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FISH ; PHYSICS ;        
    ( I R Box ,      
      UV Box ) C Sequence
Number Natural Cell Path Battery in RDBMS , doko
  WHERE data ; " sunrise time " should
be 1 " wash " time WHEN ware
ware We " wash " ( ( biopsy ( item
, part ) ) , ( specific DNA sequence on
1 chromosome ) ) gene pattern F I S
H , Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization ;      
            (( FISH,
FISH, FISH) specific DNA sequence on 1 chromosome) Method ;

FISH Marker, modelled by ( , , ) ware ware We ... ;


(( standard, standard, standard), ( measure, measure, measure)) ... ;




64 Aqua Cells;


Basic Understanding For Idea Processing;

Blue Screen;


C D G W T, using C Sequence Number, using DEE, using Gravity Dimension Computer, using Walls, TEST (e.g. Blood Test, WHOM);


FISH, Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization e.g. ( FISH, FISH, FISH) Method ... ; Also see: 6fComputer; f G T S U; Method;


Gene Therapy System;

Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

Green Screen;





I R T B C A, I Real Time Bio Cell Analyzer (physiological) alive bio cell population, bio cell health, (co-cultured cell, native cell), independent monitor healthy bio cell, keitaigakuteki Morphological, mitchakusei Adhesion, nezumizan Proliferation, saiboyokai Cytolysis, ... ; Also see: Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Remark: think "morphological" is like gearing; "adhesion" is like gluing; "proliferation" is like increasing; "cytolysis" is like dissolution (disrupting) ;

( I R Box, UV Box) hikari Light source ... ;


Jellyfish ; something related to underwater, HOW live forms naturally in our earth ; this DOMAIN 's "Jellyfish" can be using for sonar development, underwater submarine antenna, ... ; Jellyfish is somehow nothing to do with multi long length neutrino LASER (Solar System); if we put 6 surfaced DEE Walls to the "Jellyfish" (e.g. our brain is surrounded by skull's bone) and we allow only 2 eyes (e.g. 2 light sources) to the environment, "Jellyfish" transforms to worm alike head and tail, so we know ourselves being alive ... ; information traverses by multi long length neutrino LASER (Solar System) is very very fast, if compare to information (knowing) inside of our brain is very very slow (except imaginary retrospective to the (L T M, S T M) past);

well trained kids! replied: look like "Jellyfish" is diving sir ?

I wrote: so far as WHAT I know "Jellyfish" never dive;

well trained kids! replied: isn't naturally water elevator sir ?

I wrote: mountains are mountain, rivers are river, ... and attahi attano nahto in Pali language means you're on your own, and "naturally water elevator" might be worth more than human beings livable moons in our universes ... ; don't confuse e.g. N G S, and U D N G S are more related to "sound beam" if compare to this webpage (FISH) with (I R Box, U V Box), and so far as WHAT I know, "sound beam" isn't harmful ... ;

well trained kids! replied: regarding Directional Gravity Pressure, the defined FISH 's eye area should be ("In Situ") place to be marking, isn't correct sir ?

I wrote: Yes. ("In Situ") place to be (marked, marking) should be the eye area of the defined FISH; And, I forgot to teach you, BLINK structural and environmental ; well, I need "permit" from Shakya King to teach you "spoon feed" A to Z, e.g. WHY BLINK structural and environmental is very very important to know, realize, and understand, regarding the defined FISH 's eye area ... ; Remark: as of 2/3/2021, Shakya King doesn't allow to teach HOW BLINK momentum in our Solar System;


3 lights of 90° ;


2565; 08/28/2021; this DOMAIN 's Origin of Human Beings (Gene Def (Male Female) in the midst), also see: DNA _Origami; Remark: ACT2 and ACT3 level imaginary hyperspace environments, for each human beings livable moon ... ;

Also see: Oncological Dx;


place; space; spot; e.g.

(( place, place, place), ( space, space, space), ( spot, spot, spot));

Protein, using ( FISH Marker, FISH Marker,  FISH Marker), for each ((defined), (marked)) pattern, And Then, using FISH Method's (locked, targeted) ones to cure the (abnormal, disease, disorder), i.e. medicine ... ; Also see: Physics Law 143;

( , ) photo shot; photo shot taken; Also see: camera; Heavenly Wheel Topology;



Red Screen;

Blood Type; R h factor : R h factor : R h factor (absent minus, present plus) : blood protein : 8 common blood types are ((O+, O-), (B+, B-), (A+, A-), (AB+, AB-));


( Server, Server), also see: Server;

sonobade In situ, (in the original place, situated in the original place), also see: FISH; i Character; Location Awareness Response; s Usage;


ten Point; Also see: Radical762, e.g. decimal point, mark, point, speck, spot, ... ;

therapeutic Immune Cells: for biogenetic, biological, biomedical, dimensional, directional, immunological, logical, numerological, microbiological, pathological, structural, ... ;


using (Artificial Intelligence, Idea Processor) to cure ( ..\..\ xyAbnormalities \ *.* ) ;

using (defined, marked, targeted) bio marker, to cure COVID-19; Also see: dGTSU; mGTSU; tGTSU;

( I R Box, UV Box) hikari Light source ... ;



I wrote: for next generations well trained kids! , in addition to (I R Box, U V Box) with defined "light source" ones, ware ware We've already learnt z c s Black, and its Z C S holes in yellowish variations, therefore, also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, for each human beings livable moon, for each imaginary hyper space craft, and so on ... ;

well trained kids! replied: mochiron of course, ware ware We've to be with our own lab, our own R&D group, ... ;

I wrote: either "motor way" or "wormhole way" is OK, regarding structural (Location Awareness Response), and don't forget THAT 2 is very very unique is many ways, e.g. 2 claps to worship Buddha and deities ... ; good luck!! to you & your R&D group, regarding FISH Method of biological marker, biomedical marker, genetic marker, gene therapy system marker, pathological marker, pharmaceutical marker, ...


Yellow Screen;