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I c h i, also see: i Usage;

ideas on ... ; e.g. Biz trade expo; browsing internet; Conference; conversation; enjoying movies; listening audio; reading books; watching video;

IF-THEN gate, i.e. IF THEN element;

      increase ;        
acceleration i.e. increase in speed ; load ; monotonic ;

variable ( i); increase method (e.g. i = i + 1); decrease method (e.g. i = i - 1); also see: counter;


i n d e x        
          index e.g.      
index . php , i.e. pre processor ;    
index . PHTML , i.e. preprocessor HTML ;    
index . HTM , i.e. HTML Document ,    
index . HTML , i.e. Chrome HTML Document ,  
index . S HTML , e.g. Pick an app ,
default . ASP , i.e. ASP File ,    
default . ASP   X , ASP X File ,
Default . H T M , HTML Document ;  

for multi Servers' configuration: default . a s p, default . a s p x, Default .HTML, index .htmindex .html, index . p h p, index.PHP5.HTML, index . p h t m l, index . s h t m l, ... ; approx. 8 files, at this DOMAIN 's root (e.g. C:\ ) for indexing purpose; domain model;

e c g Interpretation . Index _Waves ... ;

language code (1217) India language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

INF (e.g. auto run .INF) files to launch;

Initial key; initial link ; initial link set; Initials;

In Situ; e.g.

In Situ     In Situ     In Situ; Also see: i Character; i G T S U;

s o n o b a d e In Situ; Also see: s Usage;


;     international ;        
call ;                
C C I R , C o m i t e C o n s u l t a t i f International des Radio
  communication s ;            
I E C , International Electro technical Commission ;  
I S D S , International Serial s Data System
I S O , International Organization for Standardization ;  
I S S N , International Standard Serial Number ;
I T U , International Telecommunication s Union ;  
I T U - T S , International Telecommunication s
Union - Tele communication Standardization Sector ( formerly C C
I T T ) ; standardization ;      

interval 66 285 timer 26 1 ( rate) i.e. 1 / second OR less;

invisible, e.g. c/s (i.e. Hz) > 20 (i.e. faster than eyes' refreshing rate), opaque, transparency 0%, very dark without light, ... ; cutting visible light spectrum by DEE, heat sensing by snaky pattern, remote sensing by hole and stick method, multi time lines (i.e. Time Machine), ... are invisible computing;

(iodine, thyroid hormone medication), also see: TSH;

( ion, ion, ion, ion) ... ;

Chloride Ion ;
Hydrogen Ion ;    
H y d r o n i u m Ion
Ion ;                
Hydroxonium s Ion ;            
ion , electric all y -
charge d atom ; ion ; complex ion
;         exchange
; - deposition printer ; lithium - ion battery ;
negative ion a.k.a. minus ion ;
positive ion a.k.a. plus ion ;

ions, very light, therefore, using ACT1 common voltage, ions can be accelerated as speed of light, ... ; (loss or gain) of one or more electrons WHEN forming atom; WHICH atom with 1 electrical charged;

negative ( ion); positive ( ion);

negative ion is similar to bio plastic tech WHICH means bacteria, germ, microorganism, ... will be gone IFF negative ion environment;

in space, kuru kuru ( WHILE) hydrogen is ionized, the hydrogen atom loses its electron, since hydrogen atom has 1 proton and 1 electron, star light might begin ... , Also see: DEE;

Ion Engine, 1st to understand DEE rate; 2nd to understand all curvatures ( surface); 3rd to design and develop ACT2 and ACT3 level space development, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement;

AXIS; C Y L; D . O C H T; D . P O S V; D . P S M H; D . P S M V; I P D; O C H T; PD; P S M H.; P S M V.; S P H; Also see: lens;

eight groups of 16 bit each (i.e. IPv6) ... ; Also see: Naturally Weather Log;

Ireland, , , , 353;

SONY time zone (GMT+1:00) Dublin  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

26, Iron, Fe, 55.8, also see: Chemical Elements;

ISA (International Standard Atmosphere) convert ... ;

I T IT , one of the brunch -
able keyword s in Cloud Computing ... ;    


item ;      
    item ;          

counter for items (e.g. pairs) ... ;
counter for sets (e.g. clothes set, small furniture, utensil) ... ; Radical991;

menu item;

( Wrapped, Wrapped) are very very important symbols of this DOMAIN (component, device, entity, item, object, part, thing, tuple), because these symbols can protect NOT ONLY individual BUT ALSO whole defined region ... ;