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Naho (female name); Radical392;

naka Amid;

Naoshi (name); Sunao (name); Tsukasa (name); Radical735;

nato bacteria, also see: Water; water purification system HOW ... ;

Nami (female name, family name, surname); Radical514;

nan desu ka; WHAT is it? a phrase to find out something is ... ; if you don't know something is, say nan desu ka ... ; WHEN you're unfamiliar with giving condition, say nan desu ka ... ;

Remark: linguistically, "nan" might be referring to "nama" (mind) and "name" (name); "nan" is Indian food (wheat tortilla alike in Mexican food, Spanish food, ... ); in Buddhism, very very unique 2 e.g. (Kaya and Nama, a.k.a. Body and Mind) and Buddhist people prefer each "kaya" (object) is somehow coexist with "nama" ... ; "desu" might be derived from "das sa" (10) in Pali language thousands years ago ... ;

Naruhito; Also see: j Character; Reference Books;

natsu Summer; Radical954;

IFF end of usage in dialog (ne) i.e. to express kindness feeling, polite form, soft expression, sooth, ... ; Radical116, also see: Radicals;

neba neba, mixing, stirring, ...

nenji Annual a.k.a. yearly; once every year (annually);

next day;

nezumizan Proliferation, also see: Basic Understanding For Idea Processing; Physics Law 145; e.g. increase in Numbers rapidly;

Ni (place name); Radical94;

niji Rainbow; Radical719;

nijiku Biaxial ( X, Y) ... ; Also see: Radical794;

niko niko, smiling, smiling, ...

nioi Smelling; Radical646;

nitaishite Against ; e.g. Physics Law 169, immunological, ... is against (known, unknown) pathogen;

Niyo (female name); Radical45;

Noboru (name); Radical231;

Nodoka (female name); Radical777;

noh mask; Radical212;

noizukyanseringu Noise Cancelation; noizukyanseru Noise Cancellation; Also see: Physics Law 139, noise cancellation a.k.a. soundproof, ... ;

nonakade Among; nonakade In;

Pus     no Pus     no Pus;

noren, sign curtain at entrance (esp. WHICH shop; WHICH store) IFF noren appears, open ... ; IFF noren, NOT appear, close ... ;

Nori (family name, surname); Radical625;

noro noro; moving slowly, e.g. snail slides slowly across the ground, traffic moves slowly, turtle walks slowly, ...

Atsushi (name); Nou (family name, surname); Tsutomu (male name); Radical619;

NOUN wa, nanto iimasuka; HOW do you pronounce this NOUN? WHAT do you call it? e.g. flower's name, toy's name ... ;

now, the present time; just now; soon immediately;

nyoro nyoro, snaky moving ...

nyah nyah, cat's meowing, meowing meowing, ...