mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D

Brief Introduction: accordance with Buddha's Abhidharma, "sa ya na" should be Nanobot alike ( WHICH, WHICH, WHICH, WHICH) mean without arms and legs (String), without eyes (Hole), without tail (1/2 Hammer Radio), ... ; Also see: Nanobot . Programming . Mapper; s Pali; Remark: (ACT2, Level2) imaginary hyperspace; in our universes, on human beings livable moons, we've Body Length Index (BLI) problems, so this webpage ("mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D") is for automatic adjustment of BLI (formulary medicine for each human beings livable moon) ... ; started in May, 2023, and approx. 6 months of R&D result "leaf" should be at the top ... ; I don't know WHEN will be possible to solve ... e.g. difficulties are (hard vs. soft), height of the bamboo (stem), (sessions of water . stem), WHICH human beings livable moon (planet Name, planet Number), width of the bamboo, ... ; ending points of "root" should obey C Sequence Number (BF2); NIPPON a.k.a. Japanese ("yo") character and English capital letter ("E") are very very very meaningful in ACT3 imaginary hyperspace in our universes ... ;



                Nippon Syllabary ;

180 degree diff to yo KATAKANA ;

well trained kids!! replied: structural Amino Acids seem similar to "180 degree diff to yo KATAKANA" ( doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why) ?

I wrote: Universal (dimensional, directional, structural) diff ... e.g. structural Amino Acids belong to our earth, if compare to "180 degree diff to yo KATAKANA" belongs to one of the human beings livable moons ... ;

                6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index

consonants ( k a, y a) are like 90 degree diff ...


b r ;

I wrote: in 2024, I created "natural Infix Fractions .HTML," doshite Why?

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! , Using Polygon Method, a.k.a. Triangle Method, and prior to realizing IT, Numbers in Computing should be read sir;

I wrote: Yes. LASER (lights as polygon, lights as triangle) ... , and don't forget to use 15 degree by SQRT2 longitudes, IFF Space War (Satellite) .  .  . ; natural Infix Fractions are very useful, kuru kuru WHILE handling ("86" Architecture, Nanobot Programming structural, Perfect Square, Pi, 2Pi, Structural Diamond, ... ) .  .  . ;

                natural Infix Fractions ;

Origin of Jaw;

I wrote: I need to QA well trained kids' knowledge, so quiz would be: How many directional gravity spots ("Origin of Jaw," Remark: Location: our earth only) should have?
well trained kids!! replied: we've no idea WHAT you're asking sir, please explain;
I wrote: IFF (
location) is our earth only, 3+ directional gravity spots ("Origin of Jaw") exist, and it is worth another trillions of US Dollar, believe IT or NOT; "Origin of Jaw" can be using NOT ONLY in Nanobot Programming, BUT ALSO in Anti-Earthquake;

                Nanobot . Programming . Mapper ;
                System File , n i t o t t e For Anti earthquake . s y s ;

Idea Processor


Referenced Books

Inverse Cosine Function doko WHERE y = (cos^(-1)) x, also see: Physics Law 232, (Yellowish Variations, Yellowish Variations) ;                  

a bamboo leaf for mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D ... ;

I wrote: I've a quiz now, since ware ware We've learnt numerological Lo Shu (approx. 1000+ years old document), and numerological Sudoku (approx. since 1985, created in "H l a i n g" college campus canteen), e.g. Sudoku with Lo Shu, e.g. Lo Shu Magic Square, Magic Square, ... , can you mapped && matched? Umm!! Hmm!!

well trained kids!! replied: Yes. ware ware We'll. Hmm!! Umm!! IT will be similar to avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan sir, because we read it already;

I wrote: regarding (big, small) Parameter, don't forget that zoom ... ;

big; great; large; Radical44; big; gigantic; great; large; Radical149;

conceal; fishhook; hidden; minute; mysterious; secret; small; Radical287; little; small; Radical48; Small;


