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Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;


..\\IT\Note\Hypothesis.htm; Also see: Eastern Though, as well as, philosophy exists at each character to be read/spoken/written; IT algorithm;

IFF Sqrt 2 AND (numbers of floating point > 128), idea processor begins, for 21st century ... ;


(2555+ years old document for lunar orbital BMD prediction along with synchronization, in ACT 2 stage)

(Automatic Gene Sequencing by Plasma for 8 synchronized clock dimension for PMD)

(Biometric P Vector Computing Logic for PMD)

(Biometric recognition and RFID based systems)

(Biometric Voice Recognition, detecting EMG by electrodes)

( Complex Ion Gene Therapy System)

(P vector direction while mutating)

(Space medicine)

(Spiral G waves, pairs of sticks vs. turtle and turtle eggs logic, for predicting to be female, or male)

(TB RDBMS Biometric Supercomputing Relational Logic for JIT Drug)