; ; ; ; New Year Day of the year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : April : 17 (Sunday) : Updated : Testing ;

; ; ; ; New Year Day of the year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : April : 17 (Sunday) : Updated : Testing : Remark: reversed yellowish variation ;

power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

Approx. 125testing idea; 1 AI OS with FS+ .sys and FS-.sys; Inserting this DOMAIN product, installing this DOMAIN *.*, registering this DOMAIN 's Publisher .re g, will not harm any existing systems, and also will not conflict with any existing systems, however, order at your own risk, test at your own risk, because this DOMAIN 's contents are NOT 100% correct, because "light rate" specification, light depth vs. 5 Audio specification, are not available to public, because hardware and software specifications are changing model after model, year after year, ... ; because in military science (e.g. MIL-STD), if 5 seconds is missed, whole domain can be lost (because, every second is important in a real time system, also see: -time); therefore, step by step booting of domain system is recommended i.e. calculator based to dictionary based to translator based to GPS based to location based mobile cell site based to beyond ... 50 ..., ... 88...88 ..., ... ;

2014 ~ 2023 testing Gravity Dimension Computer (G D C);

2563; 2020; design Model; Also see: PHYSICS, law one hundred and seventeen, Gravity Dimension Computer (Processor) ... ; Remark: 4 ro (s); 2 clocks;

IFF DEE filter, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement ( idea ♯ 152); e.g. WHY do we need filters? testing GDC ( model name e.g. Sequoia) with USB AUX; e.g.

 1. format USB Flash Drive by FAT32 format only; (somehow until 6/26/13, exFAT, FAT Default, LFS, NTFS, UDF, are not working; USB 3 is not working either); Sometimes, NTFS works, but not all the time;

 2. name should be " " (i.e. leave it blank); Drive Letter's name will be "blank" because Control Panel's Device Manager should not prompt its Category (Portable Devices);

 3. this DOMAIN contents (its 8000+ items; C81 or later versions) e.g. copy from PC to the USB Flash Drive;

 4. insert the USB Flash Drive into name (e.g. Sequoia) 's USB AUX port;

 5. press and hold the AUX button until "USB" will be prompted at its (defined Automotive 's) Smart Car Panel, and start to do ( LOADING), if "USB Error" prompts, your USB Drive is not usable, WAIT until USB prompts 1/2, 2/2, (or use other diff OEM's USB drives), (defined Automotive 's) Smart Car Panel's USB prompts without error message, at THIS time, your USB Flash Drive should be flashing light SYN with USB (e.g. 1/2, 2/2), you are now testing Gravity Dimension Computer to e.g. Sequoia; Good luck with Gravity Dimension Computer (GDC), Working with Smart Cars ... ; Regarding Flashing Light from your USB Drive, think that green means (1,2,3), red means (4,5,6), blue means (7,8,9); Notice that early 21st century's car (e.g. Sequoia) prompts only 1,2 WHICH means still need to develop numerological dimension e.g. 1 ~ 9;

Gravity has light characteristics, and (cold or hot) is depending on dynamic kinetic (moving) or static kinetic (not moving, but still moving in 2,3 dimensional); Home made gravity can be achieved by engineering Solar Power Swaying toys (i.e. also known as green gravity); Also see: DEE;

Since August, 2014/2558, this DOMAIN 's  Publisher .re g, info .TXT, ... and contents have been updated to S q r t 2 (50+ numbers of floating points) and with S q r t 3 (10 numbers of floating points);

WHY both S q r t 2 and S q r t 3? because near future's gravity machines should match both (i.e. S q r t 2 and S q r t 3) ... ; But, developer, figuring HOW compression algorithm should be written for all kinds of platform e.g. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, ... ; Also see: PnP ... ;

5W1H of smart screen filter display e.g. kuru kuru WHILE using browser, IFF Taskbar's property is checked (e.g. auto hide), browser's top menu (a.k.a. address box) is automatically hidden also, because users like to be with whole contents ... ; Remark: tested on 8/18/2014/2558, Toshiba Satellite computer (i.e. C655D series), Microsoft Windows 8 Pro ..., Working ... ;

2013/2557 testing triangulation on one surface in the Internet ...

this DOMAIN ro (box, window) s become 3 D look alike; 1st to understand layers; 2nd understand z-distribution; 3rd to understand title bar, also see: acronym 's table 's upper bit layers ... ; In the near future, "water drop shape alike" windows will be ... ; WHICH means all curvatures (i.e. surface) must obey dimensional gravity and directional gravity, because rendering of each ro (box, window) s must prompt accordance with iroColourWaveForm, because 24mm Natural Time (color) may vary depending upon planets' location, momentum, size, ... ; Since 4PP's Complex Ion space lengths are variable and can be defined by planets' sizes, doko WHERE directional gravity may begin ... ; WHY "water drop shape alike" ? because almost all vision related devices (e.g. computer monitor, mobile phone, tablet, TV, ... ) can be programmed as real (e.g. 88...88) components (WHAT is component? fully functional set of commands is component (e.g. API, JVM, ... )); In Buddhism, holy water drops are for celebrating and wishing for good luck (fortune), and holy water drops are believed to be meeting (seeing, without touching) each other as existence; Internet makes people around the world can browse and see virtual surfaces on VM e.g. Internet news, Internet web sites, ... ; Therefore, there will be "water drop shape alike" windows ... ;

WHILE mirroring with the 0.23 second cursor WHERE Win 8 Desktop, logic key (e.g. Window key + Space key) to choose one of the I ME options (e.g. ENG INTL, ENG US, Japanese) and then select Japanese, locate the mouse on the Desktop and then press on key "s", (or key "a"), and notice THAT "Finalize the string" ... ; WHAT is that "Finalize the string" for? HOW to use it? Can name be upper bit keyword for all STRINGS?

If your computer domain is having trouble (e.g. jitter signals, low resolutions, non-layered screen), do run the program clean mgr (e.g. C:\clean mgr ); Because, Windows system (storage space) is required to maintain frequently and periodically;

..\\Desktop\システム\@ Open With Logo .p n g file is tested as: right click on the file, and then click on properties; IFF OS (Operating System), copy and paste the file into, e.g. ..\\System32\@ Open With Logo .p n g; and then, right click on the file, and then click on properties;

You have just created all application packages as Group;
You have just created all application packages as User;

Everyone likes to have self own system ... ; Notice that you have your own, therefore, if you are a developer, or system engineer, or tester, this method might be helpful because "all application packages" should be defined in your system, and you like to have your own system ... ; ALL APPLICATION means multi platforms, and package means higher word to VERSION regarding compilations; 32123-123-5510855-10710 (i.e. password) to open the ..\\Desktop\システム\ Credential (.crd) file to do recovery (User Name + Password); IFF Windows, credwiz.exe is recommended to open the file; Because, developer is getting older (white hairs with denture) and forgetting items, objects, things, ... ;


After compilation of C76 or later, testing Calculator Key begins ... ; 1st to understand AI (value vs. reference), also see: Operator; 2nd to understand algorithm, structure, WHERE functional loops exist, and HOW to pass AI (value vs. reference) e.g. value as constant, e.g. reference as variable; 3rd to develop and test Clouds, by applying AI (value vs. reference); e.g. WHICH way is faster? WHAT kind of method is more efficient? 4th by using Anti Virus (i.e. to avoid bad words, to handle bad words);

Starting with compilation of C75 or later, 10 directory icons with 1 yin and yang symbol has begun, (i.e. design changed to be total of 11), 10 dimensions, total of 11 (aka Nippon design); C75 and later versions, compiled by Toshiba Satellite C870 computer; Same like before, e.g. ##:##@1000Kbps, 1234x567 screen resolution, IME e.g. either Nippon or EN US International, 10 columns table for 10 dimensions and 1 is intentionally left for super real 1 satellite designer;

Regarding C870, USB is colored coded as either (blue or gray); HDMI port's molded pattern is gravity symbol alike within specific amp; 17.3 represents total of 17 points to system 3;

IFF Time ( 0.23 second) cursor does not work (e.g. not functional mouse), then hold FN key with F1~12 WHILE restarting;

I M E switch, Working better than using only 1 language, i.e. using key (Window + Space); Believe it or not, OS (i.e. 64bit) with 10+ years old applications, Working and functional very well IFF I M E ... ;

WHY 10 directory icons? because it is colorful, it is easy (e.g. right click on each directory and then its property can be changed), it is symbolized, it is GUI, it is correct way to do e.g. if common directory is yellow, you might like to have your own color and symbol as directory;

Believe it or not, Activation is somehow related to bad word; The word "activation" might be derived from nuclear technology; this DOMAIN has tested computers e.g. activation on, activation off; Activation off prompted good radio communication result; Therefore, Activation is somehow related to bad word;

Also see: Anti Virus (Activation);

Gravity Dimension Computer with (iroColourWaveForm and kan Weight mode adapter) ... ;

this DOMAIN root; ..\\unlock\; FAT (F:);

Bit Locker Drive Encryption recovery key; To verify as recovery key, compare the identifier with the identifier value displayed on PC; Identifier: CA0CA387-EB71-4057-AA1C-8B0BF944561F; IFF match, THIS is 1 key to unlock drive; Recovery Key: 295009-242198-523908-111694-178442-037378-109780-717783; IFF not match, THIS is not the right key to unlock drive;

You might get one of the gadget window frames ... ; information e.g. cannot connect to service;

this DOMAIN root; ..\\unlock\; ex FAT (M:);

NO MOON DAY (e.g. 2012/2556/12/13), after installing Windows 8, c:\auto run .INF has been edited by adding 3 lines e.g.

[Auto run]

; after the existing 4 lines e.g.

[auto run]
shell execute=index .h t m
icon="YIN and YANG .i c o"

;Notice that "lord of the ring" refresh twice at cursor; If you edit the file without 3 lines, system refreshes once at cursor; zero might be designed for (one of the 00000000, also known as 8 number); Notice that icon (e.g. YIN and YANG .i c o) is for domain icon;

WHY icon is needed? because 1 icon 3 lines system engineering method has been ... ; Do your own icons ... , and do not forget to modify c:\info .txt, because inside the file, YIN and YANG .i c o 's value are defined; To do so, after creating your own icon, highlight the YIN and YANG .i c o 's value (i.e. symbol & text characters) and then replace with your own icon's value, so called you are developing your own domain system ... ; Good luck to you ... ;

There is no 686, there is no 786, there is no 886, there is no 986, i.e. till early 21st century; Because, 10 dimension has been designed for thousands of years ... ; Therefore, no need to change numerological dimension (i.e. 10 dimension);

If you like to develop, 12 dimensional, 14 dimensional, 16 dimensional, 18 dimensional, ... do it yourself, and you must solve our universe's momentum and time line 1st, because, 2*5 has been 1 dimension,

and then, if you choose to develop 2*6 and then develop 12 dimensional,

and then, if you choose to develop 2*7 and then develop 14 dimensional,

and 16 dimensional and 18 dimensional are out of a Myanmar's knowledge;

Also see: processor, e.g. 286, 386, 486, 586; 1st to understand HOW processors are; 2nd to understand dimensions vs. computing numbers; 3rd to develop yourself e.g. your own 2*6 dimension, your own 2*7 dimension, your own ... ; You can implement systems very easily by using numerological dimension; For basic understanding of 5W1H (systems), this DOMAIN is using 10 dimensions only;

IFF using DB15 cable with notebook computer WHICH has been connected to TV and BD player (in 2012/2556); If network problems occur (e.g. yellow color is blocking the Network Status Bar WHILE DNS is not able to match its network number, e.g. green donut ring is circling the Network Status Bar WHILE joining a group but not able to match its network number), if network number still cannot be matched (i.e. not able to be connecting to the Internet) and then (try the last option) insert this DOMAIN product (DVD) into BD player (i.e. to be "olive color or yellow color" data DVD) and then kuru kuru the TV's numerological dimension number (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ... ) by using its TV/Video button, WHERE ... might be electron gun's electro values prompt as default ( 0 ), and then the rest numbers are 1~9 so called the TV's numerological dimension number; Notice that you might be getting your network number matched very easily;

3mm time lines are parallel to each other vertically; this DOMAIN still do not understand HOW to engineer 2,3 dimensional 3mm time lines to be parallel vertically for each display screen; 3mm time lines might be the fastest computing; If 3mm time lines become data, 33mm, 66mm, 99mm time lines might become control (so user can press buttons, user can change channels, ... ); As a result, working very very well, multi functioning vice versa ... ;

To solve the ... (i.e. electron gun's electro values), 1st to understand HOW to use Uncertain Programming (also read: 1999; UNCERTAIN PROGRAMMING; Baoding Liu; A Wiley-Inter science publication) by using multi time lines; 2nd to understand HOW to do reduced time by defined time lines; 3rd to develop your own dimensions ... ; For example, in China, 3 layers method has been engineered and tested for developing systems; For example, in Japan, <20 c/s time (i.e. reduced time) with z-distribution has been engineered and tested, because of <20 c/s, step-by-step can be very easy to do, because of <20 c/s stage-by-stage can be very easy to do, on the other hand, common computing systems are implemented as 60~120 Hz WHICH is very good to use but very "craziness method (i.e. wrong way) of developing systems" because algorithms must be matched chipsets' mnemonics at run-time at 60~120 Hz (i.e. beyond human beings' eyes limit), therefore for reforming Myanmar, do not follow the "craziness method (e.g. C, C++, ... )" but it is good to develop algorithms, but it is good to learn C, C++, ... programming languages for teaching and learning purpose only (remember: very very difficult to be solution oriented because of 60~120 Hz), inside C or C++, breaking and stepping are all based on 60~120 Hz, and very difficult method (wrong way); Believe it or not, almost all advanced systems are developed by <20 c/s developing environment, and if you are not having the specific developing environment, you should do something else instead of programming, because, for reforming Myanmar, this DOMAIN hope and wish that not to be "craziness" regarding Computer Science and IT; this DOMAIN still cannot predict WHAT is going to be the next products (e.g. projected lights computing, thin surface with spread spectrum computing, or ... ); Gravity Dimension Computer ... ; WHERE devices' weights are dimensionally measured, using gravity spots, so called mechanism and momentum of our universe; Because, light's directions vary if dimension is applied (e.g. even time horizontal DEE is a location in our universe, e.g. our earth is not even time horizontal DEE, and etc.); Because, weights vary if gravity spot is applied; Because of dimensional and directional DEE ... ; Because of results of gray scale simulations ... ;

using artificial intelligence (OS) DEE with acoustics, for each wave pattern,

for preventing earth quake, for protecting earth quake, for reducing earth quake, ... ;
for preventing tsunami, for protecting tsunami, for reducing tsunami, ... ;

still developing and not done yet; 1st to find browser's internal address for each keyword in numerological dimension (e.g. acoustics in numerological dimension is ... , and then the whole number as internal address, and then kuru kuru with logic, and then ... ); 2nd to program each logic to be a part of system (e.g. surface in numerological dimension is ... , and then the whole number as internal address, and then kuru kuru with logic, and then ... ); 3rd to test run the system (a Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional and numerological system might be working ... ); After this project, earth quake might be able to predict, WHEN and WHERE; by using echo patterns of our earth; insect (e.g. ant) also need to be defined by DEE (5W1H) why they came out before earth quakes; 


2012/2556 testing the systems in z-distribution ...

