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Yadana Sutta, also see: 2008 Ashin Pyinnya Thiha taught suttas .htm;

heaven; Radical666;

Catummahārājika; Tāvatimsa; Tusita; Nimmānarati; Paranimmitta Vasatti; Yāma; a.k.a. 6 heavenly ones, also see: loka;

IFF human beings livable moons, Body Length Index ( BLI) automatic adjustment begins ... , e.g. Gene Therapy System (yellowish variations) ... ;

to be computing, to compute, ... , (this DOMAIN), (this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyperspace craft), computational for each human beings livable moon, ... (e.g. 5 mm yellowish variation diff Distance, e.g. 5 mm yellowish variation diff growth rate (BF2), ... )  Remember: Shakya King owns all human beings livable moons in our universes ... , also see: Computers;

yama in Nippon language: mountain; e.g. Fuji yama; linguistically like "desu" , derived from "dassa" , "yama" is adapted word;

(mātikā of Dhammasaṅganī, Dhātukathā, Yamaka and Paṭṭhāna) a.k.a. Night Lessons, a.k.a. Ayakok books; yamaka, Book of pairs, aka 6th of abhidhamma pitaka; Yamaka, a pair;

YAMAKA VAGGA; also see: vagga;

yasa, fame; yasa a.k.a. king, e.g. maha yasa;

māra, 10 kinds of kilesa are:

1. kāma (material pleasures);
2. arati (aversion for the holy life);
3. khuppipāsā (hunger and thirst);
taṇhā (craving);
5. thina middha (sloth and torpor);
6. bhaya (fear);
7. vicikicchā (doubt);
8. makkha thambha (detraction and obstinacy);
9. labha (gain); sakkāra (honor); siloka (praise); yasa (fame);
10. attukkaṁsana para vambhana (extolling oneself that contempt others);

Remark: notice that both good and bad can cause kilesa, and 10 kinds of kilesa (mental defilements) are a.k.a. māra (sense of passions); after meditation (Also see: Radical333), those 10 kinds of kilesa can be realized; for common people (refer to puthujjana), Middle Path should be ... ; notice that sotāpanna level people can control and reduce those 10 kinds of kilesa, And Then, sakadāgāmi level people, And Then, anāgāmi level people, ... ;

yathabhuta nana dassana, knowledge and vision of reality;

Yogakkhema (kama, bhava, ditthi, avijja);

yogi, a person who practice 5+ precepts (a.k.a. 5 sila) [conservatively, 8+ precepts as sila as yogi], if compare to 8+ precepts as sila as nun, if compare to 10+ precepts as sila as monk; Also see: Colors;

Also see: Sabbath days, a.k.a. days;

yoniso mana sikara, wise attention;

yojana, distance unit in Pali (ancient holy language, word of Buddha), e.g. 18 yojanas is approx. 100 miles; also see: ri (distance); In a Myanmar's imaginary hyper space (e.g. 2,3 dimensional as ACT2 stage, e.g. 3,4 dimensional as ACT3 stage) , distance is measured by yellow light's diff variation (e.g. Constellations' distance aka night view is 5mm yellow color distance away from our earth) ... ; Also see: DEE, Dark Energy Engineering (a part of Myanmar's imaginary hyper space engineering doko WHERE gravity dimension is, kuru kuru WHILE developing Gravity Dimension Computer, ... ); (Yojanās, commentary book's name; Gaṇṭhipadas, book's name; Ganthipadas explains difficult points; Tikas, sub-commentaries);

yupa, e.g. body, item, kaya, matter, material, object, things, ... ;