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Cao Shu (Cursive script), also see: Script;

cell of a grid; also see: m Usage;

chakuriku Landing; chakuriku Landing; chakuriku Touchdown; chakuriku Touchdown;

Chi (family name, surname); Koochi (family name, surname); Shouchi (family name, surname); Radical519;

chi chi, lagging, slow, tardy;

Chien (name); Radical625;

Chika (female name); Radical102;

Chika (female name, family name, surname); Kin (family name, surname); Kon (family name, surname); Radical887;

Chikai (i.e. given name); Radical140;

chin (transcript word); Radical639;

chirin chirin, ding dong, bell's ringing sound ... , also see, gohn gohn ...

chiryoyaku Therapeutic; chiryoyaku Therapeutic Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

chiteki Intellectual     chiteki Intellectual;

Chiyon (family name, surname); Radical260;

chizu Map; Radical714;

((hearing; listen; Radical851), (learn; memorize; remember; Radical454)) chokaku Hearing;

Idea Processor (one of the fives (form): 1&1; hearing (1&1)) ... ;

choki choki, hair is being cut, paper is being cut, hair has been choki choki for 20 minutes, ... ;

chokko Orthogonal, at right angles, of right angles, ... ; Also see: Optics;

chokusenteki Rectilinear, consisting of 1 straight line, contained by 1 straight line, moving in straight line (s) ... ; Also see: Optics;

choonpa Ultrasound; choonpa ultrasound;

sonography     choonpakensa Sonography     choonpakensa Sonography     choonpakensa Sonography;

choseichu Adjusting;

Akira (female name); Chou (name); Radical851;

Chou (family name, surname); Chousa (family name, surname); Radical345;

Cun unit, unit of length, in traditional Chinese; Radical48;

Numbers in Dhamma;

cry; also see: sad, sad, pun pun;