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ucchedaditthi, nihilism; also see: ditthi;

Udāna, Paeans of joy; also see: Khuddaka nikāya is subdivided into 15 books;  5.* ;

eulogy; hymn; paean; song of praise; triumph;

udayabbaya ñāṇa (at sobhana cetasika level), beautiful consciousness; WHEN joy and tranquility is achieved, at this stage (e.g. the mind becomes so peaceful) ... ; Also see: Great Discourse on Great Mindfulness Discourse (Mahā sati paṭṭhāna sutta) i.e. to be out of suffering ... ;

Syamavati, consort of King Udayana;

uddhacca, restlessness, kukkucca, worry, nivarana, hindrance, thina, sloth, middha, torpor; Also see: Satipatthana meditation;

uddhacca, restlessness, one of the remaining fetters at anāgāmi stage to be arahat, the path to nibbāna;

uddhacca kukkucca, restlessness and brooding; Also see: nivaraṇa;

udiyabbaya-ñāna, insight about the appearing and disappearing of the phenomena; Can experience unique kind of happiness; Calmness and tranquility exist at higher levels of insight;

Ummagga sutta;

upacāra-jhāna, access concentration; also see: jhāna;

upādāna, craving results in grasping;

upacāra samādhi, 8 attainments together with access concentration;

Mahā prajñāpāramitā upadeśaśāstra;

upadhi viveka, complete detachment from all conditions of things (nibbāna); Also see: viveka;

Upagutta, one of the 8 arahants;

Upali, one of the 8 arahants;

Upamā śataka sūtra;

upasaka, male devotee;   also see: bhikkhu, bhikkhuni, upasika, ... ;

upasamasukha, pleasure of tranquility;

upasika, female devotee;   also see: bhikkhu, bhikkhuni, upasaka, ... ;

upatthana, characteristic quality of sati, e.g. indriya, faculty; bojjhanga, awakening factor; noble 8 fold path;

upatthana, placing near (upatthana) patthana, cause, patthana, foundation; presence (upatthana) ... ;

IFF Sanskrit (smrtyupasthana) upatthana ... ;

upatthita sati, mindfulness being present (upatthita sati) opposes to absent mindedness (muttha sati) ... ;

upekkhā, equanimity; Also see: bojjhaṅga, 7 constituents of enlightenment;

upekkhā, u-pek-khā, equanimity, a.k.a. one of the 4 sublime states ;

uppāda, one of the mental states of ... ; also see: bhanga; thiti; uppāda, beginning;

Uppāda sutta;

uposatha, a.k.a. bot; a.k.a. ubosoth IFF Thailand;

Usa shrine, Nippon;

Utpalavarna, a famous nun whose wisdom was compare to Maudgalyana (a great disciple of Buddha); Referenced Books (THE TEACHING OF BUDDHA);

utu niyāma, physical inorganic order, for example: seasonal phenomena of winds and rains; also see: order 2. of niyāma ;