; ; ; ; Updated in 2565 : on 2021 : 8 : 4 : Antenna : antenna ; Approx. 25 antenna available to read;

2565; 2021; Hammer Antenna (for each imaginary hyperspace craft); Remark: hammer antenna design model is the latest PHYSICS design model ... ; for International Space Stations; for mapping our universes project; this DOMAIN 's contents will prove e.g. approx. from 8000+ earthquakes annually & naturally to 0 earthquake annually & artificially; Also see: Manmade Global Weather;

well trained kids! replied: WHY ("Maroon" or "Red") is next to ("Aqua" or "Cyan") inside the box, regarding "Hammer Antenna" sir?

I wrote: you need to realize and understand Directional Gravity Pressure 1st, i.e. ACT2 level; Also see: Gravity Pressure Share Radical;

well trained kids! replied: WHY marked distances of (("Maroon" or "Red") is next to ("Aqua" or "Cyan") inside the box), regarding "Hammer Antenna" sir?

I wrote: you need to realize and understand Radicals (e.g. DEE _Horizontal _Marks) i.e. beyond yellowish variations; e.g. in 2010s, 3rd wave of our universe is very very difficult to find-out, realize, and understand; in 1990s, very very difficult to find-out, realize, and understand "incoming parallel moon waves" ;

2563; 2020; CITIZEN (Eco-Drive, SATELLITE WAVE GPS), ANTIMAG.4800, 921051658, F150-S117402, GN-4W-S ( 6G), ... , i.e. this DOMAIN developer Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) 's Personal (band, Clock, GPS, Satellite, -time, Time, Wireless Antenna), ... ; Remark: if you're a web developer WHO needs (Satellite Band (hydrogen), Satellite Band (Nitrogen), Satellite Band (Oxygen)), this DOMAIN recommends CITIZEN (Eco-Drive, SATELLITE WAVE GPS) is a must to have e.g. IoT, NFC, ... ; Remark: if this DOMAIN installed, you should change your own number regarding anti magnetic space environment (our earth) e.g. ANTIMAG.????, ?????????, ????-???????, ??-??-? (?G), ... ;

for (define location, defining location, defined location), e.g. current location, location awareness, ... ,
for (trace location, tracing location, traced location), also see: iroLED, because emitting lights as antenna;

moon wave Wireless Antenna;

well trained kids! reply: can you explain WHY moonwave Wireless Antenna look like that "T" shape sir ?

i , me , me write: Umm! you need to understand distance and resistance calculation of Yagi antenna 1st., after understanding distance and resistance calculation, by using OR gate for each Yagi antenna's joint, i.e. "T" shape 2nd., and then applying DEE refreshes on one of the human beings livable moons' DEE pattern because we're between carbon nano wall (5,6,7) with 1 way DEE, and parallel moon waves 3rd., of course, moonwave Wireless Antenna ... ;


Aqua Silver Antenna;

A, a.k.a. ampere, a.k.a. amplitude; AM, Amplitude Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ; AM: bar antenna (i.e. Makita); Antenna Frequency [www.ntspace.jp/space-e/products/s2/s2-3.html; 2006]: C-Band; Ka-Band; Ku-Band; Ku-Band; mm-wave; L-band/S-band; S-Band; S/C-Band; S/X-Band; S/X/C-Band; UHF; VHF; ... ;    Antenna Type [www.ntspace.jp/space-e/products/s2/s2-3.html; 2006]: Blade.Waveguide; Cross Dipole; Discone; Helical; Heritage Deployable Offset Cassegrain; Heritage Dual Frequency Parabola Feeder; Heritage Inter Orbit Cassegrain with Gimbal; Heritage Multibeam Offset Cassegrain with Multi-horn Feeder; Heritage Shaped Reflector; Large Deployable; Offset Parabola; Parabolic; Spiral; Subsystems Mission; Turnstile; Turnstile/Discone; Waveguide;

