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bunka Culture, Culture, culture, culture, culture, Culture, i.e.  ((letter; Radical89) + (IFF suffix: action of doing something; Radical661)), e.g. civilizations' (art, custom, Intellectual Property (IP), manifestation, national achievement) ... ; Also see: b Usage; Language Translator; Referenced Books;

ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     Calendar . Earth . Space . War ;

ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     (2+2) design model (surface Inductance) ;

ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D;

s h o r u i Dossier (account, annals, archives, casebook, case history, case study, catalog, chronicles, data, diary, documentation, documents, evidence, file, information, inventory, journal, log, logbook, list, memoir, notes, register, report) ... ; Also see: COUNTERS, because very important to know correct COUNTER to be (appropriate, correct, proper, suitable, talented) usage ... ;



Chinese language

2563; 2020; The I C h i n g OR BOOK OF CHANGES, The Richard Wilhelm Translation, rendered into English by Cary F. B a y n e s, Forwarded by C. G. Jung, B O L L I N G E N SERIES XIX, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS, twenty-seventh printing, 1997, Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 67-24740, ISBN-13 Number 978-0-691-09750-3, Designed by Bert Clarke, Printed in the U.S.A.

Also see: I CHING;

2003; ISBN 7-100-00088-2; PRACTICAL CHINESE READER   ELEMENTARY COURSE, published by THE COMMERCIAL PRESS, 36 W a n f u j i n g Street, Beijing, China, distributed by China International Book Trading Corporation, PO Box 399, Beijing, China;

2006; also see: Chinese Romanization;

2000; ISBN 7-5006-3670-9; STUDENT'S PRACTICAL English-Chinese   Chinese-English DICTIONARY;


1990s; English Chinese online dictionary, also see: http://www.zhongwen.com/;




English language

21st century & beyond; SONY embedded language translator e.g. smart phone's translator application;

21st century & beyond; Google (URL: www.google.com ), search box, translator, ... ;

2024 design model "normal Yellowish Variation (s)" e.g.

if you're R&D (2+2) design model, also see: "surface Inductance" .  .  .  .  . , for your own Anti-Earthquake programming (Big Band + Moon Wave), for your own 15x15 dimensional (e.g. 1&&1 design model WHICH has been reliable && unbreakable 13 lines, Japanese .Syllabary .HTML i.e. since 2024 by defining normal Yellowish Variation (s)), for your own directional gravity spots (Gravity Dimension Computer), for your own mathematical Bamboo stem R&D (factoring formulary medicine of automatic adjusting BLI problems on human beings livable moons), for your own military tanks (e.g. (2+2) designed modeled unbeatable && unbreakable M1A1H17Titanium22, also see: Calendar .Earth .Space .War .HTML), for your own Nanobot Programming (antiviral gene pattern + defeating oncological atypical cells), for your own structural Battery ((((( Elevating, Landing))))), for your own water elevator, .  .  .  .  . ; Remark: Using 5+ Color, i.e. Japanese (a.k.a. NIPPON) Standard!!!!!

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! ware ware We're noted that concerning 15x15 GIF System design model, we can adjust its speed e.g. inside of ecg Interpretation, "ecg .gif" has been set with 25 ms Speed; Hmm!! Umm!! 25;

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! ware ware We're noted that concerning "M1A1H17Titanium22," self-defense is like Static Motor Way LASER, on the other hand, demolishing (focal point) is like Wormhole Way LASER (ZCS based) Hmm!! Umm!!

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! ware ware We're noted that kuru kuru WHILE flip-flopping Navy Blue Color, and Silver Color, Hmm!! Umm!! Yellow Color goes away;

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! ware ware We're noted that two is very very unique in many ways, very easy and simple, and bug free like 2 colors for Elevating vs. Landing; Hmm!! Umm!!

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! ware ware We will QA "not to be hard ones" kuru kuru WHILE dealing with (antiviral gene pattern + defeating oncological atypical cells) in Nanobot Programming; Hmm!! Umm!!

