Systems Development Models     Last updated on 2015/2559 10 28, a full moon day;

Hardware/software engineering ... ; Also see: Complexity Region; Systems Development Usages; Systems Development Analysis;

2000s: due to multilayer in display aka display layers [ also see: NEC display ], regardless of whether CDFS or dual voltage DVD system [ also see: FS.htm ], and regardless of whether WHICH development models have been applied, regardless of WHAT type: [ also see: Audio, Mixed Content, Video, ... ] of system configurations have been configured, ... , USA MYANMAR NET recommends NOT to change OS wallpaper for each development-model, because SYN problem in graphics might occurs concerning time ... ;

Copy Modify Merge Model [Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Administrator 32 bit v.8; 2005];

Domain Model : [Domain specific model, problem model, process model, and product model] OR Domain Unspecific Model;

ER Model; ER usages, and the relationship model were invented by P. P. Chen in 1976; Also see: SQL;

Evolutionary model, a life cycle model;

Incremental Model, a life cycle model;

Lock Modify Unlock Model [Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Administrator 32 bit v.8; 2005];

model ... ;

Object Model Also see: Microsoft's COM & DCOM; IBM's SOM & DSOM;

Provider model, WEB 2.0 ASP.NET 2.0 creating and managing Membership and Profile;

Rich Domain Model, i.e. POJO domain model; [MD] OO POJO relational mapping frameworks are EJB3, Hibernate, JDO, ... ;

Spiral Model, a life cycle model;

Team Version Control Model [Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Administrator 32 bit v.8; 2005];

Triadic Domain Model , one of the triplex schema concepts: D-AME framework, Generic Task, and Triadic Domain Model [An Approach for Application of Domain Oriented Systems Development Using Triplex Schema of Key Concepts; Kiyoshi Itoh; Ryo Kawabata; Akiko Hasegwa; Manabu Kamimura; Satoshi Kumagai; Domain Oriented Systems Development: Perspectives and Practices; Taylor & Francis, 2003];

Waterfall Model, a life cycle model;