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Maha (ancient usage: refer to royal) Rakkhita ( Rakhine) Thera (monk), Tipitaka as written document on palm leaves, also see: Kandy, in Sri Lanka; If wood blocks, also see: Haein-sa temple, in Korea; If marble slabs, also see: Mandalay, in Union of Myanmar;

rāga, a.k.a. raga; attachment;   greed;   extreme forms of selfishness;   lust; Asubha Anupassi, one of the solutions to control & to handle raga ... ;

Bodhi rājakumāra sutta;

Rakhita ( 3) also see: Rakhine; Ancient Buddhist kingdoms, still truly Buddhist people;

Revata, one of the 8 arahants; ;

Revata Thera, monk (bhikkhu) 's name in meaningful Pali;

Rewata, monk (bhikkhu) 's name in meaningful Pali; The name might be derived name from Revata; Either spelling is okay;

ri tsu, school of Buddhism; Radical513;

Mahāsā ropana sutta;

rupa, material form; rūpa, matter; ; rūpa, material qualities; 3 types of rūpa are: saṇthāna rūpa (form & shape are observed), ākāra rūpa (manner or mode is observed), and sabhāva rūpa (true nature is observed);

rupa loka or aruga loka, reborn in heavenly sphere, also see: kama loka;

ruparāga, lust after life in Realms of Forms, one of the remaining fetters after anāgāmi stage, also see: aruparāga; Also see: arahat, the path to nibbāna;

rūparūpa pariggaha, mentality and materiality apprehension;