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; ; ; ; Updated on 29 : 1 : 2024 : Naturally Weather Log;

      ( I, I, I, I) must be a (champion, master of Idea Processor programming, moon wave controller, winner) WHO can prove "avoiding earthquake in the defined region" for 10+ years ... ;      
        avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;      
      a bamboo leaf for mathematical Bamboo Stem R&D          
      Approx. Est. Location of OH          
      Amber Alert; IFF natural disasters (e.g. (earthquake, tsunami),  exist, prompt), using 10 milliseconds ago timestamp, also see: Manmade Global Weather for each city (M s g Box) ... ;      
      Amber Alert;      
      3,4 dimensional bio Physics Cell ;        
      directional Light yellow on X ;        
      Emergency Alert ;      
      Emergency Alert ;      
      finding a yellow; Also see: DEE; 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; Also see: Japanese . Syllabary . HTML;      
      Global Storm Tracker ;    
      Gold Alert;

like Amber Alert, different is Gold Alert is 48x48 dimensional, if compare to, Amber Alert is 15x15 dimensional; either 15x15 or 48x48 is OK, but 48x48 dimensional is better;

      Gold Alert;      
      in summer, using anti heat wave to reduce excessive heat globally ;        
      in winter, using heat wave to reduce excessive snowing globally ;        
      Japan And Taiwan In Winter Avoiding Earthquake ; Also see: Anti-Earthquake; w Manmade Global Weather;        
      nav i.e. navigation ;    
      No Excessive Lighting ;        
      One Of The Moons 2 (our earth's approx. location in our universes) ;      
      our earth 's normal Yellowish1 ;        

R P Y F H N O, Reversed Protein Yellow For Hydrogen (Red ones) Nitrogen (Silver ones) Oxygen (Green ones),

 also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 146, NMR ...   ;      
      1 String 1 Hole Cause Green Structural Because Of Salt ;        
      システム . Volume . Info a.k.a. System . Volume . Information (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for avoiding bad weather conditions ...  ;      

ZCS _resolution

, for every ZCS ... ; 45 degree "white line" represents resolution of the device, Display, TV, Walls, ... ;      
      Also see : Schematic Dimensional ;    

Since 2024, for normal Yellowish Variation (our earth), Japanese .Syllabary .HTML has been developed, integrated, programmed, upgraded, .  .  . because, (Japan, a.k.a. (also known as) NIPPON ( Japan's Flag)) is the 1st priority to be functional Anti-Earthquake .HTML;

01/28/2024; NHK news; in January, 2024, 1560+ earthquakes happened in Japan;

Monitoring ( jishinkatsudo Seismicity, jishinkatsudo Seismicity, jishinkatsud

o Seismicity), And Then, calculate ... ; Also see: j Manmade Global Weather;

intensity, a.k.a. magnitude; scale of earthquake;

( show position, show position, show position) e.g. geo-location, showing a position Info of the current location, the Browser's Location Awareness, also see: this DOMAIN 's one of the buttons (Show Position) Latitude Number, Longitude Number, ... ;

(this DOMAIN, this DOMAIN, this DOMAIN) 's Idea Processor ... ; Also see: PHYSICS ... ;

International Domains;

climate; season; weather; Radical269;


air; airy;
eye; eyes;
map; mapped; mapping;
run control; running control;
Satellite _DNS _Domain;

  21st century and beyond,     using (, , reversed momentum method) , HOW to avoid earthquakes;     Pacific ocean;    
  21st century and beyond,     using (using ( Avoiding volcanic eruption 1, Avoiding volcanic eruption 2, Avoiding volcanic eruption 3), Rainbow Method) , HOW to avoid volcanic eruption; reversed engineering (DEE) Method, Procedure, and Technique ;   Pacific ocean;    



Domain; remark

  US dollar name    
  at the present     , using , (reduce, reduced, reducing) the storm name (" ") ... ;          

