; ; ; ; New Year Day of the year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2022 : April : 17 (Sunday) : Updated : Antiviral Schematic ;

((( A (a.k.a. )), ( C (a.k.a. )), ( G (a.k.a. )), ( T (a.k.a. )), ( U (a.k.a. ))), doko WHERE (( DNA ((A, T), (C, G))), AND ( RNA ((A, U), (C, G)))), And Then, index (i.e. to be "normal"));


World's 1st Idea Processor based jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( HTML) program (webpage (antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA)), designed, modeled, and programmed by Rakhine American, and one of the intellectual properties of the United States of America;

3,4 dimensional bio Physics Cell; Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan; Antiviral Schematic; DNA _Origami; Energy & Geometry;

I wrote: (specific amino acid (sequence of 3 nucleotides), indicating the defined Protein: a.k.a. 3 codons, so inside of the 3,4 dimensional bio Physics Cell (( 4) + ( 3) = ( 7), also see: Reference Books), doko WHERE would be the "3 COD ON S" ?
well trained kids!! replied: on the (4 ones)' side sir;
I wrote:
mochiron of course; Remark: "Chain" ... ; I've my own reasons e.g. excluding ("6") may prompt 3 codons;


Coconut Electrolyte Ionizable ... antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA, also see: Antiviral Schematic; DNA _Origami (Nanobot Programming); Energy & Geometry; Sushi;

Brief Introduction: to be using Teleportation (e.g. drip/dropping medicines) remotely, after developing DNA _Origami, And Then, the following table's contents indicate as antiviral schematic symbols ... ; for developing "Oral Route" antiviral medicines ... ;

( bunpu Distribution, Distribution, Distribution, Distribution, Distribution) ... ;

you should define with your own DNA _Origami e.g. 108x108 . BMP inside the following table, because (graphic presentation, Graphics, image, photo, picture) As Item can truly present patterns and using Artificial Intelligence knows WHICH way is medicine, on the other hand, WHICH way to avoid (e.g. pathogen) ..., so called Teleportation (e.g. drip/dropping medicines) remotely; Remark: Nanobot Programmer; nanobot programming;

this DOMAIN has advanced by surfaced inductances, regarding (NCS, PCS, ZCS) ... ; gazo Picture     gazo Picture     gazo Picture: life expectancy of the Biological Cell (s) are ..., also see: DNA _Origami ... ;

2565; 10/26/2021; this DOMAIN 's DNA Origami, for developing Nanobot programming (Teleportation (bio medical) among human beings livable moons in our universes) ... ; 3;  
2565; 08/28/2021; this DOMAIN 's Origin of Human Beings (Gene Def (Male Female) in the midst), also see: DNA _Origami; Remark: ACT2 and ACT3 level imaginary hyperspace environments, for each human beings livable moon ... ;  
well trained kids! replied: we edited & modified the Origin of Human Beings to Origin Of Human Beings, without lines sir, because lines belong to Comet Method, and we don't need a Comet Method WHILE bio cells are forming naturally ... ; Is IT OK?

I wrote: Yes. in 13 human beings livable moons' system, if we exclude the lines, at the midst, kuru kuru WHILE ( ZCS Chiral Off, ZCS Chiral On), Biological Cell will be forming for sure; long long time ago, I mentioned THAT in this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyperspace, "Black Color" is for non-heterodyning (don't forget THAT "non-heterodyning" means without moon waves and their peaceful & tranquil orbiters), and (("Light Gray"), ("Silver Color")) is for heterodyning in our Solar System, don't forget THAT ... and you well trained kids! have already learnt Filling (Also see: fill, juten Filling, ... ) into the "Black Color" (area, region, space), Using YV (Yellowish Variation) Method, ... ; Remark: (Gene Def (Male + Female) in the midst) so if My Gene, you'll be look like me for sure ... , if you don't like to be "look alike" Me, you can change your face but you cannot change My Gene; Should I write another PHYSICS law?

well trained kids! replied: Oh!! No. No. we've many other things to do, no time to read your thousands of physics laws without (proof, prove, proving); No thanks.

well trained kids! replied: may we use 2,3dimensionalLaserPointer, for good wills purposes e.g. Gene Therapy System sir?

I wrote: Yes. please do. Reminder: since (middle point, midst) is defined by 4 surrounded (Aqua Blue Color) ones, it should be "Motor Way" (150x of IDE, CD based) directional Directions ... ; Remark: 6 surfaced based DEE Box in Z-index's Wormhole Way is My Secret, and I explain a little bit, regarding ACT1 level peoples like me WHO does "handyman" services, WHO drives trucks!!! ... ;

well trained kids! replied: can we use Hexaxial Reference System's (graphic presentation, images, items, photos, pictures, ... ) sir?