Approx. Est. Location of OH would be 6, doko WHERE ( , , , , ) are carbon ones ... , also see: Nanobot . Programming . Mapper . HTML ; reversed hammer (Water Elevator Method) may be sharing its radio to White Color and Silver Color at the location ( 6), And Then, C Sequence Number (BF2) ... ; Don't change its color code ("Aqua a.k.a. Cyan") because mapped && matched (pair ones, paired ones) should be regarding ( Electron configuration, Electron configuration, Electron configuration, Electron configuration) "eat, ate, eaten" ... ;

after you've done with your relational algebra based (sheet, table), And Then, you'll be able to do functional Teleportation ... ; And Then, your own mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D will be solving Body Length Index (BLI) problems for each human beings livable moon in our universes ... , also see: Nanobot . Programming . Mapper . HTML ;                  

2023 design model and etc .s html, created : e.g. (( 4 / 6) = 0.666666666) can be realized & understood; Remark: Yellowish Variation (YV) R&D may begin ... , also see: mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D; this DOMAIN; after realizing & understanding YV, then BLI problem on each human beings livable moon may be solved;


wa Astronomical planetary ring; wa Circle; wa Circle of friends; wa Hoop; wa Loop; wa Ring; wa Wheel; Remark: in ACT3 imaginary hyperspace, 2 Suns As 2 Yellow Color, And Then, beyond 2 Suns' refreshing momentum, very very very important colors are Purple Color, Light Yellow, ... , in addition to Blue Color and Black Color are for day and night with 1 Sun (our earth) ... ; approx. 5+ Colors, and color codes are very very important in Gene Therapy System, Gravity Dimension Computer, Manmade Global Weather, ... ; since 2023, SONY has started 10g with 3% Purple ones, regarding Internet speeds, roaming bands, ... ; many human beings livable moons are owned by the Shakya King in our universes;

AI for fresh water or salt water, doko WHERE Akoya pearls prompt ((Circle if Salt-Water), (Oval if Fresh-Water)) ... ;                  

I wrote: I've created (( Chiral), ( Codons1, Codons2, Codons3, Codons4)) but those seem confusing, so I've changed my mind to be "make IT simple" like Lipid ... (Also see: Schematic Lipid) e.g. WHEN we need to learn & realize BF2 As right-side of the Lipid, BF1 As left-side of the Lipid, quiz would be: regarding (C Sequence Number (BF2, BF1) vs. Bamboo Stem Factor), inside of Nanobot Programming, WHICH side should be defining for "COD ON" e.g. ((Fish . Dorsal Fin . Spiny) + 1 Eye), e.g. ((Rooster . Comb) + 1 Eye) naturally?

well trained kids!! replied: We don't know WHAT you're (asking, questioning, talking about) sir;

I wrote: simple answer would be: Left side of the defined Lipid, i.e. doko WHERE "COD ON" e.g. ((Fish . Dorsal Fin . Spiny) + 1 Eye), e.g. ((Rooster . Comb) + 1 Eye) naturally should be ... ; regarding Processor (side-by-side, size-by-size), if 2 sizes are almost the same, 3rd ones' side must be the (Location, Position) for "COD ON" e.g. ((Fish . Dorsal Fin . Spiny) + 1 Eye), e.g. ((Rooster . Comb) + 1 Eye) naturally ... so 1 step closer to BLI auto adjustment formulation (medicine) for human beings livable moons ... ; if I need 1/2 of 2 eyes i.e. 1 eye, how to define half?

well trained kids!! replied: (Hyperbola equation / 2) sir; Can we half the Auto Grow, i.e. Physics Law 131 sir?

I wrote: if (NCS, PCS), i.e. beyond ZCS, you should ... ; Now, I'm going quiz again, if you're dealing with BF2, And Then, BF1 happens naturally, And Then, WHERE would be ("1 eye" + dorsal fin), WHERE would be ("1 eye" + comb) should be?

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! at the BF1's side (in this case study, left side of the defined Lipid) sir;

(( Arc, Arc, Arc, Arc), ( Arch, Arch, Arch, Arch), ( Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow)) ... ;                  
I wrote: WHAT are diff between "Chinese Lucky Bamboo" and "Land Based Bamboo" ?

well trained kids!! replied: answer would be whether water is surrounding at its root or not; if water is surrounding at its root, the stem's water elevator holds lesser water, And Then, "Chinese Lucky Bamboo" stem will be shorter in Distance, if compare to "Land Based Bamboo" stem;

I wrote: WHICH (Procedure, Method, Technique) of Natural Water Elevator should be using?

well trained kids!! replied: We don't understand WHAT you're talking about sir;

I wrote: do you R&D (H20 vs. D20) water, regarding your Bamboo Stem R&D ?

well trained kids!! replied: No. Sir.