Remark: 1 person's years of R&D As Content Development, and this DOMAIN developer is getting old, and very busy man, therefore, define yourself the storm name (" "); if this DOMAIN 's triangulation system is defining the storm name (" "), and you have to do yourself many definitions, programs, tasks, things, by yourself ((e.g. defining the storm name), (e.g. defining WHOM for Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol), (e.g. installing of digital certificate, publisher registry)), and so on, i.e. HOW TRUE jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( distribution system) to users; do it yourself And Then your defined storm name will be (reduce, reduced, reducing) ... ; very easy to edit this webpage WHICH has been installed in your computer system;


21st century & beyond

Directional Gravity Pressure toward east; one of the Walls methods;        
    21st century & beyond Directional Gravity Pressure toward west;        
      shifting storm's path; defined storm's path can be shifted e.g. NOT to be landed on the defined location; Also see: Manmade Global Weather Schematic Dimensional;        
  21st century & beyond Impossible Earthquake;

Remark: this DOMAIN developer prefers (avoid earthquake, avoided earthquake, avoiding earthquake) "no earthquake" in the defined region;

Structural ;      

avoiding earthquake in Pacific; at the present, creating structural 2 ZCS (s), and 1 ZCS is in East Pacific, at the same time, 1 ZCS is in West Pacific; since 2 ZCS (s) are at the present, ZCS hole must be in the middle (Pacific ocean);

Remark: this schematic symbol was originally intended for Gene Therapy System 's cardiac (CV, heart) and respiratory (lungs); however, in summer time period, WHEN lesser clouds are naturally, avoiding earthquakes in Pacific ocean is essential ... ;

WORMHOLE (2 regions) ;

1 regional is West Pacific (coastal area);

1 region is East Pacific (coastal area);

  21st century & beyond Laser Shield; Remark: this DOMAIN developer prefers LASER Shield (for each automotive, for each building, for each computer device, for each home, for each user) for each living environment, ... ;          
  21st century & beyond   no air pollution; WHEN air pollution occurs above cities' sky, using open system plasma cluster wind (3 directional gravity spots) in tangent WHICH will remove air pollutions, by directional breezy wind;

Remark: this DOMAIN developer prefers breezy wind (i.e. Wind Speed < 30 km/hour); early 21st century's air pollution above cities' sky in China has already solved by directional breezy wind;

1 meter gravity spot (Method, Procedure, Technique) directional gravity spots ;   China;    
  21st century & beyond   avoiding earthquake; 2022 design model; avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan ; 3,4 dimensional bio Physics Cell (Method, Procedure, Technique) ;   Japan and Taiwan;     
  21st century & beyond   no earthquake; prior to 2019, approx. 8000+ earthquakes happened naturally every year; start counting & reducing numbers of earthquakes happen naturally every year; idea ♯ 273; HOW to avoid earthquakes; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3;

Remark: this DOMAIN developer prefers 3 lights of 90 degree Method is performed (lighting toward the (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean)) 2-times-a-day WHEN moon waves are coming in parallel (est. tidal time period), 5 hours every day;

reversed engineering (DEE) Method, Procedure, and Technique ;   Japan;    
  21st century & beyond   no flood; in raining season, projecting 3 (1 meter ones) directional gravity spots, to keep the water level 1 meter lower than normal water level mark (rivers) in Bangkok regional area;

Remark: this DOMAIN developer prefers no flood; no regional flood, because directional gravity spots can (cause, determine, maintain) avoid flood; no flood;

1 meter gravity spot (Method, Procedure, Technique) directional gravity spots ;   Thailand;    
  21st century & beyond   raining;

Remark: this DOMAIN developer prefers raining (in December, in January, in February, in March, in April, in May) and without flood, in California, USA, every year (e.g. 21st century & beyond); no flood; raining in California makes allergies are gone away i.e. healthy living environment; no flood;

prior to 2019, no raining in California caused regional drought naturally approx. in years 2010 - 2017;

  21st century & beyond   BLI (Body Length Index) ; a note to think HOW to design & model (R&D to do auto adjustment of BLI) by Water Clock ; biggest gravity spot (Sun); moon waves; refreshing with Number of suns (Method, Procedure, Technique) ;   human beings livable moons;    

