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In engineering overview, this Domain Matrix does not define engineering models. In management overview, it does not present job-enrichment by neither time-oriented Gantt chart nor streaming fish-bone. Nevertheless, it prompts how an internet domain can be educational & informational overviewed, and the domain also presents a basic model in spite of type-of-languages used, in spite of development-tool used, and ... ;   And, all ethnic tribes in Union of Myanmar must learn and know ... ;

this DOMAIN uses transcription as word; 


this DOMAIN 's abbreviations in English (EN) language:

... (ellipses) , you know already, you do yourself;
a.k.a. (also known as) , another def. would be, another name would be;
cc (carbon copy) , original one's duplicate copy;
e.g. (for example) , presenting logical similarities, sampling;
etc. (etcetera) , extra, undefined ones;
IFF (if and only if) , conditional constraint must be matched;
i.e. (that is) , previously mentioned;
esp. (especially) , adverb alike, particularly, specifically;
ref (reference) , equation's right size, refer to;
Val (Value) , equation's left size, value;

Remark: usage (left size, right size) "size" instead of using "side" because this DOMAIN prefers quantity of ... ; 

Defined cell's background:

            DOS WINDOWS;


Font Color:

            Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha;          Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha;

            Company names; Pharmaceuticals;

            {11,11,11}; black;

            blue highlight with white font color (e.g. don't verify, no need to confirm);

            {E3,12,21};  red;

            {E3,E3,E3}; silver;

            Further research recommended;          Further research recommended;

            Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;
            Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;
            Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

            {51,51,51} Gray Highlight with Font Color {E3,E3,E3} Silver;
                 Gray Highlight with Font Color                  Silver;

            green highlight with white font color (e.g. confirmation needed, require to verify);

            ( Hex={FF,CC,99} Yellow Color), also see: iro LED;


Gene Therapy System: Basic Understanding For Idea Processing, Gene Therapy System, Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

doko WHERE therapeutic Immune Cells, using (((({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black) with (Maroon a.k.a. Dark Red)) for hydrogen), ((({E3,E3,E3} a.k.a. Silver) with ({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black)) for nitrogen), (((Green, including Aqua) with White) for oxygen)) to (Def, define, defined, defining) antibodies (defined unwanted virus); antibody (defined unwanted virus); Antigen _to _be _Anti Virus ;


Graphical; Graphically; Graphics:

            108x108; 23x23; 15x15;

            iroColourWaveForm, using multi colors;

            R G B : (Red (234), Green (234), Blue (234)) : 99% transparency;



Hint; Quick note; Remark;

            Lyric poem;

            Medical brand names;

            Medical generic bio names;

            Medical related;

            embedded GPS based; military applications;
            embedded GPS based; military applications;

            PHYSICS e.g. essential yellow in (reversed yellowish variation, yellowish variation);

            Question, Beyond a Myanmar's knowledge ... ;

            Solar Sail, a method to collect energy in our universes (yellowish variations);

            Transcript e d keyword, usage, word; e.g. one of the languages in Buddhism (Pali language);


            ... ;


Idea Processor: dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural, also see: Radicals;



Pre-translation: ;


Primary Hyper-graphics:

Numbers in Dhamma   wheel symbolizes being in samsara a.k.a. rebirth, with number in Kanji simplified form and Hiragana characters, so that a conservative way to Dhamma (a.k.a. Dharma) Study ... ;
Bio-name   cell can be stimulated by light (also see: Schematic Dimensional); DNA, gene sequence, Mutant pattern, RNA, Protein DB, ... are coded within A, C, G, T, ... ;

WHY there is no yellow color inside of this Bio-name .GIF? because, yellowish variation is the key in our universes e.g. yellowish variation in mm (millimeter); as of 2015/2559, B L I Auto Adjustment is not done yet;

Main Page   go to Main Page 's arrow directs 2 dots to 1 dot, subdirectory is 2 dot, parent directory is 1 dot a.k.a. 1 backslash \; Notice and learn that outer field is bigger than inner field, HOW comeback home oriental language character is; basically, 2 dots mean extension, and 3 dots (ellipse) mean you are already understood therefore you do yourself your own; There is no 4 dots in literature;
  Ref    Help Lookup, combination of English word, and Chinese character, as a hyper graphic; Context sensitive help system has been compiled, only for IT acronyms, year before 2006;
IT acronym   Information Technology's acronym can represent HOW technology has been ... ;
KUN   in 2008, start collecting basic formula (s) for symbols; KUN concept might be derived from Buddhism's script, so that do self good to accomplish and result good in ACTION ... ; Notice and learn that left's equation horizontally between cap and mouth, WHICH has been align to right's water in old form ... to understand ACT2, ACT3 concept, must learn oriental language e.g. Mini Dictionary;
Overview   Information Technology's acronym can represent HOW technology has been ... ;
MD, a.k.a. Medical Doctor   (BF2, BF3, ... ) Brunching Factor diff breaks symmetrical of being normal; MD in aqua green colored WHO do able to compare abnormal vs. normal ... ; Also see: index;
Go to the page's top Up   Horizontally written, ground stroke in oriental character represents level up vertically, almost inside all pages in the domain ... ;
Question   Struggling in old tech., a Myanmar rather have more questions than answers ... ;
Similarity   Comparison makes better logic ... ;
2 Identical Voices   2*7 is somehow existence, similar to 10 a.k.a. 2*5; There are so many 2 identical voices among Asia ... ; also see: Swastika;


Primary Interactive Buttons:

            ACT2, ACT3 developers' must learn language  

            ... ;