1st to understand any type, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, for developing gravity dimension computer;

2nd to understand internal address e.g.;

3rd to test, e.g. WHILE working with noCOOKIE browser (a.k.a. 56366295), in the address box, type net.net , and then, type ; among 101 SESSION s of the noCOOKIE browser, net.net is net.net; Therefore, 2.2. is a core for concurrency; Develop 3.3., 4.4., ... ;


TV Code number (e.g. ♯, 01, 02, 04, 07, 10, 13, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, ... ) are defined inside \\*Oriental\*Computer.htm for each OEM name; Remark: TV Code number info is originally from 2555 model SONY BD player; Also see: Address;

WHY TV Code number must be defined? A Myanmar' imaginary would be: Every ISP uses TV in their base stations is the 1st reason; Since TV is made of more layers than computer's monitor, inside syntax vs. semantic logic, TV can be syntax WHILE computers are semantics alike, 2nd reason; Connectivity e.g. Coax, D-SUB, DB15, DB25, D V I-D, Fiber, HDMI, USB, S-Type, ... are all can be connected by TV, WHERE light weight notebook computer systems, and heavy weigh Sound bar systems are ... [a Myanmar's imaginary gravity dimension computer is still in R&D, not available yet to public; z-distribution can be further categorized into minus and plus WHERE minus Z is light depth alike, plus Z is hologram alike], 3rd reason;

Male and female, Pros and cons, Yin and yang;

cause and effect, actions and events;

true or false; Neither 1 nor 0 is 2. and then, develop 3 by yourself ... ;

After testing system 3, e.g. 2 events of 3 lights are in 2*6 dimension in our universe; develop 4;

After testing system 4, e.g. DEE lines are parallel to each other in 3,4 dimensional; develop 5;

On 7/29/2012, Local Disk was formatted to NTFS by installing Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (e.g. 5000 user) j:, and then, installed Windows 8 i.e. c:; Some other drives e.g. d: as FAT, e: as FAT32, f: as ex FAT, and so on; In addition to Windows 8, Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Front Page 2003 (i.e. web site content development application) can also be installed; However, MS P* font might not be available;  Tested by 2008 model TOSHIBA Satellite Note Book computer; The reason WHY so many diff file systems among drives is that developing system should be multi (e.g. colors, system types, ... ) so, multi time lines can be easy to deploy among diff time lines (e.g. hard disk drive, USB powered flash drives, USB powered card drives) ; WHEN setting time, either 12 or 00 concerning AM, depending on whether system is upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8, or not; 。

On 7/28/2012, after reinstalling 2012/2556 model Windows 8, deleted all desktop .i n i files in this domain; The desktop .i n i was (i.e. +s +h desktop .i n i) defining icon; Instead of using icon, more iroColourWaveForm approach of defining user interfaces in Windows 8; Because, light varies when gravity is applied, and future's gravity dimension computer might be able to deploy Windows OS by its defined iro Colour ... ; Windows 8's PS I S E is open source alike, WHERE scripts' specific information are available;

On 2012/2556 July 15, after installing 2012 model Windows 8, e.g. format drive (i.e. C:\) by Windows 8 and installed Windows 8, and notice that 2001 model noCOOKIE browser might not be working with Windows 8; some other applications might not be functional either; (drive) letter icon is still working with Windows 8, but directory icon (s) are not working with Windows 8; user defined desktop icons are working with Windows 8 (e.g. Computer Icon, User Icon, ... ); Tested by 2008 model TOSHIBA Satellite Note Book computer;  Windows 8 cannot be installed into 2005 model SHARP MM20 note book computer with Transmeta Processor, also see: Error, because of X only design (e.g. X P i.e. lines are essential), however, after installing Windows Server 2003 with NTFS system into the 2005 model SHARP MM20 note book computer, 5000 users can be served at 1 time, therefore, 2005 model SHARP MM20 note book computer with Transmeta Processor is still working very well in 2012/2556;   In Windows 8, lines might not be essential;

Remark: this DOMAIN never keep source code for future reference, or documentation, therefore, no source code is available concerning noCOOKIE browser and other functional applications in this domain; Instead of keeping or documenting source code, (this DOMAIN) culture its system by itself by collecting oriental characters for enhancing its knowledge; Because, 1 common person cannot overview all embedded systems (e.g. calculator, dictionary, translator, organizer, GPS, ... ), so called a Myanmar's imaginary ... ; Because, this DOMAIN believes that source code can be generated by hardware itself; Think that "culture" means 10, IFF 5 is left, another 5 is right, vice versa, IFF 5 is right, another 5 is left; 5W1H (HOW) to build your own domain model, also see: 1dComputer;

multi time lines with its defined keyword to port number 1999 for tcp and udp; this DOMAIN multi time lines is designed for billions of devices (i.e. hardware); this DOMAIN multi time lines is in software approach, HOW billions of devices (i.e. hardware) can be adapted ... ; 1st to understand Clock; 2nd to understand, for each clock with different time lines (so called multi time lines); 3rd to develop 2,3 dimensional multi time lines vs. 3,4 dimensional multi time line, e.g. even time horizontal DEE 's left and right variations in ACT2 stage, gray scale simulation in shakya in ACT3 stage, billions of devices in ACT1 stage, ... ; IFF bias, 2.09, 2.19, ... ;  。


Teleportation, using 2535769212965 (i.e. numerological dimensional) Quantum Computer, e.g. user variable i.e. Info=2535769212965;

with , WHICH is faster? e.g. DEE is faster than Light, or Light is faster than DEE; 2,3 dimensional ... ; The same light may vary its spectrum, e.g. 444 nm stretches longer in 2,3 dimensional; Therefore, the same DEE, however, not the same distance light; Info is the same i.e. 444 nm is 444 nm; IFF DEE causes light to be longer or shorter, and then, develop 3;

5928 , WHICH is faster? e.g. Gravity is faster than Light; 2,3 dimensional; 3,4 dimensional ... ;

5928 , WHICH is faster? e.g. Info is faster than Light; 2,3 dimensional; 3,4 dimensional ... ;


(SONY) Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player (i.e. BDP-BX58) with Built-in Wireless (i.e. a, b, g, WiFi, n) IFF kuru kuru (e.g. Video 1, Video 6) are working with browser also, logo (IPv6) is working without www, and this DOMAIN index .h t m is working, ... ;

A Myanmar's imaginary of the statement "without www" means network behaves both Internet and Intranet;

satellite .this DOMAIN-guest S S ID has been tested since 2012/4/13, OEM (c i s c o) with Advanced Dual-Band (i.e. 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz) N600 Router, Link sys E2500 (i.e. 2011 model), RJ45, 5 Ethernet ports, wireless router (i.e. a, b, g, W i F i, n), OS (e.g. Mac, Windows 7), up to 300 Mbps speed, and its password is 4444444422, and 10 guests can Network and Internet at the same time, extra bandwidth for improved video performance on tablets;

A Myanmar's imaginary would be 2.4 GHz means 2 or more devices can connect within 100 Km radius, 5 GHz means 2 or more devices can connect within 250 Km radius, ... ;

log; Network and Internet is logged on 2012/2556     5     6, a full moon day; By 5 panes window; With 3.3V offline, and 5.0V online;

this DOMAIN was tested without network adapter;

After understanding the log file (i.e. Network and Internet .h t m) this DOMAIN 's root can be further studied; this DOMAIN 's system model can also be further studied;  By 5 panes window; With 3.3V offline, and 5.0V online;


A Myanmar's imaginary z-distribution would be: WHILE running noCOOKIE browser, open 3 sessions, e.g. Myanmar \ Mini Dictionary \x Oriental \x Computer .h t m, e.g. Myanmar \ Mini Dictionary \y Oriental \y Computer .h t m, e.g. Myanmar \ Mini Dictionary \z Oriental \z Computer .h t m; Notice that the 3 sessions were opened in diff time, by simply looking at each page's Web Component (Marquee) i.e. WHERE (S q r t 2) numbers are scrolling from right to left ... ; Let the system run by itself for a time period, because the system itself has its own artificial intelligence, because prior to z-distribution properly, dimensions (i.e. X, Y, Z) must be S Y N 1st; Notice that the 3 sessions S Y N each other WHEN (S q r t 2) numbers are scrolling at the same time at the same space (but diff aspect ratio; but diff window location) and do the same action; To do so, either by simply closing monitor, or wait until S Y N, or ... ;

WHILE S Y N (the 3 sessions) now is the time to test z-distribution ... ; this DOMAIN recommends (3*3) 9 layers in quantity, i.e. 1 or 2 layers for front e.g. font, button, bar, ... ; i.e. 1 or 2 layers for rear e.g. background, desktop, F8, ... ; therefore, more than 5 layers for action, so called kuru kuru of 5 ... ; Since 2012/2556 this DOMAIN C59, z-distribution has been registered into re g edit, and also Desktop .i n i file has been developed in z-distribution approach;

Human beings can only have aspect ratio in X Y,

            the rests must be done multi-dimensional; 

In common, one two steps human can perform,

        while dealing with incoming Z, time slice must dot place vector to be;




2011/2556 testing 285 システム

Info can be faster than light, in our universe, using teleportation method ... ; To test the statement,

1st to understand gravity as energy, in addition to solar as energy, for example, after installing this DOMAIN into a computer, and let the computer's power drains, by unplugging its power cord; System maintains its essential power consumption from battery, after the battery power is gone away, the system might prompt (e.g. plug in or find another power source ... ) computer operating system's screen will be dark (now is the time, finding the Dark Energy i.e. DEE) ... ; using artificial intelligence ( low power mode) directional gravity (room temperature super conducting time) ... ;

2nd to understand aspect ratio, i.e. the screen's pixels, whether x > y or not; using schematic symbols,

IFF x > y, i.e. 34x23, gravity dimension computer should be inbound into our location in our universe ... ;

IFF x < y, i.e. 23x34, gravity dimension computer should be outbound into our universe ... ;

3rd to understand either SUN character or MIDDLE character, i.e. screen's aspect ratio by DEE; Remember the screen went dark because of unplugging the power cord; Now is the time to test the screen's back lighting, plug the power cord again, WHEN resume (e.g. continue with system resume), keep pressing on Enter button ... ; Your computer operating system's login button might be with 2 or 3 colors; e.g. numbers of color represent numbers of layer ... ; In addition to the "lord of ring" WHERE DEE are fetched into, so gravity begins, after gravity begins, your GPS device might be lighter and lighter, using cell path control, so called directional gravity ... ; Info is now universally available to be to-and-from, via gravitational devices, now is the time to test the statement "Info can be faster than light, in our universe, using teleportation method" ... ;

You might be able to see your computer screen, i.e. SUN character, or MIDDLE character, or BAR character, depending on the system's directional location, i.e. using artificial intelligence DEE with energy ... ; In ACT3 stage, a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space crafts went very very very far away in our universe ... ; 108; 31; Anatta ... ;

A Myanmar way of understanding WHAT gravity is WHEN light exists, DEE also co-exists (e.g. 1 way DEE, 2 ways DEE, ... ); WHILE DEE exists, gravity also exists; But, WHEN DEE exists, light might not exist;  Now is the time to test, i.e.

directional gravity, light, DEE, power, ... ; Nippon Standard (m b) milli bar ... ;
DEE, directional gravity, light, power, ... ; Nippon Standard (m
b) milli bar ... ;
light, DEE, directional gravity, power, ... ; Nippon Standard (m
b) milli bar ... ;

until PHYSICS OF THE FUTURE (Flying Automotives) prototype, using directional gravity (laser quality) ... ;

Accordance with Nippon Standard, e.g. WHERE 1 mb = 1 hPa, universal gravity might be having mb (cold) characteristic, if compare to universal light might be having m b (hot) characteristic; Universal Lights vary WHEN gravity is applied; Universal Gravity varies WHEN DEE is applied; Universal DEE varies WHEN ... ; Try to understand Gravity Machine Symbol inside Schematic Symbols, notice that inside your GPS device, at the edge of rectangular, you might be having 2 gravity spots, 4 gravity spots, ... ; If you can do cell path controlling (4 gravity spots) you are in ACT2 stage hyperspace, because you will be able to do space elevating ... by using GPS device; And then, try to engineer ACT3 stage hyperspace crafts, i.e. directional gravity ... , fusion with light vs. DEE, 10 vs. 7, ... ; Also read the book: Prof. M i c h i o K a k u 's PHYSICS OF THE FUTURE, 2011;




Simply add semantic into the existing syntax, e.g. inside \\Mini Dictionary\*Oriental\*Computer .h t m, syntax has been written as:

using World Time Mode (City Code Table) City Code(time zone) ... ;

IFF east, City Code;

IFF west, City Code;

by simply adding your city code, and linking to time zone ... ; Thousands of city codes exist around the world, therefore, do it yourself ... ;




using artificial intelligence ...

1 st Satellite_DNS_Domain detail INDEX . HTML      
2 nd this DOMAIN / index . htm      
3 rd this DOMAIN / INDEX . HTML      
4 th this DOMAIN / default . a s p x      
5 th this DOMAIN / index . h t m      
6 th this DOMAIN / INDEX . HTML      

WHILE triangulating with network topology, using iro LED, 1st to understand solar powered 0.5 second kinetic momentum, so green gravity can be understood, 2nd to do testing "hand made" gravity by using GPS device (e.g. SONY n a v-u), and this DOMAIN installed computer, and the GPS device must be connected by USB cable, 3rd measure ACT1 stage weight of the GPS device, to do so, open c Computer .h t m, and several clicks on cell path's (i.e. left, right, down, up), and make sure the GPS device is placed > 1 meter above the computer, because you don't want your head to be heterodyning by Satellite _DNS _Domain system's to-and-from ... , because in common, GPS devices are for MOBILE, but the GPS device is now static, IFF location of the GPS device is not the same i.e. dynamic, 4th to engineer animaloid flying bird (i.e. GPS based), you are creating your own gravity dimension computer now (i.e. variable weight) ... , 5th automatic update, using your own gravity dimension computer system ... ;

Remark: believe it or not, your GPS device's weight will be lighter and lighter (i.e. flying) after several clicks on the cell path's "up" ... ; you have just created your own hand made "gravity" ... ; IFF developing "flying automotive" ... ;




using artificial intelligence ...

669 ( e.g. 2556.1373.58 )    
for each Display Version ( i.e. Products )    
IFF Domain ( Satellite _ DNS _ Domain ) system
automatic update ;          

Original HTML Source ... ;

Also see: replication ... ;
Also see: synchronization
... ;




daisy chain:

1st to understand Hub vs. Switch, WHERE switch is connecting 1 port only for switching (i.e. not sharing), and hub is connecting several ports (e.g. 4 port, 8 port, 16 port, ... ) for sharing ... ; Also see: USB hub;
2nd to understand WHEN existing hub's ports are running out in quantity, so adding another hub (e.g. Cable, HDMI, RJ45, USB, ... ) to connect to the existing hub (e.g. Cable, HDMI, RJ45, USB, ... ), for more numbers of connection, i.e. daisy-chain ... ; Keyword to port number may vary depending on OEM's MAC address, network expert's defined keyword to port number, ... ;
3rd to understand cross-over method WHICH is making 1 circle round, for load balancing if necessary, e.g. last device (hub) with its controller (computer) the last port is connecting to the 1st existing hub's port ... , for reversing combination (i.e. RJ45 twisted pair's sequence number); so kuru kuru ... ; Therefore, network expert can analyze any domain's network by using network topology ... ; THIS method is not necessary IFF using artificial intelligence (automatic load balancing) ... ;

Remark: after installing this DOMAIN into BE server, test 285 current system's load balancing; Because system's log in form or system's sign in form can be analyzed by using artificial intelligence, even though 1 and only table exists at BE;  Remember, your domain system is your network number ...




2011/2556, pixel; using artificial intelligence, IFF 285 development environment (form) pixel ... ;

Remark: try to insert Pixel .T IFF file into a web page, and notice that no way to insert pixel into a page, no way to insert pixel into a form either; IFF user open the file (i.e. IT\Symbol\Pixel .T IFF) by using Explorer, e.g. click on the pixel .t if, and notice that its file attributes can be changeable; By changing its Title will prompt OEM bootable system value; WHEN developing gravity dimension computer, for any OS, pixel must link 26 OEM bootable system value; As a result of linking Pixel .T IFF, system's INDEX, system's 285 development environment (form) pixel, ... can be further studied ... ;

IFF MSDN (development environment) form's coordinate system e.g. System .Drawing .Graphics Class, object's location property behaves  (♯, ♯) WHERE form's upper left corner must be (0,0) with the form's horizontal, form's vertical, form's specified location, form's specified location and size;




2011/4/27, system went down, TV did not work and Internet did not work, approx. several hours of reconfiguration to get the colored global network icon, system's up time again; WEP password = 4444444422; a group of networked computers, home group e.g. password = en21Ae2CF3; Home Group is a new global system group, reboot might be necessary, right click on it, double click on it, ... ;

type 66 ( Home Group file s ) available are
, 133 , All 56353 , Excel , All Web
Page s , X M L , Text , All
Data Source s , 133511 Data base s , Query
, d Base , Micro soft Excel . O
Macro s , Work book s , Work sheet s
, Work space s , T e m plate s
, Add - I n s , Tool bar s
, S Y L K , Data Inter change Format
, Back up ;            

also see: browser based web address, WHERE basic understanding of packet vs. token ...




ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN .s u o, its original file name is Start CD .s u o +a +h, because WHEN computer system boots, 1st logo a k a system number, 2nd logic (BIOS) ... , 3rd for blinking _ after logo i.e. logic (F8) ... , 4th OS system (cold boot or warm boot) ... , 5th audio e.g. 5_Audio, 6th layered to MOUSE (cursor) ... , 7th Task List AND User Task; 8th might be for 88...88 aka floating point parameter, 9th might be for video Remark: very very very difficult to reverse engineer because of division / ; THIS file is window itself therefore should be inside Desktop\ ; IFF Open file-name by27 Using MSDN VS2010, its system values are, Root Entry; O / k 1 P E; Task List, User Task; Tip Persistence; Debugger Breakpoints, Debugger Exceptions, Debugger Find Source; Multi Startup Pro j, Debugger Find Symbol; Debugger Memory Windows; Debugger Breakpoints Window 4; External Files Project Contents; Document Window Positions; Document Window User Data; Solution Configuration; O b j Mgr Contents V♯, ... ; Class View Content; Unloaded Projects; Hidden Sln Folders Remark: also see Startシステム.s l n; Background Load Data; Project Trust Information; Outlining State Dir; Bookmark State; Task List Shortcut;

Therefore, IFF user, just leave THIS file as it is; IFF system developer, should change THIS file's name to your domain name .suo; ...




An Orbiter _The Universe .exe, saved original "Music Trivia" project files from the book Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Step by Step, Microsoft Press as \\2556\An Orbiter _The Universe, export executables to \Desktop\システム\this DOMAIN\ ... , Using 102.GIF as background, Arial font, converted to Visual Basic 2010 and then compiled by MSVS2010, on Windows7 normal mode, ... ; testing system's defined 1 background, 2 icons, Unicode directory i.e. システム, ... ; warm boot the system a k a CTRL + ALT + DEL and notice the Applications ... 