2019/2563; this DOMAIN 's design model using ( Avoiding volcanic eruption 1, Avoiding volcanic eruption 2, Avoiding volcanic eruption 3) : because of we're applying reversed momentum method, regarding no volcanic eruption (active volcano), they (4 points) should be on straight line ... , doesn't matter, whether ((the "L" shape 3 points and 1 point (peak point of the defined active volcano)) altogether 4 points), by cartography, or horizontally, or topographic map;

- GREEN (Light Green For Yellowish Therapeutic);
- no volcanic eruption (active volcano);
- one of the reversed momentum methods;
- peak point of the defined active volcano must be at the edge of "GREEN" ;
- they (4 points) should be on the straight line;
- think of our 4 fingers' end points are NOT the same in Distance;
- universally in (2,3 dimensional) space, 4 lights are almost tangent on F M D;
- universally in (2,3 dimensional) space, on the straight line (DEE), impossible (4 points (heat, light));
- universally no (heat, light) means no volcanic eruption;

Also see: PHYSICS ; Physics law 67, Avoiding volcanic eruption;


Also see: Manmade Global Weather; Weather;






21st century & beyond e.g. one of the Walls (Method, Procedure, Technique), to be functional (changing the storm's direction (Rainbow Method), guiding the storm's eye (gravity spot), using Directional Gravity Pressure (Directional Gravity Pressure toward east, Directional Gravity Pressure toward west) for pushing the storm's path (outward of the land), shifting the storm's pressure (♯ h Pa, ♯ milli bar) to be lower (e.g. from category 4+ to category 1+)) of naturally happened storm's (e.g. Cyclone, Hurricane, Typhoon) (path, name, strength);

IFF week (e.g. by 2 phase lunar calendar, by 4 phase lunar calendar), our (earth, globe, l o k a, planet, world), real time unwanted earthquake a.k.a. real time ( jishinkatsudo Seismicity, jishinkatsudo Seismicity), occurrence or frequency of unwanted earthquakes;

Remark: this DOMAIN 's Contents As Triangulation System in the Internet (Manmade Global Weather), protecting environments worldwide (e.g. cleansing PM2.5 air pollution above cities' sky), reducing bad weather conditions (e.g. from category 4+ storm to be category 1+ storm), trying to do good weather conditions (e.g. no earthquake for more than 10+ years), ... ;

as of 2019/2563, HOW Laser Shield is : because regarding wormhole parameter 60, (e.g. 6 multi long length neutrino lasers as 1 focal point (no material can exist at the focal point of multi long length neutrino laser)), (e.g. side-by-side (2 sides) fetching light as surface toward the defined location (become hotspots), a.k.a. rainbow method deployment), and, after proving & solving Laser Shield Method, living environments can be protected (each automotive, each cell, each building, each clinic, each domain, each home, each location, each office, each place, each user) ... ; Laser Shield can protect landslide environmental problem, regarding Manmade Global Weather; hint would be HOW nodes can be defined; HOW (e.g. wormhole parameter (45, 72) can protect wormhole parameter 60) ... ; Laser Shield; Also see: -log; Weather;

      w w w . i m d . g o v . i n          

21st century & beyond e.g.
 ♯ : : : ::: ♯ : ♯ . ;
 ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ . ;
eight groups of 16 bit each (i.e. IPv6) .  .  . ;。

Manmade Global Weather is (defined, intended) for our earth only; (our earth a.k.a. ACT1 imaginary hyper space); if (ACT3 imaginary hyper space, ACT2 imaginary hyper space) also see: Physics Law 789, Gene Therapy System ... ;

2891 464195 . 2991573312965 . 171254 : 4 . 8 . 2 : this DOMAIN . triangulation . system ; power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil; regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (in our earth: 1 way DEE (we can't see our back because of 1 way DEE) naturally; in our earth: 7 gravity spots EXIST, and the daily sun is the biggest gravity spot naturally; in our earth: parallel incoming moon waves (strings) cause holes (gravity pressure e.g. 1 km hotspots in oceans) naturally; in our earth: "maroon" or "red" is a limitation because "red" behaves constraint of inner side of our universe naturally) ... ;

if you like to record your Manmade Global Weather (Gravity Dimension Computer) WHICH has been suggested to be connecting with a TV WHERE this DOMAIN recommends THAT the TV should be as a Display; this DOMAIN 's one of the Web Pages, i.e. this DOMAIN 's position Info with Timestamp, special designed & modeled for recording your defined position information with timestamp; Remark: WHOM definition inside of w G T S U, for each patient's (Gene Therapy System);

