; ; ; ; Updated in 2023 : December : 31st (Sunday) : q Character ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 31 : 12 : 2023 : Q : q :     q Character;     Also see: q Usage;

QA, a.k.a. Quality Assurance;

(, , ) QR Code, also see: q G T S U;

QR Code ( using 3 ro, using 4 ro ) within a defined square ... , remark: QR Code is ZCS _ * technology and it is beyond ( Barcode, Barcode2D) because WHEN holes are defined by strings ( e.g. Lights As Sheets ) , NOT ONLY color codes BUT ALSO directional can be used, using, utilized, ... , a.k.a. QR Code;

q u a d r i * ;

ten quadrillion; 10^16; 10,000,000,000,000,000; Radical316;


duplicate; fishhook; latter (the second mentioned); quaint; queer; strange; witty; Radial5, also see: Radicals;

Anti-Earthquake; Remark: ( , , , ) My apologies, if software defined method doesn't work 100% ... ;

earthquake; quake; e.g.

jishin Earthquake; Radical938;

Naturally Weather Log (quake, unwanted earthquake); (Remark: abnormalities are timestamp e d by 4:49);

quake; shiver; tremble; Radical938;

((to protect, to prevent, to reduce) quake), also see: Manmade Global Weather; Weather; WORMHOLE;

capable; occasional; qualified; rare; suitable; Radical257;

quality; e.g.

hinshitsu Quality     hinshitsu Quality     hinshitsu Quality;

item; quality; stock; Radical222;

quality ; ;

quantities; quantity; e.g.

quantity; amount; quantity; volume; Radical831;

quantity     quantity      quantity ; ;

(( one, the only entity), ( halves (plural Usage), a.k.a. one half (singular Usage)), ( minus one, a.k.a. negative one), ( two, two), ( actually express, a.k.a. denoting is intended to be, a.k.a. indicated), ( one part of three equal parts, one third), ( a quarter, a.k.a. one-fourth, a.k.a. 1 out of four equal parts of the entity)), also see: Mathematics; Numbers in Computing;

quarter (town);



Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

Quarters  Of  Square ;        
Quarters  Of  Square ;        
Quarters  Of  Square ;        

3 * square ones, 6 surfaced DEE Box, 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, 25 (layer, layered, layering, layers), Gene Therapy System, ... ; Also see: PHYSICS, law eighty eight, ... ; (1/4 ones, 25/100 ones, 25 out of 100) a.k.a. quarters;

quartz ;

quasi *      quasi * (also see: semi *) ;

quantum bit; e.g.

quantum bit a.k.a. q u bit;

q u bit a.k.a. quantum bit (prototypical form) ... ; IFF stating e.g. (spin down, spin up), also see: Particles;

Q u bit     Q u bit     Q u bit; e.g. Q u bit As Block;

queen; queens; e.g.

coexistence, also see: king;

queen     queen ;

queen ;


duplicate; fishhook; latter (the second mentioned); quaint; queer; strange; witty; Radical5, also see: Radicals;

be at peace; calm down; conserve; quell; subdue; Radical959;

queries; query; Query; querying; e.g. 

RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) query, also see: Command;

Query, a question, especially ( 1, One, One) Address, addressed, addresses, addressing, ... ; query ; ;

query vector (e.g. SQL query statement As Vector), also see: Physics Law 142, Vector, ... ;

queue      queue      queue ;

questions; e.g.

( counter for questions, counter for questions, counter for questions, counter for questions, counter for questions) ... ; Also see: COUNTERS; q Character; 5W1H;


quick; quickly; quickness; e.g.

quickness ; ;

quick ;  ;      quick ;

quickly ;  ;    quickly ; ;

quick scroll ;

cheap; contented; low; quiet; relax; rested; Radical499;

quiet ; ;

divorce; quit; Radical549;

quit     quit     quit;

quiver; shake; Radical938;


quorum      quorum ;

quota; e.g.

limit; quota; restriction; Radical986;

quota ; ;

quotation; quotations; quote; quoting; e.g.

; citation; quotation; reference; Radical815;

code; quote; average; Also see: Radical880; Radical883; Radical881; Radical882;

double quote mark; Double Quote (");

double quote usage & grammar : IFF end of sentence or paragraph : e.g. "Reiwa" means "beautiful harmony."

single quote mark; Single Quote ('); single quote a.k.a. apostrophe; also see: Radical36;