Last updated on 2018/2562 12 22, a full moon day; Basic Understanding For Idea Processing;

21st century & beyond, regarding Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol, the following "dialog style" explanations are ... for chiryoyaku Therapeutic ways ... ; using Idea Processor ... ;

2,3 dimensional Basic;

1st to understand WHEN "south" bound is like "Dark Wall" alike doko WHERE no heterodyning ( WHICH means peaceful & tranquil moons' orbital NOT EXIST) and no live forms EXIST; 2nd to understand gray scale simulation doko WHERE blue is like string but NOT 360 if (day, night) are configured as 180 each; 3rd to understand iroColourWaveForm (blue, green) and NO red ((Fuchsia, Maroon, Red), limitation to 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space) has been applied yet, And Then, there are many good reasons WHY Light Sheet Storage is designed base on 3 lights are 90 degree;

108x108 Nesting Default;

1st to understand 2 is very very unique in many ways e.g. regarding "108" configuration ((3,3,3,3), (10,7,10)), 2 groups are multiplexer group (3,3,3,3) and adder group (10,7,10); 2nd to understand "Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization" e.g. WHEN strings are nesting accordance with peaceful & tranquil human beings livable moons' orbital, we've Carbon Nano Wall only in our earth; 3rd to understand "Default" e.g. our earth as "no yellowish variation" in 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space;

Another Way To Define 1 Way DEE;

well trained kids! reply: WHY did you define 1 way DEE in another way sir ?

i , me , me write: well trained kids!

regarding 45° wormhole of (45, 60, 72) wormhole parameters, we need to define truly natural structural, but this symbol is only for our earth's ACT1 imaginary hyper space environment; Remark: regarding DEE (Dark Energy Engineering), you need to understand e.g. (3 lights, 1 EM Pull, 1 DEE Line) 1st, don't forget THAT daily sun is the biggest gravity spot in our earth 2nd, and 3rd is like you must do your homework ... ;




1st to understand (audio, noise, sound, ultrasound) is measured by meter (1980s); 2nd to understand the most advanced DEE forms naturally in our earth is like that (2000s); 3rd to understand structural bio cell, structural blood cell, ... are somehow related to (audio, noise, sound, ultrasound), so called dB.m (21st century and beyond); SPL (Sound Pressure Level) is directly related to dB.m e.g. (dB . 10 dm), (dB . 100 cm), (dB . 1000 mm), ... ; Oh! Oh! SQRT2 (±98) engineering notations ? 

DEE _ Fan _ With _ Handle;

1st to understand 2 is very very unique in many ways e.g. in Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, (hole, string) EXIST; 2nd to understand handheld fan alike symbol represents both i.e. (hole, string); hole is circle alike; string is line alike; 3rd to understand our earth as no yellowish variation, on the other hand, yellowish variations on many human beings livable moons; in common & basic, DEE _ Fan _ With _ Handle is for handling yellowish variations; Remark: handheld fan alike, and suppose to be all black e.g. ("Black Hole" , "Black String") however, easy and simple to understand if with Gray and Silver;

DEE _ Radio;


bands are very important to understand e.g. AM band, DEE band, FM band, "L" bound (band), XM band, ... ;

Remark: since 2018/2562, this DOMAIN has started its chiryoyaku Therapeutic bands for curing many diseases IFF this DOMAIN 's contents are installed ... ;

Defusing Remote Heat Sensing;

well trained kids! reply: HOW to defuse Remote Heat Sensing sir ? we like to be in healthy living environment sir;

i , me , me write: well trained kids! you need to implement your living environment to be like this structural e.g. 4 squares are within 108 x 108, and 4 circles' edges define variable colors so that Remote Heat Sensing will be no longer water leveled; Remark: I cannot explain anymore because this technique can be using in military science for finding flying objects in the air, nuclear submarines' underwater movements, ... and I personally don't like US military bases in Asia; for the goodwill purpose (peaceful & tranquil), I've explained a little bit of HOW this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System should defuse if defined environment is setup with remote heat sensing; this Method is worth more than trillions of dollars (this static way method is one of the methods WHICH can change military power in our earth);

Defusing Remote Heat Sensing;
Five Triangles;

1st to understand this DOMAIN has been dimensional ((2 * 5), (2 * 6), (2 * 7)), and (5, 6, 7) variations are based on 2, so it's good to be linking 5 (five); 2nd to understand 2 lights (side-by-side) on left wall, on the other hand, 2 lights (side-by-side) on right wall, and WHEN side-by-side (2 lights) EXIST, defined (item, object, organ, thing) 's BLI (Body Length Index) can be calculated; 3rd to understand IFF induction logic (also see: philosophy), five triangles are on 1 ZCS ... ;

