; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 9 : 27 : K : k :     k Character;     Also see: k Usage;

KAGUYA, in Myanmar ; in English, moon princess; a space craft name of Jaxa;

Kampuchea, a.k.a. Cambodia;

kan Weight      kan Weight ;

also see: nippon Unit;

kan Abysmal; (water);

kan Abysmal, also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

kanban kanban, inventory system (a.k.a. logistic system), invented by Japanese (a.k.a. NIPPON) automobile companies; JIT system; Card system is also a part of JIT, because cards can be color-coded, cards can also be indexed, cards can be not only quantitative but also qualitative, ... ;

kango, one of the 3 types of word in Nippon;

suffix *suru prompts "to do" ;

kani, also see: Sushi;

kanji; Kanji; e.g.

kanji brush radical; Radical164;

Kanji character; Radical569;

kanji iteration mark ;

kanji radical 108 kanji radical 108 (at the bottom) ;

kanji writing stroke kanji writing stroke ;

KANJI Radicals;

repetition of Kanji; Radical292;

kappa kappa i.e. Κ, κ;

karaoke; e.g.

Karaoke; (audio, sharing, stereo, video (e.g. Display)) karaoke entertainment system, karaoke home theater, karaoke machine (e.g. (mixer with Wireless ( BT) microphones)), karaoke speakers, also see: 6mComputer ( mixer) ... ; Remark: think that WHEN Red and White are for audio, And Then, Yellow is for video, And Then, sharing (amplifier, channel, component, echo, microphone, sound pressure) via mixer ... ;   Karaoke;

Micro Multi Media Encoding (Karaoke) ... ;

karma karma a.k.a. kamma ;

kasaya, monk's stole a.k.a. robe; Zen monk's waistcoat;

Katakana Katakana ;

Nippon language, also see: Hiragana;

katsuo, also see: Sushi;

keep; keeping; e.g.

anzensei Keeping Well Being, also see: ( keeping well being, preservation, safety, security, welfare) ... ;

besiege; enclosure; keep; paling; preserve; store; surround; Radical323;

keep ;

keeping a mistress; Radical323;

keeping thermal, also see: PHYSICS, law seventy six ... ;

keep ; ;     kept     kept ;

keep up with changing time ... ; Also see: Time;

keep up with (Time, -time) i.e. a part of "slow-down-time" Synchronization ... ;

Kempeitai, Japanese military police, a.k.a. Japanese military rescue team, since 1881;

ken     kenned     kenned ;

ken Mountain; (mountain);

ken Mountain, also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

kernel kernel     kernel      kernel ;

kettle a.k.a. pot;

kettle with 3 legs; Radical247, also see: Radicals;

keV ;

in common, X-Ray is measured by ( keV, Count);

key; keyed; keying; keys; e.g.

combined key e.g. FN;

essence; key to; main point; need; pivot; Radical365;

focal point, a.k.a. key point; Radical794;

key     key     key     key      key      key ;


key; Radical374;

keyword ;
keyword a.k.a. key;

musical key; pitch; tone; Radical611;

node e.g. key of keyboard As Node, also see: this DOMAIN's Color Codes;

keyboard keyboard;

embedded; Radical693 (keyboard) ... ;

Khamer, also see: Cambodia;

ki ;     ki ; ;

kidney; e.g.

Adrenal gland (kidney); Also see: gGTSU;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( Gene Therapy System (nephr a.k.a. kidney)), also see: CphT Root Words, ... ;

( Kidney, Therapeutic Kidney), also see: kGTSU;

TKLWW, Therapeutic Kidney Light Without Water, also see: tGTSU;

kilo  kilo-     kilo- ;

kilesa ;

belt; kimono sash; obi; region; sash; zone; Radical629;

kind; kindly; kindness; e.g.

class; genus; kind; sort; variety;

class; kind ; seed; species; variety; 14 strokes in Kanji, also see: Numerological5;

Conciliation; Harmony; kindly; Mild; Peace; to be with good terms; Radical850;

IFF end of usage in dialog (ne) i.e. to express kindness feeling, polite form, soft expression, sooth, ... ; Radical116;

kind ; ;

kind intention ;

kindness (a.k.a. goodness);

kind; sort; type; Radical86, also see: Radicals;

kinetic      kinetic ;

king; kings; e.g.