I wrote: Yes. please do. for good wills purposes in (cardiovascular system, pulmonary system, respiratory system) ... ; Hexaxial Reference System shouldn't be using for other systems e.g. dermatological system, endocrine logical system, gastroenterological system, musculoskeletal system, neurological system, ... ; MD decides vital signs (provided by (physical exam, radiological result, video conferencing exam)) of WHAT kind of systems prompt (abnormal, normal) ... , because biomedical, pathological, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, ... are induction logic (Also see: philosophy) alike ... ;

              A ;
          C ;    
      G ;        
  T ;            
        Antiviral 1080 NM ;  
        Anti   Virus ;  
        Antiviral 1080 NM ;  
        ANTIGEN ;      
        Antiviral Antibody ;    
        Anti COVID-19 ;    
    Anti Allergic ;        
    anti FLU ;        
    anti Influenza ;        
    Antiviral COVID-19 ;        
    Antiviral COVID-19 ;        
( ( analogical , analogical , analogical
, analogical ) 5000+ Enzymes )    
        Antiviral 1080 NM ;  
        Antiviral 1080 NM ;  
Antiviral Antibody ;        
Antiviral Antibody ;        
        ANTIGEN ;      
  Anti -   Virus Interior ;    
  Anti Virus ;    
Antibody ;  
Antibody ;  
Antibody ;  
Antiviral ;  
Antiviral ;  
Antiviral ;  
Anti Virus ;    
Antigen _ to _ be _Anti Virus ;  
        Anti viral 1080 NM ;
surfaced   Inductance 2

any moving location of point, e.g. Bio cells' Directions obey Inductance;

surfaced Inductance 1  
this DOMAIN 's Nanobot (  <> ) i.e.
      to   defeat COVID-19 variant s ;
( DNA , RNA , C micro RNA , N
G S , Ultra Deep N G S a.k.a. U
D         N G S ;  
from T to U i.e. mRNA ;      
( TA , AT ) , ( GC , CG
) i.e. DNA ; Also see: P vector direction ;    

Artificial Intelligence chiryoyaku Therapeutic Gene Therapy System ... ;

Artificial Intelligence chiryoyaku Therapeutic Antiviral Schematic . Energy & Geometry;

medicine information contents; Also see: MD;
medicine information contents; Remark: Nanobot Programmer; nanobot programming;

Blood Flow;

I wrote: regarding Yellow Color (area, location) . Blood Flow, don't forget 3 lights of 90 degree (2 times), doko WHERE bio becomes very very similar to PHYSICS (e.g. Background, structural Battery), therefore, I've a gift i.e. without (minus, plus) ... ;

well trained kids! replied: arigatoh gozaimasu, thank you;





+ - + - + - + -    
O+   B+   A+   AB+      
  O-   B-   A-   AB-    
O+   B+   A+   AB+      
  O-   B-   A-   AB-    
O+   B+   A+   AB+      
  O-   B-   A-   AB-    

(go into, penetrate) e.g.

biophysics Tool; Also see: Schematic Lipid;

isotope; Isotopes; e.g.

( Isotopes, Isotopes, Isotopes, Isotopes) ... ; isotopes: Elements . Atom (same Number of ( P, Protons), diff Number of ( N, Neutrons)) . variable   weigh ( kan Weight); Also see: i Character; i Computer; i G T S U; Physics Law 145;

Remark: Using Blue Screen, And Then, ("C") must be attached naturally at 4 diff (corners, edges), since (in this case (antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA), we don't need "Silver Color" ones, next to "Green Color") SO, this DOMAIN defines Highlight ((none {E3,E3,E3} Color), (none Gray Color), (none Silver Color), (none White Color)) to its Isotopes, i.e. HOW antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA;

ligand; e.g.

( ligand, ligand, ligand, ligand), i.e. (ion, molecule), been attached by coordinate bonding; Also see: Antiviral Schematic; DNA _Origami; l G T S U; Protein;

our earth . 78% Nitrogen in the air; Also see: index (normal range for nitrogen in the blood) ... ;

DEE _Mouth _unwanted Nitrogen;


unwanted Nitrogen; e.g.

antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA . unwanted Nitrogen; Also see: Antiviral Schematic . COVID-19;
antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA . unwanted Nitrogen; Also see: Anti Virus . COVID-19;
antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA . unwanted Nitrogen; Also see: Energy & Geometry . COVID-19;

300 Degree * ZCS * ; e.g.

(( , , , , ), ( , , , , ), ( )), also see: Antiviral Schematic; DNA _Origami; Energy & Geometry; Physics Law 300; Protein; 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;

Also see: Reference Books;