Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 7 : 28 : Physics Law 139 ;

  (law 139) : noise cancellation a.k.a. soundproof;

boon Soundproof; Soundproof     Soundproof     Soundproof;

noizukyanseringu Noise Cancelation; Remark: USA usage;
noizukyanseru Noise Cancellation; Remark: UK usage;

21st century & beyond: NIPPON 's OEM 's noise cancellation a.k.a. soundproof (method, procedure, technique) have been designed & modelled by using variable ( ZCS, ZCS, ZCS) as layer;

embedded; Radical693;

adjusting ((high pitch, low pitch), (high tone, low tone)); using quality (amplifier, equalizer, mixer); vocal clarity;

(cancel, cancelation, canceling, cancellation) of noise is called noise cancellation, doko WHERE (jitter, unwanted patterns of sound) are filtered;

on the other hand, soundproof is similar to building (layers, walls) for blocking (noise, sound);

PHYSICS; this Physics Law 139 can be using for Automotive, buildings' doors & windows, with variable sheets as layer, i.e. to do (cancel, cancelation, canceling, cancellation) of noise a.k.a. noise cancellation;

Remark: basic realizing & understanding are : capacitors for oscillation; diodes for blocking electrons; equilibriums for sensors; inductors for EMI; nodes for transmissions, antennas for (sending, receiving); processors for multiple (inputs, outputs); (relays, resistors, VRs) for potential diff functionalities; since 2000 (21st century and beyond), many products, using DEE based (gravity spots, holes, strings, surfaces), using SPL based (audio patterns, sound patterns), therefore, advance realizing & understanding are : dimensional, directional, logical, numerological, structural, ... of DEE based (gravity spots, holes, strings, surfaces) ... ; WHEN I was a undergrad student, I played scrabble game (English wording game) with engineering students, sometime I lost, sometime I won, didn't matter WHO lost or won;

long long time ago, in the era (period) of Rakhine kingdom, walls were intentionally built with holes;
long long time ago, in the era (period) of Pagan (ancient city of Pyu ethnic tribe), Union of Myanmar, some pagodas' walls (iroColourWaveForm (color codes), also see: Walls) were intentionally built with holes, i.e. to reduce echo inside of the shrine, monastery, pagoda, ... (Also see: ( echo, echo, echo)); IT means "noise cancellation" architectural design started long long time ago ... ; Remark: nowadays, very rare to see Pyu ethnic tribe in Union of Myanmar;

WHAT we've learnt so far (55+ years of R&D (Research & Development)) are :

beat; chime; ring; snort; sound;
echo; resound; ring; roar; rumble; sound; Also see: Physics Law 84, Ring, ... ;

beyond variable sound patterns (signage, signed, signing, verification, verified, verify), WHAT we're having is variable DEE patterns, also see: Physics Law 103, every light has its own naturally meaning; lights have their own naturally meanings;


e.g. fetching green ZCS toward the battery cells to be energetic ones in addition to sound beam method, also see: Physics Law 107, 3 ZCS camera, ... ;

( oto Sound; oto Sound; oto Sound) sound patterns, also see: Physics Law 99, 1 or more ZCS structural can define other sides, ... ;

Physics Law 123, lights can be using NOT ONLY for pressure, BUT ALSO for sound, ... ;

Physics Law 93, this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System must be using light & sound, ... ;

remote projecting sound beam method (e.g. to be normal fluid of joints), also see: Physics Law 104, (directional, remote, mapped, zoom in) to be healthy ones ;

since  ( DEE _Jitter _Adjustment X, also see: x Character), ( DEE _Jitter _Adjustment Y, also see: y Character), (Origin of Sound (( Begin Audio X), (Begin Audio Y)), also see: Schematic Dimensional), ( SPL, also see: Schematic Symbols), ... , also see: Physics Law 86, jinko chino DEE Box, ... ;

sound beam to the clouds to do rainfalls onto the defined region, also see: Physics Law 101, applied logics, ... ;

TDIHSCDP, for each imaginary hyper space craft (Origin of Sound), also see: Physics Law 114, all human beings livable moons' open system must obey TDIHSCDP, ... ;

WHAT is the different between magnetic machine (CT, MRI, ... ) and sound machine (echo sounder, ultrasound, ... ), also see: Physics Law 91, medical equipments, ... ;

ZCS (flat panel, screen, sheet surface) : after understanding " Origin of Sound " as , also see: Physics Law 77, Gravity Spot, ... ;

well trained kids! replied: WHAT is your Physics Law 139, noise cancellation, sir? thank you. we have NOT confused yet, and very easy, very simple to do so.

I wrote: this DOMAIN 's noise cancellation a.k.a. soundproof must obey (3 flat surfaces, 3 sheets of light, 3 ZCS (s) as layer), i.e. Physics Law 139, noise cancellation a.k.a. soundproof, ... ; Remark: without realizing & understand this law, there is no way to do HOW noise cancellation a.k.a. soundproof is;

well trained kids! replied: should we (design, engineer, model) noise cancellation a.k.a. soundproof missile, noise cancellation a.k.a. soundproof Automotive, in addition to invisibility engineering' invisible imaginary hyper space crafts (drone equipped with invisible to radar) sir ?