Basic understanding 66 HOW security works 11: 1st, copy 1 noCOOKIE browser file i.e. noCOOKIE .exe into 1 USB Drive; 2nd, open 285 USB Drive among computers ... ; 3rd, to do right click on 285 noCOOKIE ... ; Notice THAT there is no Security Tab prompts, because not yet 26 be defined e.g. object, name, ... , 12 THIS time; Now 11 285 time 26 basic understand WHAT 11 security, to do so, copy noCOOKIE into 1 system drive's directory, right click 65 i.e. C:\IT\ExecutableApplication\noCOOKIE .exe ; if Compatibility prompts, choose local system's version e.g. 95, 98, NT, XP, Win7, ... >> Properties >> Security >> ... names >> Advanced >> Advanced Security Settings 669 noCOOKIE >> Edit... >> Add... >> object >> Check names >> OK; You have just managed group or user, 27 using name parameter configuration 592895 your domain system ... 。




Hyperlinked invitation help, IFF Win7, Start >> type in help >> click on more ... i.e. remote assistance; 2 persons can chat; at the beginning, there is no *.msrc* file inside the system, to do invitational chatting, therefore, let システムsystem generates " invitation" file; 1 SESSION only, therefore, システムsystem user must open and then close the remote assistance manually; click on \\Info\Help\Remote Assistance .m s r c Incident file, at 1st time, there is no system generated "Invitation" file, IFF password is asked, type in 123456789012; at 2nd time, system generates "Invitation" file, and save the file under \\Info\Help\ ; after saving the invitation file, system will prompt 12 alphanumeric password automatically and waiting ... ; Remark: 1st time try, the following procedure might help to system developers, e.g. WHILE running INDEX, Explorer >> this DOMAIN drive _letter: >> Info >> Help >> double click on the \\Desktop\システム\this DOMAIN\招待 .m s r c Incident file >> OK; right click on the file >> Open With >> Windows Remote Assistance >> OK; 2nd time try, Start >> IFF Win7, type in help >> more >> Windows Remote Assistance >> Help someone who has invited you >> Use an invitation file >> WHEN Open prompts, click on the 招待 .m s r c Incident >> Open; Now is the time to click on Use Easy Connect >> WHILE Remote Assistance prompts, enter the Easy Connect password, e.g. type in IT >> wait and nothing happens ... , so type in 12345678901 >> OK; entered password was not correct up to now, so click on Troubleshoot >> Windows Network Diagnostics Detecting problems >> IFF no problems, Next >> Explore additional options >> Get help from a friend >> Invite someone to help you >> Save this invitation as a file, now is the time all networked numbers are gathered i.e. your computer to router to switch to hub to ...  >> save under \\Info\Help\ as Invitation, so click on Save >> now is the time, the system prompts password, so write down the password as a note e.g. 2HFBZ23CTSVL; Define your network system by yourself, test your own remote assistance within your own defined complimentary ticket or invitation card。




IFF two or more computers are available to test, this DOMAIN installed computer ... vs. this DOMAIN not installed computers ... ; IFF testing makes users to be having diff idea, it is worth to test ... ; Users may have diff idea ... ; Develop yourself e.g. control flow, data flow, graphics, icons, platform, structure system,

e.g. F8 >> cd\ >> 56366295 >> password: IT >> \ >> double click on desktop >> run your application system, e.g. if Microsoft Office FrontPage, browse \\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\ then double click on FRONT PG; e.g. if Microsoft Office Excel, browse \\Program Files (x86)\Office12\ then double click on EXCEL; and so on ... ; Now is the time to test, to develop your own system, to do so, do not forget NEC's method i.e. REDUCE 1st, e.g. deleting OS files, deleting application systems' files and test run your system; REUSE 2nd, e.g. inserting AI characters, syntax tags, and test run your system; RECYCLE 3rd ... ; you are in numerological dimension ... ;

5W1H of design, and then test, and then design, and then test until ... you have your own computer system ... ;

kuru kuru of 5 ... ; WHERE kuru kuru can be in translator based, because system understands it is a transcript word; 5 can be for each 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... ; Light; Video; Audio; Text; Number; if it is working model, you are in gravity dimension, so develop gravity dimension computers ... ; Because lights vary if gravity is applied; Because lights as spectrum can be fetched as instruction into processor; Because booting by green vs. green at the beginning; Because iroColour Yellow as power; Because do it yourself ... ;

  ... 。




Linked List Structure , also see: Algorithm Methods and Data Structures; IFF gravity dimension computer, using iro Color WHERE Power as11 Yellow, without5928632 MOUSE as11 Red, ... as11 Green; 149.149 by27 5; After 2+ years of numerological dimensional testing, SONY V A IO prompts green to R E N E S A S USER I/F, by27 ; 1st step to test is, burn a this DOMAIN CD-R without its 0.23 second cursor, check drive letter's color whether red or green ... ; 2nd step to test is, burn a this DOMAIN CD-R with its 0.23 cursor, and then check ... ; 3rd to develop gravity dimension computer ... because light rate vary if gravity is applied ... ;




Lucky88...88 game, also see: Exe .h t m; application's form size 504, 427 WHERE 504 for x, 427 for y; Notice that S q r t 2 only; icon Black Jack .i c o with text ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN     Lucky88...88; background 102.GIF; Because not Using keyboard 101 as standard input output within the application; 1x500 vertical line;

Concerning L to R # for x pixels, R to L # for y pixels, 1st to understand H O W filling graphics from block a k a high light to ..... ..... ....... ..... ..... , also see: L S B; M S B; 2nd to understand coloring pixel object's property but above 1 to N processor can only prompt 2D  ..... ..... ....... ..... ..... , 3rd to develop 3D GUI, to do so, dual core or 2 processors are needed, 2D must be fixed "not variable", processor should be redesigned to be not only blocks but also triangles ... , and then 3D GUI might be ... , and then hyperlinks to each group e.g. 101 aka standard input output keyboard processor, 102, ... ;




Multi-functional system testing, e.g. semantics alike Nation name, video, audio, data, ♯, indicated inside \\Mini Dictionary\*Oriental\*Computer .h t m with AI characters; So, systems such as: Analog video standard (NTSC _M, NTSC _M _J, PAL _B, PAL _I, PAL _M, PAL _N, SE CAM _B, SE CAM _D, SE CAM _G, SE CAM _K, ... ); Broadcast frequency table ID; Cable frequency table ID; Country/region code; Each entry consists of, ...

A n a l o g video standard /
B r o a d cast frequency table ID
C a b l e frequency table ID  
country / region code            
Each entry consist s 66          

can be functional within 1 syntax; REDUCE design; approx. 26+ years old info; Toshiba invented "multi-system" in 1980s; similar to Microsoft's R C DATA _COUNTRYLIST R C DATA, diff is semantics are reduced; In addition to system's type, High amp Analog vs. Low amp Digital can also be both within 1 syntax; Notice that only 5 parameters exist; IFF developing gravity dimension computers, kuru kuru of 5 ... WHERE kuru kuru can be translator based, 5 can be level for each 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... , Nation name as object i.e. WHICH name ... ; IFF 285 model is working, it is one of methods, NEC's usage, called REUSE ...  since 2000s, NEC has deployed a method called REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE;

For advance Asimo Ukon programmers, this idea might be helpful ... ;

For gravity dimension computers engineers, this idea might be helpful ... ;





Since 2011/2/3, this DOMAIN, using the font MS Pゴシック; Because inside a domain system, AI character i.e. \ is very helpful, and \ is also very useful; Because, THIS character prompts not only Windows' back slash character aka directory a k a .. 2 dots, but also Unix's slash character a k a directory aka .. 2 dots, so \ character can be both ... ; Concerning keyboard, language can also be by 101/102, 106/109, ... ; Regarding keyword, system becomes more intelligence than using only 1 language, because multi- languages means already using translator stage ... ;  If you are using 1 language, you might be in calculator stage at all time ... ;




Startシステム.s l n, aka solution file; Conversion by Startシステム.s l n, among languages i.e. VB6, VB2005, VB2008, VB2010, ... , to do so, while booting Windows, F8 >> in Safe Mode >> double click on the Desktop\システム\Startシステム.sln, wait approx. 10 seconds, IFF prompts, Close the Start*.s l n, then click on View >> Solution Explorer >> ... ; Open any existing old projects' solution files *.s l n ... , and then save as a new project solution file ... ; also see: Preparing solution... ; Notice that 1 minute Green Color bar becomes Green Color blocks; ...




Toolbar ツールバー, default toolbar, compiled on 2011/2/25, ..\\Info\ツールバー.INF; right click on it >> install; but, it does not prompt; because this DOMAIN developer still does not understand component vs. toolbar exactly WHAT are the diff, WHERE component is more likely to be with menu, WHERE toolbar is more likely to be from Left to Right, and it breaks through black pipe from Down to Top; toolbar might be able to become a network if challenge to traverse ... ; after installing 285 tool, glasses as frame might prompt among noCOOKIE sessions ... ; companies might be needing glasses as frame because server is more likely to be kuru kuru of 5 ... e.g. 1 is text, 1+1 is graphics, 1+1+1 is networking, 1+1+1+1 is Audio, 1+1+1+1+1 is Video, and so 65 ...




Wireless device Amazon kindle can be set easily, to do so, Home >> Menu >> Search >> type this DOMAIN >> go to web ...; IFF browsing this DOMAIN, some graphics and web component marquee are not fully functional, on the other hand, inline frame and interactive button are functional; Amazon kindle is Apple's ipad alike, features are 3G connectivity, cell path to hyperlink data, download quickly e.g. dhamma download .com 's audio files and dhamma files can be listened in Myanmar, flat and thin, gray & black display, indexed dictionary, light weight, portable, scalable built-in font, speaking books' texts, text to speech, USB plug and play storage, wireless; WHAT amaze to this DOMAIN developer is that DICTIONARY can be without CALCULATOR; Notice that instead of printing, text can be speaking; Also notice that Page Properties' Language (HTML encoding) working with all kinds of page language; ...




Your domain system is your system number ... ; It.GIF, It1.GIF, and IT.GIF, are files inside ..\\iOriental\ ; IFF this DOMAIN is installed i.e. including its regedit file installed, ... , IT Analyst, Network Engineer, ... should check the 3 files; IFF domain system is down, or a disk is reformatted with new OS installation, It.GIF will be over-written automatically by IT .GIF, and then IT.GIF is deleted; AI design ... , similar to MSDN logo; Because, CD and USB are diff;  2011/2/3, this DOMAIN changed page's font to MS Pゴシック;  because user becomes safe ... ; because system becomes more flexible; because the font is beyond encoding i.e. backlighting vs. dot matrix style computing can be both ... 。


2010 testing local, global, and universal system


149.149, its original encoding (ANSI); its original drive _name is Digital Witness; its original file _name is Burn A v i .a v i; 5/28/2010 4:26 PM;

_ IFF 149.149, recompiled by AI OS; 5/28/2010 4:26 AM; encoding (UTF-8);
_ IFF command line prompt i.e.
C:\Desktop, then type 149.149
, 5 Audio ... ;
_ IFF Safe _Mode
blinking cursor JUNK ... vs. Normal _Mode can be further study;
_ IFF low
dB noise problem exists, it reduces ... ;

_ IFF radio wireless (audio ), also see: Wireless Radio ;
_ IFF wireless radio (audio), also see: Radio Wireless ;

tweeter (audio equipment), also see: wave;

_ IFF Activation problem exists, it will bypass, also see: Oh My Lord#149.149;
_ IFF for testing, encoding can be not only character/font/text but also audio... ;

_ IFF (multi-functional system) i.e. ..\\Desktop\*.* either ..\\hyper-v\*.*, or ..\\space\*.*;

IFF this DOMAIN Compilation Number C40 or later, GUI might become look 3D alike ... ;

e.g. 1, WHEN Open File, by using Notepad, change its encoding, save the file as same as the file name, WHEN "Confirm Save As" window prompts in the middle/at center, do not click on neither Yes nor No, click on some other GUI area of the window, system will beep 1st, but 2nd;3rd;4th;5th; will not beep, instead of beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, a k a 5 audio, 1st parameter beep, and then cell path to other parameters ... ;

e.g. 2, WHEN Open File, MOUSE click on, MOUSE focus to, MOUSE move around, the ..\\Mini Dictionary\*Oriental\*.* Folder with center character icon, and notice that vertical stroke behaves 2.01 Live File System alike; after testing 149.149, and its 5 Audio, enjoy bloomy AND fruitful hardware;

e.g. 3, WHILE running 56366295 aka noCOOKIE IE, MOUSE click vs. type in Address box can be further studied ... ; for example, IFF Windows7, clicking on ..\\Desktop\ vs. typing f:\desktop , will prompt diff; Notice that 5 Audio prompt 5 parameters under the Address box; Notice that clicking on ... will pop up, or right clicking on ..., on the other hand, typing addresses in the address box ... ; IFF typing ..., e.g. file:///C:/IT/25560/Certificate, among OS systems, vs. clicking on this DOMAIN .c e r digital certificate also might prompt with extra parameters ... ; in addition to only 1 green color, notice that the digital certificate's background color might be diff among OS systems ..., because system has been step by step ..... ; enjoy 5 Audio ... ; IFF multi-platform OS testing, typing in APPLICATION, then ;

Idea similar to ĆOĆO in TV, WHERE encoding can be further study ... ; Remark: light depth vs. 5 audio




a k a .INF, a numerological dimension file; easy to add, easy to edit, easy to update, ... ;

e.g. 1, if you were developing a "Gravity Device Driver", you would add a line
7914927454935499459 a k a Gravity Device Driver
e.g. 2, if you were testing an open source operating system named "Open OS", you would add a line
675561 a k a Open OS
e.g. 3, if you were engineering a "Micro Connector" to a cell phone, you would add a line
49396365553269 a k a Micro Connector

Notice that a k a .INF file is very easy to add in, edit, update, ... ; Because computer can be programmed "step-by-step" in translator stage, WHICH is beyond calculator stage, WHICH is also beyond organizer stage; IFF OS development, also see: Ready Made Directory; Good luck with this DOMAIN 's Numerological Dimension ... 。




Anti Virus .h t m, this DOMAIN 's system security page, for each WHICH virus; 1st virus names are listed inside Virus .h t m, collection of viruses; 2nd virus names hyperlink to Anti Virus .h t m by its own defined bookmark value, attaching AI OS character to each virus; 3rd this DOMAIN 's AI OS characters are used to protect and finish each virus, since each virus is attached with AI OS character, viruses become nonfunctional ... 。




autoexec.bat, automatic executable batch file WHICH was used in old style DOS system, so command lines can be executed one after another ... ; IFF GUI Windows, at start search or run..., type cmd ; type command ; WHEN DOS prompt, at root directory type autoexec ; Notice that automatic executable one after another ... ; WHERE DOS prompt, type edit autoexec.bat ; Read the character prior to REM; Close the file; IFF GUI Windows, Open the file autoexec.bat with Note Pad, save it, and then close the file; WHERE DOS prompt, type edit autoexec.bat , and notice that the character prior to REM ... ; IFF testing a system, can add some commands into the file, and then test run ... ; Remark: no need to define files, because directory is defined by / ... 。




BASIC.HTML, numerological dimension programming technique, reduces uncountable complexity regions to countable complexity regions; hybrid alike so AI OS with Basic; numerological dimension BASIC .HTML for "gravity dimension computers"; easy to develop e.g. insert row into the table then write ... ; small little circles at junctions WHICH means fault; no small little circles mean "no fault"; small little "< ^ v >" mean dimensional tags for the system ... ; it contains 9001+ lines of code and it is 1 web page, but it will behave like platform; because of numbers, numbers, functional language independent keywords, application systems' values or references, database systems' index keys, operating systems' IO numbers, OS I network engineering's HAL layers, hardware engineering's character encodings, ... ; testing: insert 1 row into the table, e.g.  Downloading from the site: file:/// , and then notice that Documents\*.ac c db file starts Reaching via ACCESS ... without operating systems ... 。




Burning CD/DVD/... disc: insert a new USB drive, rename drive letter to "123456789", create a directory/folder "2554", copy this DOMAIN 's contents *.* into the directory 2554, burn CD/DVD/... [ i.e. copy *.* from 2554, and then paste, and then burn ... ]; Notice the diff ... i.e. pop up window, autorun/autoplay window, ... a k a one of the window-sheets [approx. <24 window-sheets exist so far ... from 3.1 to now ... ]; Install *.* into a new system from the newly burn CD/DVD, and then delete *.* from the system, notice that YIN and YANG prompts without file WHICH is also similar to 0KB files, but the diff is 0KB files prompt FILE ASSOCIATION window-sheet, but the diff is icon file can be not only icon but also ... ; also see: device driver testing in different approach i.e. one of the techniques in numerological dimension ... ; YIN and YANG is one of the AI OS features, YIN and YANG behaves like OS, prompting YIN and YANG via desktop .i n i IFF directory/folder is internally defined, therefore, only way to delete the YIN and YANG is reinstallation of OS ... 。




DOMAIN: Satellite DNS Domain; mapping 5W1H globally ... ; WHERE numerological dimensional mapping & developing for ACT3 stage Hyperspace Parallel Universe Positioning System Synchronization ... ;    Remark: Testing begins in 2010, via ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN SATELLITE DNS with reduce design sqrt 2 only;_ ♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ .i n f: defining numerological dimensional numbers by AI OS ... ;  451.742.txt: TXT file AND 451.742 a k a DNS .P D B ... ; _ 123456789.txt: taskbar similarity WHERE OS I layer #APP as #SESSION via to and from ... ; _ H T M OR HTML: computers communicate via browser AND executable ... ; _ Step by step: index .h t m OR index .html, indexing domain's items in BASIC ... ; _ ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN     Satellite DNS Domain: as a global pointer, ref to parameters ... ; _ GPS: this DOMAIN reduce design s q r t 2 only with triangulate step by step in ... ; _ Display: defining 108 WHERE 3*3*3*3 AND 10,7,10 ... ; _ Domain: THIS 1 page only WHILE International Domains, in Stage by stage OR Step by step ... ;



