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Taiwan, a.k.a. Republic of China (R . O . C .); Domain Name (.tw) also see: International Domains;

numerological Number (5) : number (linear) is (14694957 5192883125 95 11715 154 219515) : i.e. avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

numerological dimension (e.g. a.k.a.; 2111) T a a S, Testing as a Service (emulation, cloud, device, user based) ... ; Also see: acronym (T A A S) ... ;

Task owner;

gene code ( e.g. TC ) 1
part of pattern s OR ... ;
IFF numerological dimension , 76647555 ( Good Gene ) ;
AI ( sequence ) to do
therapy increase Life Span ;    

Also see: P vector direction;

TCP / U D P source port / I C M P type, i.e. system (open flow) ... ; Also see: HYBRID ... ;


telnet * also see: command;

temporary; e.g.

archived; bin; cleanup; defender; download; error; file; internet; log; offline; per; program; recycle; report; setup; system; temporary; thumbnail; update; user; webpage; windows;

temporary     temporary     temporary;
temporary; transient; transitory;

Net (textile); Radical320;

theatre director; Special Radical 253, also see: Radicals;

thermodynamics; thermodynamics; Thermodynamics; n e t s u r i k i g a k u Thermodynamics; Also see: Water Clock;

Internet of Things ( IoT) e.g. Automotives, home appliances, smart devices, ... ; AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do e.g. WHICH time zone, e.g. doko WHERE present location, e.g. WHAT 's its OEM name AND model, ... ; ( Language Translator, TRANSLATOR) ... ;

third party;

(9, 24, 32, 37, 108) i.e. beads count;

catch; throw; try; Also see: computer language (e.g. C++) ... ;

filmstrip; single picture; thumbnails;

cloudy; foggy; ice; partly cloudy; rain; snow; snow flurries; sunny; thunderstorms; windy; Also see: Weather;

Graphics ( any type) e.g. BMP, *.bmp, *.dib; E M F, *.e m f; GIF, *gif; JPEG, *.j f i f, *.j p e, *.jpeg, *.jpg; PNG, *.p n g; TIFF, *.t i f, *.tiff; W M F, *.w m f;

days , time , year
time machine
  time ;
online real - time surveillance ; M S , sub
mission time stamp indication ; stop gap measure , filler
( i.e. time , space ) patch ; response window
; M T T R , mean time to repair
; time division multiplex e r ; program product i
on ;     recognition ; local time zone ;
round trip ; online real ; track access stamp counter
; same time ( of day ) ; program test
; initial i z at ion ; account able ;
seek ; hold ; set up ;      

TLR4, also see: p G T S U; prostate gland;

language code (1535) Tonga islands language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

>ABS<; ; >PC<; ; >T P E<;

H W S, Humane Wake System ( radio) kHz/step, MHz/step, ... ;

ABS, ACC, A C S, A F S, D C M, E C T, EFI, EPS, ESC, H V C, ITS, PCS, T R C, V D M, ... , also see: Automotive ... ;