well trained kids! replied: we'll (apply, use, utilize) DEE _Jitter _Adjustment X, DEE _Jitter _Adjustment Y, 1990s_Style_BlueJitterAdjustment, DEE _Jitter _Adjustment X, and DEE _Jitter _Adjustment Y, for "noise cancellation" only,

on the other hand, regarding "soundproof" only, we'll (apply, use, utilize) :

zcs Black; 1 green ZCS to be; 1GZCS_to_be; DRZCS; DRZCSN; dubbing 2 or more ZCS holes as heart beats; prior to ZCS_hole; RZCS; RZCSN; USB handled 1 line on ZCS; ZCS; ZCS;  ZCS _Camera; ZCS _Camera _Sensor; ZCS_hole; zcs Black; zcs Gray; zcs Red; zcs Silver; 98_LBZCS_Window; 98_LTZCS_Window; 98_RBZCS_Window; 98_RTZCS_Window; prior to ZCS_hole; ZCS_hole; ZCS _hole Red Handle; DRZCS; horizontal ZCS; OurEarthBased45DegreeDefaultZCS; RZCS; USB handled 1 line on ZCS; vertical ZCS;

I wrote: attahi attano nahto ... (please do good actions);

well trained kids! replied: WHAT is your Physics Law 139, noise cancellation a.k.a. soundproof picture sir?

I wrote: easy & simple way i.e. ((Blue (17), Green (18), Hue (20), Lum (17), Red (19), Sat (13)) as Black color, (Blue (196), Green (200), Hue (20), Lum (188), Red (204), Sat (17)) as Silver color), esp. edited to dB.m, and WHAT I've is noise cancellation a.k.a. soundproof (a gift for well trained kids!, our earth only), for each imaginary hyper space (craft, environment) ... ;

well trained kids! replied: inside of our (ACT3, ACT2) imaginary hyper space crafts, kuru kuru WHILE traveling toward the sun planet (Solar System), or, kuru kuru WHILE traveling outward of our solar system, regarding ("noise cancellation" , "noise cancellation") for each imaginary hyper space craft, do we need to choose above (state, stated, stating) pictures sir?

well trained kids! replied: Umm! Umm! very very easy and simple, only (3 layers, fetching as light sheets), we've soundproof a.k.a. noise cancellation, and, without your explanation, we couldn't prove IT HOW, so, arigatoh gozaimasu, thank you;

I wrote: WHY echo happens ?

well trained kids! replied: because of internal wall; because of external wall;

I wrote: regarding 1990s_Style_BlueJitterAdjustment, HOW you'll adjust the defined area (Blue color) ?

well trained kids! replied: we'll fetch (Blue color) 's reversed ones to the defined area, regarding noise cancellation only (but NOT soundproof (method, procedure, technique)) sir;

I wrote: regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (equilibrium (Also see: Physics Law 141)), please (answer, explain, teach) HOW sound beam vs. wall should be?

to come through; to penetrate; to pierce; to skewer; Radical711;

well trained kids! replied: if wall is string then sound beam should be hole, vice and versa, if sound beam is string then wall should be hole; so, Red color (ZCS) is string then Green color (iroLED) should be hole, vice and versa, if Green color (ZCS) is string then Red color (iroLED) should be hole; i.e. our own applied physics law sir;

I wrote: Yes. as I said before, you should have your own laws ... ; Remark: manmade walls can be considered as hole also; you'll be imaginary hyper space crafts' artists, architects, designers, developers, engineers, researchers, scientists, ... , Oh! Oh! don't forget me, I like to travel to human beings livable moons ... ;

long long time ago, I've kept "old" style idea, and we had a conversation like following :

well trained kids! replied: we like to do "noise cancellation" ourselves sir ? HOW to do it please ?

I wrote: Oh! you well trained kids! need to understand 1st is that ice box and static noise in -??? number dB; 2nd, apply DEE lines on ZCS in the environment (ice box), and realize and understand THAT "blue" background with "aqua" forefront parallel lines will reduce the ice box 's static noise in minus ??? number dB; 3rd, after understanding & realizing jitters (e.g. 1990s_Style_BlueJitterAdjustment, DEE _ Jitter _ Adjustment X), you'll be able to do "noise cancellation" regarding our earth based ACT1 level ... ; if you know, IT is very very easy, if you don't know, IT is very very difficult; noise cancellation method is approx. 30+ years old as of 2019/2563, still it (the noise cancellation method) is worth more than billions of dollars HOW ... , therefore, good luck in your R&D ... ; "noise cancellation" is one of the highest technologies, regarding audio ... ; Automotive (airplane, jet, train) without noise, ... ; IFF ACT2 level, you well trained kids! must start thinking of Wall Method 1st HOW open system environment is, And Then, apply hole-and-string concept to the environment (e.g. rear of Automotive to be with functional noise cancellation) i.e. HOW ; IFF ACT3 level, you well trained kids! must thoroughly know and understand e.g. imaginary hyper space crafts' exterior MIC As Sensor (variable (SPL, yellowish variation)) for each human beings livable moon in our universes ... , And Then, apply rear of Automotive (e.g. this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts to be with functional noise cancellation) ... ;

White Noise (at 1 (location, space), WHEN frequencies are with equal intensity, a.k.a. White Noise), and there are many noises exist (e.g. antenna as noise, cable line as noise, echo as noise, jet engine as noise, jitter as noise, line's resistance (Ω, Ohm) as noise (a.k.a. phone land line), screen (CRT, flat panel) noise, static noise (because of layers), White Noise as noise), therefore, IFF noises exist, also see: noise cancellation ... ; Remark: above dB.m.gif image represents dynamic layers, regarding noise, noises;