; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : March : 3 (Friday) : Updated : v Manmade Global Weather ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : 3 : 3 : Updated : v Manmade Global Weather;

Brief Introduction: for 21st century & beyond, one of the human beings livable moons (in our earth (global, Globe, worldwide)), because of ware ware We human beings know PHYSICS e.g. ( NCS, PCS, ZCS) as light sheets at the ((Ground Station, Satellite, Space Station) . Action), and ware ware We human beings can utilize IT ( Information Technology), i.e. to avoid natural disasters, and many (INVERSE, reversed) Method, Procedure, and Technique are (applied, defined, utilized) in this DOMAIN, i.e. to avoid natural disasters, in addition like every (item, object, organ, part, tissue) of human beings has its own meaningful (form, formation) naturally, this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System (applied, defined, utilized) Idea Processor based Artificial Intelligence in chiryoyaku Therapeutic ways ( Manmade Global Weather, Manmade Global Weather) ...

  be avoiding natural disaster s ... ;    
  to avoid natural disaster s ... ;    

since this DOMAIN 's (offline, online) contents, approx. 15000+ items, ((do IT yourself), (easy to edit)) e.g. using (2555 Nippon Character Writing Strokes Count, Nippon Pronunciation, Nippon Syllabary) WHEN you create to define (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG) files, And Then, define inside of the above "Yellow Color" table, i.e. ((do IT yourself), (easy to edit)) to protect your HOMELAND ... ; Remark: our earth (Location) only;

2566; 03/03/2023 The Modesto Bee newspaper's one of the information; Lights in the western sky, at sunset time period (Venus and Jupiter), visible from Stanislaus county, California, USA; 

I wrote: if ( 1mmHoleBy24mmNaturalTimeACT1ACT2ACT3, OneOfTheMoons2 As our earth's approx. location in our universes), can you draw a picture, regarding Anti-Earthquake Algorithm R&D?

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Hmm!! 2566 _ 03032023 _ sunset time period _ Northern Hemisphere _ Venus and Jupiter as 2 gravity spots in the western sky;

2 Black Color (DEE, Dark Energy Engineering) lines may present moon waves;

2 gravity spots (2 visible lights) in the western sky;

in the EAST, Gray Color region (in this case: surface of our earth, not in the air) becomes night time period;

in the WEST, sunrise time period may prompt one-and-only the sun (the biggest gravity spot) in our earth;

Umm!! Umm!! ware ware We're going to calculate moon waves, for Anti-Earthquake Algorithm R&D ... ;

I wrote: Wow!! good luck with your Anti-Earthquake Algorithm R&D, and you well trained kids should prove "avoiding earthquake in the defined region" ... ; I need to QA (Quality Assurance) well trained kids' knowledge, so I've one more quiz i.e. regarding "multi long length neutrino Laser" of your space stations, doko WHERE would be 2 Black Color (dot, pinpoint, pixel, point, spot) ? Reminder: every GPS has been with 2 embedded gravity spots since 1990s, and I don't know WHO designed IT; in 2023, after 33+ years, I still don't know WHO designed & modeled GPS;

well trained kids!! replied: Hmm!! Hmm!! our space stations' multi long length neutrino Laser (s) obey line and dot vice versa naturally sir; ware ware We've created a picture for you i.e. 2DEE dots sensor for Venus and Jupiter as 2 gravity spots ;

I wrote: I'm getting old, so I need magnify glass to realize doko WHERE 2 Black Color (dot, pinpoint, pixel, point, spot) are; Yes. mochiron of course; Oh my goodness, also see: Anti-Earthquake; Schematic Light; v Manmade Global Weather;

( 2, Two) is very very unique in many ways, so \\ THIS DOMAIN \ Manmade Global Weather \ (Network Path Sharing) . each webpage is special designed & modeled ((do IT yourself), (easy to edit)), for your HOMELAND to be artificially (not naturally) weather, by using only 2 tables (each webpage) ... ; Remark: our earth (Location) only;

                  z Manmade Global Weather
  y Manmade Global Weather
  x Manmade Global Weather
  w Manmade Global Weather
  v Manmade Global Weather
  u Manmade Global Weather
  t Manmade Global Weather
  s Manmade Global Weather
  r Manmade Global Weather
  q Manmade Global Weather
  p Manmade Global Weather
  o Manmade Global Weather
  n Manmade Global Weather
  m Manmade Global Weather
  l Manmade Global Weather
  k Manmade Global Weather
  j Manmade Global Weather
  i Manmade Global Weather
  h Manmade Global Weather
  g Manmade Global Weather
  f Manmade Global Weather
  e Manmade Global Weather
  d Manmade Global Weather
  c Manmade Global Weather
  b Manmade Global Weather
  a Manmade Global Weather

Also see: PHYSICS;