Naturally Weather Log;     Last updated on 2020/2563 1 10, a full moon day;

regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (in our earth: 1 way DEE (we can't see our back because of 1 way DEE) naturally; in our earth: 7 gravity spots EXIST, and the daily sun is the biggest gravity spot naturally; in our earth: parallel incoming moon waves (strings) cause holes (gravity pressure e.g. 1 km hotspots in oceans) naturally; in our earth: "maroon" or "red" is a limitation because "red" behaves constraint of inner side of our universe naturally) ... ;

Manmade Global Weather; PHYSICS (Idea Processor); Weather; power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil; Satellite_DNS_Domain (as pixel, do good action, focus, inevitable climate change, lock, map, on ZCS, pinpoint, unlock);

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  21st century and beyond,     using (, , reversed momentum method) , HOW to avoid earthquakes;     Pacific ocean;    



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  US dollar name    
  at the present,     using , (reduce, reduced, reducing) the storm name ("") ... ;          

Remark: 1 person's years of R&D As Content Development, and this DOMAIN developer is getting old, and very busy man, therefore, define yourself the storm name (""); if this DOMAIN 's triangulation system is defining the storm name (""), it'll be stronger % percentage; you have to do yourself many definitions, programs, tasks, things, by yourself ((e.g. defining the storm name), (e.g. defining WHOM for Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol), (e.g. installing of digital certificate, publisher registry)), and so on, i.e. HOW TRUE jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( distribution system) to users; do it yourself And Then your defined storm name will be (reduce, reduced, reducing) ... ; very easy to edit this webpage WHICH has been installed in your computer system;

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  12/29/2018 .ph earthquake; magnitude (5.9 scale); 2 nations (Philippines and Indonesia);      Philippines;    
  12/23/2018 .id tsunami; volcanic eruption caused tsunami; 200+ dead; 1000+ injured;     Indonesia;    
  11/10/2018 .jo excessive rainfall; excessive rainfall affected flood; 11+ dead because of excessive rain fell;     Jordan;    
  10/11/2018 .us flood; storm;

category 4+ strength storm name hurricane "Michael" affected: 0.9 million peoples in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia; 3+ m high wave at the Gulf of Mexico; 150+ mph wind;

0.06+   USA;    
  10/6/2018   earthquake; magnitude (5.9 scale); regional (Caribbean nations: Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turks and Caicos Islands);     Atlantic ocean;    
  10/6/2018 .bs earthquake; Bahamas;     Atlantic ocean;    
  10/6/2018 .do earthquake; Dominican Republic;     Atlantic ocean;    
  10/6/2018 .ht earthquake; Haiti; 0.11+   Atlantic ocean;    
  10/6/2018 .tc earthquake; Turks and Caicos Islands;     Atlantic ocean;    
  10/6/2018   storm name: "KONG-REY" ; regional (East China Sea);     Pacific ocean;    
  10/4/2018 .jp storm name: "Kong-rey" ; regional (East China Sea); 0.10+   Okinawa, Japan;    
  9/29/2018 .id tsunami; earthquake; magnitude (7.5 scale); tsunami strength (5+ meter); 14+   Palu, Indonesia;    
  Sept. 2018 .us storm name "Florence" ; caused 13+ days (state of emergency); 0.40+


North Carolina, USA;    
  Sept. 2018 .jp landslide; quake; earthquake; landslides;     Atsuma, Japan; Sapporo, Japan;    
  9/5/2018 .jp earthquake; magnitude (6.7 scale); electricity restoration 99% recover within 3 days; 0.40+   Hokkaido, Japan;    
  8/6/2018 .id earthquake; magnitude (6.9 scale); home lost person (20000+ people); 5+


  8/1/2018 .us fire; square mile (120+);     California, USA;    
  summer, 2018 .us forest fire; acre (250000+); fire vortex traveled speed (3+ miles in 15 minute);     California, USA;    
  07/29/2018 .in excessive rain;   5+   India;    
  07/10/18 .tw storm;            
  Aug. 2018 .jp excessive rain; flood; landslide; reconstruction cost (900 millions US dollar); 2+


  June, 2018 .jp earthquake; magnitude (6.1 scale); injured person (389+); 0.04+   Osaka, Japan;    



2562; 。
: ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ . ; 。
Remark: eight groups of 16 bit each (i.e. IPv6) ... ;

