8D gene sequencing;     Last updated on            , a full moon day

Automatic Gene Sequencing by Plasma for 8 synchronized clock dimension for PMD;

Pitfall reminder:   1. In the Sun solar system, plasma source should be only one, therefore if more than one emitting source will be in a fallacy.   2. For basic understanding to ease visualization of cell, rectangular cube [full factorial]  is used; Because sensors must in tangent of the cell.   3. In the Sun solar system, if the Sun moves, result will vary and data will not be reliable. Therefore, 8 synchronized clock dimension must moves. Thus, USA MYANMAR NET recommends 8 synchronized-parabolic by rotating (parabola (y=x2)) in 2D, because lesser the dimensions, human beings' calculation, perception, visualization, ... , are easier and understandable. However, while sequencing    4. 8 plasma laser by one release capacitor with 8 identical diodes for synchronizing will also be in pitfall.   5. Also see: Mutations; Space Gene;

Remark: designer's tactic must be classified as whether body centered cubic crystal or face centered cubic crystal assume that red dots are center of planes because plane vs. point logic must be understood, for example, in search of center of a cube, in body centered cubic crystal, center of a plane is not concerned, on the other hand, in face centered cubic crystal, center of a plane is concerned. Regardless whether ... or ... , and then think center of cube is a center of cube anyway ... ;