I wrote: you should, because (H20 vs. D20) should be a parameter among many Parameters ... because OH+ Distance is longer in D20, ... ; a "Tarzan" (because, I don't have my own lab) Rakhine American's quiz would be ( doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why) D20 is heavier ones?

well trained kids!! replied: Oxygen (O) is the answer && solution sir; in your (" Domain \ Gene Therapy System \ images \ "), our earth . 78% Nitrogen in the air, i.e. for our earth only sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; be healthy, happy and wealthy with your own lab ... ; by the way, inside of (Nuclear1, Nuclear2), to get, to have, to obtain, pure Hydrogen (H) without Carbon (C) would be very very high level (Procedure, Method, Technique), so there must be a way to do so ... Umm!! Umm!! pure Hydrogen ( h, H) without Carbon (C) ; Remark: another trillions of US Dollar worth ... ;


I wrote: I've a gift i.e. ../../ Time . Space / 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index / approx variable DEE Patterns / iro Colour PCS, and its dimensional is 108 x 108;

well trained kids!! replied: can we (change, modify) its color codes sir?

I wrote: No. But, if you like to define "Yellow Color" bamboo leaf, it should be between Aqua Color and Red Color; since "mathematical," quiz would be: WHAT would be its hyperbola equation? Hint: I didn't draw a picture ("Origin of Sound") in parallel?

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! very very easy like
[ ((y^2) / (a^2)) minus ((x^2) / (b^2)) ] is equal to One, doko WHERE transverse y,
on the other hand,
[ ((x^2) / (a^2)) minus ((y^2) / (b^2)) ] is equal to One, doko WHERE transverse x ;

Umm!! Hmm!! Remark: conjugate, a reversible combination e.g. if x is transverse, then y would be conjugate, vice versa, if y is transverse, then x would be conjugate, ... ;

I wrote: 5 Color, i.e. NIPPON Standard ones; IT 's not easy to (find-out, measure, scale) Five Strings As hyperbola  on a PCS, Positive Curvature Surface; if you're calculating, defining, indicating, hyperbola on a PCS, you're already beyond ZCS for sure ... ; good luck to you!! by the way, good for ZCS, on the other hand, might not be good for NCS and PCS, regarding "hyperbola" ... ;

I wrote: since ware ware We've been using iro LED, And Then, inside of C Sequence Number, And Then, (calculating, concerning, measuring) COUNTERS, And Then, I've a quiz, i.e. how many colorful "hyperbola" inside of 2000s design model "C Sequence Number" ?

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! very very easy Q&A (Question & Answer) would be: 18 of BF2 sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course, hyperbola patterns are very very important to realize & understand, because noise cancellation, defining PCS strings, ... ; hyperbola patterns of noise cancellation is approx. 1000+ years old functional idea, since "P y u" era of ancient Pagan; still can be seen on the Walls, if visiting to B a g a n,  Myanmar;


I wrote: inside of our human beings' ( ear, ear, mimi Ear ), ware ware We've snail character, by the way, instead of happening ("Auto Grow") 2 eyes (inside of skull, light penetrated), 3 antennas alike, 3 pads alike happened at the snail's head area, And Then, inside of Dark Energy Engineering (DEE), ware ware We've already defined ( 4-side's Left DEE, 4-side's Right DEE), And Then, for the Processor (Side-By-Side) design model, quiz would be :

(A) 4-side's Right DEE belongs to our Left Side mimi Ear;

(B) 4-side's Left DEE belongs to our Right Side mimi Ear;

(C) 4-side's Right DEE belongs to our Right Side mimi Ear;

(D) 4-side's Left DEE belongs to our Left Side mimi Ear;

Remark: read 1st : ..\..\ Manmade Global Weather \ Anti-Earthquake \ avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan, to realize & understand better, regarding (4-side's Left DEE, 4-side's Right DEE), Step-By-Step ... ; don't confuse: "Step-By-Step" is old design model (still very useful), if compare to "Side-By-Side" design model; Also see: e Character; e G T S U; mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D;