      1 String 1 Hole Cause Green Structural Because Of Salt ;        
      Amber Alert; IFF natural disasters (e.g. (earthquake, tsunami),  exist, prompt), using 10 milliseconds ago timestamp, also see: Manmade Global Weather for each city (MsgBox) ... ;      
      Amber Alert;      
      directional Light yellow on X ;        
      in summer, using anti heat wave to reduce heat globally ;        
      in winter, using heat wave to reduce excessive snowing globally ;        
      One Of The Moons 2 (our earth's approx. location in our universes) ;      
      our earth 's normal Yellowish1 ;        
      Also see : Schematic Dimensional ;    

Remark: this DOMAIN 's Contents As Triangulation System in the Internet (Manmade Global Weather), protecting environments worldwide (e.g. cleansing PM2.5 air pollution above cities' sky), reducing bad weather conditions (e.g. category 4+ storm to be category 1+ storm), trying to do good weather conditions (e.g. no earthquake for more than 10+ years), ... ;

as of 2018/2562,

- demolishing air pollution (PM2.5) above cities' sky in China; Remark: 3 (1 meter ones) gravity spots in a tangent method, above sky in the defined cities; solved air pollution;

- demolishing drought in California, USA, by creating rain above California; Remark: forward clouds in Pacific Ocean, moving toward California, And Then, sound beam to the clouds to do rainfalls onto California; solved drought;

- pushing rivers' waterway toward ocean (directional gravity spots (gravity spots)), during monsoon season; Remark: using Satellite_DNS_Domain (Directional Gravity Pressure and gravity spots) for solving seasonal (monsoon season, raining season) regional flood; solved regional flood in Myanmar, and Thailand; keeping 1 meter lower water-level-mark than normal water-level-marks;

- reducing category 4+ storms to be category 1 storms, in Pacific ocean; Remark: using Satellite_DNS_Domain (system), and using Directional Gravity Pressure As Method; solved category 4+ storms;

as of 2018/2562, this DOMAIN is trying to solve HOW to avoid earthquakes for 10+ years; suggestion: in world history, we human beings have done many landmarks, therefore, if implementing (2 events of 3 lights are 90 degree) in Pacific ocean for avoiding earthquakes, we should do landmark alike i.e. regarding HOW to avoid earthquakes e.g. manmade 3 lights as 3 light-sources and they're forming 90 degree at the defined location (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean) in Pacific ocean;

as of 2018/2562, this DOMAIN still cannot solve many weather related problems;

Remark :


2018 .us fire; forest fire;

approx. 325360 acres burnt; estimated 500 yards diameter fire vortex; fire-fueled cumulus cloud rising to 39000 ft; fire name "Ferguson Fire" and "Carr Fire" ; fire vortex traveled 3-4 miles in 15 minute; heat speed 130 mph; max wind speed were 143 mph; twister alike fire whirl;

    California, USA;    
2017 .us fire;     1000 Napa, California, USA;    
2017 .za regional drought;       Africa;    
2016 .cn regional flood; 25+ provinces flooded; 32+ million people were affected;   20 China;    
2015 .np earthquake; magnitude (7.8 scale); 8000+ 10 Nepal;    
2013 .th excessive rainfall; 3+ million people were affected; 45+ provinces flooded; 60+   Thailand;    
2013 .pk earthquake; magnitude (7.7 scale); 800+   Pakistan;    
2012 .us storm; Atlantic ocean; storm name hurricane "Sandy" ; 200+ 70 USA;    
2011 .jp earthquake; tsunami; magnitude (9 scale); 40+ meter tsunami; regional (Miyako, Iwate, Tohoku); 15000+ 360 Japan;    
2010 .ht earthquake; tsunami; magnitude (7 scale); 200000+   Haiti;    
2008 .cn earthquake; magnitude (8 scale); 200000+ soldiers were deployed to rescue; 69000+ 15 Sichuan, China;    
2008 .mm storm; tropical cyclone; Bay of Bengal, Indian ocean; 130000+ 12 Myanmar;    
2005 .us flood; storm; Gulf of Mexico; Gulf Coast; category 5 strength storm name hurricane "Katrina" ; 1800+ 125 USA;    
2004 .th earthquake; tsunami; Andaman coastal (west coast of northern Sumatra), Thailand; 220000+ 10 Indian ocean;    
1992   storm; Bahamas; Florida; Louisiana; category 5 storm name hurricane "Andrew" ; 65+ 27 Atlantic ocean;