k.a. Middle Path) HOW symmetry can be maintained (i.e. NOT to be having "cracks"); develop surface WHICH can keep symmetry (a.k.a. Laser Shield Method);

this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space system has mapped all nuclear plants on our earth by its Satellite DNS System; pinpointing each nuclear plant location as screen surface in the Internet; Also see: Weather to protect e.g. MANMADE GLOBAL WEATHER (Gravity Spots, Plasma Cluster Shield, ... ) and protecting the environment worldwide (i.e. globally) ... ;

metal in a form of (heavy weight atom with very unstable binding self) is similar to WORM or acne alike, and then in a case of "acne" , think that surface like skin is similar to plate alike, and then notice that all (WORM or acne) obey 2,3 dimensional space environment because in a day time, gravity spots as space, coming from 5 moons, a.k.a. Day Configuration, on the other hand, Night Configuration, also see: Constellations; therefore, 2,3 dimensional configuration is more than necessary to configure very very unique 2 (e.g. Day Configuration, Night Configuration);

regarding fuel rods storage, 1st to think of "acne" skin like plate WHERE underneath obeys BF2 (i.e. C Sequence Number) ACTION naturally by both Day Configuration and Night Configuration; 2nd to think of Origin of Sound artificially, therefore, if you place those fuel rods in parallel (Pros), you may have 2,3 dimensional result (Cons), on the other hand, if you place those fuel rods in 2,3 dimensional location (Cons), you may have parallel (Cons); do not forget parallel but diff Distance, so that multi time lines (e.g. 33mm, 66mm, 99mm) may begin, regarding either round circle design in polar coordinate or square plate design in 2D coordinate;

after plate (commonly yellow), hot pole (thick metal track) as connected thick pipe or wire (in common, several wires can be connected to the hot pole (thick metal track) a.k.a. loading national power lines); so high amp (ampere) begins to prompt different potentials e.g. 4400V, 8800V, ... ; thicker the plate, higher the amp can be; e.g. 1 power line of 4400V can be splitting into 10 lines of 440V doko WHERE transformer stations are;

2 fold design is very very unique, and 2 fold design is correct;

e.g. if 100V @ HOME, and then 200V @ power line, and then 400V @ transformer station, and so on ... ;
e.g. if 110V @ HOME, and then 220V @ power line, and then 440V @ transformer station, and so on ... ;
e.g. if 220V @ HOME, and then 440V @ power line, and then 880V @ transformer station, and so on ... ;

regarding 2 fold, from green to yellow may take approx. 6 months IFF naturally grown e.g. rice plant;
regarding 2 fold, from green to yellow may take approx. 6 hours IFF artificially grown e.g. nuclear fuel rod;

4 fold is more powerful than 2 fold, because 4 fold does more population (populating) than 2 fold;

always on cooling system, commonly done by water, therefore, water's Ph level e.g. (water PH level < 7 (a.k.a. acid), or water PH level > 7 (a.k.a. base)), and depending upon design group's model,

if water PH level < 7, and then add more base,
if water PH level > 7, and then add more acid,

basically, water should be normal e.g. PH level 7 (a.k.a. pure water);

Remark: approx. 5 pipes * (1 meter diameter water pipe) can do 50+ millions of gallon (water) can be purified per day; therefore, condenser's salt build-up, radio active related water can be treated, and then purified water (recycled water) can be reused for 111 times maximum;

question would be: 1 nuclear fuel rod does more population (populating) 4 fold non-stop its radio isotopes (hot) at core (heat pattern would be snaky alike 1/2 of "s" shape "wave" form), after condenser processes (always on cooling system), plate prompts 8800V different potential with 55 cm yellowish variation on our earth, but the same equipment prompts 88 cm yellowish variation on one of the human beings livable moons, and then 33 cm as yellowish variation; WHAT kind of energy makes such diff? answer would be: DEE (Dark Energy Engineering);

to produce 4 fold radio isotope nuclear fuel rods, 1st to study chemical engineering e.g. heavy weight physical chemistry with unstable binding self (e.g. hard metal but worm alike soft; worm's lifespan is very short (e.g. a few hours) if compare to hard metal's life span is very long (e.g. a few centuries); "hard metal but worm alike soft" radio isotope nuclear fuel rod's lifespan would be a few decades) and it can be maintained by green and frozen box; 2nd those unstable binding self inside a closed core means colliding (collision) each other (no more green and no more frozen box) WHICH prompts hot; 3rd to understand coexistence (cold, hot) a.k.a. different potential, therefore, condenser (always on cooling system) to prompt high energy (yellow) via plate; in nuclear technology, always on cooling system must be always on, because unstable binding self inside a closed core means colliding (collision) each other WHICH prompts hot, and that "hot" must be cool using water ways (a.k.a. condenser) ... ;

another question would be: HOW physics (physical chemistry) of heavy weight metal to be unstable binding self? and then, WHEN is the time to freeze the defined nuclear fuel rod as green, and of course, out of "green" means the defined nuclear fuel rod must be at core for colliding (collision) and then starting nuclear plant ... ;

