Radicals ( Radical197) seven strokes in Kanji;

dimensional, e.g.

 (2 * 6) momentum ... ;

((2 * 5), (2 * 6), (2 * 7)) also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1;

directional, e.g.


logical, e.g.

in Hiragana: ri, old Japanese unit of distance; approx. 3.927 kilo meter; approx. 2.44 mile;

area unit, approx. 654 meter by 654 meter;

ritsuryo system, 50 homes neighborhood; neighbourhood;

Japanese league;

in Hiragana: hamlet; village;

country; countryside;
hometown; one's origin; parents' home;

in Kanji: parents' home; village;

league; ri;
Li, traditional Chinese unit of distance;
mile; village;

Satoshi (male name); Satoyuki (name); Zato (place name);

numerological, e.g.


structural, e.g.

in 21st century, , this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts measure human beings livable moons in our universes, by 5 mm yellowish variation, by 10 mm yellowish variation, ... yellowish variation As Distance ... ;

rotation in 3D distance; Radical22;