EXE: there is only 1 executable file at root directory [one of the 12 files at root directory; was with only 10 files] WHICH is 56366295; this DOMAIN 's noCOOKIE browser is renamed into numerological dimension approach e.g. a k a .INF; a copy from its original directory ..\\IT\Executable Application\ ; because without GUI at very beginning of system's stage, batch file [for example: D:\2554\autoexec.bat] cannot cd to such long directory name "Executable Application" after thoroughly [Using ~; Using *; Using ?; wildcards ... ] system testing prior to 32bit GUI stage; because taking advantage of ..., advancing of ... 56366295 at root directory is that it can bypass GUI taskbar, so Intranet, Internet, via LAN, via WLAN, via Satellite, without OS ..., e.g. at command line prompt i.e. C:\ type D:, and then press Tab key again and again, IFF 56366295 prompts, to run noCOOKIE...; because THIS old DOS style via autoexec.bat can also bypass OS| layers such as Application Layer, Session Layer, Presentation Layer, ... ; because signal strength may vary i.e. 0 dB .m ~ -340 dB.m WHICH might cover all ACT1, ACT2, ACT3, ... to this DOMAIN's imaginary hyperspace ... ; Remark: in USA, at home, approx: -8 dB, in office -13 dB, and very very difficult to adjust spectrum with light rate for adjusting ACT1 stage  -5 ~ -30 dB .m, ACT2 stage ... , ACT3 stage ... ; because in numerological dimension, each system's Local value can be different, for example, this DOMAIN reduce design s q r t 2 only; system's value can be adjusted to 2.0, 2.01, 2.09, 2.19, ... and so on ... ;

Numerological dimension might be a solution to language independent encoding, OS independent platform, adjustable among 8bit 16bit 32bit 64bit 128bit a k a *2, adjustable among ♯x a k a 9839x a k a String Number X, easy to upgrade to *3, easy to analyze cell path's index structure i.e. C Number in 2,3,4, ... ; D Number in 2,3 dimensional, 3,4 dimensional, ... ; easy to develop layers e.g. IFF TV: text layer, action action, background layer, ... with common dimensional numbers within a time period ... ; easy to repair certain number by swap method at defined numerological location by a computer ... ; easy to configure an existing current system via defined INF file, also see: a k a .INF; easy to bridge/router/SWITCH among broken systems because some systems are broken inside because of admin error, because of OS upgrade error, because of encoding error, because of OSI layer error, because of communication radio stack aka spectrum (radio;#) error, ... as a result, numerological dimension "might be" functional even though "fault inside" ... 。




File system and its format such as flexible encoding ( ; ANSI; Unicode; UTF-*; ... ) within this DOMAIN 1 system WHICH has been developed; because FS-.sys; FS+ .sys; are tested; with Anti Virus and BASIC; as a result, multiple and flexible encoding via -FS .h t m; also see: Font;

_ IFF file cannot be opened, browse o Computer, click on Open _File, and then try again ... ; because, encoding is solved by AI OS artificial intelligently, ... among (multiple platform ... ; multiple OS ... ; multiple version ... ; multiple application ... ; multiple encoding ... );




Hyperspace Parallel Universe Positioning System Synchronization: 1st to understand GPS; 2nd, by testing GPS in numerological dimension, by testing emit and receive signals as spectrum (radio; ) via AI OS; 3rd to develop Parallel Time with Hyperspace Parallel Universe Positioning System Synchronization; WHEN spread _spectrum _communication: _ IFF Project, Testing 2,3 dimensional object array[2, 2][3, 3, 3]; _ IFF Project, Testing post 1..1         50   ...88; _ IFF Project, Testing                   50 pre...88; _ IFF Project, Testing                   50 pre    7.....7; Remark: this DOMAIN reduce design is based on sqrt 2 only; Notice that only 1 satellite designer can change satellite system's value to 2, 2.01, 2.09, 2.19, and so on ... ;




MOBILE System Number: WHICH has been indexed by cell path; and then define; WHAT user should do is that add each device's S/N number, device's serial number, device manufacturer's number, ... into the indexed table; Notice that cell's background DOS .GIF is for numerological numbers ... ; Its user variable is assigned as: #=Mobile System Number; Mobile System Number is not defined inside a k a .INF; Idea similar to KEY but system number is NOT a KEY ... ; System number is cell path's fragment of time ... ; Notice that nowadays' devices become more likely to be multi-functional: a cell phone device can be not only phone, but also system number WHILE roaming,  a GPS can be not only directional antenna, but also system number WHEN time synchronizing,
a printer can be not only for printing, but also system number for W LAN networking,
logo , prior to BIOS, can be Mobile System Number ...




Network Topology: IFF testing network topology, for example: change "Remark" to "Remark: ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN" and notice that "short circuit approach of global pin to local pin within a page"; Should not change or test in user, because Page Properties...' Title and Description: have been already defined, because you do not want your computer becomes miles long of networked computers to be incoming toward to your computer, concept is that you want your computer to be distributing/bruching because of load must flow ... ; also see: _TIP_ because cell aka a system number should flow from USB power to AC grid。




Photo album: creating your own photo album, by noCOOKIE; WHEN booting, F8 >> Safe Mode with Command Prompt >> c d\ >> e.g. C:\56366295 >> C:\, and then click on IE >> double click on Desktop >> select your folder, e.g. \\Personal\Photo >> CTRL + C to copy; insert CD into the drive >> double click on the drive >> WHEN prompt, choose Mastered >> right click to paste >> click on Burn to disc >> type e.g. HDMI in the Disc title box >> OK to burn ... ; Do it yourself, copy your photo files into \\Personal\ ... , delete unwanted files, paste wanted files, and so on ... ; Now is the time to test, HDMI SUB MENU, N A V I SUB MENU, to do so, insert the previously burnt CD into a BD player, or DVD player; Using the device's remote control, do ... browse, play, slide show, start, ... ; Enjoy your own personal pictures ... ; Try to transform LEFT menu and RIGHT menu, with UP and DOWN, IFF transforming works, you break through a new technology into 3D ... ; Remark: no grantee, because so many diff devices' remote controls ... ;




Processor to GUI, 1st to read Giving Beautiful Distribution [originally idea is from page 110, Filling, "Giving Beautiful Distribution", the following 3 rows and 10 columns are created, a few characters from OS .TXT are inserted into the table by the book's paintings, and then copy and paste into Processor .h t m, to be functional with AI OS]; 2nd to open and create spreadsheet, write several characters; e.g. Bitmap

1   _ - N :
. . .   ā Ć O ϩ
  | \ ..


3rd to notice that step by step characters prompt OS internal value bitmap ... ; Using browser, it seems prompting non-sense, but open THIS webpage and carefully study each cell, notice that its functional idea Processor to begin with GUI ... ; For basic understanding of HOW processor begins to prompt GUI, copy/paste/edit/... above cells, and test ..., good luck ... ; a small table, but it does Hardware; Software; It does functional prior to Font, also prior to Character Encoding, * ... , Bitmap, ... ; There are 23 paintings in the book, WHICH represent all GUI window-sheets ... approx. GUI window-sheets < 24 in total quantity so far since 1980s till 2010; However, detail specifications are not available to public i.e. HOW to make a window from Processor to GUI ... step by step ... 。




Running Office Diagnostics with Microsoft Office OneNote WHILE running noCOOKIE IE, type drive _letter:\desktop >> right click on >> click on Open as Notebook in OneNote >> click on Help >> click on Office Diagnostics... ; In addition, clicking vs. typing can be further study ...




Software can simulate hardware, because each hardware is its own application; processor is processor application; memory is memory application; hard disk is hard disk application; and so on ... ; Concerning reliability, if software can simulate all kinds of devices, e.g. simulating CM OS utility setup, simulating hard disk, simulating memory, simulating processor, simulating for each device as its application, ... ; After installing this DOMAIN, test its reliability by taking hard disk off, by taking memory off, by taking processor off, by taking the devices off, ... ; Prove that software can simulate hardware ... within a defined dimension, for example: CALCULATOR based floating point parameters in numerological dimension might be fully functional; and then without processor, system   still works; and then without hard disk, system still works; and then without memory, system still works; and then reliability of system can be further study ... ; Question is beyond 88...88, if 50G speed of light spectrum is matched i.e. GPS based, micro ^-6 computer can be captured, because computer itself is nano ^-9 computer; and then, 1. WHY there is no nano computer in the market? 2. HOW gravity can control light _rate in pico ^-12 computer? 3. Does information flow from *G to *T in no longer time slice, but in a light _rate, if it does, how to define light _rate by gravity? 4. WHAT kind of particle perturbation in the future's computing? 5. Is there gravity dimension processor to fetch light_rate as instruction?




System Folder: creating your own user defined System Folder might be difficult; IFF Windows, System Folders are Safe Mode's predefined GUI alike, WHICH means user cannot delete its own GUI, WHILE system is up and running; to do so, e.g. right click on Start >> Open Windows Explorer >> click on Desktop >> in the address box, click on Desktop >> WHILE blinking, [before typing, plan and think the name of the folder] type your System Folder name, e.g. type "this DOMAIN", then Enter; You have just created your own user defined System   Folder, WHICH cannot be deleted WHILE system is up and running ... ; If you are a system engineer, a network admin, an IT management person, you like to have your own System Folder, WHICH cannot be deleted ... ;




Task can be either Automatic, or Manual; Automatic task is hidden; Manual task can be further study ... ; For example: 1st. CTRL + ALT + DEL; 2nd. click on Start Task Manager; 3rd. WHEN Task window prompts, right click on Start >> Open Windows Explorer >> drag the Explorer to right side >> Close the Explorer, then Run the Explorer again >> Look at the Task window, click on this DOMAIN (drive _letter:) >> click on Desktop >> click on system >> click on this DOMAIN folder ..., so, tasks can be  ... ; bloomy AND fruitful hardware; to do so: WHILE running noCOOKIE IE, and this DOMAIN running, click on Start, and then run Windows Media Center;

enjoy Internet TV, after testing 5 Audio; also see: CodePage ;




Unknown Device: concerning hardware engineering, WHILE testing prototype boards, device driver testing, ... , insert this DOMAIN product or install this DOMAIN, and then test its numerological dimension ... ; In addition to EXE, generic dimensional approach to any existing systems ... ; e.g. connect GPS device to USB port, connect mobile phone to USB port, connect prototype board to USB port, ... browse this DOMAIN product, so test its AI OS in numerological dimension ... good luck in numbers ... ; also see: YIN and YANG prompts without file




Unlocking file icon: sometimes, migrating files and folders from one computer to another computers might end up with "LOCK FILE ICON", if necessary to UNLOCK the File, right click on Start >> Open Windows Explorer >> click on Recycle Bin >> Empty the Recycle Bin >> locate the files to be unlocked >> highlight the files, then delete >> click on Recycle Bin again >> Restore THIS File, or Restore ALL File >> Notice that "LOCK FILE ICON"  are gone ... 。




USB a k a , after this DOMAIN C42+, test ports, e.g. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, ... , and so on; its H ID Class should be working with all versions, i.e. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, ... ; because, HID as ID, Class as class; WHICH is defined:

(USB 1.0; USB 2.0; USB 3.0; ... ) 95 numerological dimension ... ;

_ IFF bias ((S q r t 2.00) 26 (S q r t 2.01)) FS+ OR FS- ; Mastered OR L F S;
_ IFF ((S q r t 2.01) 26 (S q r t 2.09)) e.g. satellite designer's tactic 2.09, 2.19, ... GPS;

_ IFF (NOT USB) IDE (Mastered OR Slave) -FS;




2009 testing a local vs. global system

\\25520\*.* , \\25540\*.* , ... and notice that HOW directory a k a folder can be defined by user, by initialization a k a *.i n i file's [ABC] [I J K] [XYZ] ... ;  Also see: FS 2.01;  USB Hub vs. Router Hub such as 12 ..., 21 ... with 26 alphanumeric configuration among W LAN may vary with hardware specification。




-dB low noise might occur, after this DOMAIN, because homes in USA are set as approx. -8dB IFF California region e.g. comcast, www.comcast.com; approx. -7dB IFF New York region e.g. TimeWarner, www.timewarner.com; Notice that approx. only 1dB diff in 3000+ m diff; WHAT this DOMAIN developer cannot explain is: Audio Service by Speaker vol. 1 ~ 100 somehow related to -dB; IFF Home systems, Speaker vol. 11; IFF Office systems, Speaker vol. 18; Remark: during C31 compilation only; GPS time with 108mm wireless antenna, satellite.this DOMAIN xm in horizontal bands vs. vertical bands might cause -dB low noise problem; Also see: Error Log; ... 。




#file _name .GIF, or file _name#file .name .GIF, create a file, and then insert into a web page as <i m g ... s r c = " previously created file _name"... /i m g>, notice that *#*.GIF is wrong。




0 KB files in this DOMAIN are ㈰; \\Desktop\File .txt; \\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\MEMSTICK .IND; \\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\MSTK _PRO.IND; \\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\sys;  WHY 0 KB file? because clicking on each file will prompt, but diff windows ... diff functions;  To do so, IFF Vista, right click on Start >> Explore >> clicking on ㈰ will prompt Open With a k a association, and then IFF Browse..., it will prompt Open With..., on the other hand, clicking on File .txt will prompt Internet Explorer 1995 ~ latest year ... , clicking on sys will prompt ... ;  Once IE run..., its built-in parameters are also become available ... ;  The ㈰ is this DOMAIN OS .txt 's one of the global characters, each character has been AI a k a artificially intelligence ... ;  Only two 0 KB files exist inside this DOMAIN;  Due to constraint by character set such as Unicode, UTF-8, ... , ㈰ file's name may prompt 0323~1 or ? or hidden, if so, open the file OS .txt and then copy the character, and then rename the 0323~1 to its original character ㈰ as a file's name;  Notice that number, literally means:

- daily sun is 1 and only, see through will be different story, so 2,3 dimensional concept to be ...
- time becomes in distance table, so develop D Number ...
- "light rate" controls computing, mantissa truncates numbers in floating ...
- pico femto bridge era ..., all About: 1 in 24mm natural ...
- global characters to begin, so good to learn literally meaning ...

July 23, 2009 remark: ..\\Desktop\*.* has been sealed by file system [after C28 compilation], thus ㈰ file becomes hidden inside, and the ㈰ file can only be viewed at ..\\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\ACCESS\㈰link directory, and AI global characters inside OS.txt also becomes hidden and sealed [cannot be viewed];  However, "ready made directory" folders prompt its YIN and YANG icon;  \\Info\File Listing\IS O _Desktop .n r i, and Desktop .n r g are image files of \\Desktop\*.*  ... 。




1 AI OS with FS+ .sys and FS-.sys; Total size of AI OS is < 10 MB; Also see: AI OS; To test the AI OS, F8 WHEN boot option prompts aka safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with commands, ... ; BIOS/CM OS...; link...; state...; startup...; logon...; can be researched and developed;

IFF window activation problems exist in multi-processors with domain controller, if computer is in a remote area without phone, without online, without Internet, ... and then boot the system with this DOMAIN product, and then safe mode with commands, and then type index .h t m or INDEX .HTML e.g. e:\>index .h t m >> click on Minimize button >> and then e.g. e:\>explorer; [IFF Excel's File Open is not functional, and then click on the file; IFF default needed, type e:\>explorer again], at this time, previously installed applications should be functional ... ; Remark: Explore vs. explorer, IE vs. explorer, task bar vs. explorer, e.g. IE browser prompts image, but explorer does not, e.g. WHEN explorer calls task bar, explorer does not prompt, ... ;

IFF run 1 AI OS with FS+ .sys and FS-.sys manually, Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt >> c d \Desktop\   e.g. d:\Desktop\123.bat; Notice that + , and then -, with its defined FS .INF and then noCOOKIE, ... , otherwise, WHEN inserting PRODUCT, already auto run... ;

Remark: f s+ .sys, f s- .sys are developing for gravity dimension computer in numerological dimension because "stars in the sky" are like "light vs. DEE with stones", therefore ACT2 gray scale simulation was, and then beyond lights HOW gravity and lights are related to each other by testing gravity dimension computer also see: ACT3 stage +88...88- vs. -88...88+ , 3,4 dimensional, Parallel Universe, Anatta, ... ; hint: gas, sound, water, ... ;




1 ms, a k a 1 milli-second round trip time, via this DOMAIN, users' system should become round trip time 1 milli-second, in global regions;  Before installation of this DOMAIN, check your ISP system's IP Address by ping command ... ; Now is the time to test Global vs. Local, to do so, insert the product, browse a few seconds ... , right click on Start >> Explore >> this DOMAIN (drive _letter:) >> click on Time .Space >> click on Action >> click on Action .htm >> click on A f r i N I C, A P N I C, A R I N, L A C N I C, R I P E, ... and note your IP Address ..., and then run Command Prompt by Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> click on Command Prompt, ping the N . N . N . N and then enjoy browsing globally ... notice that you have been already configured as easy as 1ms round trip time [2,3 hyper-dimensional]... 。




12 vs. 21, in addition to routers' root, along with router's 26 alphanumeric numerical value, keyboards, pointing devices, printers, scanners, ... are commonly designed by 2 letters for connectivity so become functional devices;  Therefore, test yourself *.* are ..\\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\*.* for testing yourself approach ... ;  However, this DOMAIN PRODUCT may limit to basic quality only, because special high resolution, device dependent color specification, operating system specific device drivers, ... are depending upon manufacturers' ... ;  For example: 30+ years old Canon 300 series copier/scanner/... might be still functional but cannot connect with nowadays operating system e.g. XP, Vista, ... , and then test yourself ... ;  Also test "light rate" devices i.e. USB devices ... 。




