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suffix ... gacchāmi, also see: worshipping Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha;

Avataṃsaka sūtra, Gaṇḍavyūha;

gantha, tie; 4 kinds of ganthas (ties) are abhijjhā (covetousness), vyā-pāda (ill will), silabbataparāmāsa (indulgence in wrongful rites and ceremonies), and idaṁ saccābhinivesa (adherence to preconceptions as truth);

no more sense-desire (kāmarāga), and no more ill-will (patigha), also see: sakadāgāmi, the 2nd stage of enlightenment;

(Yojanās, commentary book's name; Gaṇṭhipadas, book's name; Ganthipadas explains difficult points; Tikas, sub-commentaries);

garuda, mythical creature, bird alike; mythical creature, human + bird; garuda is Sanskrit word;

Cambodia: Khmer (Cambodia) garuda is also a mythical symbol, and Cambodian may prefer nāga instead of garuda;

China: garuda is Great Peng in China;

Indonesia: Garuda Pancasila, national symbol of Indonesia (notice that mythical creature with 5 precepts because panca is 5 in Pali, sila is precept morality; literally meaning e.g. a person with 5 precepts morality);

Japan (NIPPON): karura in Nippon;

Mongolia: Khangarid is Khan garuda in Mongolia;

Myanmar (Burma): garuda is also known as galone in Myanmar (astrological vehicle for Sunday born);

Philippines: Kulitan script (Pampan go) kapampangan in Philippines, galura is bird (esp. eagle);

Thailand (Siam): garuda is Krut (also known as khrut, one of the culture symbols of Siam) in Thailand (myth similar to Myanmar, garuda, battling against nāga);

this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space (e.g. human beings livable moons in our universes), IFF (human + bird), they should be named ... ;

Gavampati, one of the 8 arahants;

Gilāyanaṃ sutta;

Golden Light Sutra, translated into Chinese by the monk I Ching;

Gotama Buddha, also see: 2008 Ashin Pyinnya Thiha taught suttas .htm;

Guanyin, Lady Deity, Mahayana Chinese, a.k.a. Kannon; also see: Who are the Buddhist Deities .html;

guhāsayaṁ, seat of consciousness;

guru Rinpoche, a.k.a. precious teacher in Tibetan; Pioneer holy person of Tantric Buddhism in Tibet;