since 2011, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space system has mapped all nuclear plants on our earth by its Satellite DNS System;

e.g. all nuclear plants as dots on screen surface in the Internet ... ;

do not laser focus on any nuclear plant as dot on screen surface in the Internet ... ; because, this DOMAIN is developing peaceful and tranquil purpose only; this is a grace time period, and civilizations' all nuclear plants must be demolished, ended, finished in 21st century;

on 8/11/2015 /2559, in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, Sendai Nuclear Plant restarts electricity service;

thermal rods (heavy weight atom with very unstable binding self, normally maintained by freezer box design) and those thermal rods in normal room temperature must be protected by several cooling systems; thermal rods (a.k.a. fuel rods) are heavy weight atom with very unstable binding self WHICH causes high heat;

kuru kuru WHILE high heat goes through coil (think of reverse to condenser) different potential happens (because coil is similar to wrapping wire power generator, but diff is that wrapping wire power generator is 1 axle 360 degree design, on the other hand, "go through coil" is 180 degree design, and coils' design may vary depending up to design group's idea e.g. round circle can be in polar coordinate, e.g. square plate can be in 2D coordinate) so called high amp electricity power; nuclear reaction takes 12 hours time period to be fully functional nuclear reaction to supply unlimited electricity power;

in case of emergency, auto shut off switch to load (doko WHERE electricity power is) and load must be switched to another electricity power source (e.g. another nuclear plant's power line, e.g. another wind plant's power line, e.g. another hydropower plant's power line);

always on cooling systems to nuclear power (radioactive thermal rods a.k.a. high heat); make sure several cooling systems exist (e.g. no strings heterodyne interior environment, several water flow ways (water flow from hill, water flow from ocean, water flow from tank), ... e.g. reversed heat sensing pattern emitter device, e.g. robotic system to remove into freezer box, e.g. yellowish variation auto adjustment interior environment, ... ); Remark: there are many ways to protect (e.g. always on cooling systems) radioactive thermal rods (i.e. high heat) NOT to explode and NOT to over heat, because high heat can cause explosion;

Yes, to (Nuclear Plants), because unlimited electric power resource as service;

poison a.k.a. radio active isotope a.k.a. toxic, e.g. cesium-137 isotope (approx. 30+ years of time period to decay (half life radioactivity)), e.g. cobalt-60 isotope, e.g. manganese-54 isotope, e.g. strontium-90 (within 4 days, 4fold increase particles), ... ; (think reverse of WORM 's lifespan, because radio isotope 's lifespan (a.k.a. active) is much longer than WORM);

like sulfur chemical, when sulfur perceives light, it emits photon; we human beings use sulfur as screen's pixel to perceive electron light from yoke of electron gun, and then light emitting screen as display (e.g. monitor tube); same concept can apply, radioactive thermal rods must maintain green liquid as its cool environment, otherwise, the rods will be melted (over heat); therefore, understanding of interior cool environment is very important; and HOW to keep always on cooling systems for each nuclear power is depending up to design group's idea ... ;

think of green color for cool, yellow color for yellowish variation, ... , so that defined spectrum light sensor can monitor radioactive thermal rods a.k.a. high heat; and make sure no matter WHAT happens (e.g. bomb explosion, earthquake, flood), cool environment must be cool environment regarding radioactive thermal rod;

If building nuclear power plant, build 2 or more; Never build 1 nuclear power plant alone;
If running nuclear power plant, run 2 or more; Never run 1 nuclear power plant alone;

Think that nuclear power is shock circuit alike; The highest man-made amp (heat) at nuclear plants (i.e. highest energy level) WHERE electrons flow to the lowest energy level at home (e.g. 4 amp heat); IFF Quantum Correction, also see: Display; IFF Electricity Power Plug, the thickest wire (cable) at nuclear plants (e.g. metal pipe) to the thinnest wire ( cable) at home are connected together via fuses, with time zone, so called Grid Topology;

IFF 24mm Natural Time Fusion can be designed and engineered (e.g. solar power to 1 mW to 1 kW to 1 GW, therefore, nuclear power plants are no longer needed) ... ; Nippon is the first nation in the world regarding natural fusion, as a result, in Japan, 48 nuclear plants have been officially shut down since 2000s (21st century);

WHILE running nuclear power plant,

WORMHOLE , IFF earthquake, never off the load, WHICH means load must be on (i.e. all the time);
WORMHOLE , IFF tsunami, never off the load, WHICH means load must be on (i.e. all the time);
WORMHOLE , IFF flood, never off the load, WHICH means load must be on (i.e. all the time);
WORMHOLE , IFF emergency, never off the load, WHICH means load must be on (i.e. all the time);

Never implement with wire, WHICH means high amp must be connected through with pipe only;

nuclear power plant nodes: ground; negative; positive;

Remark: {FF, CC, 99} to Electricity Power Plug; National Grid ( N I I) may begin;