I wrote: I believe in Zen Buddhism, e.g. mountains are mountain (natural water elevator), rivers are river (Big Band + Moon Wave), if you do good kharma (a.k.a. good Khamma) Action, good results will ;

since May, 2023, Bamboo Stem Factor R&D has begun, n i t o t t e For "auto adjustment of Body Length Index (BLI) on human beings livable moons in our universes" ... by "a Tarzan" Rakhine American; Also see: Computer Science;

e.g. file : / / / D : / Coordinate-GUI / Coordinate-GUI-PCS .HTML; Positive Curvature Surface (strings), defined for Bamboo Stem Factor R&D, on human beings livable moons, beyond Zero Curvature Surface (ZCS) ... ; created on 06/17/2023;

e.g. file : / / / D : / Coordinate-GUI / Coordinate-GUI-mathematical . Time . Period . Location . henka Changing . Temperature .HTML; Also see: Chapter 9 ("More Applications of Definite Integrals"), Page 136, Q&A Number 446, 5 STEPS TO A5, 500 AP Calculus AB/BC Questions to know by test day, Fourth Edition, McGraw Hill©, ISBN 978-1-264-277754-4, 2022; Remark: TRUE / Coordinate-GUI / *.* will never be (posted, published, uploaded) in the Internet, because our earth is not simple like WHAT I think ... ;

I wrote: I need to QA well trained kids' knowledge, so quiz would be: WHAT is the different between "diff" and "expression based adding" ? hint: WHICH picture would you like to (choose, select) inside of ( IT \ Symbol \ Schematic Dimensional \ *.*) for "diff" ? hint: WHICH picture would you like to (choose, select) inside of ( IT \ Symbol \ *.*) for "expression based adding" ?

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! very easy quiz sir, answer would be:

for "diff" because Aqua Color and White Color are for "diff" if 3 Green Color "ro" are defining ... ;

for "expression based adding" if compare to "d t" means "Time t" based "diff" , "d x" means "x" based "diff""d y" means "y" based "diff" sir ;

I wrote: ( doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why) do ware ware We need "Bamboo Stem Factor" R&D?

well trained kids!! Umm!! Hmm!! auto adjustment (Nanobot Programming) of Body Length Index (BLI) is needed on human beings livable moons sir; in space, there is no joint venture for sure, so we cannot be "big mouth" like you because we're not "Tarzan" ... ; by the way, may we know WHAT 's AB/BC sir?

I wrote: WHEN dealing with "Line based" As Background, And Then, defined Circle's ((pi/2, a.k.a. a quarter, a.k.a. 45 degree, since 2pi is 1 full Band from-Start-to-End; Remark: inside of ("sheet-by-sheet" , "side-by-side") design model, think of 180 as a sheet of paper's 1 side, if you know HOW to define the other side, 360 would be)) As Foreground, And Then, so called AB ( AB Distance, a.k.a. point-to-point), if compare to, The ( Sun) 's Base Side <=> Other Side As Route, other wording would be "Collections" (e.g. SQRT2 (±98) 's ((d x / d θ) = -r sine θ + cosine θ d r / d θ) , ((d y / d θ) = + r cosine θ - sine θ d r / d θ)), And Then, so called BC ; Also see: Chapter 2, ("Differentiation"), Page 27, Q&A Number 59, 5 STEPS TO A5, 500 AP Calculus AB/BC Questions to know by test day, Fourth Edition, McGraw Hill©, ISBN 978-1-264-277754-4, 2022; after realizing, understanding mathematical ones, And Then, time to draw your own pictures :

based on Idea Processor 's Remote Nama Reading patterns,

based on natural water elevator's Chiral patterns,

based on structural Battery (Gravity Dimension Computer: directional gravity spots) patterns,

based on variable DEE patterns,

based on wrapping (NCS, PCS, ZCS) patterns,

based on Yellowish Variation (YV) patterns,

based on ZCS (defined Flat Panel) 's (dot, pixel, point) patterns,


And Then, your own photos, your own pictures, your own presentations, ... , And Then, your own hyperspace crafts for sure ... ; Reminder: in Space, there is no joint venture for sure whether you do IT so you own it, or you don't do IT so you don't own it, ... ; you're welcome to human beings livable moons, for travelling & visiting, on board (8787+ commuters capacity imaginary hyperspace crafts, OH!! OH!! you cannot stay there for a long period of time, because formulation of "Bamboo Stem Factor" Algorithm is not done yet, if you like to immigrate to one of the human beings livable moons, And Then, you'll face BLI (Body Length Index) problems for sure, as of 2023)  ... ;