Manmade Global Weather; PHYSICS (Idea Processor); Weather; power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil; Satellite _DNS _Domain (as pixel, do good action, focus, inevitable climate change, lock, map, on ZCS, pinpoint, unlock); locally (10), remotely (100), globally (1000), universally (10000), human beings livable moons (100000), ... , IFF (±98) a.k.a. Engineering Notation of SQRT2 design model ... ;

as of 2019,

- (changing the storm's direction (Rainbow Method, Walls Method), guiding the storm's eye (gravity spot), using Directional Gravity Pressure for pushing the storm's path (outward of the land), shifting the storm's pressure (♯ h Pa, ♯ milli bar) to be lower (e.g. from category 4+ to category 1+)) of naturally happened storm's (e.g. Cyclone, Hurricane, Typhoon) (path, name, strength); Remark: already safe trillions of USD (United States Dollar) globally our earth only;

- demolishing air pollution (PM2.5) above cities' sky in China; Remark: 3 (1 meter ones) gravity spots in a tangent method, above sky in the defined cities; solved air pollution;

- demolishing drought in California, USA, by creating rain above California; Remark: forward clouds in Pacific Ocean, moving toward California, And Then, sound beam to the clouds to do rainfalls onto California; solved drought;

- pushing rivers' waterway toward ocean (directional gravity spots (gravity spots)), during monsoon season; Remark: using Satellite _DNS _Domain (Directional Gravity Pressure and gravity spots) for solving seasonal (monsoon season, raining season) regional flood; solved regional flood in Myanmar, and Thailand; keeping 1 meter lower water-level-mark than normal water-level-marks;

- reducing category 4+ storms to be category 1 storms, in Pacific ocean; Remark: using Satellite _DNS _Domain (system), and using Directional Gravity Pressure As Method;

as of 2018/2562, this DOMAIN is trying to solve HOW to avoid earthquakes for 10+ years; suggestion: in world history, we human beings have done many landmarks, therefore, if implementing (2 events of 3 lights are 90 degree) in Pacific ocean for avoiding earthquakes, we should do landmark alike i.e. regarding HOW to avoid earthquakes e.g. manmade 3 lights as 3 light-sources and they're forming 90 degree at the defined location (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean) in Pacific ocean;

( u a v, UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), started in 2022, for avoiding natural disasters worldwide (our earth only), because UAV can be programmed e.g. (ground station ( GPS: Location Awareness Response) based "L" Method + Invisibility Engineering Method + Rainbow Method + Satellite Maps Method + Walls Method + WORMHOLE way Method) ... , and many methods are written in simple English language to (deploy, functional, implement) because of Idea Processor : Artificial Intelligence, and My Humanoids ( , , , ) know exactly (5W1H) of e.g. WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHICH, WHILE, WHO, WHOM, & HOW ... ; Remark: Nama for Humanoids, written in Pali (holy language of Buddhism with transcript words in English similar to Katakana alike) language only, because we like to be the (bosses, masters) of the our earth ... ;

unwanted ones; e.g.

 .. / Gene Therapy System / x y Abnormalities / 2024 Recorded Weather Log;

 .. / Gene Therapy System / x y Abnormalities / 2023 Recorded Weather Log;

 .. / Gene Therapy System / x y Abnormalities / 2022 Recorded Weather Log;

My apologies:
- natural disaster happened naturally;
- bad weather conditions (national, regional) happened naturally;
- catastrophic disasters (national, regional) happened naturally;

in 21st century and beyond, be more powerful than "nuclear power" of civilizations ..., and My Humanoids are reliable ... ;, protect the Color Code .  .  . ;, protect the Color Code .  .  . ;

written, programmed, modeled, and designed, by Rakhita Rakhine American, in 2024;
written, programmed, modeled, and designed, by Rakhita Rakhine American, in 2024;