123.bat: *.bat aka batch file; old style computing, prior to multiple tasks handle via taskbar, batch files were deployed to do line after line, batch after batch, [approx. 20+ years old info]... ; there are 123.bat, 456.bat, 789.bat file exists within this domain; click on 123.bat [click only once, wait a few second, if not prompt, use explorer to click, WHEN 1st round of test , keep clicking on close buttons ... ] OR at command line e.g. d:\Desktop\123.bat will prompt FS+ 1st, FS- 2nd, noCOOKIE 3rd, ... ; system developers can edit, test, upgrade, ... 123.bat file by adding commands into the file; 123.bat, 345.bat, 789.bat, files are numerological dimension files in 1 AI OS, ... ;

IFF not clicking on close buttons, 789.TXT file prompts its content text as:
;this is 789.txt file
;open because 123.bat batch file is clicked
;123.bat call ..\\(PC) link\456.bat
;456.bat call ..\\㈰link\789.bat
;789.bat call 789.TXT for better understanding of *.bat files, and then OS .TXT

; notice that batch file can run line after line, batch after batch, among folders ... ; weakness of batch file is commands may become awaiting, for example, if user runs noCOOKIE, the rest 465.bat and 789.bat would never be enter to run; therefore, system analysts, system engineers, system developers, ... should be aware of such *.bat files in a system whether conditional complexity regions exist or not; ... 。




3 minutes time period is necessary to fix almost all hardware's port problems, almost all software's keyword problems, for example: system engineers have configured System X with 2373/t c p DNA and 2373/u d p DNA within 123ms round trip time; WHILE system's storage a k a disk's data confirms its TimeStamping via satellites to-and-from telephone-communication companies' servers ... [also see: \\Desktop\*.* /s FS+ .sys, FS-.sys, ... ], so that system authentication can be confirmed by admin 's defined certificate; IFF System X's system parameters cause "non-default" link problems, so software prompts "port" error to communicate, in this case, just simply insert this DOMAIN product, and browse approx. 3 minutes time period, and then "port" errors problems of almost all hardware, and "port" errors problems of almost all software, can be fixed automatically and artificial intelligently by AI Global Characters...; also see: Automatic FIX; 3 minutes time period is necessary because Keyword To Port Number .h t m has been compiled by approx. 2:56@56Kbps




5 seconds wait time data source name, created on 2009/05/19 by Windows Home Server 08,

AND     it is named D S N .d s n, only 5 seconds time constraint ;

AND     it can be deployed as ODBC data adapter to any RDBMS a k a database system ;

AND     it is available at e.g. ..\\25540\net setup\satellite .this DOMAIN\D S N .d s n ; 

AND     it is available at e.g. ..\\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\ACCESS\D S N .d s n ; 

AND     it has been configured as driver={SQL Server} ;

It has been configured by 0.2 second transparent cursor, it is only 1KB file which can be used as a data adapter among systems ... ;  ..\\Desktop\ has been configured to store this DOMAIN, so its environment is safe;  Can test data-center's backup data in Singapore via satellite with this D S N . d s n, then enjoy functional 5 sec ... ;  Also test 3 lights in ACT2.msc a k a 3 jewels in samsara ... ;  Also see: position of 3 "l i t e" in ACT2 as a Myanmar's imaginary satellite .this DOMAIN, ... enjoy browser noCOOKIE 's "l i t e" fast internet browsing experience。




101 SESSION testing: to do so, launch noCOOKIE browser, its password is IT, and then run index.htm e.g. d:\2554\index.htm, click on IE, and then minimize the window aka window's state0, repeat the procedure again and again till 101 SESSION is full above taskbar ... ; Enjoy multiple T#, T##, T##, T###, T####, ... ; Also see: 7Practice, and compare 5W1H between IE8 vs. noCOOKIE, ... e.g. shortcuts as T#, ... ; in common, 1 2 steps human beings can perform ... Remark: old browser does not support advance AI #; Reminder: please do not change desktop's background during project; ... 。




108mm DEE numerological hyperdimensional testing background images are 2008_Myanmar_MonState_KyaikhtiyoPagoda; 2008_Myanmar_ShanState_PhaungDawOoPagoda; ... ; for ACT3 stage parallel time testing, ... ; Think iPhone display, WHEN DEE as lines to capture human beings' GUI interrupt, so WHILE spreading fingers on screen, cell path captures broken DEE lines, so that % enlarge... 。




2011: file's date, file's time stamp, aka file's attribute vs. system's TimeStamping can be studied; There are a few files WHICH have been compiled with 2011/11/11, 11:11:11, ... IFF route automatically and artificial intelligently, files become 12 or 21, ... along with 26 alphanumeric values ... are 123456789, FS+, FS-, KEYBOARD, MOUSE, Roaming( 3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3; USB; ... ; Also see: SATELLITE DNS; For ACT2, ACT3 system developers/engineers/scientists/..., please also develop: ns, ps, ... with RFID, also with SYN, ... i.e. Monbusho level knowledge enhancement.htm




123456789.TXT, WHERE 1 can be understood as whole 1 enzyme induction alike, so this DOMAIN will be able to live among all kinds of computers ... ; Floating point mantissa testing, a part of "parallel time" development in ACT3 stage, because a Myanmar's imaginary hyper-spacecraft went very very far in distance, but still cannot SYN due to 24mm natural time slow down ... in the time of 88...88 aka USB; this DOMAIN recommends even memory size with even processor speed, for example: 1G processor with 1G memory, 2G processor with 2G memory, 2G processor with 4G memory, ... and notice that system can be cool, and very very fast ...; Keep oriental concept Time . Space . Action; Copying \\Desktop\*.* into \\Desktop\ as \\Desktop\Desktop, \\Desktop\Desktop\Desktop\, ... and then time to test 0.23 second mouse to be 0.023 second, 0.0023 second, 0.00023 second, ... till ns, ps, ... ; So, 1ms round trip time can also be 0.1ms, 0.01ms, 0.001ms, ... ; 123456789 might be able to solve BIOS/CMOS<>link<>font<> millisecond problems in a Myanmar's hyper-imaginary ACT3 stage "parallel time" development; Big numbers with brunching factor, tree depth, also see: 2544 model [10+ years old, but modified from 2500+ years old] C Number




ACT2 and ACT3 stage developers, designers, engineers, programmers, scientists, ..., IFF Windows, IFF testing a new hardware, a new product, a new software, IFF testing this DOMAIN's the latest product [ C31 or later versions ... ] SATELLITE DNS via its AI OS with FS+.system and FS-.system, to-and-from satellite.this DOMAIN, and then

run Registry Editor i.e. regedit >> right click on OS.txt >> New >> options are: Key; String Value; Binary Value; DWORD(32-bit) Value; QWORD(64-bit) Value; Multi-String Value; Expandable String Value;

Remark: New aka interface。




Audio testing: IFF ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN, installed [including its digital certificate]; IFF audio files, to be server(ASP) audio pages, and then test ..\\ExecutableApplication\Audio\ directory; WHERE Audio = Ȣ; Server = ASP; JavaScript = JavaScript; VBScript = VBScript; *DTCScriptingPlatform = Server(ASP); defined by Audio.dwt aka audio dynamic web template with rollover style; AND +s +h +i /S /D Audio.inf; AND hidden MicroMultiMediaEncoding.GIF; also see: ACT3 stage 1 dimension only by testing +88...88- vs. -88...88+   gravity dimension computer approach ... ; also see: 5 Audio




Backend server installation, this DOMAIN recommends 3 things engineers should bring next to computer WHERE OS is going to be, they are:

1. analog quartz clock [ either wall or table is okay, engineers should hear clock's tic tic tic ... ] which make noise tic tic tic ... because sometimes system's hardware really requires AudioIn tic tic tic ... aka 24mm natural time tic tic tic ... ;

2. GPS <> USB because there is no system time yet, because 88...88 aka USB bus works well in 3mm ... ;

3. tools e.g. "ready made directory", in addition to operating systems' CD, DVD, ... because there is no Internet yet, because there is no fixed IP yet even though operating systems' installation CD, DVD, ... simulate self ... ;




bridge: only 2 files exist e.g. ..\\Desktop\bridge.2.01.sys, and ..\\Desktop\bridge.inf; 

1st to understand whole 1, so a duck egg will not be a turtle; 
2nd to keep lesser pin count to reduce complexity regions; 
3rd to test/engineer/develop/... bridge by between numbers, based on time only ... ; 

information file bridge.inf is for testing bridge.2.01.sys, 100 KB system, compiled on Windows Home Server 2008 by OEMAct lenovo 61 notebook:

- with Computer . ACPI Multiprocessor PC,
- with Disk drives . FUJITSU MHY2080BH,
- with IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers . Primary IDE Channel,
- with IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers . Secondary IDE Channel,
- with IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers . Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller,
- with Keyboards . Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard,
- with Mice and other pointing devices . IBM PS/2 TrackPoint,
- with Processors . Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz,
- with Processors . Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz,
- with Sound, video and game controllers . Audio Codecs,
- with Sound, video and game controllers . Legacy Audio Drivers,
- with Sound, video and game controllers . Legacy Video Capture Devices,
- with Sound, video and game controllers . Media Control Devices,
- with Sound, video and game controllers . Video Codecs,
- with System devices . ACPI Fixed Feature Button,
- with System devices . ACPI Lid,
- with System devices . ACPI Sleep Button,
- with System devices . ACPI Thermal Zone,
- with System devices . ACPI Thermal Zone,
- with System devices . Direct memory access controller,
- with System devices . High precision event timer,
- with System devices . Intel(R) 82801 PCI Bridge - 2448,
- with System devices . ISAPNP Read Data Port,
- with System devices . Microcode Update Device,
- with System devices . Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Embedded Controller,
- with System devices . Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System,
- with System devices . Microsoft Composite Battery,
- with System devices . Microsoft System Management BIOS Driver,
- with System devices . Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio,
- with System devices . Motherboard resources,
- with System devices . Numeric data processor,
- with System devices . PCI bus,
- with System devices . PCI standard host CPU bridge,
- with System devices . PCI standard ISA bridge,
- with System devices . PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge,
- with System devices . PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge,
- with System devices . Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator,
- with System devices . Programmable interrupt controller,
- with System devices . System board,
- with System devices . System CMOS/real time clock,
- with System devices . System speaker,
- with System devices . System timer,
- with System devices . Terminal Server Device Redirector,
- with this DOMAIN desktop background 2009JapanCherryBlossoms.bmp,
- with this DOMAIN 0.2 second transparent cursor,
- without Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus
- without Display Adapters,
- without Ethernet Controller,
- without IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers,
- without Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus,
- without PCI Device,
- without PCMCIA adapters,
- without profile,
- without SM Bus Controller,
- without Universal Serial Bus controllers . Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller,
- without Universal Serial Bus controllers . USB Root Hub,
- without Unknown device,
- without Video Controller,
[FCoE], Fibre Channel over Ethernet, configured by 40-Gbps; 
[HBAs], Host Bus Adapters, configured by 10-Gbps;
[PCIe], PCI express, configured by 2-Gpbs; 

this DOMAIN recommends 2G processor with 1G memory * in 2 memory slots, because "light rate" must be matched inside ... to be very fast "light" bridge among nations ... ; The most difficult engineering in computer science is parallel approach of 1/1 ... also see: medical knowledge of 1.414... Enzyme Induction, and then try to match the most difficult parallel time ... i.e. 1.4142135623730950488016887242097 ...  ; Remark: ACT3 stage hyper dimensional parallel time development is in progress... but still cannot SYN the time between earth's time and a Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional space craft's interior time ... ; Also see: Bridge Rectifier




Browser/OS whether support DHTML script or not? click on ..\\Directories.htm will prompt a remark;  IFF browser does not support script, and then remark will prompt, otherwise click on ... ;

IFF Internet testing without OS, for example:


cd d:\2554\it\executableapplication

nocookie browsing internet ... ;




Clicking on \\25540\  usamyanmar.rdp will prompt current local system to be connected as remote desktop IFF XP, Vista, ... ; \\25540\usamyanmar.rdp, click to open with noCOOKIE, right click to connect ... ;  Notice that usamyanmar.rdp will prompts diff system resources among operating systems e.g. among XP, Home Server 08, Vista, ... so a way to learn system resources ... 。




Clicking on \\25540\ usamyanmar.nfo will prompt current local system information;  This method works either online or offline;  And then, further system info can be searched, example 1, inside the text box Find what: type desktop, and then click on Find; example 2, Find what: >> type usb >> click Find >> click Find Next, till last info prompts; example 3, Find what: >> type 2.01 >> click Find。




ColdBoot.ini [ this DOMAIN 2009 C23 and later versions ... ], PRODUCT \ColdBoot.ini file for linking \\Desktop\*.* because PRODUCT should be functional not only in Desktop, but also in (SERVER); IFF software engineering, Start >> Notepad [UTF-8] >> ColdBoot.ini file to be opened and then Save As... , and change/create user defined directory/folder and test ... ;

Warm boot, aka ((Ctrl + Alt) + Del), WHILE holding Ctrl AND Alt, hit Del will warm boot the system;  There is no other way around, for example WHILE holding Del, and try to press Ctrl + Alt;  Also see: (computer) process and its child process。




Communication vs. Contact: insert or install this DOMAIN product, and then IFF Vista, click on Start >> inside Start Search, type in "u" "s" "a" "m" "y" "a" "n" "m" "a" "r", IFF communication prompts this DOMAIN, click on it ... ; User's info as Contact can be set ... 。




Configuration Panel, such as msconfig prompts system's boot store/restore, startup application process, status of services, ... ; Testing on following 2 shortcuts [might not be functional via access Internet] to do remote launch;

IFF WinServer03, WinServer08, WinHomeServer, AND click on ..\\ConfigurationPanel_WinHomeServer; IFF \\Desktop\....\\ConfigurationPanel_WinHomeServer;

IFF WinVista64, click on ..\\ConfigurationPanel_WinVista64; IFF \\Desktop\..\\ConfigurationPanel_WinVista64;

IFF file:///C:\ does not work, run Explorer and double click on the files;

Testing keywords such as store, location:, Type:, \\(...)\, ... 。




Copying *.* from this DOMAIN's PRODUCT into a system, i.e. (C:), or (D:), or (E:), ... will prompt drive letter icon , notice that with or without Explorer i.e. Start >> right click >> Explorer ... ; IFF engineering drive letter icon, 1st to create *.ico file aka Icon file by deploying graphic software, 2nd to create autorun.inf file inside root directory for example G:\autorun.inf, 3rd to test ACTION keyword ... ; Believe it or not, it takes more than 9+ years of research and development, just to know how to make drive letter icon... ; On Jan 1, 2009, after testing SONY GPS system software, technology break through happened ... 。




Cscript vs. Vscript: in Microsoft's Windows, developer can register Cscript as default host for Vscript, also see: \\Inetpub\AdminScripts\ and \Inetpub\wwwroot\; Notice that one of the sub-directory \\system_web\ has been configured as 1_1_4322 so within 24mm natural time 1 second, it splits aka "fork", so another 1, and it limits to maximum 4 if compare to nowadays 7~10+; Also see: this DOMAIN (drive_letter:)\Desktop\*.* and its sub-directories, aka "ready made directory" for www & global systems vs. local systems, because TTL has been reduced from maximum 4 to *88...88*; 1st to understand bridge, and then 4 to 88 will be understood ... [approx. 20+ years old info]




Data lost protection: while developing a system, several files must be opened for compiling/editing/updating/... , if data lost occurs, 1st to make sure to use only one background picture [the background picture should be unique picture, e.g. your family picture, your favorite scenery, ... ; never develop a system with 1 color screen background];  2nd to make sure your taskbar is auto hide [to do so, right click on the task bar >> properties >> check the option "auto-hide the taskbar" ;  also check "lock the taskbar"];  Sometimes, without connect to any network, data lost might occur;  3rd to make sure your bootstrap file is big, because bootstrap aka a line at windows load/restart/shutdown... protects reverse tasks such as install, remote access, ... ;  this DOMAIN PRODUCT protects systems in so many ways e.g.