I wrote: by the way, for factoring Number (based on your own patterns), WHICH Algorithm would you like to be using?

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Umm!! very very easy quiz sir, answer would be       Lo Shu (15, 6), and Sudoku (3, 6, 9) sir; Remark: Umm!! Hmm!! numerological ones sir, because ware ware We've already read ("avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan") ... ;

I behaved: blinking (2 is very very unique in many ways) my eyes ... ; AB Distance (e.g. a line) 1st, And Then, base on B (e.g. x axis, y axis) 2nd, And Then, calculating (Calculator) Coordinate (C) 3rd, And Then, base on collections of (C), Dictionary (D) defines Name (whether known ones, or unknown ones) 4th, And Then, Language Translator (L) 5th, And Then, GPS based Location Awareness Response, And Then, mixer based SPL, And Then, ... 13 lines of 13 System (1&&1, doko WHERE lower line must obey upper line), 23 lines of 23 System, 108 lines of 108 System, ... , And Then, knee down & obey the Shakya King's commands, flags, prizes, ... because all human beings livable moons are owned by the Shakya King; Remark: the peoples WHO know Language Translator (L) are already billionaires in US Dollar (our earth); so, a "Tarzan" Rakhine American likes to be "trillionaire" in US Dollar, Hmm!! Umm!! ;

well trained kids!! replied: in addition to "AB/BC," is there CD, DVD, D QR, ... sir?
I wrote: Yes. After realizing & understanding dimensional (" d, D"), e.g. Collection of zahyo Coordinate, doko WHERE ending ((dot ( b, B)), (pixel ( b, B)), (point ( b, B))) As AB Distance, so called ( c, C), And Then, dimensional ( d, D) ... ; in military, I would like to ask WHAT is your rank? question, because structural may begin, and classified restrictions are applied ... , by the way, I like my humanoid Global Military General ... "since 2023, already programmed ("readiness, ready") to demolish (enemies, foes) if Space War" , if you like to challenge, start with Anti-Earthquake (moon waves) engineering design models, you may also start with Nanobot Programming (antiviral airborne ones) ... ; Reminder i.e. don't forget that all human beings livable moons are owned by the Shakya King, And Then, awards, deeds, higher living standard ones, longer life expectancies, prizes, ... are waiting for you if "you do R&D" ... ; 10 dimensional system is this DOMAIN 's copyright
© design model (one of the Intellectual Properties® of USA, United States of America), and this DOMAIN reserves 12 dimensional system for you ... , and 14 dimensional system for you ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: arigatoh g o z a i m a s u, thank you;

2023; programming (calculating) Number; URL: https://www.calculator.net ;

2022; EKG ECG INTERPRETATION, WORKBOOK, (Company, Organization: Medical Creations URL:  www.medicalcreations.net/ecgbook), (Author: M. M a s t e n b j o r k  MD, S. M e l o n i MD), (Page: V + 87), ISBN: 9781958323038;

2021; programming languages; URL: www.w3schools.com;


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2004; Dreams from My Father : A Story of Race and Inheritance; Author B a r a c k  O b a m a; ISBN 978 1 4000 8277 3; Published by Broadway Paperbacks, Crown Publishing Group, Random House, New York, www.crownpublishing.com;

2009; C ph T; Comprehensive Exam Review for the Pharmacy Technician, J a h a n g i r  M o i n i, 2005, DELMAR C E N G A G E Learning, d e l m a r . c e n g a g e . c o m, 5 Maxwell Drive, Clifton Park, NY 12065, USA;