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! very easy quiz sir, answer would be: (A);

I wrote: (inside of skull, light penetrated), so "reflection" happens naturally ... ; one more quiz would be: for curing "Ringing Ear" disorder (Also see: Disease Disorder Acronym), for Right Side's ear, WHICH DEE pattern should be using for chiryoyaku Therapeutic, And Then, for Left Side's ear, WHICH DEE pattern should be using for chiryoyaku Therapeutic ?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Hmm!! very very easy quiz sir, answer would be: 4-side's Left DEE should be using for Right Side's ear, on the other hand, for Left Side's ear, 4-side's Right DEE ... Hmm!! Umm!!

I wrote: mochiron of course; reversed "reflection" Idea Processor Level ... good enough for our earth only ... ;


from parent to offspring, i.e. heritable; other wording would be: est. genetic variations (

(in degree IFF 1 Line of (A, C, G, T, U) e.g. Secant, Tangent),
(in numerological Factor of Lo Shu (A, C, G, T, U) e.g. 6),
(in numerological Factor of Sudoku (A, C, G, T, U) e.g. 3,6,9),
(in size IFF 2 mathematical hyperbolas of (A, C, G, T, U))


I wrote: regarding AP Calculus AB/BC, WHICH ones ("A, B, C") should be offspring?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Hmm!! very easy quiz sir; C As (Collection C, Coordinate C), so "C" should be offspring, if based on AB Distance's ending point is B;

I wrote: regarding Action, mathematical derivatives should be SQRT3, in addition to SQRT2; regarding Space, Water behaves like substances; regarding Time, (incubation time period, interval, real-time) ... ; Also see: Nanobot Programming;

Reminder: don't forget Number 6th ones, regarding Approx. Est. Location of OH ... ;


I wrote: 2 is very very unique in many ways, e.g. each bamboo stem ( hard, soft), doko WHERE Water is like "Soft," on the other hand, its outer part is "Hard" like wood; Hmm!! Umm!! quiz would be: have you ever R&D snail with H2O (Water) vs. D2O (heavy water, approx. 10% denser than H2O) before ?

well trained kids!! replied: No. Sir.

I wrote: inside of Water, ware ware We've already learnt THAT OH+ Distance is longer in nm IFF D2O; you should; Why (Hard, Soft) ? a part of mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D ... ; Should I teach you "spoon-feed" style, Step-By-Step? e.g. a "Tarzan" doesn't need expensive ones;

(hard, soft) ... , also see: Nanobot . Programming . Mapper . HTML ; Remark: Buddha's Abhidharma based;


Explicit (combination of atoms), i.e. Molecule; Types of atoms (since all materials of matter have been made of atoms), i.e. element; Number of atoms in 1 Substance (doko WHERE Water behaves like substances) ... ; (atomic level macroscopic level) in process, WHEN COUNTERS are counting Number of particles, UNIT should be ("mole"); since the defined atom is with (negatively charged electron AND positively charged nucleus (a.k.a. proton, neutron)), electron's (energy level, shell) in ( Electron configuration, Electron configuration, Electron configuration, Electron configuration) prompts electronic structural of the defined (atom, element, molecule, substance; (periodicity, properties of elements, property) Display composition of materials in quantum mechanical design model, so variable data define the atoms' (( hatsugen Observation, hatsugen Proposal, hatsugen Remark, hatsugen Speech, hatsugen Statement, hatsugen Utterance), state, stated, stating) by mass-spectrometry DATA, interaction with (defined light, directional gravity spots, electromagnetic waves, lights) can provide ( Measure, measure, measurement) of concentrations WHICH (lead to, represent as) Symbol illustrations; Computers for computing Distance (e.g. OH+ OH+ Distance), formation of New Substance, (physical AND biochemical) processes, transformations, so Parameter e.g. atom, element, energy, force, ion, molecule, object, ... ; (physical property (Matter), physical property (Substance)), diff properties e.g. gaseous, liquid, solid, ... determined by WHICH (concentration, mixture, solution, solvent) and regarding antiviral COVID-19 (2019-2020-2021) medicine, winners are Germany, Japan, and USA; Also see: Chemical _in_ Physics; mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D; Nanobot Programming;