  ジーン セラピー システム

Gene Therapy System

well trained kids! gene therapy system can be using NOT ONLY for medical therapeutic way (i.e. "Red Book" implementation), BUT ALSO for military applications way (i.e. "Black Book" implementation); if you like to design & engineer your own gene therapy system , (bit-by-bit, block-by-block, line-by-line, stage-by-stage, state-by-state, step-by-step) idea (s) must be realized & understood e.g.

regarding 21st century & beyond , please do good kharma (ACTION), and good results will ... ; dimensional (e.g. (2*5), (2*6), (2*7)) wormhole way becomes ACT2 and ACT3 imaginary hyper space method, procedure, and technique;

in 2010s, after mapping all nuclear related ones by embedded GPS devices, this DOMAIN must be peaceful & tranquil purpose only e.g. not to happen 2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS systems of automotives (2+ hours of overwriting & resetting GPS systems can demolish 200+ years of constructive works), therefore, gene therapy system can be using NOT ONLY for medical therapeutic way (i.e. "Red Book" implementation), BUT ALSO for military applications way (i.e. "Black Book" implementation);

in 2000s, static ( 4 nodes)' remote heat sensing e.g. 4 nodes based wireless handheld (home phone, work phone), and this DOMAIN can level millibar (high precision) by its pinpointing method, procedure, and technique;

in 1990s, structural began, so that finding the holes, by defined strings would be very advance, and (embedding; Radical693) devices;

in 1980s, directional modulation ( radar, radio, sonar) based on common (AM, FM) e.g. oscillation (capacitor) and millibar marked directional (inductor);


1st, in SQRT2 design model, very important to understand ((±98), (plus, minus), (positive, negative)) because approx. since 1970s,  film technology was developed into color film, multicolor, unicolor, on the other hand, still using black-and-white, mono, e.g. C:\ a.k.a. DOS style "black" screen; 2nd, after understanding (film, filmed, filming), category e.g. (analog, digital) can be further studied (way of controlling, way of doing, way of functioning) because of (analog, digital) ... ; 3rd to understand CRT 's string is 90° diff to ZCS screen's string i.e. regarding nowadays 6 surfaced DEE box in Z-index, 6 ZCS based DEE box in Z-index;


regarding Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol, 3 (positive, negative) are defined for better understanding basically because, 2000s' keyword (boost, Ready Boost of a drive) would have been designed & engineered WHEN 2 images are the same BUT very important & essential concept like (film, filmed, filming) medical imaging ... ; Also see: PHYSICS (law fifty one) ... ;

3 (positive, negative) are:

, ;

, ;

, ;


1st to understand static way e.g. 2,3 dimensional Laser Pointer; 2nd to understand wormhole way e.g. kuru kuru WHILE lights are ... ; 3rd to understand square root (2) floating points (±98) prompt NOT ONLY DVD (minus or plus), BUT ALSO engineering notations (10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... );

     teleportation method;

e.g. regarding Five Triangles, if a wormhole can connect between left wall and right wall, it should be defined as teleportation method; e.g. regarding ZCS_*, if a wormhole can connect between the defined hole and (vertically side-by-side), it should be defined as teleportation method;

therapeutic Nervous System;

aqua is invisibility engineering, brown is for musculoskeletal, DEE _ Mouth based (Remark: we've to keep eating good foods and cells obey the same, the same; this DOMAIN developer appreciates good foods) gray scaled simulation (black, gray, silver, white) in 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space (a.k.a. ACT2), yellow is for protein bounds (assure THAT our earth as no yellowish variation (default yellowish variation) among human beings livable moons in our universes)) ... ;


1st to understand Schematic Dimensional e.g. 1990s design model Standard Remote Heat Sensing Structural; 2nd to understand 2010s design model ( CCWRW, CCWRWN), and ( CWRW, CWRWN); 3rd to understand "L" bounds regarding "band" in radio specifications; And Then, of course "wrap" ... , And Then, mochiron of course "Wrapped" for healthy, and safety;

ZCS_ hole;

1st to understand surfaces can be classified as NCS, PCS, and ZCS; 2nd to understand ZCS_ *, ( item, object, things) formed "Rounded rectangle", and it's like contour mapping ( layers) because of ( With Water, yellow core (EM, EMI)) And Then, 3rd to understand ( Directional Gravity Pressure, iroColourWaveForm) prompt characteristics WHICH lead to Gene Therapy System HOW we human beings can be in better therapeutic ways ... ;

ZCS_ hole Red Handle;
ZCS_ Percentage SpO2;

Remark: this DOMAIN 's contents, a part of Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, retrospectively 1980s design model e.g. string's directional can only be defined by hole board, 21st century & beyond design model e.g. directional gravity pressure (e.g. 2 colors are in side-by-side), gravity spots (e.g. 1mm gravity spot, 5mm gravity spot, 10mm gravity, ... ), yellowish variations and its reversed yellowish variations, ... ;

chiryoyaku Therapeutic ... ;