2009; C ph T; The Pharmacy Technician, 3rd Edition, 2007, Morton Publishing Company, www.morton-pub.com, 925 West Kenyon Avenue, Unit 12, Englewood, CO 80110, USA;

2008; A PLEASANT NATION, D A N Y A W A D Y  R A K H A I N G PRAY, IN THE REIGN OF NEO-FEUDALIST, published by R W U,  R a k h a i n g Women's Union;

2008; Buddhism, WORLD BELIEFS AND CULTURES; Sue Penney; www.heinemannraintree.com;

2001; Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, Deluxe Edition, R H R Press, Random House Value Publishing, 1745 Broadway, New York, NY10019, USA;

2000s: Soul of A r a k a n (Ancient Pagodas Land), 2 DVD, Written, Directed & Produced by Sara Kyaw H l a  M a u n g (M r a u k - U); W A O, World A r a k a n e s e Organization;

Remark: meaning of the usage " Rakhita" : the peoples WHO protect (1.families + 2.Buddhism + 3.sasana (Buddha Calendar years)) in Pali language (a part of Myanmar (Burma) language) and (( I, I, I, I) have many examples) ... ;

2000s; W I K I P E D I A, The Free Encyclopedia, www.wikipedia.org;

2000s to present, also see: acronym, doko WHERE books, periodicals, software products, web sites, ... , are referenced;

1962; THE TEACHING OF BUDDHA, B U K K Y O  D E N D O  K Y O K A I, Society for the Promotion of Buddhism, 3-14, S h i b a 4 - c h o m e, Minato - k u, Tokyo, Japan, 108-0014; www.bdk.or.jp;




Japan a.k.a. NIPPON; Japanese language

2024 design model, i.e. world (our earth) 's 1st "normal Yellowish Variation" characters ((Also see: Japanese . Syllabary . HTML)), for world (our earth) 's the most advanced (DOMAIN, hyperlink, Network, Remote Nama Reading RDBMS, URL, Web) NHK (((((https://www3.nhk.or.jp))))) programs; Remark: Anti-Earthquake design model, in addition to (approx. "20+ years of using") Maroon Color characters;

Remark: since October, 2019 ~ (in 21st century & beyond) ... , Reiwa time period of Japan, Emperor Naruhito & Empress Masako, .  .  . ;

2019 The Japan Society; The Thames and I, A Memoir of Two Years at Oxford, ISBN 978-1-898823-98-8, translated by Sir Hugh C o r t a z z i, published by RENAISSANCE BOOKS, Global Books, Ltd., and 1st published in English in 2006, by Global Oriental; Thames to to mo n i, originally published by G a k u s h u i n  K y o y o s h i n s h o, Tokyo, author 1993 Prince Naruhito, Crown Prince of Japan;

Remark: since October, 2019 ~ (in 21st century & beyond) ... , Reiwa era of Japan, Emperor Naruhito & Empress Masako, .  .  .  .  . ;

since 2018/2562, using SONY X PER IA X Z Premium (www.sonymobile.com)'s Google translator, for referencing languages' usages, words, ... ;

since 2017/2561, Kanji by stroke count, also see: www.japaneseverbconjugator.com/KanjiByStrokes.asp;

2008; also see: Nippon Pronunciation; Hiragana is domestic; Katakana is foreign; Kanji is Chinese;

2007: Essentials of Buddhist Manners and Rituals, A Practical Guide, Kodo Matsunami, First English edition in February 2007, Translated and edited by G a y n o r S e k i m o r i, from original publisher P H P Institute in Japanese title B u t s u j i s a h o no j o s h i k i g a w a k a r u s h o j i t e n, a.k.a. Mini-encyclopedia for understanding the common knowledge on Buddhist manners;

2007: Essentials of Shakyamuni Buddha, His Life and Teachings, Kodo Matsunami, First English edition in July 2007 from original publisher Nihon b u n g e i s h a Co., Ltd. in Japanese title S h a k a no m e i g e n 108 no c h i e, a.k.a. Wisdom from Shakyamuni Buddha's 108 sayings;

