info .txt     Last updated on 2018/2561 1 1, a full moon day;

_ there is e.g. C:\ info.txt, WHICH is located at this DOMAIN 's  root;

_ unique serial number with information as set inside;

_ one of the oriental concepts: time . space . action has been applied;

Buddha Year Gregorian Year SQRT2 (square root 2) SQRT3 (square root 3) Item ;
2561 2018 4142135623 7320508075 11011  
2561 2017 414213562373095048 732050807568877293 10700  
2561 2017 4142135623730950 7320508075688772 10103  
2561 2017 41421356237309 73205080756887 10261  
2561 2017 414213562373 732050807568 10181  

net setup, also see: .. / IT / 25610 / net setup;

this DOMAIN Certificate, also see: .. / IT / 25610 / Certificate / this DOMAIN Certificate;

Remark: as of 2/20/2016 /2559, yellow color background with green color font, because contents' idea should be adaptable to true Solar Sail method, for collecting energy in our universes ... ; Dharma Shakya Day in Numerology Number is 481941181271417; ASEAN number is 63626066673658558569584 for Cyber security; If system database (e.g. regedit), this DOMAIN recommends to delete unnecessary data, or old data; for example: after clicking on Publisher.reg file, and registry data is added into a system, and then version after versions, those old data should be deleted;

_ above table is very simple meta table, WHICH serves (e.g. service) globally with unique #;

_ IFF (e.g. Zip Code) is alphanumeric, numerology is applied, e.g. 12237412 is AB T3G 4S2;

_ info .TXT is encoding by UTF-8;

_ info.txt should be only 1 file within 1 domain, and should be at software's root directory; nevertheless, \\CentOS5\info.txt, \\OS X\info.txt, \\Window7\info.txt, ... are for installation of operating systems;

_ computer becomes Internet browser oriented computing with built-in GPS functions, therefore, unique number inside of info.txt become more important than ever before;

_ if GPS string can be filtered, and then zone string can also be filtered, so trace route can be shorter;

_ if (e.g. trace) route becomes shorter, hop count becomes lesser;

_ since shorter routes with lesser hop counts can be, and then TTL a.k.a. Time To Live becomes shorter;

_ shorter TTL matches nowadays "light rate" very fast computing (e.g. Cloud Computing) ... ;

_ info.txt is a common file among software, and a wild guess would be time-network-time dot O frequency in ...;

... ;