December 27, 2023; SONY News Suite; bio electronic soil, a.k.a. hydroponics e Soil  (seedlings grow) 50+% more than traditionally grown ones, and e Soil's conductivity stimulate the plant, e.g. from seedling to harvesting takes only 15 days "regarding barley (including 24 hours barley seeds' sterilization and pre-germination)" by applying 0.5V bio electronic soil; Also see: Linköping University, Sweden;                  
0.9 numerological, approx. definite integral 10 ((sine x) / x) d x, doko WHERE approx. indefinite integral is Term-By-Term;               500 ISBN 978-1-264-277754-4;
Max @ abs Val (Number +1) doko WHERE Number ≥ SQRT2;              
Limit by , 1 cm only, IFF SQRT3;               499 ISBN 978-1-264-277754-4;
C Sequence Number ( convergent OR divergent) series;               452 ISBN 978-1-264-277754-4;
definite integrals of "diamonds" (1-7 Polygon ones), also see: Numbers in Computing;

1. reflection^-1 (hyperbola);
2. light sheet (3+);
3. GO TO page 159, And Then, at the right side, create 3+ circumferences (Navy Blue Color ones) to the (0,0,0) Origin, And Then, find reflection on the opposite page ... ;
Good luck to you!!! in your own Anti-Earthquake programming ... ;

              401 ISBN 978-1-264-277754-4;
if 3+ Navy Blue Color strings are coming from the east (e.g. Anti Earthquake), And Then, (( one, the only entity), ( halves (plural Usage), a.k.a. one half (singular Usage)), ( minus one, a.k.a. negative one), ( two, two), ( actually express, a.k.a. denoting is intended to be, a.k.a. indicated), ( one part of three equal parts, one third), ( a quarter, a.k.a. one-fourth, a.k.a. 1 out of four equal parts of the entity)) should be calculated ... ; Also see: Mathematics ("Using Polygon Method, a.k.a. Triangle Method") ... ;         47 (B)
AB/BC, doko WHERE (Collection C, Coordinate C), so dimensional D (2pi, 2pi) two "S" Char (s) are flip-flop alike;               377 ISBN 978-1-264-277754-4;
growth rate (Left, Right), recalculate in mm (Bamboo Stem Factor) !! the stem's path should be mid-fold in Origami;               160 ISBN 978-1-264-277754-4;

Remark: 2 Yellow Color ( mark intentionally), and don't change its scale;

Remark: is special designed & modeled for "2 Sun" refreshing planet (one of the human beings livable moons, in our universes) ;                  
The (Sun) 's Base Side <=> Other Side As Route ... ; 2 cosine (180) is -2; 2 cosine (2) is 1.9987;               59 ISBN 978-1-264-277754-4;
SQRT2 (±98) i.e. d x / d Sun = -r sine Sun + cosine Sun d r / d Sun; d y / d Sun = +r cosine Sun + sine Sun d r / d Sun; , doko WHERE radius ("r") ... ; Also see: Eccentric _circles;              


jinko chino atsuryoku bunpu; e.g.

Japanese (a.k.a. NIPPON) transcript (phrase, words) "jinko chino atsuryoku bunpu," may be translated into English (EN) language as "Artificial Intelligence Pressure Distribution" ... regarding Fusion based (Flight Mode AWD eV, Flight Mode eV); Also see: structural Battery; ZCS TV based (DEE, Dark Energy Engineering) ... ; doko WHERE (Natural Water Elevator + Directional Gravity Spots) ... ; Remark: 1st to realize & understand 2 gravity spots (as sun) i.e. refreshing momentum; 2nd to realize & understand Yellow Color goes through if Silver Color and Navy Color are flip-flopping; 3rd to do Anti-Earthquake (our earth), Flight Mode ("flying") kadosei Mobility, Gene Therapy System (antiviral airborne Nanobot Programming), Gravity Dimension Computer, Manmade Global Weather, ... ; Good luck!! to you, regarding your R&D (designing prototype, factoring Number, modeling Algorithm, OEM Products) ... ;