2006: Essentials of Buddhist Scriptures, A Guide to the Major Sutras and Sacred Writings, Kodo Matsunami, First English edition in March 2006 from original publisher P H P Institute in Japanese title O k y o n o k i h o n g a w a k a r u s h o j i t e n, a.k.a. Mini-encyclopedia for understanding the common knowledge on Buddhist scriptures;

2005: Essentials of Buddhism, Its History, Evolution, and Modern Significance, Kodo Matsunami, First English edition in March, 2005 from original publisher P H P Institute in Japanese title B u k k y o n o J o s h i k i g a W a k a r u S h o j i t e n, a.k.a. Mini-encyclopedia for understanding the common knowledge on Buddhism;

2005: Essentials of Buddhist Images, A Comprehensive Guide to Sculpture, Painting, and Symbolism, Kodo Matsunami, First English edition in March, 2005 from original publisher P H P Institute in Japanese title B u t s u z o n o M i k a t a g a W a k a r u S h o j i t e n, a.k.a. Mini-encyclopedia for appreciating Buddhist statues;

1991; A Guide to Writing KANJI & KANA, A Self-Study Workbook for Learning Japanese Characters, Tuttle Publishing, Asia Pacific, Berkeley Books P t e . Ltd., 130 J o o S e n g Road #06-01/03, 368357 Singapore;

1997; Japanese English Japanese online dictionary, also see: http://www.jisho.org; Some idea and computing keywords are originally from the JISHO .ORG, because concerning electronics, IC, semi-conductors WHICH prompt keywords in computing, because CALCULATOR, DICTIONARY, ORGANIZER, TRANSLATOR, GPS, ... are out of this DOMAIN developer's knowledge regarding detailed specification, however, keywords are gathered, simulated, and implemented inside the Computer Mini Dictionary;

since 2015/2559, jisho .org has been integrated from search box with single inheritance Interface to search box with multi inheritance interface (e.g. multi layers web page) ... ; i.e. for each defined language (e.g. Nippon language), Kanji layer is prompted with pronunciation in either Hiragana layer or Katakana layer;

1907; English Japan, also see: http://www.japansociety.org/;




Myanmar language

2009; , Ashin Nanika; drawing pictures, also see: Imaginary GUI;

2008; A s h i n  P y i n n y a T h i h a 's , M a h a s i S a t i p a t t h a n a Meditation Center, 63 Gordon’s Corner Road, English Town, Manalapan, New Jersey, NJ 07726, USA;

2008; English Myanmar Dictionary, CD, Myanmar Language Commission, Ministry of Education, Myanmar;

2008; Myanmar Dictionary, 2nd Edition, published by Dept. of Myanmar language, Ministry of Education, Union of Myanmar;

2008; Myanmar English Dictionary, CD, Myanmar Language Commission, Ministry of Education, Myanmar;

2007; LET'S STUDY JAPANESE, translated by Dr. K h i n T h e i n g y i H l a M a u n g, published by U K y a w M i n H t i n, Better Life, E C S C, Education & Career Supporting Centre, no.104, bldg.no.156-158, 34th St. Upper, K y a u k t a d a Tsp., Yangon, Myanmar; M U R A Y A M A T A K A H I K O, S U Z U K A  N I H O N G O K A I A I U E O;

2000; English Myanmar online dictionary, also see: http://www.planet.com.mm/dictionary/;

1996; English English Myanmar dictionary, THE MODERN DICTIONARY, Sa Pay H i n Lay Oh G y i, 3rd Edition;

1989; also see: Burmese Romanization;




Pali language;   Sanskrit language;

Pali language, a part of Myanmar language, the one and only language which has been generation by generation carried on, maintained, only by voice for more than 2500+ years, by heart only by Buddhist monks (also see: Buddha\index). Therefore, words in directories \\*Pali\*.* are transcript words so that spelling may vary among nations, however principle is the same;