Connecting pipes to WORMHOLE must be unbreakable;

Several pipes should be connected to another nuclear plants in distance; square design is recommended, because naturally 4 lights are square;

Plates are node alike ( WHERE electrons flow from hot end to cool end);

Develop numerological dimensional symmetrical control system,

e.g. IFF 1.1 is symmetrical, develop 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 to be symmetrical;

and then, artificial intelligence (numerological dimensional symmetrical control system) to balance the regional loads among numerological numbers (i.e. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9),

e.g. IFF 2.2 is symmetrical, develop 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9 to be symmetrical;

and then, artificial intelligence (numerological dimensional symmetrical control system) to balance the regional loads among numerological numbers (i.e. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9); Idea (algorithm) might be centric automata alike WHERE cores (e.g. 1.1, 2.2) are invariance WHILE cores are in concurrency;

Use of natural landscape slope (i.e. structural idea) to let cooling purpose water flows from high level to low level naturally; If worst case of letting the cooling water flows from high level to low level (low level is WHERE the nuclear explosion exists, so WORMHOLE s are lightening alike) is not available, diesel engine backup generator to turn the cooling water system on; gasoline engine backup generator to turn the cooling water system on; another nuclear power plant's root power line electric backup generator to turn the cooling water system on;

If heat (i.e. higher than the core's specific defined (temperature)) is still on, because of high amp shock circuit alike, and then start using chemical solution to reduce heat, IFF heat (i.e. higher than the core's specific defined (temperature)) is still on, remove the radio active rod, so the nuclear power plant is shutting down;

Somehow, nuclear explosions happened in this globe (i.e. unknown reason); Therefore, zero risk implementation method is recommend (e.g. invite "non Standard" elite peoples from other nations, because you might be looking for diff idea, in addition to your "Standard", inviting "non Standard" elite peoples to do a few days visit to nuclear power plant might be getting diff comments ... ; e.g. inviting monks from other nations, because you might not see "deities" ... in addition to your own style monk  "Native"); In 21st century, nuclear power plant should not be top secret, but must be with zero risk implementation;

For 21st century and beyond (notice that nuclear plants are getting older and older), R&D e.g. modulation of gravity (DEE) might be very big and huge powerful laser gun alike, e.g. 1 energy shot via Satellite DNS System might provide more than 50 billions USD worth of incomes (e.g. protecting forests, protecting water, raining into dry lands) regarding best cases, on the other hand, e.g. 1 energy shot via Satellite DNS System might cause more than 50 billions USD damage for each location on our earth (i.e. if worst cases); According to world's history, there is no record/statement regarding nuclear plants can be pinpointed and energy shot via Satellite DNS System by using modulation of gravity as powerful gun to demolish the nuclear existences globally; To demolish nuclear globally, scientific prove is necessary, and to do so, nuclear locations must be pinpointed via Satellite DNS System 1st, and then apply modulation of gravity as powerful gun toward the pinpointed nuclear location 2nd, temperature of the environment is higher and higher, and cooling systems failure will result nuclear explosions 3rd, i.e. a way of demolishing nuclear globally, regarding Civilization Type (i.e. if worst cases);

remark: "Nuclear Disarmament" global politics have been proposing since 1994, and United Nations (UN) has endorsed 27 times already, but many nations are still holding nuclear weapons, as of 2564/2020; therefore, regarding 21st century & beyond, "no need to declare war" e.g. COVID-19 pandemic happened in 2020, 75th years after World War II, e.g. invisibility engineering (invisible unmanned drone), e.g. Manmade Global Weather as the most powerful weapon, e.g. Satellite DNS System (multi long length neutrino laser (focal point)), ... ; regarding ethnic tribes of Union of Myanmar's knowledge enhancement, also see: PHYSICS;

To do good climate conditions, to do good weather conditions, also see: Weather; WORMHOLE;

WHAT is "nuclear" sir ? well trained kids ! honestly, I ain't know, but my wild guess would be: 1st to engineer nuclear-thermal-rod, to do so, metal (e.g. silver) must be in melting stage by chemical reaction only (not using heat), 2nd to realize WHEN metal is in "soft" (melting stage, like a worm in liquid container so called "neutron flux" ), 3rd to realize its atom's outbound side becomes unstable (a.k.a. binding energy of atom is in its loosing stage (another wild guess would be: green to yellow at one side only), electron are going out of its binding), 4th to realize that populating (i.e. symmetry, e.g. symmetrical control WHILE melting for 2 years) prompt potential different with heat, and heat is commonly reduced by water (but salt built up naturally); 5th to realize that NOT being in symmetry (controlled populating of 2 fold) can be very dangerous explosion, health risk, and toxic living environment; e.g. denture cleaner tab transforms from solid to liquid within 3 minutes (residue as antiseptic), on the other hand, nuclear-thermal-rod transforms from "soft" stage to liquid within 3 years (residue as toxic), i.e. trucker way of understanding WHAT is "nuclear" ;

Also see: \\Buddha\index;

Also see: Biz;