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lābha, gain;

māra, 10 kinds of kilesa are:

1. kāma (material pleasures);
2. arati (aversion for the holy life);
3. khuppipāsā (hunger and thirst);
taṇhā (craving);
5. thina middha (sloth and torpor);
6. bhaya (fear);
7. vicikicchā (doubt);
8. makkha thambha (detraction and obstinacy);
9. labha (gain); sakkāra (honor); siloka (praise); yasa (fame);
10. attukkaṁsana para vambhana (extolling oneself that contempt others);

Remark: notice that both good and bad can cause kilesa, and 10 kinds of kilesa (mental defilements) are a.k.a. māra (sense of passions); after meditation (Also see: Radical333), those 10 kinds of kilesa can be realized; for common people (refer to puthujjana), Middle Path should be ... ; notice that sotāpanna level people can control and reduce those 10 kinds of kilesa, And Then, sakadāgāmi level people, And Then, anāgāmi level people, ... ;

lakkhan-ūpanijjhāna, contemplation on the characteristics of psycho-physical phenomena, or ultimate peacefulness of nibbāna; also see: jhāna;

lakkhanā, phenomena (both mental and physical); IFF physical, sometimes lakkhanā (its pronoun meaning) refer to symbol;

Laṅkā vatāra sutra;

Golden Light Sutra, translated into Chinese by the monk I Ching;

Likir Monastery, 62 km W, Leh, Ladakh, India; also see: Lama, Tibetan Buddhism;

lobha (attachment), dosa (ill will), and moha (delusion) can be avoided/controlled/reduced by moral roots alobha (generosity), adosa (good will), and amoha (wisdom);

lobha, attachment to your belongings;   desire;   extreme form of attachment;   extreme form of greed;   selfishness;

lohita, red;

loka; e.g.

6 heavenly ones: Catummahārājika; Tāvatimsa; Tusita; Nimmānarati; Paranimmitta Vasatti; Yāma;

loka, world (e.g.  earth);

our (earth, globe, loka, planet, world) ... ;

LOKA VAGGA; also see: vagga;

loka-pāla, guardian of universe;

Also see: guardian;

lokiya-jhāna, aka samatha-jhāna; also see: jhāna;

Lotus Sutra, also see: 66 copies of Lotus Sutra ;