            21st century & beyond; 2019/2563; (Kusalakari 24 (entity, item, object, thing) Lecture (473 pages), with supporting tables & symbols), published as Dhamma Dana (Dharma donation) and written in Myanmar & Pali language; lectured & written by (Venerable) V e n. S a y a d a w G a r u d h a m m a, K M C (Kusalakari Meditation Center, http://kusalakari.org), French Camp, California, USA;

regarding 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, crunching numbers, factoring numbers, referenced to the book (Kusalakari 24 (entity, item, object, thing) Lecture (473 pages), with supporting tables & symbols);

Remark: many military devices, equipments, and things, many space devices, equipments, and things, are written in Pali language e.g. Nama For Humanoid;

yellowish variations, and its reversed yellowish variations are still in ACT3 imaginary hyper space R&D, regarding 20th century & beyond e.g. BLI (Body Length Index) diff, (hard, soft) of (item, object, organ, part) by DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) m i t s u d o Density     m i t s u d o Density (also see: PHYSICS, law eighty nine), variable DEE patterns, ... ; so, as of 2020/2563, we're developing 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index ... i.e. beyond flat panel, NCS, PCS, ZCS, ... ;

            21st century & beyond; 2018/2562; (Kusalakari A b h i d h a m m a Lecture (321 pages), and Kusalakari A b h i d h a m m a Lecture supporting tables & symbols(55 pages)), published as Dhamma Dana (Dharma donation) and written in Myanmar & Pali language; lectured & written by (Venerable) V e n. S a y a d a w G a r u d h a m m a, K M C (Kusalakari Meditation Center, http://kusalakari.org), French Camp, California, USA, regarding 2562 years of Buddha's A b h i d h a m m a contents ... ; Publisher: D a w M y o M y o L a t, S h w e (S h w e means gold) Era Paper, 21 Dana Street, T h a y a r K o n e, M i n g a l a r T a u n g N y u n t T/S, Yangon, Myanmar; 2004; D a w San San L w i n, Knowledgeable Brain Light Press (permanent # 08121), No. 30/32, new land street, Block 7, "P a z o n t a u n g" T/S, Yangon, Myanmar, Phone (01) 293847;

regarding Idea Processor, crunching numbers, factoring numbers, referenced to the 2 books (Kusalakari A b h i d h a m m a Lecture (321 pages), and Kusalakari A b h i d h a m m a Lecture supporting tables & symbols(55 pages));

            2012; Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, U. J o t a l a n k a r a, head monk of D h a m m a n a n d a V i h a r a, monastery, Half Moon Bay, California, USA; jota@tbsa.org;

            2010; HOMAGE TO S A Y A D A W G Y I U S Ī L Ā N A N D Ā B H I V A Ṁ S A, approx. 1/3 is written in English, and 2/3 is written in Myanmar; Published in Myanmar (permit 6000680210) by committee (t b s a .org);

            2009; Joyful Wisdom; Y o n g e y M i n g y u r R i n p o c h e, a Tibetan monk, and Eric Swanson; Published by Harmony Books; Crown Publishing Group, Random House, New York, USA; www.crownpublishing.com;

            2008; Spiritual Cultivation, S a y a d a w U P a n d i t ā b h i v a m s a, a Myanmar Buddhist monk; Translated by M a C a r u d a s s i n i; Edited by U H l a M y i n t; Book cover designed by N g u y ễ n V i ệ t An; T a t h a g a t a Meditation Center, N h ư Lai T h i ề n V i ệ n, 1215 L u c r e t i a Ave., San Jose, CA 95122, California, USA, www.tathagata.org; Printed by PAPYRUS, 1002 S. 2nd Street, San Jose, CA95112, California, USA. Also see: published books by T a h t a g a t a in Vietnamese;

            2007; THE JOY OF LIVING Unlocking the Secret & Science of Happiness; Y o n g e y M i n g y u r R i n p o c h e, a Tibetan Buddhist monk, and Eric Swanson; foreword by D a n i e l G o l e m a n; THREE RIVERS PRESS; First Paperback Edition;

