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Remark: type WHAT you want to be in Google search engine, and then, gather information 1st, and then, be ready (research; study; Radical295) and take license exam (e.g. State's board certification) 2nd, and then, don't forget to apply at WHERE do you like to be i.e. career, employment, professional, ... ; the following links are a few examples; we human beings can perform 1,2 steps very well, so be WHAT you want to be; don't depend on neither line phone nor mobile phone; walk-in or appointment with HR is recommended; Department of Human Resources informed me THAT 99% of (employment, job, work) seekers get their jobs through connections, therefore, WHO you know is more important than WHAT you know ... ;

American Association of Medical Review Officers, www.aamro.com; training & certification available;

Art Museum & Gallery Studies Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/art-museum-gallery-studies;

Auto salesmen license, also see: State's motor vehicle department e.g. in California, www.dmv.org;

Barbering and Cosmetology license, e.g. in California, also see: www.barbercosmo.ca.gov;

Construction Management Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/construction-mgmt;

Contractor (constructing e.g. Home Improvement), if in California, also see: Contractors State License Board,  www.cslb.ca.gov;

Cyber Security Professional, TEST PREP COURSES, also see: csueastbay.edu/cyber-security;

Digital Marketing & Analytics Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/digital-marketing-analytics;

Driver License, e.g. hazardous material endorsement, e.g. public bus endorsement, also see: State's motor vehicle department;

ECG; EKG; Technician Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/ekg-technician;

(Echocardiography, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Sonography, Phlebotomy, ... ), also see: KPSAHS, Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Science, https://kpsahs.edu;

Freight Broker Agent Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/freight-broker-training;

Google Career Certificate, https://grow.google/certificates;

Home Inspector (AHSI reporter), www.homeinspector.org; Remark: home inspection is required by law, for each real estate transaction (closing); if in California, also see: California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA);

Human Resource Management Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/human-resource-management;

Medical Billing & Coding Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/medical-billing-coding;

Medical Terminology Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/medical-terminology;

National Science Foundation, www.nsf.gov; USA graduates only, and National Survey may take a few minutes once-by-two-years;

Nonprofit Management Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/nonprofit-management;

Notary Public; Also see: NATIONAL NOTARY ASSOCIATION (NNA), www.nationalnotary.org;

Notary Public Training, also see: csueastbay.edu/notary-public-training;

Online Teaching & Learning Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/online-teaching-certificate;

Paralegal Studies Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/paralegal;

Payroll Practice & Management Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/payroll-practice-management;

Pharmacy Technician Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/pharmacy-technician;

Pharmacy Technician, e.g. CphT in California, www.ptcb.org;

Physics related, https://jobs.physicstoday.org;

Project Management Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/project-management;

Veterinary Assistant Certificate program, also see: csueastbay.edu/veterinary-assistant;


Also see: this DOMAIN developer (Ace Jaw, a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) 's resume; Remark: he has not been hired by HR, because he doesn't know WHO is the Shakya King, he does not have job requirement license, he is either over-qualified or under-qualified, he does not know "unwritten laws" (e.g. brown colored Southeast Asian "sweet-and-low"), he does not have pension, he does not have professional career in his life, he does not earn any penny from his websites, he is NOT a trust worthy person, he has very much sins, he is "snake" alike the worst beast, he does not have proper references in his resume, he has very little knowledge i.e. dangerous, he must be doomed because his sisters work for CIA, he is a bastard ones, who does he think himself asking too much (1024 times average California Household Income), ... ;