-0.2 second cursors protect remote control, 

-application icon with background pictures,

-digital certificate, e.g. this DOMAIN.cer;

-GIF<folder>icon directory,

-store Desktop prior to operating system' load, so solve P, ... ;




Designing/developing/engineering/standardizing/testing/... application systems:

1st, after copy *.* all files into a drive, i.e. C:\, and notice that drive letter icon changes; so enjoy autorun.inf' ACTION keyword with defined *.ico;

2nd, click on Publisher.reg, install registry data into system ... ; so system info become better with ... ;

3rd, click on ..\\IT\25560\Certificate\this DOMAIN.cer, install into system ... ; so system is authenticated by standard;

4th, choose a picture, e.g. ..\Personal\Photo\ *.bmp, *.jpg, ..., and never change background picture until project is done ... ; so foreground program can be better ... ;

5th, Control Panel >> Mouse >> Pointers >> Browse >> ..\\IT\Cursor\*.cur >> Apply >> OK; so 0.2 second pointer is set;

6th, test noCOOKIE browser; so enjoy clean and simple browsing Internet ... ;

7th, at command line, run e.g. C:\attrib C:\Desktop\*.* /s >files.txt ; so notice that automatic directories for multiple operating systems ... ;

8th, ... test so many other files ... such as: DSN.dsn, NetworkAdapter.htm, usamyanmar.nfo, usamyanmar.rdp, www.inf, ... ;




Desktop\*.* , also see: Files.htm;2.01 system testing is done on 7/21/2009;

As a result of 2.01 system testing, www can be set by 111lines of www.inf;

As a result of 2.01 system testing, wire, wireless, satellite c o m m u n i c a t i o n can be within 1 system file;

As a result of 2.01 system testing, directory icon aka folder icon [in Window, right click on folder, ... ] can be set with encryption & default;

As a result of 2.01 system testing, folder and its *.* become automatically green color, and green has been "light rate" with stores;

As a result of 2.01 system testing, device can be unlock with user define serial number, and then become able to do roaming;

As a result of 2.01 system testing, 0323~1 file aka 0 KB file and its AI functions can be developed such as file's association to Open With e.g. not only Content, but also Audio, Video, ... , can be functional and notice that system becomes in ch channel approach ... ;

As a result of 2.01 system testing, this DOMAIN can be a communication company, but this DOMAIN is not a communication company, so \\Desktop\*.* have been sealed/locked/encrypted from open architecture to close architecture on 7/22/2009;

As a result of 2.01 system testing, 111+ KB only \\Desktop\ might link www vice versa satellite via its defined xm.inf ... ; IFF link, and then enjoy "light" fast browsing, computing, information communication, telecommunication, ... ; Again, this DOMAIN would like to inform to its users that this DOMAIN is not a communication company; \\Info\FileListing\ISO_Desktop.nri, and Desktop.nrg are image files of \\Desktop\*.* ... [done by July 24, 2009]




Desktop background:

IFF XP, Vista, ... , right click on Start >> Explore >> this DOMAIN (C:) >> Personal >> Photo* >> Set as Desktop Background;

IFF "Set as Desktop Background" NOT available, i.e. in WinHomeServer08, Server03, Server08, other OS, ..., and then run noCOOKIE; right click on Start >> Explore >> this DOMAIN (C:) >> IT >> ExecutableApplication >> double click on noCOOKIE* >> type Password: IT >> press Enter >> type C:\Info\FileListing\Files.htm >> click on IE >> Drag the vertical scroll bar's button to focus the file >> e.g. C:\Personal >> Photo >> 2009_photo* >> highlight one of the file i.e. Insertion Pointer + click + drag and then release >> right click >> copy >> paste into Address: >> press Enter >> right click on the photo >> Set as Background >> close the noCOOKIE; Enjoy photo* as screen's background。




desktop.ini is an initialization file; inside Desktop\ .. \ .. \ ... , each sub-directory contains 1 desktop.ini file AND 1 YINandYANG.ico file; user can edit/open/test both desktop.ini file AND YINandYANG.ico file; therefore, users can have user's define desktop, user's define icon, and so on ... ; inside info.txt file, YINandYANG.ico file's system values are written, therefore, IFF system developers edit desktop.ini file OR YINandYANG.ico file, and then system developers should edit info.txt file also ... ;

sometimes very very difficult to edit a whole system,

because sources have been developed in numerological dimension [ IFF networking, each numerological file has its own address, and then number can be name as alias ],

because AI OS has been loaded via encrypted Desktop\ .. \ .. \ ...  prior to boot, store this DOMAIN,

because some source files contain not only text but also graphics value,

... 。




Duo-binary automatic font, which has been tested by font size 11; this DOMAIN has set its AI system values as: (PC)link is 1; ㈰link is 1; duo-binary semiconductor device is out of a Myanmar's knowledge; IFF font size 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, ... very advance AI knowledge is required to develop fully duplex functional all font sizes, ... out of a Myanmar's knowledge ... 。




Fault makes high heat inside server computer, because systems have been registered as (Default) REG_SZ [notice that millisecond M with impedance Z aka MZ has been internally swap as SZ where S+ystem to be System ..., after 1995 WHEN CDFS with "light rate" began, millisecond is no longer a solution, so companies deploy bridge among buses ... ];  after 20+ years of R&D, this DOMAIN Product will solve such "high heat" inside servers ... by developing a new technology, so called "light rate bridge vs. light rate CRC" ... ;


- this DOMAIN still cannot classify light vs. heat yet in ACT2, ACT3 stages ... ;

- this DOMAIN still cannot SYN parallel time [Lunar vs. Jun] yet due to natural time slow down ... ;

- simple concept is stores keyword to defined directory [i.e.\\Desktop\*.*]; and the directory contains a few sub-directories, and files inside of directory should be the same for each version registry;

- it might be a wrong design if stores all contents into memory;  Push technique is also very good among server computers, so information will flow into Internet ... but WHEN interactive concerns, push technique alone might not be a solution;  It might also be a wrong design if complexity of directory is not identical to each other among computers;

- it is very good idea to create your own "ready made directory" by IT dept professionals, because folders with its own icon as organizational logo, because folders with its own icon as company's brunches' identity, because "ready made directory" can be accordance with organizational charts, so IT flow can be easily overviewed and tuned up with less cost;




File listing: c:\dir  *.* /s >filelist.txt   WHERE c:\ is <drive letter>, dir is directory, *.* is all files, ... ; //Info/FileListing/Files.htm << filelist.txt;    Note: in user aspect, do not use above “>” operator to prn [i.e. c:\dir *.* /s >prn ], however if testing data-acquisition of serial OR parallel OR USB cables, “>prn” printer might be useful. prompt $p$g OR (drive_letter:)\attrib *.* /s >c:\y2552c24\Info\FileListing\Files.txt   Also see: c:\dir /O /N *.* /s >Files.txt <enter> IFF needed, c:\dir /? <enter> ;




File property: click on ..\\Info\info.tiff, and then right click on the info.tiff >> Properties >> Details >> ... therefore, file's property can be understood; IFF in safe mode, TIFF file can be open with Picasa Photo Viewer ... ; Therefore, Google's Picasa is better than Microsoft's Windows Photo Gallary, because Picasa can run graphics files in both Normal Mode and Safe Mode。




Floating points beyond 88...88 USB: only 1 file available inside this DOMAIN is Testing_hyperlinked_dynamic_fonts.htm, notice that hyperlinks prompt dynamic font aka scalable font, ... to test and develop, so called "hyperlinks with dynamic fonts", 1st to understand base location so change its base location's value, ... 。




ID: this DOMAIN has been testing ID; for example,

$p$g 16bit ID info.txt [30+ years old info; also see: \\info.txt], and then

32bit ID e.g. Publisher.reg [also see: \\Publisher.reg] to define regedit data [20+ years old info], and then

MultiMedia ID via system tray as 64bit ID aka device's WMPInfo.xml [IFF testing, please copy the file into a diff directory ... ; 5+ years old info; also see: \\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\WMPInfo.xml],

and then very advance "ring" aka "light rate" ID with defined time in distance; e.g. bounceDistance=3 [Notice that 30+ years old 24mm natural time becomes 3 ... ],

and then time slice will be in ns, ps, ... ;

Therefore, this DOMAIN can be tested by all kinds of computers but a Myanmar still cannot compile window alike own OS yet ... 。




as of 5/5/2015 / 2559, no more testing of certificate; IFF standard certificate store in global systems, PRODUCT's ..\\25560\Certificate\this DOMAIN.cer.p7b, right click on the file, and then click to install certificate into trust aka Certificate store: aka system's physical directory folder;  Certificate aka digital certificate;  trust (computer) can be done among servers by installing certificate;  the certificate file this DOMAIN.cer.p7b [ do not click here, IFF it has been installed once ] WHICH has been designed as same as  Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard aka  PKCS #7 Certificate (.P7B); AND all kinds of other certificates can be in the path i.e. ..\IT\25560\Certificate\ with net_save.dna [ anti-phishing design to protect not only Desktop but also (server:) ], so that not only certificate file but also Certificate directory can be securely available among networks ... ; AND its Certificate Thumbprint is 8A59 34E0 2AA2 7897 E1AC 1B63 E68E 0F17 015C F431; AND its Serial number is d1 a6 51 04 3b 68 0d af 4c a7 d0 8e f1 d4 79 a1;  click on the certificate, Microsoft's Certificates aka certmgr will prompt IFF on Windows OS, and then click on View >> Customize... >> MMC options available ... ;  View mode toggles either Certificate purpose OR Logical certificate stores; AND its Cross-Certificates Download URLs' Web Sharing has been configured as alias {with Access permission {Directory browsing TRUE;  Read TRUE;  Script source access TRUE;  Write TRUE;  }} AND {with Application permissions Execute (include scripts) TRUE;  }, so no constraint; AND its expiration date is Jan 17, 2109 [ in 2562, Buddha sāsana year ];  this DOMAIN issues to administrators; AND its HIRAGANA code automatically and periodically will check every 108th day [ also see: 108 configuration ] to its *2556* 's certificate ... , once it has been installed;




IFF drive letter icon testing, before and after running OS Explorer for each PRODUCT, browser prompts diff between system's built-in drive letter icon and user defined drive letter icon ... 。




IFF PRODUCT is inside a system, IFF shut down... the system and then WHEN restarting, for system testing purpose only, wait approx. 10min before logon [prior to type password], or wait until Windows' default screen saver prompts, because system might prompt this DOMAIN and notice that at that time file:///D:/domain_name already either AutoPlay or autorun.inf ... 。




IFF server, Start >> All Programs >> Admin Tools >> Cluster Admin >> Action: Create new cluster >> OK >> Next >> Domain: this DOMAIN >> Cluster name: satellite >> Next >> Computer name: satellite >> Next >> and then test with binding string by running e.g.  ..\\2554\IT\25540\netsetup\satellite.this DOMAIN\netsetup.exe;  Click on Details..., View Log..., ... ;  so keywords such as: load, set, switch, ... can be further studied ... 。




IFF stand alone computer system, IE address box will prompt either file:///(drive_letter:) path and file name, or (drive_letter:) path and file name ... 。




IFF Vista, Start >> type usamyanmar, and IFF installation of this DOMAIN is done, notice that inside of

|Favorites and History

this DOMAIN prompts its association properly, so this DOMAIN's AI Global Charaters are ready to be functional beyond find, search, ... ; Because at this time, 1ms round trip time, 0.23 second mouse, 108th day system authentication, ... are with its AI OS 2.01, so system replication, system synchronization, system testing ... ; But a Myanmar still cannot synchronize "Parallel Time" aka imaginary hyperspace craft's ACT3 time due to its Natural Time slow down, ... , to ACT1 stage 24mm Natural Time ... , and still cannot synchronize 2,3 dimension to 3,4 dimension ... to be "Parallel Universe" ...




Image mapping and redirect to... can be tested by 5gCellPhoneRedirectTo.htm;  1st to understand CRT and its lookup buffer, 2nd to understand HOW such lookup buffer can be fetched in a network such as system message box, popup window, ... ;  3rd to engineer and test image mapping so that TIME T <> NUMBER <> GRAPHICS can be understood ... 。




IME, Input Method editor: run noCOOKIE or IE >> drive_letter:\index.htm >> run Pre School English Typing >> right click >> Open IME or Close IME, so Input Method can be further studied ... 。




Inline frame testing: only 2 inline frame windows available within this domain; 

1st, do not forget to press F5 key to refresh screen;  then notice the inline frame's scrollbar vs. browser's scrollbar;

2nd, notice that those inline frame windows are similar to 1989 programming language model's lexical scope, so those inline frame windows behave static scope rules alike;

3rd, notice the browser's title and its address; 

file:///C:/MD/PharmacyTechnician/PharmacyTechnician.htm, is functional inline frame;  Notice that browser's address does not change its address i.e. http:// .. //PharmacyTechnician.htm;  Therefore, hyperlink vs. page can be further study ... e.g. hyperlink within inline frame vs. hyperlink outside of inline frame can be understood;  Vice versa, page can be within inline frame, and page also can be outside of inline frame;  IFF without inline, please browse /MD/PharmacyTechnician/index.htm;

..//MiniDictionary/index.htm is also a functional inline frame window, which has been lexical scoped, therefore, 2+ different buses within sys 2.01 can be further study ... ;  Notice that pages' binding occurrences bound to its home;  IFF without inline, please browse /MiniDictionary/MiniDictionary.htm;

Consider the following C code:

Nested Compound

Lexical Scope

3 in 1

int main (void)
{ int i;
for (condition)
     { int c;
     if (statement)
     { int i;  }}
while (condition)
     int i;
int main (void)
{ int home1;
for (condition)
     { int h;
     if (statement)
     { int home2; }}
while (condition)
     int home3;
No more step-by-step STDIO NumLck, ScrLck, CapLck to do 1 letter function i.e. C; Because nowadays 10^9 nano computers function with keywords ... [also see: ACTION keyword for drive letter icon, ... and notice that hardware engineering is essential to create keywords]; 

Time slices become smaller and smaller, yocto time prompts ... ;


[Programming Languages;  Concepts and Constructs; Ravi Sethi;  1989]

Web-pages are scoped within its home; Browser's web-pages are either Nested Compound or Lexical Scope, e.g. 5gCellPhoneRedirectTo.htm, so pop about:_blank and home can be understood ... ;

IFF IE prompts inline frames, and then notice that print out / print preview / ... does not print all, therefore, for some people who do not like to read contents via display, who like to read prints, and then browse pages without inline frames i.e. index.htm




International Domains: the 1 & only page, Region as , which also connect all of its relative paths to satellite.this DOMAIN automatically;  this DOMAIN tests its own AI global characters aka OS.txt;  To be better understanding of HOW, open the file by HTML editor and read the code ... ;  Because Satellite.htm defines SATELLITE as "   OO   ", and www as "satellite" ... open the file by HTML editor, and read the code inside ... ;  Since, satellite.this DOMAIN is NOT a domain, it connects, and then enjoy c o m m u n i c a t i o n ... ;  Because this DOMAIN tests its own web page from A base to "light rate" base, so file attrib is no longer A inside, and a Myanmar still cannot classify Heat vs. Light explicitly yet ... ;  Remark: after C28 compilation, this DOMAIN(drive_letter:)\Desktop\*.* have been "closed architecture", so files inside cannot be viewed;  IFF satellite.this DOMAIN wireless network has been set, and if reboot a computer, please wait a few minutes, previously set satellite.this DOMAIN wireless connection will be automatically available again ... ;  1st to understand CScript vs. VScript, so maximum 4 can be understood, and then developing *8...8* will solve TTL problem ... with its built-in "light rate bridge", so this DOMAIN solves TTL and many hops between global systems vs. local systems




Mouse testing by deploying this DOMAIN's 0.2 second cursors, including transparent cursor, static cursor, animated cursor, also see: PRODUCT's \\IT\Cursor\*.*; 0.2 second system constraint necessary because refreshing screen's resolution aka user's defined resolution should be after cursor's resolution, because cell path concerns vector processes which should not be bottleneck to cursor's resolution, because ... 。




Mutual exclusion of graphics files testing, for example, ..\\Nippon\HIRAGANA\*.gif, ..\\Nippon\KATAKANA\*.gif, ... ; Explorer >> [ view Medium Icons ... ] click on a file, so the file is highlighted [aka windows GUI select] only, and then Start >> Paint >> Edit the file, and then save the file; on the other hand, without highlighting a file, Start >> Paint >> Edit a file, and then save the file; Explorer the directory aka folder ... , notice that select, vs. without select ... ;

This is an example of mutual exclusion ... ; whether + or -, aka whether Expand OR Collapse, ... ; Notice that HIRAGANA characters are in 1 group, and KATAKANA characters are in another group;

Accordance with Time . Space . Action, basic understanding of mutual exclusion is: at Time t, WHERE ..\\Nippon\*.*, one and only {TRUE} whether HIRAGANA  characters OR KATAKANA characters, ... 。




Network Adapter can be tested ... ; Sound port testing especially in telephony engineering, wireless protocols engineering and testing, OS component engineering and testing, applying Network Adapter is necessary to test user's defined functionality ... ; 25520 NetworkAdapter.htm, 25540 NetworkAdapter.htm will prompt diff internal system graphic icon among OS, for example: Windows Home Server's default system graphic icon is yellow, on the other hand, Windows Vista's default system graphic icon is yellow and green, ... 。




No Cookie .exe, Internet Browser program which can be run... on XP, Windows Home Server, ... ;

IFF contents are in D: drive, type d:\index.htm then click on IE ;
IFF contents are in G: drive, type g:\index.htm then click on IE ;
IFF contents are in a directory/folder e.g. c:\My Documents\usamyanmar then type the whole absolute path \index.htm then click on IE;
IFF *.ocx file needed to run, download the file into a local system, or copy the file, and then create a folder aka directory, so that absolute path can be understood;

If offline, type nothing and then click on IE, and then type about and click on IE, and then type About: and click on IE, and then type : and click on IE, so that a keyword inside operating system's source can be understood ... with protocol, without protocol, ... there are so many keywords ... ; Since 2008, Vista and later version, please use incognito mode;

test noCOOKIE, noCOOKIE(0), noCOOKIE(1), ... , 296 KB, but File:/// Properties are diff as:

  launch browser user OS compatibility mode
account privileges
noCOOKIE.exe allow non-admin run noCOOKIE Windows 95
noCOOKIE(0).exe allow non-admin run noCOOKIE Windows XP
noCOOKIE(1).exe allow admin run noCOOKIE OS

Remark: satelliteIE.exe is developing/engineering/... , might available to public in 2010 ... ;

Browser's options may vary, the following info are based on testing of noCOOKIE IE, e.g.1. http://www.acer-group.com/public/ by noCOOKIE >> right click on *.jpg >> Setting... >> Adobe Flash Player Settings; e.g.2. http://www.jaxa.jp/index_e.html by noCOOKIE >> right click >> Print Preview; e.g.3. http://www.apple.com/ by noCOOKIE >> right click >> Open Link in New Window vs. Open in same Window; e.g.4. file:///f:/ WHERE this DOMAIN product is ... >> right click on 101 >> Rotate ... ; e.g.5. http://this DOMAIN/ >> right click on pre-translation >> Go to My Pictures; Therefore, browser's options may vary ... ;