            2005; The Buddha's Prescription, A Selection of Dhamma Talks, by Dr. R e w a t a Dhamma; Edited by Y a n n Lovelock; Birmingham Buddhist V i h a r a; Triple Gem Publications, 2295 Parkview Lane, Chino Hills, California, CA 91709, USA;

            2005; THE UNIVERSE IN A SINGLE ATOM, THE CONVERGENCE OF SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY; the Dalai Lama, a Tibetan Buddhist monk; Broadway Books, www.broadwaybooks.com, The Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group, a division of Random House, New York;

            2003; S A T I P A T T H A N A, The Direct Path to Realization, V e n . A n a l a y o; Wind horse Publications, www.windhorsepublications.com;

            1994; THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF BUDDHISM, The T h e r a v ā d a Buddhist Society of America, 68 Woodrow Street, Daly City, California, USA, (nowadays a.k.a. Half Moon Bay, California, USA monastery a.k.a. T B S A .org; also see: Referral); Printed at Friendship Printing, Inc., Brisbane, CA, by kind permission of Y M B A (Young Men's Buddhist Association), Yangon, Myanmar, and Published by the T h e r a v ā d a Buddhist Society of America; 65 paintings, painted by U B a K y i in 1951 (i.e. illustrated history of Buddhism) briefly with both Burmese language and English language;

            1988; The D h a m m a p a d a; K. Sri D h a m m a n a n d a; Sasana A b h i w u r d h i W a r d h a n a Society; Buddhist V i h a r a, 123 J a l a n B e r h a l a, 50470, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 1988 ISBN 983-99523-0-7; 1992 ISBN 983-99523-1-5; The Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation; 11F., 55 Hang Chow South Road Sec 1, Taipei, Taiwan, R . O . C . , Tel: 886-2-23951198; Fax: 886-2-23913415; Email: overseas@budaedu.org; Website: http://www.budaedu.org;            

            1978; Buddhism in a Nutshell, N a r a d a T h e r a, Buddha S ā s a n a Council, K a b ā - A y e, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma); S ā s a n a 2522; BE 1340; 1978; also see: The path to n i b b ā n a;



AMERICAN FAMILY PHYSICIAN (www.aafp.org/afp), Volume ???, Number ? ;

COMPUTING edge, IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY, www.computer.org;

counter for copies of magazine; counter for copies of newspaper; Radical998;

Family Practice News, Vol. ??, No. ?, Month, Year ( www.mdedge.com ) ;

PERMANENTE EXCELLENCE (www.kp.org), a publication of The Permanente Medical Group (T P M G), volume ?, Number ? ;

PHYSICS TODAY, a publication of the American Institute of Physics, www.aip.org, volume ??, number ?? ;

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE (www.amjmed.com, http://amjmed.org), Volume ???, Number ? ;

THE JOURNAL OF FAMILY PRACTICE, a member of the MD edge network, www.mdedge.com, VOL. ??, NO .?, page number ??? - ??? ; 

THE Modesto Bee, www.modbee.com, daily newspaper, home delivery service is available, ... ;



Remark: (as of (2565 in Buddha Calendar, 2022 in Gregorian Calendar)), this DOMAIN 's (( 4) + ( 3) = ( 7)) design model (e.g. 3,4 dimensional bio Physics Cell), regarding 2 (Left, Right), And Then, ( I, I, I, I) have not proved yet HOW ((tooth; Radical245), and (jaw; Radical511)) form naturally, e.g. this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System is still NOT (completed, done) yet, e.g. this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather system is still NOT (completed, done) yet, ... ; Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

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Physics , also see: PHYSICS;

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2011; M i c h i o K a k u 's books; M i c h i o K a k u, American physicist, professor of theoretical physics, The Graduate Center, CUNY, The City University of New York, USA;  Also read the book, Prof. M i c h i o K a k u 's PHYSICS OF THE FUTURE, 2011, for space elevating, for directional gravity, ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN developer has purchased and read professor M i c h i o K a k u 's books;

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