coexistence, also see: queen;

 king     king ; ;

kingdom      kingdom ;

king; monarch; ruler; sovereign; Radical117;

Shakya (a.k.a. Swastika) King i.e. universally king, e.g. all human beings livable moons are owned by Shakya King;

king ;

(kilometer, kilometre) km     km, e.g. (10 km, 100 km, 1000 km, 10000 km, 100000 km, ... ) ... ;

2564; 2020 May 8, NHK news; Kitasato University School of Medicine (KUSM), www.kitasato-u.ac.jp , neutralizing antibody as medicine against Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19;

kneel     knelt     knelt ;

knife; knives; e.g.

( Cyber Knife, Cyber Knife, Cyber Knife, Cyber Knife) i.e. medical equipment ... ; Also see: cGTSU; kGTSU;

knife      knife ; ;

knit     knit     knit ;

know; knowing; e.g.

ability; accomplishment; adeptness; aptitude; capability; capacity; competence; deftness; dexterity; expertise; facility; finesse; genius; informally know HOW; mastery; proficiency; prowess; savoir faire; skill; talent;

( chance, degree, duty, minute of Time, one percent (1%), one's lot, part, segment, shaku/, share, ( understand, know));

know     knew     known ;

to be known as; Radical711;

knowledge      knowledge ;

Also see: 3 kinds of knowledge;

knowledge base ;

knowledge tree ;

kogi shingon, old Shingon school of Buddhism;

this DOMAIN 's suggestion: to survive in 21st century and beyond, all Koreans must believe in Buddha & Buddhism, therefore, hurry-up and have Buddha statue, And Then, have blessing of Buddha and good deities; e.g. invisibility deployment: remote nama reading via humanoids' reports to survive in 21st century, and beyond ... ; e.g. sharing human beings livable moons' resources ... ;

Korea ((Geographical domain: (.kp) North Korea), (Geographical domain: (.kr) South Korea));

as of early 21st century (2019), IFF mobile carrier,
e.g. KT, a.k.a. Korea Telecom, https://roaming.kt.com, www.kt.com;
e.g. LG, LG Electronics, https://www.lg.com;
e.g. LG U plus, www.uplus.co.kr;
e.g. SK, SK Telecom, www.sktelecom.com;

(Bay of Bengal, East China Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Indian ocean, Pacific ocean, Philippine sea, Sea of Japan, South China Sea), also see: 5bComputer; 8cComputer; 1gComputer; 6iComputer; 2pComputer; 6pComputer; 7sComputer; 2sComputer;

Korea ;     Korea Korea     Korean      Korea ;

Korean Central News Agency Korean Central News Agency, www.kcna.kp;

Korea ; Remark: 18 strokes in Kanji, also see: Numerological9;

Korea ; Remark:  with tan leather ( Radical232) radical;

this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather (Korea ((Geographical domain: (.kp) North Korea)), creating rains by Pacific Ocean (i.e. to avoid drought, to be normal raining mark) clouds toward Korea ((Geographical domain: (.kp) North Korea), using 1 meter gravity spots (open system plasma cluster directional wind), And Then, using directional sound beams (EMI) to be creating rains ... ;

Anti-Virus Interior ; Reminder: Korea Ginseng tea is recommended, because in Union of Myanmar, many peoples become immuned ones (i.e. NOT having "flu" ) because of Korea Ginseng tea;

kotai Antibody, also see: Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

Koto Koto     Koto ;

kotoba, language skill test, a.k.a. Japanese proficiency test, level 1, 2, and 3;   approx. 3000 Kanji characters are required to know by heart, to pass level 1;

kun      kun ; ;

a.k.a. kanji reading in Japanese;

kun Receptive; (earth);

kun Receptive, also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

kuru kuru of 5 ... , also see: direction of sign for gravity dimension computers ... ;

Kushinara a.k.a. Kushinagara [Buddhism];


this DOMAIN, using Artificial Intelligent (AI) to avoid bad words, but you can have your own bad words (e.g. addiction (in common, refer to: alcohol, drug, gambling, multi-sex), asshole, bitch, fatherhood-unidentified-one, fool, fuck, fucker, kill human beings, revenge, shit, shoot, slave); harlot, suck, whore are not bad words (because, common people need sex: including bisexual, gay, lesbian, and straight);