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Approx. 25 antenna available to read;

A, a.k.a. ampere, a.k.a. amplitude; AM, Amplitude Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ; AM: bar antenna (i.e. Makita); Antenna Frequency [; 2006]: C-Band; Ka-Band; Ku-Band; Ku-Band; mm-wave; L-band/S-band; S-Band; S/C-Band; S/X-Band; S/X/C-Band; UHF; VHF; ... ;    Antenna Type [; 2006]: Blade.Waveguide; Cross Dipole; Discone; Helical; Heritage Deployable Offset Cassegrain; Heritage Dual Frequency Parabola Feeder; Heritage Inter Orbit Cassegrain with Gimbal; Heritage Multibeam Offset Cassegrain with Multi-horn Feeder; Heritage Shaped Reflector; Large Deployable; Offset Parabola; Parabolic; Spiral; Subsystems Mission; Turnstile; Turnstile/Discone; Waveguide;

Atomic Radio Antenna; after the "Atomic Radio Antenna" design model (approx. 30+ years old info as of 2016/2560), nowadays' (in early 21st century) with " just a right amount of light goes through " WHICH means Dark Energy Engineering ( DEE) 's characteristics on curvature (a.k.a. surface) with momentum e.g. 2,3 dimensional ... ; DEE is the latest and highest technology in our earth and beyond ... , somehow, there is no Novel Prize award yet for scientists HOW DEE 's characteristics can be proved not only structural but also mathematical ... ; DEE is worth more than Civilization Type, because, all human beings livable moons are with " yellowish variations " ... , and DEE is the only way HOW to measure ... ; as of 2016 / 2560, all human beings livable moons are owned by Shakya King, some villages are already formed, established, migrated, ... ;

band ( Our _ Earth _ Band _ Antenna) also see: Satellite; Bridge-mode antenna, like CD, DVD, BD, USB, ... format, light's rate must be measured by time ... , and 2 lights must be matched, so called a bridge ... ; Bridge-mode might not be similar to 3 lights in our universe ... ;

Cable;   CBA, Ceramic Block Antenna and IMA, In Mold Antenna, technology, from, 2007; Ceiling blister/Dome antenna; Ceiling mounted antenna; Client antenna; community;

digital antenna; Directional antenna; Dipole antenna, 3 external 2dBi antennas a.k.a. 3x dipole antenna for 802.11b, g, n, also see: airlink101;

Flat panel antenna;   FM, Frequency Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ; FM: soft bended rod antenna (i.e. Makita); from 2dBi b/g/n to 50dBi vector/non-vector worm=holes ... ;

GPS Antenna, in 2007, inside pocket PC, built-in SoC for example: SiRF Star III;   GPS time with 108mm wireless antenna, xm in horizontal bands vs. vertical bands might cause -dB low noise problem; To solve such low dB noise problem, aka.GIF is created in 2010 WHICH might adjust -10dB ~ -340dB in numerological dimension;

High gain antenna, 8dBi ~ 10dBi omni directional antenna, also see: airlink101; High gain lightweight parabolic space S-band antenna, 21.5 dBi,; High gain lightweight parabolic space Ku-band antenna, 41.5 dBi, NEC TOSHIBA Space Systems; High gain optical antenna; Also see: differential ; High gain parabolic antenna, 36dBi, 200m, millimeter wave broadband transceivers, NEC,;

_ IFF _TIP_, also see: _TIP_;
_ IFF Cable , also see: Cable;
_ IFF GPS, also see: triangulate;

_ IFF NOT Cable, also see: Antenna;

Indoor antenna;

MTLM, Multi Time Lines Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ; this DOMAIN 's imaginary radio;

Omni directional antenna; Omni direction vertical polarity antenna; Outdoor antenna;

Panel/Patch antenna;

radar; Radio, FM MODE DX; Radio, FM MODE LOCAL; Radio, AVLS LIMIT; Radio, AVLS NORM;

jushin Receive; Radical417;

Satellite antenna; Sector antenna; Slot-waveguide antenna; sonar;

IFF satellite GPS data, also see: tsunami prevention system;

soshin Send; Radical767;

this DOMAIN 's 108mm DEE numerological hyper dimensional testing background images are 2008_Myanmar_MonState_KyaikhtiyoPagoda; 2008_Myanmar_ShanState_PhaungDawOoPagoda; ... ; for ACT3 stage 7,10,7 a.k.a. ,, a.k.a. parallel time 10,7,10 a.k.a. ,, testing ... ; TT&C antenna, NEC TOSHIBA Space Systems;



XM, Modulation ( i.e. ラジオ radio ) ... ;  

Yagi antenna; ;

well trained kids! write : WHY "black" , "gray" , and "silver" are used inside of Yagi antenna sir ?

i , me , me write : regarding Network Topology, only 2 EXIST s i.e. (analog, digital), and both analog and digital obey distance of signal's sampling (pattern) as "black" , "gray" , and "silver" ; e.g. 5W "black" range is up to 25 kilometer WHICH may attenuate as "gray" at 35 kilometer, then it may attenuate as "silver" at 45 kilometer, and so on, ... ;