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Remark: think that at the beginning of civilizations, e.g. 2500+ years ago, there were not much info;

"x" letter in English language somehow represents horizontal level in X Y coordinate, refer to zero Curvature surface, kuru kuru WHILE measuring "x" ... ;

in Eastern philosophy, "x" character means networking something;

in oriental thought, "x" is something to be marked; e.g. "x" character, as opposed to "o" character, doko WHERE "x" is related to TRUE, and "o" is related to FALSE;

regarding NIPPON syllabary, "x" letter in English language is similar to Katakana character:

me; Also see: Nippon Syllabary;

me; Also see: 2555 Nippon Character Writing Strokes Count;

regarding options in computer interfaces, WHEN Check Box is checked, "x" character is using ... ;

regarding radio, X M means zero Curvature surface based X Modulation (modulating on "X" axis) ... ;