Atomic Radio Antenna; after the "Atomic Radio Antenna" design model (approx. 30+ years old info as of 2016/2560), nowadays' (in early 21st century) with " just a right amount of light goes through " WHICH means Dark Energy Engineering ( DEE) 's characteristics on curvature (a.k.a. surface) with momentum e.g. 2,3 dimensional ... ; DEE is the latest and highest technology in our earth and beyond ... , somehow, there is no Novel Prize award yet for scientists HOW DEE 's characteristics can be proved not only structural but also mathematical ... ; DEE is worth more than Civilization Type, because, all human beings livable moons are with " yellowish variations " ... , and DEE is the only way HOW to measure ... ; as of 2016 / 2560, all human beings livable moons are owned by Shakya King, some villages are already formed, established, migrated, ... ;


band ( Our _ Earth _ Band _ Antenna) also see: Satellite; Bridge-mode antenna, like CD, DVD, BD, USB, ... format, light's rate must be measured by time ... , and 2 lights must be matched, so called a bridge ... ; Bridge-mode might not be similar to 3 lights in our universe ... ;

Cable;   CBA, Ceramic Block Antenna and IMA, In Mold Antenna, technology, from www.sem.samsung.com, 2007; Ceiling blister/Dome antenna; Ceiling mounted antenna; Client antenna; community;

( C D M A, G S M, H S P A, L T E) ... , also see: Network Topology; Wireless; Wireless Antenna;

digital antenna; Directional antenna; Dipole antenna, 3 external 2dBi antennas a.k.a. 3x dipole antenna for 802.11b, g, n, also see: airlink101;

Flat panel antenna;   FM, Frequency Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ; FM: soft bended rod antenna (i.e. Makita); from 2dBi b/g/n to 50dBi vector/non-vector worm=holes ... ;

Gray White Antenna;

GPS Antenna, in 2007, inside pocket PC, built-in SoC for example: SiRF Star III;   GPS time with 108mm wireless antenna, satellite.usamyanmar.net xm in horizontal bands vs. vertical bands might cause -dB low noise problem; To solve such low dB noise problem, aka.GIF is created in 2010 WHICH might adjust -10dB ~ -340dB in numerological dimension;

Gravity Harvest Power Antenna, step-by-step HOW, also see: Physics Law 151, ... ;

High gain antenna, 8dBi ~ 10dBi omni directional antenna, also see: airlink101; High gain lightweight parabolic space S-band antenna, 21.5 dBi, www . nt space . jp /space-e/products/s2/s2-3.html; High gain lightweight parabolic space Ku-band antenna, 41.5 dBi, NEC TOSHIBA Space Systems; High gain optical antenna; Also see: differential ; High gain parabolic antenna, 36dBi, 200m, millimeter wave broadband transceivers, NEC, http:// www . nec . co . jp /tech rep/en/r _and _d/a05-no3/a211.pdf;

_ IFF _TIP_, also see: _TIP_;
_ IFF Cable , also see: Cable;
_ IFF GPS, also see: triangulate;

_ IFF NOT Cable, also see: Antenna;

Indoor antenna;

MTLM, Multi Time Lines Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ; this DOMAIN 's imaginary radio;

Omni directional antenna; Omni direction vertical polarity antenna; Outdoor antenna;

Panel/Patch antenna;

radar; Radio, FM MODE DX; Radio, FM MODE LOCAL; Radio, AVLS LIMIT; Radio, AVLS NORM;

jushin Receive; Radical417;

Satellite antenna; Sector antenna; Slot-waveguide antenna; sonar;

IFF satellite GPS data, also see: tsunami prevention system;

soshin Send; Radical767;

span range; extend over;

this DOMAIN 's 108mm DEE numerological hyper dimensional testing background images are 2008_Myanmar_MonState_KyaikhtiyoPagoda; 2008_Myanmar_ShanState_PhaungDawOoPagoda; ... ; for ACT3 stage 7,10,7 a.k.a. ,, a.k.a. parallel time 10,7,10 a.k.a. ,, testing ... ; TT&C antenna, NEC TOSHIBA Space Systems;

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Wind Factored Antenna;


XM, Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ;  

Yagi antenna; ;

well trained kids! write : WHY "black" , "gray" , and "silver" are used inside of Yagi antenna sir ?

i , me , me write : regarding Network Topology, only 2 EXIST s i.e. (analog, digital), and both analog and digital obey distance of signal's sampling (pattern) as "black" , "gray" , and "silver" ; e.g. 5W "black" range is up to 25 kilometer WHICH may attenuate as "gray" at 35 kilometer, then it may attenuate as "silver" at 45 kilometer, and so on, ... ;

Yellow Brown Antenna;


for (define location, defining location, defined location), e.g. current location, location awareness, ... ,
for (trace location, tracing location, traced location), also see: iroLED, because emitting lights as antenna;