IFF Product C28+ or later versions ... , type 123456789, 123, 2.01, 23797555, 3133, 344, 56353, 56736959, 793111, 95673695, ... , 159459552, 7399456, 59594, 31911,  ... inside the address box ... , so Desktop\*.* /s aka AI OS' numerological dimension values will prompt ... for testing of Audio, Communication, Dynamic, Video, ... might be helpful for hardware engineers ..., for example, at the beginning, network engineers might need addresses within a system 1st, and then within several systems 2nd, and then within global systems 3rd, and then within ACT2, ACT3, ... , ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN's noCOOKIE prompts its internal numerological dimensional AI OS' TIME.SPACE.ACTION, but a Myanmar still cannot prove 88...88 gravity dimension computer yet, also see: Monbusho_level_knowledge_enhancement; ... 。




office: in common, office files are created by applications such as Apple Office;  IBM Lotus Symphony;  Microsoft Office;  Sun OpenOffice, StarOffice; ... ; IFF diff among OS versions, diff among platform systems, ... , 2D indexing along with characters mapping may become very very difficult to edit/open/read/save/... files,

for example: 874 for Thai(Windows), 949 for Korean, 1258 for Vietnamese(Windows), 10001 for Japanese(Mac), 20005 for Wang Taiwan, 65001 for UTF-8, ... , ComplexityRegion makes files become not able to edit/open/read/save/... ;

another example: abc.xls file was created in 1995 by 949 Korean Windows, and then the file abc.xls cannot be edit/open/read/save/... in 2010 by 1258 Vietnamese(Windows), in this case, test the files ... ;

copy and paste the problem file, then edit/open/read/save/... the files ... ; because this DOMAIN's AI Global Characters aka OS.txtAI OS is in numerological dimension ... , also see: 56353.123




Open With, Open, ... , one of the system parameters of file's association;  User defined icon can prompt as MenuBar's option;  To do so, also see: Open With by "Ready Made Directory" ;

_ IFF (Ready Made Directory),     ..\\Desktop\hyper-v\     ;     ..\\Desktop\serial\     ;     ..\\Desktop\sparc\     ;     ..\\Desktop\ \     。




OS.txt, a file which contains ACT2 and ACT3 stage global characters ... ;  Test yourself, and then wonder, and then develop yourself among devices/machines/operating systems/... 。




OS, operating system: via ..\\Desktop\*.* directory stores this DOMAIN prior to OS, immediately after BIOS/CMOS is read, aka before bootstrap, AND each character in OS.txt prompts functions ... ;  For solving/trouble-shooting operating systems installation difficulties e.g. attach, continue, communicate, computer, load, mount, transparency, ... , insert this DOMAIN PRODUCT, and then wait a few seconds during installation of operating systems, 

IFF hyper-v directory [aka AMD, Intel, ... processors' built-in keyword], ready made folders are CentOS5, OS X, SUSELinuxEnterpriseServer11, Windows7, WindowsServer2008R2, XPM, ... ;  so processors' built-in keyword is protected by this DOMAIN;

IFF sparc directory, ready made folder is Solaris10; 

IFF no other options are available, deploy this DOMAIN PRODUCT as the last option ..., because Myanmar rather have more questions than answers ... ;




OS aka Operating System; aka 1 AI OS with FS+.sys and FS-.sys; aka this DOMAIN AI OS:

_ from web site to content development,
_ from content development to multi-functional system,
_ from multi-functional system to AI OS [functional among computers], ... ;

A Myanmar is non-semiconductor and without specification ..., therefore, use it as your own risk; But, it is recommended to use IFF no other options available to solve problems such as:

e.g. cannot upload files into Internet, even user name and password are correct; 
e.g. cannot cool down server's temperature heat WHICH is hotter than normal; 
e.g. cannot find and mount disk WHILE installation of operating system;
e.g. cannot unlock devices WHEN current project is in testing stage; 
e.g. cannot SYN offline, cannot synchronize online, between operating systems; 
e.g. cannot perform replication among domain controllers; 
e.g. cannot PKI TimeStamping just-in-time; 
e.g. cannot switch 1ms aka 1 milli second round trip time WHILE networking link; 
e.g. cannot self identify in global systems due to a lack of digital certificate authentication; 
e.g. cannot connect Internet, even though Internet | Protected Mode: On;
e.g. cannot browse Internet, due to v2, instead of 2v, WHY www.www.domain_name.com.com prompts;
e.g. cannot push to serve with (56Kbps), (10Mbps), (2Gbps), (10Gbps), (40Gbps), fast bandwidth topology;
e.g. cannot bridge between systemX and systemY;
e.g. cannot service due to system defined startup even though service has been checked;
e.g. cannot access due to console different i.e. 95 with USB1.0 vs. XP with USB2.0;
e.g. cannot translate webpage due to OS font by language character code map;
e.g. cannot AudioIn, AudioOut, VideoIn, VideoOut, because of 2,3 dimensional time refresh;
e.g. cannot streamline Rdata due to mutual exclusion problem of THIS time vs. THAT time;
e.g. cannot activate OS, caused by diff versions with diff product keys, so applications cannot run;

AI OS can be tested by almost all kinds of computers, via multiple operating systems, USB 1 vs. 2, Windows USB ring vs. IDE blinking  | , all kinds of keywords vs. port numbers, ... ; AI OS has been developed within "Ready Made Directory" with its own digital certificate Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard, with its own directory encryption, with its own AI Global Character, ... ; Just simply insert this DOMAIN product, and browse for a while, or install *.* into a local system will solve so many problems, so called artificial intelligent system ... 。



Publisher.reg file should be installed only once on each full moon day's update system data, IFF local system's Registry to be updated... ;  Start >> Run... > type regedit and then hit enter >> notice that this DOMAIN's system data ... ; 

..\\Desktop\OS.txt contains sys info, and its sys info will be written into local system's registry e.g. ..\\Products\25541371002832123123551085510710\InstallProperties\URLInfoAbout and its value aka AI Global Character 舰㠂आ蘪虈෷܁ꀂʂ〩ʂȥā1ରआ蘪虈෷܁ꀁʂ」ʂ〉Ƃꁶȃȁဂꛑё栻꼍Ꝍ軐퓱ꅹरԆหȃԝㄘ〖ؔ唃ഓ摁業楮瑳慲潴ひᜠ」〹ㄲ㄰㐷〱娲༘ㄲ㤰㄰㜱㜱ㄴ㈰ずㄘ〖ؔ唃̄ഓ摁業楮瑳慲潴ひ龁രआ蘪虈෷āԁ̀趁要脂沥ꀟ☟贊囇囬乿넵髇쯶㨃麙蛸蔜솙踠㰳㾡⊦潎쯮O밍ギ怆啸푍黟䔂揊䋉織녙ꦂ䨘氶��띍謄ᅍ埭ꅭ擺혛��臨缸᠏��偏熂ഥ䂮♯紏ࡷ袝ᔢⓄ姠攜֣̂ꌁずじؕ唃┝คరਆثЁ舁਷Ѓ㐰ᵕБꀫة⬊ĆĄ㞂Ȕꀃఛ䄙浤湩獩牴瑡牯啀䅓奍乁䅍Rर̆ᵕГ; ̎ᴂ 脃ꊉ煌듼ﺎ⟲捦胎ᶧ쀘䵯䪠ꮱ㵸㑠钨㖃須춹ꄆꥉ諓㽑䀰˅ꜭ貕賄㔲㿄旐츧䠔ɟ큻์癸뽣娜릫惧뼤宬桦㷒ʐ㮉섮祑ȝ㬢椖娘ᖅϩ왱㉷Ȣ⹴1 , therefore in addition to content as text, sys will be mix-content as text, communication, audio input, audio output, ... also see: Roaming;

IFF platform is Microsoft Windows OS, Start >> regedit >> find aka F3 >> right click on OS.txt will prompt options ... so do new interface ... so test your own new prototype hardware, prototype software, ... ;

IFF SATELLITE DNS system testing, this DOMAIN's local system's  link has been defined via 7399456.171, 2 kinds of link are (PC)link and ㈰link because USB bus' 88...88 indexes might be diff to IDE bus' 4.4 indexes, therefore, to test and develop satellite DNS system software, \\Time.Space\Action\Action.htm and then click on 5 regional global links ... ;




Parallel Time testing, \\255410710.Computer;  ..\25520\4444444422.htm;   \\25520\NetworkAdapter.htm [ IFF normal system, network icon prompts normal;  IFF advance system, network icon prompts individual advance designer's defined network icon inside browser's address box ... on 2008/08/08, IPv4 address might be if online, else if offline by browser will prompt network security dialog box, else if offline by Explore will prompt hyperlinked CD/DVD/USB' /// offline browser;   ..\25520\ sharedaccess.htm;  ..\25520\shell.inf.htm;  \\25520\ Win Task Manager Processes.xls.htm




Phishing, aka system clone, to be protected against phishing also see: PRODUCT's \net_save.dna file, test C: drive with net_save.dna file, and also test C: drive without net_save.dna file。




Ready made directory, \\Desktop\*.*

this DOMAIN's \\Desktop\*.* directory is a ready made directory;  it stores its 2.01 [ aka USB with 3 buses ready to deploy file system ] because OS operates file system self on later such as Apple, Linux, Window, ... , for example, mouse onto the directory will prompt "stores this DOMAIN" ;  it will help OS installation WHILE installation error occurs [ use it IFF no other options are available, because USB with 3 buses prior to any OS without file system, and aka 2.01 sys is designed without semi-conductor specification therefore deploy it IFF no other options are available ... ] due to not able to create directory without file system at 1st time into any computer system; 

Desktop vs. (Server) so that this directory can be share; 

\\Desktop\*.* directory can also be deployed for all offline files [ offline file means motherboard's power on, but OS is not loaded yet because of either ShutDown/Sleep/Restart but not logon yet/..., and offline files are for Internet/Intranet/Zone constraint computing, can be defined by users by share options ... ] to be able to share; 

its internal directory is available as LM/W3SVC/1/Root/Desktop;  users can right click on \\Desktop directory and rename it;  IFF server, choose (Server);  IFF desktop, choose Desktop;  so do share ... ;

Testing ..\\Desktop\*.* aka "ready made" directory, IFF window, directory's view option "large icon", "medium icon" ... and right click on one of its sub-directories >> Properties >> Customize >> Change Icon... >> Browse... or locate icon to define a directory by graphics;  Notice that this DOMAIN's "ready made" directory has been developed from "open architecture" to "close architecture" since C28 compilation,

because it solves server "fault" , so server's temperature become lower, if install; this DOMAIN recommends NOT to change any of its contents if install ... ;

because it stores this DOMAIN via its \\Desktop\ prior to operating system, and it has been developed with AI global characters ... ; 

because it has been already "sealed" by file system, because this DOMAIN decides its multi-funcational system should be "close architecture" ... ;  IFF R&D, its CD images can be available at \\Info\FileListing\Desktop.nrg, ... ;




Remote Access: IFF Windows, Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Notepad >> File >> Open >> ..\\Desktop\serial\RemoteAccesssys.net.pbk , and then provide [type in, and then save] PhoneNumber, AreaCode, CountryCode, and then test the remote access again;  IFF DUN, also see: RemoteAccesssys.net.pbk




Roaming: ..\\Desktop\serial\Roaming.inf defines its Roaming(.exe) for

application(.exe) Adobe; 
application(.exe) Brother; 
application(.exe) Download Manager;
application(.exe) FileZilla; 
application(.exe) Google; 
application(.exe) Identities; 
application(.exe) Macromedia; 
application(.exe) Media Center Programs; 
application(.exe) Microsoft; 
application(.exe) Nero; 
application(.exe) Nuance; 
application(.exe) Skype; 
application(.exe) Vbuzzer Messenger; 
application(.exe) Yahoo!; 

IFF application is not listed above, and then modify Roaming.inf ... e.g. application(.exe) LG;  

Roaming(.exe) file "light rate" IFF double click on it;  Microphone and speaker should be built-in to test roaming;

1st, Start >> Explore >> right click on Roaming(.exe), then choose Open With Notepad;  Check the file ... ; 
2nd, Open With Internet Explorer;  Check the file Roaming( ;
3rd, Open With noCOOKIE ... ;  AI Global Characters, aka \\Desktop\OS.txt, WHICH can be multiple devices<>functions<>machines<>operating systems... 。




RoutingTable vs. www: artificial intelligence global characters were tested inside www.sys with www.inf file [cannot be viewed after C28 compilation, \\Desktop\ and its subdirectory were sealed by file system;  because some system info cannot be stored, cannot not viewed, cannot be transferred], since each character has its own AI, entire character sets such as Unicode, UTF-8, ... are automatically controlled;  User can add local system's information, user also can define local system's adapter, by modifying www.inf, but it has been within \\Desktop\*.*  stores this DOMAIN with "light rate bridge vs. light rate CRC", therefore if modify, user's computer machine might become "fault" and then might become hotter ... 。




SATELLITE DNS 1st to understand 30+ years old 24mm natural time as whole 1 enzyme induction alike tic tic tic ... ; 2nd to understand p as processor, d as directory, b as binary among computer systems ... and then (PC)link AND ㈰link [also see: ReadyMadeDirectory] with "light rate" ring, so it becomes functional among all kinds of computers ... ; 3rd to understand beyond ms aka millisecond, [remark: nowadays computers are in ns, ps, ...] to be understood e.g. \\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\default.ini 's system parameter [xm] has been defined by bounceDistance=3, so that 3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3 can be understood, so 88...88 aka USB can be further studied ... ; For Monbusho level ACT2 stage developer, develop DNS in ns, ps, ... 。




satellite.this DOMAIN; your computer <> icon satellite.this DOMAIN <> icon Internet;     _ IFF local system can be reached, it prompts via All, or via Wireless, but NOT via VPN, ... also open and read International Domains.htm's HTML code, and notice that relative paths /../ are automatically connect to satellite.this DOMAIN instead of this DOMAIN and the page deploys one of the global characters as Region;     _ IFF ..//satellite.this DOMAIN/setup.exe    -url=http://this DOMAIN    ; *.* are in directory of C:\2558\IT\25540\NETSETUP\satellite.this DOMAIN;     _ it is NOT a domain, so its "type:" is not "Mixed Content", ... ;     _ it is a system testing computer WHICH connect access internet, ... enjoy "satellite" fast ... ;    _ it has been configured with keywords e.g. 2,3, 108, 25540, xm, web, navigate, ... ;    _ it tests keywords e.g. load, set, switch, ... ;  and use YINandYANG.ico as a network icon ... ;     _ it has been loaded since 2009/05/23 via SHARP notebook, a no-moon-day, to test "Parallel Time" to-and-from a Myanmar's hyper-imaginary hyper-spacecraft ... ; On 2009 Labor Day USA, network log prompts that 12+ billions requests per day globally [IFF this DOMAIN product installed, and then with its 1ms aka 1 millisecond round trip time ... ];  satellite.this DOMAIN is NOT a site aka NOT a webpage; For further scientific testing such as 12ms, 22ms, 32ms, 33ms, 43ms, ... , [Remark: on 2009 Labor Day USA 5:56AM, ping to www.jaxa.jp prompts 200+ ms round trip time from California, USA to-and-from Nippon] this DOMAIN recommends it "Ready Made Directory" (PC)link AND ㈰link http:// www . toshiba.com/satellite; Because satellite + PC originally idea is from Toshiba notebook; Because this DOMAIN's autorun.inf uses ACTION keyword, which is originally from SONY GPS system; Because ..... might have been matched aka upper lines in bootstrap

Closed this testing on 9/1/2014/2558 Labor Day; Wrong design, because defining 1 domain name (e.g. this DOMAIN) only; 




Search Content..., also see: Searching for Content...; Insert this DOMAIN product, copy \\Desktop\*.* directory only, and paste to burn a CD; Test the previously burned CD, and Search Content... can be further research and develop as Session, Start Search, ... ; [copy *.* from product, paste to burn a CD, WHILE burning a CD, click on Cancel button ... ]





        _ desktop vs. server;
        _ ComputerServerWeb;
        _ online vs. offline;

Therefore, all kinds of online servers, all kinds of offline servers, all kinds of desktops, all kinds of servers including computers | servers | web | www | ... can be tested ... ;

IFF offline test, after installation of this DOMAIN, require motherboard power on only, regardless of whether logon or logoff, and offline servers cut high ampere energy consumption to do data communication aka A based, but cannot update/upgrade/... because of NOT logon yet, IFF no need to change a system, it is a good idea to do offline;

IFF online test, directory pin knowledge is required e.g. [software_define_pin_is_within_bracket_in_common], later versions of windows i.e. Vista, Window7, ... provide application level pin to taskbar; because Data becomes variable aka *.tmp, aka *.dmp, aka *.pbk, aka adding data into a file and the file become larger and larger ... , therefore IFF online test, necessary to do system maintenance periodically;

〱ア メ リ カ     緬 甸   .網 〉

〱this DOMAIN is compiled to be with , desktop, server, online, offline, %, ... 〉

... ;




Shortcut to program: to test shortcut to program, right click on Start >> Explorer >> right click on \\IT\25540\netsetup\netsetup.exe >> Properties >> Program >> inside Cmd line:, change %PATH% and notice that OS creates shortcut to program file;  By dragging shortcut to program file, it can be onto desktop。




Sound-beam testing: in 2010, after testing 88...88 USB via IDE vs. PCI vs. USB, and then pressure independent, gravity vs. light vs. DEE to bypass EM based sound AudioIn, AudioOut, ... , to do so, OS.txt aka AI Global Characters is available as AI global character mapping ... ; To do so, open iPhone 1st, and then study HOW sound has been projected as beam, and then unlock, and then beyond 88...88 USB aka beyond ns, ps, devices'  AudioIn, AudioOut, VideoIn, VideoOut, ... ; Remark: do not forget Publisher.reg >> right click on OS.txt >> and then define new ...




