Hypothesis     Last updated on 2013/2557 9 19, a full moon day;

After reading many books, magazines, articles, web pages, and collecting and then testing software, WHILE kuru kuru, new shisō idea just comes into mind, or brain, or LTM, or STM, OR ... ; At the moment, anyone can breakthrough collection & innovation, and then reach invention; The following might be helpful, on the other hand, might be useless; Sometime, a picture worth thousand words ... ;


Biometric recognition & RFID based Nutrition systems;

Biometric Voice Recognition, detecting EMG by electrodes;

Computer science;


IFF Sqrt 2 and (numbers of floating point > 128), Idea Processor begins, for 21st century ... ;

JIT Drug;


Monbusho level knowledge enhancement;

P vector Computing Logic for PMD;