SQL has been internally defined by this DOMAIN's AI OS, therefore, IFF testing query statement, via this DOMAIN's SWITCH satellite vs. www, and then installation of this DOMAIN into a computer is required and then boot the system and then test the same SQL but with different switching, but with 1ms round trip time, but with AI OS, ... 。




SSID: 3 SSID are     satellite.this DOMAIN,     this DOMAIN,      xm.this DOMAIN, WHILE connecting WLAN radio; with system parameter 108, 10710, 5510855, ... ; IFF time {TRUE}, then space radio {TRUE}, then action ... ; HOW to create a SSID, a wild guess would be left S for RJ11, right S for RJ45, so connectivity should be both ... , then I integer as number ♯, D might be either diode's resistance R, or this value ... ; 3 SSID have been created and implemented for testing SATELLITE ... but a Myanmar's imaginary hyperspace craft went very very far away in distance ... still cannot SYN in parallel time; therefore, WHEN creating SSID, computers should be connected both RJ11 and RJ45, and then create your own SSID ... Remark: 1st to create a network and name the network by using existing computer A; and then computer B should be configured to create 1 SSID 2nd; never create a SSID with 1 computer only, because at least 2 computers are needed to create 1 SSID 3rd; this DOMAIN DO NOT SWITCH its xm.this DOMAIN;

Mutual Exclusion idea also should be understood before creating ssid, because at the beginning, there is no SSID, and, on the other hand, only 1 computer self cannot create ssid either; do not forget to reboot computers after creating a SSID; because after 1st time reboot, ssid is only available at "right side" for example: Wireless Network Connection - "your own newly created ssid is here"; and then, 2nd time reboot is required to be "left side" and "right side" for example: "your own newly created ssid" - "your own newly created ssid"; and then, after 3rd time reboot, enjoy your own SSID ... ;

IFF Window, Computer might be assigned "your own SSID" after automatic refresh, and notice that "automatic refresh" behaves like not only SWITCH between taskbar's DOS vs. 95, but also screen's time oriented random location ... ;

Computer should be a new computer, IFF ssid is necessary to implement so, otherwise SSID might not be essential ... ;

IFF anti-virus software development, shifting "automatic refresh" is very very important, because IFF security concerns, "taskbar" should not be the same to genuine operating system's taskbar aka "explorer" ... ;

Otherwise, nowadays computers are almost free [free is the worst], remote control, transparent, ... ;





SWITCH: _ IFF testing switch among systems, please define domain name inside the SWITCH.htm with font color {E3,12,21}... ; And then load RJ11 bandwidth aka (Kbps), RJ45 bandwidth aka (Mbps), Fibre bandwidth aka (Gbps), ... ;  Please wait a few minutes because xm.inf via WirelessAntenna, system's GPS location for Roaming(, a time period is required to configure this DOMAIN's bounceDistance = 3 system parameter aka beyond 88...88 USB time slicing, to avoid longer time period to wait, this DOMAIN recommends to get its 1ms aka 1 millisecond round trip time, ... ; Also see: 123456789.htm




Type vs. Font: Start >> Command Prompt >> change directory ..\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\ ; attrib ; type 159459552.inf ; PrtSc aka PrintScreen to capture screen graphics; Now is a time to compare Type vs. Font, to do so, Start >> ... Notepad OR Wordpad >> Open the file 159459552.inf [IFF cannot open because attrib has been set attrib +s +h +r 159459552.inf, and then reset to attrib -s -h -r 159459552.inf]; Notice and understand Type vs. Font;

Notepad AND Wordpad are font based, so called text editors; Diff between Notepad and Wordpad is Wordpad does %, Notepad cannot %; Diff between Notepad and Wordpad is N|W, t|r, e|d; Try to open *.ISO file by Wordpad [be careful, system may become "not responding"], also by Notepad ... ;

At Command Prompt aka prompt $p$g [pg, for page later ... ], aka C:\ or D:\, type echo off ; Notice that C:\ or D:\ are gone away aka NOT prompt; type echo on ; Notice that drive letter prompts, therefore, drive letters are somehow related to keyword echo on OR echo off; ... ;

Notice the \Desktop\OS.txt aka AI OS's Global Characters, WHICH behave font alike via text editor, WHICH behave control alike via type; computer architecture's Control vs. Data; 159459552.INF, 1 of the numerological dimension files inside \Desktop\*.* , also defined by ComputerServerWeb.htm; ... ;




Uploading files into Internet might be difficult, even though user name, password, server's IP address, port, ... are correct, sometimes server rejects logon due to TTL aka Time To Live, e.g. TTL has been set to 20 millisecond but so many hops between local machine and server might prompt computer scientists/developers/network engineers/... "cannot logon", so insert this DOMAIN product and then let browser run for a while [approx. wait 1 minute, because 36KB index.htm 7/10/2009 2:55PM, diff 1 minute to 36KB INDEX.HTML 7/10/2009 2:54PM, WHICH have been set as keywords ], and then access + continue + navigate + ... , so enjoy uploading directories and files into Internet ... 。




Unlock device: while testing wire, wireless, www, ... network; 

- create a file called [for example: this DOMAIN(X:) copy *.* from Product, and have its own drive called X:;  Remark: C:\2554\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\ACCESS\*.* is its original directory]\\Desktop\serial\unlock\unlock.inf file, by using UTF-8 character set from Notepad, and then define a device,

- for example: inside the unlock.inf file;

device=your sim number here, or
device=your smart card number here, or
device=your mobile device's serial number here;

- now is the time to test your wire, wireless, www, ... devices in projects, prototypes in labs, circuits in boards, ... ;

IFF break through technology, Internet is free for all ... anyway ... ;  For example, circuit may go through it with your own defined "serial number", which mean time to do patent yourself, market yourself, you have just create your own communication ... via Internet;  good luck!!! with this DOMAIN's light rate bridge vs. light rate CRC ..., notice the green color with silver color aka "light rate", which has been since 1995 CD era ... [time distance table's time slice <= 12mm]; 

There is no unlock.inf file inside this DOMAIN, because regards to carriers' roaming right, copyright issue, legal issue, ... ;




this DOMAIN CD-R C30 or earlier version products only might have "light rate" problem due to CD-R's longer wait time period, IFF "light rate" problem occurs, texts go behind graphics WHILE browser working... ;  There are some ways to solve such display layers vs. browser time problem, to do so,

1. click on this DOMAIN's \\Desktop\ directory and let system 2.01 with its AI Global Characters aka OS.txt auto adjust browser's wait time problem; 

2. use old style browser e.g. noCOOKIE browser, because old browsers did not display by layers, and old browser does not require very fast "light rate" time either, ... ;

3. since CD-R with longer wait time [because newer browsers become "light rate" with layers ... ] prompts "texts go behind graphics" problem WHILE browsing with new browser versions, use of USB Flash Drive might be able to solve such problem ... ;

4. illegal CD-R copies exist;  To avoid such "texts go behind graphics" problem, WHEN illegal copy, please use only 1 session aka 1 Explore only, please use Ctrl+A to select all, and then Ctrl+C to copy, and then Ctrl+V to paste while burning CD-R ... ;  Please do not use drag and drop feature by mouse [because this DOMAIN has been developed by 0.23 second mouse] among 2+ sessions [because more sessions mean bigger time slices become], because "light rate" is very sensitive ... ;

5. IFF system engineering to solve the problem beyond font, replace mouse with faster response time period i.e. 0.23 second, because after 1 beep, old model IDE bus refreshed keyboard 3 lights 1st, and then mouse, and then ... , on the other hand, nowadays PCIx with USB refreshes all-in-one harmony approach ... ;




WHILE Windows Home Server installation, IFF system prompts such as *** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF789EA94, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) while installing Windows Home Server 2008, and then chkdsk /f      , IFF there is no command.com exists, so that there is no command line interpreter exists for typing commands from keyboard, and then at the system installation error break point, take the OS disc out, place this DOMAIN CD disc in, and then cold boot the system, and then take the this DOMAIN CD disc out, and then genuine OS disc in, and then continue installation of system into hardware ... ;  Remark: this DOMAIN, we do not take any responsibility of any lost/damage/... ;

WHILE installing OS, and having difficulties [ because computer professionals might be confused among buses for example IDE drive with DB9pin serial CRT, ATA drive with PCI and DB15pin LCD, SCSI drive with bridge bus, USB drive with 3-in-1 USB devices and dual V dual core might all be within 1 computer system ... in 2009 ], and then check whether CMOS aka BIOS prompts boot drive or not, IFF CMOS prompts hardware system's boot drive, and then place this DOMAIN inside the drive, and then boot the system again, because since C23 it has been compiled by Desktop vs. (server:) design approach within 1 sys, therefore this DOMAIN is both (computer) application WHICH can behave as a web application because special design autorun.inf execute its sys as INDEX HTML, and WHICH also can behave as a (server:) because it _store [ IFF OS is Windows, mouse over onto Desktop folder will prompt its InfoTip, otherwise it is hidden ] its Desktop directory;  IFF no other options available while having difficulties when OS installation, test the PRODUCT and hopefully this DOMAIN product will solve installation problem;  Remark: this DOMAIN, we do not take any responsibility of any lost/damage/... because slicing time in nano- 10^-9 with reverse V aka -V is out of a Myanmar's knowledge




XHTML vs. DataDictionary, for testing XHTML, also see: Compiler




xm.INF.xm, this DOMAIN's iPhone#8892943X3NP;
                    , since July 15, 2009, this DOMAIN multi-functional system has been tested its Internet connect; Region; Roaming; Satellite; Wireless; ... xm ... ; http://this DOMAIN/Desktop/serial/8892943X3NP.GIF, absolute path IFF in Internet。




XSD.xsd, for testing ?xml schema, notice that 2 letters diff between ?xml and HTML, therefore, if ?x can be programmed, functions will be as same as HT. IFF reverse engineering, "d" might be for "this & that", "s" might be for "system, "x" might be for "network" ... ;

1st to understand 24mm natural time aka quartz clock [40+ years old info];

2nd to understand text dictionary aka electronic dictionary [20+ years old 12mm info]

3rd to understand GPS via 5 holes [string might be in 6mm *2];

4th to understand lights as frequency as "light's rate" to be matched among systems [since CD, till DVD, USB, BD, ...], also see: this DOMAIN's 2500+ years old 108 configuration prompts 3*3*3*3;

5th to connect ACT2 satellites ..., reminder: to be in ACT2, and ACT3 [3,4 dimensional, DEE, gray scale simulation, parallel universe, ... ], developers must understand oriental language ... ;




YServer.txt, Text Documents (*.txt), a file, located at root directory of a drive of ACER, WHICH is written as:

1408 14f4 WinMain
1408 14f4 lpCmdLine: '/UNREGSERVER'
1408 14f4 Run
1408 14f4 lpCmdLine: '/UNREGSERVER'
1408 14f4 nCmdShow: 10
1408 14f4 leaving WinMain

_ notice that only 6 lines of code inside the file YServer.txt, to be a unregister server, and also notice that it has been configured from 1.414 to *4880, and nowadays "light rate" computing might be able to compute ...         e.g. Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Calculator >> 2 sqrt >> *2097 WHERE three numbers of seven are available to be ... ; also test 1209 because since ACTION keyword with embedded GPS system, servers might be faster than time zone servers ... ;

_ so it is a time to test such unregister server by testing hardware's internal time slices ... for example: since 4 has been defined, test *4880* within 24mm natural time tic tic tic, 1st to do 12mm, and then 6mm, and then 3mm, and then do test *4880* ... ;  Remark: a Myanmar still cannot solve parallel time yet due to immaginary hyperspace craft's interior time slow down ... which is very very far away in distance ... , a Myanmar still cannot prove "gray scale simulation" yet ... ;

_ IFF "light rate" technology can be break through, and then it is a time to do your own "light fast" servers ... ;  because "light rate" as frequency is the fastest if compare to "sound" as frequency, ... ;  Remark: this DOMAIN tested USB with 12V to gain 0.5 second light rate, but USB power exceed error occured ... ;




2007 NEC's Simulation vs. Emulation model

In simulation, hardware becomes virtual, but using "computer" to simulate hardware, in which mean software [ at run-time AND OR real-time ];  Pattern, source code, wave, ... , can be tested for each audio, each video, each text, each test pattern, ... ;

In emulation, LSI <> Memory;  Resembling actual hardware, by using RTL language, writing a program in rewriteable LSI chip on the test-board WHERE LSI FPGA <> Memory, ... ;

Regardless of whether simulation or emulation 1st step to make sure test-pattern must be identical to correct-pattern, 2nd step to do test-process into tester machine by using test-pattern, 3rd step to compare the tester machine's result LSI-response-pattern to correct-pattern, and then QA ... , and then designing test-pattern, and then test, and then designing test-pattern, and then test until ... 。


1990s vs. 2000s boards model

After understanding holes and strings, some circuit boards contain physical/visible/... holes on board, some circuit boards do not contain holes on board; Concerning remote sensing, "holes on board" means open architectural design so that testing of dB.m; S/N ratio; ... at defined space; on the other hand, "no holes on board" means close architectural design so that remote sensing of dB.m; S/N ratio; ... become more difficult to reverse engineer because holes are in air ... at undefined space; also see: 2010 model 5 Audio

2552 ~ present: testing parallel time ..\\25580\*.*, ... are USA MYANMAR NET's hyperdimensional imaginary hyperspace in ACT1, ACT2, ACT3 stage ... ; Also see: Time . Space;

Concerning number, numerological dimension, hyperdimensional in parallel time such as 10 7 10 vs. 7 10 7; Jun 2*5 vs. Lunar 2*7; ... , 108 configuration and 2,3 dimensional; ... ;  e.g. 3999/tcp;  3999/udp;  -25540, -10710, -5510855, ... are system parameters of this DOMAIN;

Due to technical difficulties of %system variable% among OS i.e. Apple/Sun/Windows/..., this DOMAIN user should create directory e.g. C:\2554\ ..., because many OS parameters are with their own absolute path only ... , remark: OS swap \ to / vice versa automatically after - - - - - then bootstrap ---------------------- ... ;

for example: C:\2558\IT\25580\Certificate\*.* directory has been programmed with aDNA.ico but its path cannot be programmed as relative path, due to OS' %system variable% constraint; 

another example: C:\2558\IT\25580\netsetup\satellite.this DOMAIN\*.* directory has been programmed with AnOrbiter_TheUniverse.ico but its path cannot be programmed as relative path, due to OS' %system variable% constraint;

5W1H of design, and then test, and then design, and then test until ... you have your own computer system ... e.g. instead of green vs. green, do blue vs. green, do aqua vs. blue, ... , do add your own icons among functional modules e.g. application icon, audio speaker icon, driver letter icon, folder icon, network icon, ... , be with your own predefined lights as variables e.g. Swap.htm, for shifting X's, Y's, Z's, ... as lights, do add your own keywords into upper level, lower level, ... among spanning indexed table's cells because for each modular select prompts lightening fast ... , do add your own keywords into tagged cells i.e. <, >, ^, v, o, ... inside sheets, but do not change 10 dimension, because dimensions, numbers, numerology, ... are syntax alike, do manage your own domain with your own background, with your own font, with your own icon, with your own pattern, with your own light, ... because, in engineering, everyone likes to have "own" ... ; "soft" idea, and "hard" idea can be vice and versa, i.e. sometimes software algorithm can be converted into hardware algorithm, on the other hand, sometimes hardware algorithm can also be converted into software algorithm; Because, your own computer systems become better with your own ... in addition to "user name" and "password" ... ; good luck to you with anatta metta ... ;

computer can be used for calculator, text i.e. character mapping/encoding/font, graphics i.e. color/pattern/display/dimension, game, data storage e.g. external/disk/cache/internal/latch/memory/disc/MEMSTICK, synthesizer e.g. speaker system/module, printer, telephone i.e. Normal OR Mobile, mail e.g. e-mail/SMS/voice-mail, CNC aka machines' numerical control i.e. lathe/CAD/CAM, animation e.g. TV ad/cartoon movie/sequence pattern frame, organizer i.e. from sheet to relational database, fax e.g. COM port I/O receiving/transmitting, networking device i.e. bridge/router/SWITCH, Synchronizer e.g. computer inside automotives for timing/identification/communication aka Synchronization, Internet browser, scanner e.g. paper scanner/MRI/scopy*, simulator e.g. weather report/weather prediction, teleconferencing device, language translator e.g. pre-translation, audio/video recorder, code reader/decoder i.e. barcode/CreditCard/DebitCard/ATM/RFID, audio/video amplifier, camera i.e. perceiving light/time, radio, TV, CD/DVD player i.e. #x/inDistance-time, USB power supply, USB power battery charger, digital photo frame, digital photo album e.g. ..\..\Personal\Photo\Album\index.html, control channels i.e. multiplexing aka MUX, remote control devices including wire and wireless, spectrum tuner, time machine, ... , therefore, do it yourself approach only, detail specifications are not available ... ;

also see: Files;    IFF Monbusho developers, also see: (♯-2), (♯-3), (♯-4), ... for testing *+.sys vs. *-.sys ;